Globally-inspired vegetable tapas bar, est. 2016 previously at 127 MacDougal St. Offers a variety of small plates and cocktails in an dimly lit, embellished setting with plush banquettes. Open Mon-Fri 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm. Brunch on Weekends 11am-4pm.

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09 Nov 2023

Amazing spot

Really really pretty interior. The food is a bit pricey but it's good and the space is cute so it's worth it. Expensive enough that I only went once after living a 4 minute walk away from it for a whole year. Def great place to meet with out of town friends, date night or special occasion.

Get the KFB!! so so so so good



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05 Nov 2023

Outstanding Gourmet Vegan Delight

The vegan offerings were all incredibly delicious! Lady Bird stands out as a vegan oasis!

Pros: The variety, The freshness, The tastebud treats

Cons: Small portions


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29 Oct 2023

Great food

They say tapas… not really to big of a plate to be called tapa. Delicious food, good wine and great service

Pros: Service, Great food, good value for money

Cons: tables a little to close to each other


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15 Oct 2023

Did not live up to expectations

I have heard absolutely raving reviews about ladybird and I was expecting a lot more. The restaurant itself is adorable. Great decorations, fun and kind staff, and would be a great ambiance for a date night. The food, however, I found to be good but not incredible. Overthrow hospitality locations generally have super incredible food, but unfortunately ladybird ranked in the bottom few for me. With the abundance of better veg options, I probably won’t come back.

We (group of 4) got 7 shares, my favorites being the tofu bao buns and the mushroom skewers. The portions were very small for the price (even by nyc standards) and I was never blown away by the flavors.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Expensive, Small portions


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11 Oct 2023

High end vegan fare

I had dinner here the other day. I had the tofu bao bun and the truffle Mac n 'cheese'. Both delicious. Very attentive service and helpful explanation of the menu.

Pros: Innovative menu, Great flavors , Excellent service

Cons: Slightly pricey (but it is high end)


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10 Aug 2023

Flavorful & fun dishes, but missing 'wow' factor.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to check out Ladybird for an early dinner based on a solid recommendation. I was genuinely excited to see what they had to offer.

What we ordered:
Po' Boy Bun ($8 each) - These Po' Boys were massive! While the stack of ingredients was impressive, there was a slight absence of that expected 'wow' factor. Each element was delightful on its own, yet the overall experience felt slightly incomplete.

KFB ($18) - These bites of broccoli heaven leaned a tad towards the salty side, but their deliciousness was undeniable. I brought some home, and even on the following day, their flavor remained pleasant.

Grilled Cheese ($17) - Nostalgia hit me hard with this combo! The familiar taste of the sandwich triggered a sense of familiarity, though I couldn't quite pinpoint it. The creamy and flavorful tomato soup paired harmoniously, while the subtle addition of vegan parmesan on top of the soup showed great attention to those delightful little details.

Potato au Gratin (GF) ($16) - Being a potato enthusiast, these decadent delights absolutely hit the mark. Cheesy, creamy, and satisfyingly crunchy, they embodied the ultimate dream for any potato lover.

The flavors were indeed delightful, though the portion sizes seemed a bit steep for the price. The service left something to be desired, falling in the realm of "okay." Ladybird's ambiance had a cute and charming touch to it. Also, I found the postcard we received with the check to be thoughtful.

Our experience there was undoubtedly enjoyable. While it didn't completely surpass our expectations, leaving our socks firmly in place, the overall experience was positive enough to warrant a return visit especially to check out their brunch!

My true rating is 3.7

*check out my visit to Ladybird on my YouTube channel:

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-10

Pros: Flavorful Dishes, Thoughtful Details, Cute & Charming Ambiance

Cons: Portion-to-Price Ratio, Service Quality, Lack of "Wow" Factor


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01 Jul 2023

Weekend brunch

I am in heaven because of the frittata.

Pros: Delicious food , Music, Decor

Cons: Kind of expensive but welcome to NYC


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24 Jun 2023


The food was excellent and the staff was very friendly! Cool vibe and good music. My new favorite restaurant in the city!

The bao bun, po’ boy, kale Caesar, and Mac and cheese were to die for. The But watch out for the brownie sundae - it’s $25! Also delicious, though.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-24


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19 May 2023

Lose your mind good

I'm still on an endorphine high from the grilled cheese sandwich we just had with the tomato dip. It is literally best thing I have ever had, not just in the grilled cheese category but up there with the best thing I've ever eaten, "last meal" good, just sublime. 
Everything we got here was so good. We got the Caesar salad, Potatoes Au Gratin, Po Boy Bao, Shishitos, and some wine drinks. All was so good.
We originally had planned to sit at the bar but they do not have backs on the seats so we sat in the bar area. They do get crowded. Tables are a little too close together for my liking but we had a great time.
Two hours later I am already plotting finding a way to get back there during this vacation.

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07 Apr 2023

Beautiful food, atmosphere and drinks.

Such a wonderfully magical space with great food


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09 Feb 2023


I had mushroom onion toast, KFB and the po boy bun. all of those three dishes were really on point. overall experience really convincing! 🌱


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15 Jan 2023

Both food and service need improvement

Had brunch today. The grilled cheese sandwich's accompanying tomato soup tasted good but was lukewarm. The chicken & waffles dish wasn't good. The waffles seemed reheated-not freshly made and the "chicken" was mostly batter and just a tiny bit of mushroom. The potato side dish was quite tasty. The music volume kept changing and sometimes was uncomfortably loud. The server was polite, but was unapologetic and completely uncaring when we told her only two of our three entrees appeared. After an additional 10 minute wait our third entree finally arrived. So the grilled cheese sandwich entrees were cold by the time the third entree finally showed up.

Pros: All vegan, Potato side dish was tasty.

Cons: Bad service , Mediocre food


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29 Dec 2022

Overpriced and service was weird

The decoration was beautiful, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about this place. Service was not welcoming and weird, they all had an attitude. All the dishes came in really small portions and were very overpriced. The mac and cheese would have been delicious if it wasn’t so spicy. Tables are very close together and it gets really loud, so if you have misophonia or if you’re easily triggered by sounds, don’t go there. The food wasn’t memorable and I didn’t get my money’s worth.

Cons: Expensive


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28 Nov 2022

So good

Ladybird checks all the boxes — neat space, good selection of natural wines, incredible food. Recommend the potatoes au gratin, the broccoli, and the brownie sundae were all delicious.

Pros: Natural wines, Big portions


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06 Oct 2022

Just what I needed

Refreshing and glamorous ambiance with wonderful vegan food and great drinks.

Pros: From comfort food to delish tapas, Ambiance is refreshing


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21 Sep 2022

Best French toast ever

Everything here is great so easy to go hear all the time


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14 Sep 2022

Delicious but small portions and pricey

Most of the food we tried I loved (except for their French toast - the bread was too thick to even cut through and too dry). My favorite were frittata and avo toast - super delicious. All the portions were on a smaller side though while priced pretty high. We paid $140 for 4 meals and two drinks.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-14


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28 Aug 2022


The best whipped coffee and so many delicious food options. Definitely recommend!


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13 Jul 2022

Pretty good

Definitely some interesting options, the standout being the Buffalo maitake and the po boy bao buns. I would definitely go back for those. The other options I tried (arancini, truffle mac n cheese, KFB) were ok. Small plates and on the pricey side.


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12 Jul 2022

Delicious food, great wine selection

I had the mushroom and onion toast which was phenomenal as well as a tofu bun which was nothing special but exactly what was expected. The Italian rose was exceptional. The food came out quickly and the servers were accommodating


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25 Jun 2022


Solid 4.5. Loved the po’ boy bun with cauliflower and the au gratin potatoes. The kale salad was a nice touch of healthy balanced with good flavor. The tempura broccoli was OK.


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22 Jun 2022

So good!

The Mac n cheese and brussel sprouts are incredible! Must order. The KFB was a bit disappointing, but not bad. Loved the crème brûlée as well. I can’t even remember if I had ever had vegan crème brûlée before!


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Mostly Veg
25 May 2022

Date Night

I had a wonderful post birthday meal and drink here, great ambiance and place


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22 May 2022

Always delicious

Every time I come here the food is great and the service is flawless. It’s great for a date or for dinner with friends, great atmosphere


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19 May 2022

Great, but not blown away (in the context of NYC vegan cuisine)

~$150 including tip got us 4 entrees plus 2 bao buns apiece, which was surprisingly the correct amount of food for three people (plates are somewhat small; wish the buns were bigger especially). Got to try like half of the menu, which was nice. Everything was good, and a few things were great. Ambiance was nice. I’d eat here again, but I’m not rushing to do so like I often am with these sorts of places in the city.


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16 Apr 2022

Good but not blown away

Enjoyed the food but they were out of several things and there are definitely better options around the city


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31 Mar 2022


Delicious food and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Wine options are pretty mediocre. Absolutely finish with the brûlée.

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