Aka Kwadin Restaurant. Offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet of vegan Laotian food (no a la carte): rice, noodles, soup, steam buns, a variety of vegetables and faux meat dishes (10 or so). Could get individual items to take away from the buffet. For a larger variety, it's best to arrive after 10am. Directions: look for the basket shop, and head down the adjacent alley that leads into Khua Din Market, walk for 50m, and restaurant is on the left opposite food stalls and a car park. Has a yellow 'Chay' sign. If still not sure where it is, ask for "kin jay" (eat vegetarian). Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-3:00pm.

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22 Jul 2023

Awesome Buffet

The buffet for all you can eat costs 50K and a plate with rice and 3 options 25K.
The buffet is very delicious and quite varied, I wish I didn't put so much rice at first to try more! The food might be warm or cold, which didn't bother me a lot. Plenty of things were delicious.
The coconut pumpkin dessert is extremely delicious and free water is also available.

Pros: Lots of options, All vegan, Great price for value

Cons: Sometimes cold food



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12 Jun 2023

Could Be Awesome.

Second time here, arrived earlier in the day and mostly cold dishes. No spicy basil like I mentioned days ago, noodles were bagged/impossible to serve and found tea with honey in the fridge (even though reported 100%). It's easy and fairly cheap, but didn't feel great after the meal. If they had heat lamps or warmers and were more welcoming, it could be awesome. There is a young girl that speaks English that was very inviting. Other than that it's a crap shoot.

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29 Mar 2023

Really great food

Great buffet food for 40k Kip. It was cold which didn’t bother me because it tasted so good. Would 100% go back if we were here another day!

Pros: All vegan and loads of options, Really cheap


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08 Mar 2023

It was a very good restaurant and nice staff

Every thing is vegan and tasty


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18 Feb 2023

So delicious - wish I had more stomach space!

The all you can eat buffet for 40k is amazing with so many textures and flavours. They even had a savoury soup and a coconut sago dessert soup with corn, sweet pumpkin and taro. Everyone is so lovely and friendly there, plus there’s free water and they sell a lot of vegan products at the front of the restaurant too.

Pros: Delicious and wide range of dishes, All vegan, Great value for money


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12 Feb 2023

Great value vegan buffet

Yes the food is cold but there’s a great variety (over a dozen dishes), hot soup (with herbs & noodles you can add), warm rice and a dessert station. All you can eat was 40,000 Kip and less if you just want a plate of food.


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23 Jan 2023

Good buffet

Eat as much as you can. Great food but would have hope it to be warm. It was cold.


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Non Veg
27 Sep 2021

delicious food

loved it here, delicious healthy food and inexpensive, friendly staff, miss the place and hope they are doing well.

Pros: yummy , healthy , cheap


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19 Aug 2020


simply great food and a nice welcome...gets busy with locals so you can be sure it is good. The buffet has many choices and there are takeaway options. There is a small stock of veggie dried goods and faux meat products. Recommended.

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Pros: friendly, good food

Cons: gets busy on Saturday around 12


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27 Dec 2019

Simple, good food for a fair price

Good restaurant. There were around twelve options in the buffet, with things such as rice, noodles, vegetables (cooked and fried), soups, tofu etc. They don’t use onion and garlic, but some dishes were a bit too spicy for our taste. The owner, a middle age lady, could speak a bit of English and affirmed everything is 100% vegan. The place is also clean. The price is very good, 30000 kip per person for the buffet. I wouldn’t mind to come back if I had to.

Pros: Good variety of dishes, Fair price, Good, central location


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14 Dec 2019

All you can eat with many options

Arrived a little before closing hour and still had a lot of options. Good price and tasty.


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12 Dec 2019

Delicious and cheap

Super delicious food. Only 30.000 KIP and you can eat as much as you want. Curries, soups, vegetables, salads, fresh greens and rice. I can definitely recommend this place!


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14 Oct 2019


All you can eat buffet with good food. What’s not to love?!


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14 Oct 2019


Really good all you can eat! Got there 15 minutes before closing and there were still a lot of options. Good price, 30,000 kip per person.


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05 Aug 2019

Nice range of all vegan food

Great to try out some local Laotian vegan food but careful if you don’t like spicy food!! The banana leaf wrap has a hot pepper in it and my boyfriend almost died eating it. The soup is great, it tastes like a Tom yum soup almost!


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01 Jul 2019

Good choice if you are hungry

This place had a good 12 options when we went there at 11am plus soup and rice aswell as a sweet dish.

The Laab, curry and sweet and sour tofu were all delicious. There was also a few dishes which I was a bit scared to try but the locals were enjoying them so they must have been nice aswell.

Come when you are hungry as it's all you can eat and there's loads to chose from

Google maps may take you behind the shop in to a car park, but it's actually on the side of those buildings where there are open front shops selling clothes and other goods

Pros: Cheap cheap cheap, Loads of choice , Clean inside


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07 Mar 2019

Local vegan food, simple but good

As you arrive you find a small restaurant which offers the food as a buffet for a fixed price which is shown at the door.
Rice, noodles, soup, vegetables and dishes with meat replacing stuff like soy. And really nice coconut curry gravy.
Even if you might feel a bit uncomfortable in the first seconds, try it, it is worth the food and the experience.


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Mostly Veg
15 Jan 2019

Amazing and cheap food

I came after 1 PM and the choice was still big (14 diffrent dishes), it was already a bit cold but super delicious. Definetely recommended.

Pros: cheap, lots of options

Cons: no cons


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29 Nov 2018

Review of khouadin

Nice food in the city center. The selection in the buffet is decent and the price per person is 25000 lok

Pros: Nice food, nice corn porridge and great price

Cons: If you arrive late the food may not be warm.


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24 Jun 2018

Dopest place

Banging food, banging price. I ate until I was going to be sick. Not a huge selection but the pumpkin curry and the peanutty salad thing were to die for. Would definitely go every day if I lived here. Beats Vegie Hut hands down.... Times a zillion

Pros: mega cheap, delicious laotian cuisine, mock meats

Cons: you might explode


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18 May 2018

Huge selection, awesome mock meat

I came just before 11:30 and there was still a massive range of food. Unfortunately it was luke warm, the mock meat was delicious but the meals were very dense, with a heap of sauce and unidentifiable vegetables, I wasn't quite a fan of, but I know would be up a lot of others alleys. I found the vegan buffet restaurant on the other side of town a lot better, with more accommodating staff, tastier warmer food and also the vegan coffee shop next store was so yum, so I'd definitely recommend that over this buffet.


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10 May 2018

Wasn’t a big fan, BUT

Food wasn’t very tasty for me, but nice staff, and you can eat all you want for 25,000. Good deal


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21 Mar 2018

best lunch Option in Vientiane

A small lunch place with a huge variety of dishes. It you come late, some might be cold already, but they keep on bringing new dishes all the time until approx. 2 pm. Almost everything was really tasty and 25.000 Kip for an all you can eat buffet is very cheap! Would definitely go there again!!!

Pros: tasty & huge variety, not touristy, cheap

Cons: some dishes cold


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05 Feb 2018


10/10. The food was awesome and the people there as well ^^
I'll def go there again when I'm in Vientiane. Thank you very much :)

Pros: A lot of options, Very cheap, ultra friendly people


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29 Nov 2017

good if in the area

I found this lunch buffet was slightly smaller than other in town. The food was tasty, but it is a small restaurant in the market and so not easy to get to or get a seat. Friendly staff. I probably wouldn’t travel to get here - unlike some others.


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18 Oct 2017

Very good value for money in Vientiane

Directions on Happy Cow are quite good although note that the bus station is currently under reconstruction so may not be obvious on Thanon Nongbone as the main arrival/departure part of it is currently on Thanon Khouvieng. The basket shop is right on the corner of the alley and Thanon Nongbone. Go about 100m down the alley, past one turnoff on the left (which leads to one parking area), until one passes all the clothes, textile and dry goods stalls on the right and reaches a row of food stalls adjacent to a car parking area (also on the right). Kuadin vegetarian restaurant is directly opposite and has a yellow ‘Chay’ sign outside (see photo).

Food was good, diverse, cheap (25,000kip/person for as much as you want) and plenty of it including a delicious desert of sago, cassava and coconut milk. Restaurant is simple and clean (tiled floor and walls).

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-18

Pros: Good, diverse food, Clean and calm inerior of restaurant, Cheap


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09 Mar 2017

Amazing tasty and cheap food! Local & vegan

For 25,000kip per person you can choose whatever you want to eat from the rich buffet they have there water. Super tasty, lots of greens, tofu dishes, noodles, salads, soups, rice dishes etc.

Pros: tasty and fresh food, not spicy, very cheap, clean

Cons: working not too much hours, looks like a cheap buffet, not a restaurant, no sp

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