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Reunion Cafe

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Luangprabang Road, Chanthabouly, Vientiane, Laos,

Small vegan restaurant. Has an extensive menu with English and some food photos. Includes curries, papaya salad, and smoothies. Owner speaks English and French. Direction: go west along Samsenthai, cross Khun BuLom on your right is Somkiat vehicle part with an ad for Bridgestone, turn right up the narrow street immediately after the sign. after 100m you will come to 2 restaurants displaying yellow vegan banners. Reunion is on your right, on your left is Phounsub Restaurant. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Thai, Delivery, Laotian

Reviews (35)

First Review by reunioncafe

Good food for good price - Edit

Felt kinda uncomfortable with the menu (as the duck and chicken dishes are veganized but still named as such). Ordered 5 dishes which came to $10 total and filled two hungry stomachs. Will come back when I'm in town again.

Pros: vegan, tasteful, variety

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Good food for good price - Edit

We just love this place. Reunion offers unexpensive food in good quality. We were there 5 times already and every meal was tasty. Some less, some more but I can only recomend!

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-21

Pros: Price, Food, English menu

Cons: A bit hard to find, Staf doesnt speak much English

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Really Disappointing - Edit

I wanted to check this place out based on mostly good reviews but I have to say I was very disappointed. The food was bland (I had the tofu and basil - it was literally just that, no other veg like in the pictures) and the atmosphere was non-existent. I wasn't served any green tea whilst waiting, as suggested in pictures, and instead was sat in silence bar the clock ticking whilst the 3 members of staff just played on their phones. Some of my tofu was cooked some of it was just fresh slopped out of the packet. There also wasnt really much for me to chose from as even some dishes on the vegan menu arent vegan and there are a lot more meat options! Really disappointed with this one :(

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Over Rated - Edit

I was so excited to find a vegan buffet in overpriced Vientiane. But, sorry, I was very disappointed with this place. The food was average to say the least and everything but the rice and soup were cold (was there at 11.30am). The dishes are served in Bain Marie's but with no heating elements.
I ended up eating a rather large handful of the fake pork crackling and a few of the rice paper rolls as they were the only thing with any taste. Disappointed.

Pros: in a back street so I enjoyed the adventure to fin, vegan, so cruelty free

Cons: if you don't have a map you will get lost!

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Amazing Vegan food - Edit

Lovely little restaurant in the middle of Vientiane, although hard to find it's worth it!
The faux meat is great, along with all the salads (papaya very spicy)

Pros: Amazing value for money, Staff are super cute

Cons: Hard to find, Lack of English

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Adorable, Cheap and Tasty - Edit

The food was good, so cheap and totally vegan. So nice to be able to eat local food that's also vegan ( so much of the time my vegan finds are western focused). Will be coming back here for lunch for the entire duration of my stay in Vientiane :)

Pros: pad thai

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vegan restaurant with very nice food - Edit

the extensive menu is in both English and Lao and the majority of the menu prices range from 15,000 to 30,000 kip ... the quality and quantity of food are both good ... staff are very friendly but have limited English but ordering is not a problem as you can just point to menu items ... Happy Cow map and directions are accurate

Pros: cheap food and extensive menu

Cons: none

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Yummmmm! - Edit

Happened upon this one and enjoyed aGreat meal as well as a great conversation ! The staff were friendly yet only speak Lao! A lovely guest a Lao man translated for me ! Nice to have this option when travelling! Yaaaaay Happy Cows!

Pros: Charming, Great food, Nice staff

Cons: No English

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Yummy - Edit

I ate here shortly after my 80km bike ride into Laos. The menu is vast with many styles of food to choose from. I chose the papaya salad and a yellow noodle dish. Both had fast turnaround and exploded with freshness! In total it cost 30k kip for two meals; not bad.

Pros: Polite patient staff, Tastes fresh

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delicious! - Edit

Great little restaurant! A bit of a walk and hard to find but worth it. Not all of the photos uploaded here are from that place though. I will be uploading photos of the menu- prices range from 15000 to 30000.

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Wonderful food! - Edit

I'd ate a delicious "duck something" and mixed rice with tofu.
The staff are really friendly, so they'll help you to order, also they didn't speak a good English, but it's just a detail, because I can not speak Lao.
Everything is made by vegetables, the name of the dishes "duck, chicken, pork" is just about texture and taste of the food.

Vegan food!

Franco - Brazil 03/16

Pros: Many Vegan options Friendly staff Good price

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good food and budget friendly - Edit

The restaurant is small, clean and cozy. The staff was nice although they didn't speak any English.
The food was good, yummy and filling.
They have many vegan options but on the picture it looked like the Pad Thai might have egg in it and they have a salad with mayonnaise so think of that while ordering.
It's really close to my hostel and there's more dishes that I want to try so I will go there again for sure!

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all vegan - Edit

We came here with a bunch of people from our tour group during a night off as it was close to our hotel. The staff was friendly and helped us order. One group specifically requested mild dishes and while our group wanted spicier, it was mild as well. Maybe they assumed we all wanted it that way. In any case, it was a good dinner as everything was vegan and reasonably priced. We got the drunken noodles, tofu with basil and morning glory.

Pros: all vegan, nice staff

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Big portions and good vegan items selection! - Edit

We are was here on october 2015, menu was large, included many photos of food. Prices is not so cheap for this type cafe. We are order som tam salad, japanese rice and curry - all was ok, but som tam in lao style was amazing!

Owner was very friendly and she say that all dishes not contain dairy or eggs. Good selection vegan items for take away: nori sheets, wakame, spices, sauces, vegan snacks and jay mayo, but prices highly then in thai cafe (because import from Thailand). Good place!

Pros: Big portions, Good vegan items selection, Friendly owner

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Not really a vegan restaurant, or even friendly - Edit

I was under the assumption that the cafe is vegan, but it was actually not vegan at all and barely even vegan friendly. The two workers didn't speak a word of english including the word 'vegan', and besides the words "Happy Cow" on the menu, it had no indication that something on it was vegan.

We ordered 2 dishes of rice noodles, both were pretty bad.

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A little bit remote but nice - Edit

Tom kha soup was quite tasty although I'd prefer more mushrooms and tofu to that mock chicken of theirs. Pad thai was good enough, maybe a bit too sweet. No baguettes as far as saw. Prices are quite low but remote location makes it somewhat less so if you need some kind of transportation to get there. Menu in English, menu with pictures, simplistic interior, stuff understands keywords and gestures. Good for those used to cheap vegan food in Thailand.

Is across Phonesub buffet but opens earlier.

Pros: lots of stuff, cheap

Cons: remote

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Check this place out - Edit

Very broad menu (with some pictures)so there's something for everyone! They even invited us for a free buffet the next day, unfortunately we couldn't go but it was so nice they invited us.

Pros: Great big menu, Friend;y staff, good food

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Lovely quaint Vegan /'jai'' restaurant inVientiane - Edit

As other reviewers have pointed out, the restaurant is heavy on mock meats (quite common at Asian vegan restaurants). However the menu is cheap and extensive and the food was very tasty. They're open 8am-10pm, great for travelers. They have an English menu as well as a large picture menu which is helpful for picking out food. Owner/waiter was lovely and friendly despite the language barrier. FYI, This is a local hole in the wall type of restaurant in terms of ambience.

Pros: Relatively easy to find, good prices , big selection

Cons: No English spoken

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Nice if you like meat - Edit

Most of the menu is mock meats so not great if you're like me and don't like meat! That said I got the braised tofu and it was tasty. Nice little place, the lady that was working was really sweet.

Pros: Extensive menu, tasty

Cons: Too much mock meat, no English spoken

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Tasty mock meats - Edit

First when I went there I didn't feel like eating there because all the meals were called real meat names like fried chicken or roasted duck. It was hard to imagine what kind of meal I would get but then they gave us the menu with the pictures and that helped. And the guy working there came to us and explained that everything is made out of mock meat and these are just the names.
The food was tasty but for me personally it reminded of meat too much. But if you like mock meats I am pretty sure you will like this place ;)

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Reviewer Avatar

Awesome food. - Edit

Went to Reunion Cafe tonight, at first, thought it was hard to find. Worked with Google maps and street map from our hotel. It's okay once you get the grips of where to go. Pretty simple. The alley way walk was a little nerve racking but not as nerve racking as waiting for my food.

ALL of the food there is Vegan. The menu might seem different. It says vegetarian on the front but none of the items tell you it's faux meat. Just have to rely on your gut and the book with pictures, in saying that.. it's really delicious food, really generous sized portions, tasty and inexpensive.
I'll be going back this week for seconds.

Pros: Delicious, Vegan, Variety

Cons: Next to no English speakers, No description saying it's faux meat

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I Found It - Edit

Not hard to find with iPhone gps and Happycow mobile app. Look up to see sign that says 'vegetarian'. Mock chicken and vegetables I ordered was excellent; fresh and nicely seasoned. Large portion. I would call the price $ rather than $$. Most dishes are 20,000 kip ($2.50 US). Owner is very friendly but does not speak English. Good choice.
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 27, 2014

Pros: good food, inexpensive , friendly

Cons: nothing in English to confirm it is vegetarian

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Is it vegan? No English spoken - Edit

Not sure, if this is vegan. The menu is covered with mock meat - but what do you make of a "Salad with Mayonnaise", which is also listed? There is no reference to "vegan" anywhere (but only "vegetarian"). If I were a strict vegan, I would be careful with my order.

I had a Lao Style Salad (20000 Kip), which was big and tasty. And the Deep Fried Pork with Vegetables Stir Fry (20000 Kip too), which was small and disappointing: One vegetable (Water Spinach, if I'm not mistaken) and a few, tiny pieces of mock meat that hadn't been soaked enough.

Service was friendly, but didn't speak a word of English or French, and had not only to wait three tables, but also to do the cooking.

Pros: friendly, lots of choice, English menu

Cons: probably not vegan, no English or French spoken

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A good evening restaurant, serving Laos veg food. - Edit

Visited this in torrential rain, was the only customer, everyone else in Vientiane avoided getting wet! Good, small restaurant. The menu is dual English/Laos, with a good selection of tasty veg food. Lots of fake meat products, not my thing, but there if you want. Price, say $5 for a full meal. Hard to complain. Also sells veg food products. Recommended.

* As at this date the map location is incorrect. The Reunion is located opposite the Phounsub Restaurant.

Pros: Range, Taste, Price

Cons: No deserts, Limited drinks

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Good restaurant - Edit

A decent place offering tasty food. A little overpriced we felt, though it was decent food.
Free water provided.
Also seeks some basic food items and is directly across from a vege shop selling more.

Pros: Fresh and tasty, Quite central, Open to 10 pm

Cons: A little over priced for portion size

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OK - Edit

I spent a good 1 1/2 hours looking for this restaurant yesterday, and didn't find it. Had almost given up when I read the very helpful review below with the directions - thank-you Vgan for the post!

Engligh menu, nice staff, but I think I ordered badly - I ordered the grilled 'chicken', which had a tasty flavour but was just a whole plate of dry gluten with no veg or sauce, so was a bit much with no side dishes. So I would advise don't order that unless sharing among other dishes.

Very small place, everyone else in there was local which was good to see!

Pros: English menu, Nice staff

Cons: Lots of fake meat

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A real find - Edit

There are plenty of vegan places in Vientiane where you can get a cheap buffet lunch; the options for evening meals are much more limited, so this place is a real find. When I was there, on March 22, 2013, there was only one staff member visible, handling front of house and doing the cooking. She was friendly but had very limited English, but we got by. I would point inquiringly to one of the colour photographs of a dish, she would track it down in the Lao part of the menu, then point to the same item number in the English part of the menu. My stir-fried vegetables on noodles, freshly cooked, was delicious, filling, and only 15,000 kip. There are also a number of dishes, including several soups, written on the wall in Lao and English; almost all are mock meat or fish. A friendly fellow diner, a Thai-born Indian who spoke fluent English, told me this was definitely one of his favourite vegetarian restaurants on his regular business trips to Laos.
Reunion can be hard to find. Head west along Samsenthai (in the same direction as the one-way traffic flow) sticking to the right-hand sidewalk. After you have crossed Khoun Bouloum (be careful, the traffic is heavy and comes from all directions) on your right is a building with open space in which stands a model dinosaur of some kind (seriously). Then some food stalls and then some shops. A large shop with a red frontage is Somkiat Motor Parts, and outside it, at street level, is an advert for Bridgestone. Turn right up the narrow street immediately after the sign. Keep going up and eventually you will come to two small shops, facing each other, displaying yellow Vegan banners. Reunion is on your right, on your left is Phounsub Restaurant, which does an excellent lunchtime buffet for 25,000 kip. The vegan shop attached to Phounsub seems to keep longer hours than the restaurant.

Pros: Open long hours, good, cheap food, friendly

Cons: Hard to find the first time

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Tasty and spicy - Edit

This little restaurant has a family-run feel. The menu has a mix of Lao, Thai and Japanese dishes. It's a quiet place on a quiet street (at night anyway), a short walk out of the tourist ghetto. I had a papaya salad and a vegetable stir-fry. They were good and fresh but extremely spicy. The workers are friendly and there's English on the menu and pictures. Prices are very inexpensive - dishes are between 10,000 and 20,000 kip.

Pros: Tasty, Inexpensive , Japanese dishes

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Cheap, so-so food - Edit

When my partner and I arrived at the door, we got a bit deterred by the look of things. It was not exactly like the photos posted here - setting was dingier, lighting dimmer and atmosphere rather drab. We hesitated but still went in. Staff seemed perked up to see us and were very friendly. Menu was written on a white board in both Lao and English. The one guy that spoke English also brought us a menu with photos.

We ordered a mixture of Lao and Thai dishes, including a pad Thai, a Massamam curry, a Lao soup and a larb. The Lao ones were significantly better than the Thai, which really lacked the complex flavors distinctive to the cuisine and didn't taste like Thai food at all. They used fake meats in most dishes. Food was average at best but very cheap.

Pros: cheap, friendly staff

Cons: setting

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Small and friendly menu restaurant - Edit

Veg menu restaurants are rare in Vientiane and this central restaurant further boasts very special opening hours. One of the only places to be open at night and on week-ends. The food itself is nice with a fairly extensive menu and a few tasty smoothies. The least present of the two owners speaks fluent French and English.

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Exlusive Vegan Restaurant - Edit

This cafe is vegan food. the menu are totally different from others. more choices. absolutely the taste is perfect. the materials like spoons, dishes are very nice

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staffs, Beautiful Place

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