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Via Celsa 4, Roma, Rome, Italy

Cultural Cucina - Delizioso!

16 Apr 2010

This is a very unique and lively place with kind and gracious owners (Trina and Enzo) and a small but attentive staff - who offer prix fix lacto/ vegetarian and vegan meals for 25 euros (for dinner) and 13 euros (for lunch). The meals include a pot of spiced chai tea, bread and dessert and are molto deliciozo - the Ayurveda recipes have an Italian influence naturalmente!

On my visit I had a very generous sampler (that could almost serve two people) which included a well crafted salad of thinly sliced apple, fennel with slivered almonds with a whisper of citrus vinaigrette, fritters and lentil stew with rice pilaf and a choice of desserts
-( the orange, pistachio cheese tart was great). They are located right around the corner from the cat sanctuary at Largo Argentina (romancats.com) and just a few blocks from the Pantheon.

The cafe also multi-purposes as a classroom and performance/poetry space featuring Sanskrit lessons (on Mondays) and Art performances (on various days of the week and Saturdays).

Cash only and open hours are 1 pm until 10 or 11pm Monday through Saturday and they will serve dinner early if you desire. Buono appetite!

900 Red River, Austin, USA

Don't Worry, Be Cheery

11 Sep 2009

Very pleasant and relaxed location that' feels like a friends backyard. If Berlin would have had a "Cheer Up Charlie" perhaps unification would have happened sooner! The very kind owners are thinking of opening another locaton. On your next viist for delightful tofu chicken salad, coconut elixers and goji goodies please do mention that you think the check point at E. Riverside and I-35 could use some cheering up as well! Cheeerio.

224 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, USA

Vegan Saucey Surfboard Shaped Pizza!

06 Jan 2015

This was one of the few places with vegan options that I could find open on New Years Day and I'm so glad I started if the year with a saucy surf board shaped cheeseless pizza with a light, crisp crust and grilled veggies. The owner is from Milan, very friendly and introduces himself to all the guests. He also offered me a small "sample" of gluten free vegan cake which was hard to refuse and it was a full sized slice of an airy chocolate cake topped with powdered sugar - very nice.
The service and staff were great and the wine selection good. The interior is contemporary with has a romantic ambiance, candles on the tables and Bossa nova, a solo, vegan diner is welcomed - treated well! Cheers.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 06, 2015

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

Queen of Quinoa

10 Aug 2011

This was my second visit to this charming spot - the road is currently under construction so it is a little harder to find but is well worth the journey! Junko is the chef who specializes in macrobiotic cuisine and offers cooking classes on the third Sunday of every month.The daily menu had the most wonderful quinoa croquettes consisting of quinoa, rice and veggies - the chef's daughter said she eats four a day - just for breakfast! They are really something to crow about and are available for take out and fly away from the Bio Market downstairs.

Also for anyone in need of seasonings - the sesame salt available in small pots
is really something to peck at! Enjoy!

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Vegan Chocolate Salami Diplomacy

07 Nov 2012

This was a welcoming and wonderful treat after a long walk from the CAM and Gulbenkian gardens on a rainy Sunday night in Lisbon when few reataurants are open. The salads and veggies were a varied and colorful array and several delicious hot entrees and the menu is a collaboration by 3 chefs - Indian, Swiss and Azerbaijan so the fare is quit diplomatic. The true peacekeeper was a casserole of green beans and eggplant with a cornbread crust sprinkled with black sesame seeds. Not to overlooked the vegan chocolate salami sat quietly in the cabinet of the sweet congress and was triumphant in proving that good will prevail and global well being and enlightenment start with small actions and pleasures.
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 17, 2011
Update - Please be aware that there are thieves in the area and my purse was stolen from this restaurant while dining on Nov 5 2012!
The food is very good but the place is understaffed and no one was available to assist in catching the thief who absconded quickly.
The woman at the counter just sort of shrugged and commenced to ring up our bill and ask for payment. It was really horrible. Please be warned.

via Felice Casati 5, Milan, Italy

Magnifico Vegan Gnocchi!

27 Oct 2015

The vegan handmade pumpkin and potato gnocchi with zucchini was truly magnifico and memorable. The owner of this cozy and friendly cafe is vegan and her mother is not so they join forces to collaborate on a menu that has many vegan options. The raw veggie salad included thin slices of carrot, apples and turnips and onions was also nice and refreshing.

2 HaShunit , Herzliya, Israel

Vegan cheese and mushroom roll of delight

27 Oct 2015

This is a very nice small pizzeria located on the second floor food court of the mall in Herziliya. The salad bar had a great selection of veggies (raw and roasted - the eggplant and peppers were especially flavorful) with a nice lemon vinaigrette. The U shaped creamy and delicious vegan cheese and mushroom roll was topped with sesame seeds and served on a wooden cheese platter with a chilled tomato sauce. The seating area overlooks the marina and was very pleasant! The gentleman at Prego let me sample the Israeli vegan cheese which is similar to feta and very tasty.

Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Unite for great vegan sushi!

01 Feb 2014

I'm so happy to have a new Beyond Sushi / vegan venue in midtown west - the green machine and haircat rolls are my favorites and they now offer delicious artisanal nut butters which include a tasty halva sunflower seed variety.The venue is a less fortunate affair compared to it's sister location on 14th street and is geared as a take out counter. Support these local vegans so they can open another location in a place more fitting for the great and creative foods that they carefully craft. The Chelsea Market is packed with a variety of shops but the vegan fare us relegated to a back cul de sac with less seating. They really deserve a better venue- it's truly great food and the owners are super nice. Vegans unite and triumph over the lobster chomp! Non vegans will be tempted to convert.

12 St. Marks Place, New York City, USA

Fancy vegan dining - treat yourself

27 Oct 2015

The stuffed poblano pepper with cilantro rice was topped with juicy pomegranate seeds that gave a sweet and sour pop to the mild spiciness of the pepper - very creative and delicious.

12-14 Heddon Street, London, England

Global goodies

03 Sep 2009

There was such a variety of creative and diverse dishes existing in perfect harmony i can only hope the same for all of humankind! Stuffed jalapeno peppers, curries, tarts, turnovers, pastas, fennel and soybean salad, apple and tofu salad...
and a reasonable wine selection as well.

258 Fengxian Road, Shanghai, China

Nice veggie life in Shanghai

31 Jul 2016

The upstairs dining area is a bit more formal and upscale but the downstairs us nice as well with great service. I had 3 dishes - 2 were really excellent: the asparagus wrapped in veggie bacon served on a sizzling platter and the veggie mock meat dish served with small buns which were described in the menu as corn but seemed more like wheat and were delicious! The mushroom tofu rolls were good but paled next to the other stellar dishes. These 3 dishes made 3 meals for myself as I could only finish a small portion and had enough for lunch and dinner the next day. This and fresh squeezed OJ was well under $30 so I would not consider it expensive. Like most of the Buddhist veggie restaurants in China they do not serve beer or wine but have a nice selection of juices and non alcoholic beer and wines.

73 NE 167 St, North Miami Beach, USA

Homey, Caribbean vegan paradise

06 Jan 2015

I don't get to visit this delightful place often enough. I miss the mock chick wing empanadas - they are really wonderful with a whole wheat crust and slightly spicy, very flavorful. It's a pleasant surprise to find this spot in the strip mall - the interior has bamboo and glass shelving built by the owner and the vibe is very chill and friendly. The smoothies and salads are nice as well. I wish he could open a place close to downtown!

819 W Nanjing Rd, KaiXin Center, 4th floor, Shanghai, China

Trust and wonderful pineapple curry rice - yuan only

26 Dec 2015

I will always remember my visit to this wonderful spot on Nanjing road. Thankfully the reviews on Happy Cow helped in navigating to this tucked away spot up and around escalators. I was seated in a booth with beaded gauze curtains and a stack of Chinese books with a beautifully illustrated map of vegan restaurants in Shanghai. The service was polite and kind. A pot of lemongrass tea was placed on the table as I perused the vast menu with photos and descriptions of options - sweet or savory. I ordered the broccoli and mushroom dish which I thought was a side dish but arrived as a lovely soup with a full floret of broccoli in a delicious broth swimming with mushrooms The curried pineapple rice served here is the real emperor of China - moist, savory and slightly sweet with veggies and chunks of pineapple served in a carved pineapple dish.
So happy and full I was to pay my tab and find that they did not accept US credit cards and directed me to a nearby ATM which was broken and I was told "You can pay next time" Unfortunately I rarely visit Shanghai though I really should be allowed to visit more often.
I ventured down Nanjing road several blocks and finally found an ATM - a private booth with glass doors for security which resembled a large telephone booth.
I hurried back on the tree lined Nanjing road with colorful flowered shaped lights, pink scooters and cool pedestrians up and around escalators on the 4th floor to be greeted by cheerfully by the woman at the counter who held up a hand written note in English. "You can pay next time"
Next time? ... Maybe a year or so I thought... Next life? ... May be awhile.
"Oh no" I said "It was so delicious - I will pay now"
Vegan, green and wonderful - here's to the new China.

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