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Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Well stocked health food store

06 Jul 2010

The store is located next door to the vegan cafe, Le Bar. There seemed to be the usual assortment of packaged foods one finds in health food shops together with some organic veg. They also sell various cakes. The assistant spoke a little English and we showed her the "Vegan Passport" explaining what we done't eat and she confirmed that a number of the cakes were suitable for vegans.
Not sure whether the food in the chiller section was all vegetarian as not able to translate the labels.

Nahalat Binyamin 31, Tel Aviv, Israel

Enjoyable meal nice decor

27 Mar 2010

This is a nice cafe/restaurant. Plenty of seating inside and a few tables outside.

It's all buffet - the owner/manager was very helpful when we told her we were vegan, and most of the items on the buffet were suitable for us. We couldn't have the quiche but were able to have most of the other items. She gave us bread as well. Some foods she would heat up for you in the microwave.

There was a jug of water with lemon on the table.
The meal came to 45NS(about £8.50 sterling) per person.

We only went there once so don't know to what extent the buffet varies from day to day.

The cafe closes early at about 3.30 -4pm which is a shame

You have to find it by the street number as the writing on the window and menu are all in hebrew.

Via del Governo Vecchio 54/55, Rome, Italy

Nice food and wonderful vegan icecream

25 Jun 2015

This is a small cafe with seating limited to a few stools and narrow tables, but it wasn't that busy the two times we went there sio no problem getting a seat.
One of the staff members was from England. The other spoke very good English. They were very friendly and helpful.

On our first visit I had a pizza streudel made with filo pastry and my partner had a mushroom pasta. The mains were charged at €8 each. In addition we shared a large mixed salad. The food was very tasty.

On our second visit we had slices of pizza, also €8 each.

Food is served on paper plates.

They have a number of vegan ice creams (made with rice milk) and sorbets. I had the pistachio icecream and it was blissful. By the way, check with the staff as some of the cones aren't suitable for vegans.

It gets 5* because of the friendly staff and the icecream

Yehuda Halevi 55, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nice food

27 Mar 2010

We had the Abi Gil variety plate. The waitress said it would be enough for two people and indeed it was. It tasted vary nice.
All the food is vegan apart from being able to order a hard boiled egg (why have the egg on the menu I've no idea).
A reasonably priced healthy meal for two.

Evn Gvirol 86, Tel Aviv, Israel

Best veggie food in Tel Aviv!

27 Mar 2010

see my review for the Yehuda HaLevy branch.

The Evn Givron branch is much smaller with more limited menu.

The staff were very friendly.

Yehuda HaLevy Str. 21, Tel Aviv, Israel

Best veggie food in Tel Aviv!

27 Mar 2010

My partner and I (both of us are vegan) just returned from a week in Tel Aviv.

We had three meals (plus a take away) at Buddha Burgers Evn Gvirol Str. and two meals at the main branch at Yehuda HaLevy.

I really like Buddha Burger. First because it's 100% vegan and secondly because they have pro-vegetarian posters all over the wall (many from PETA).

The Yahuda HaLevy branch has 4 tables inside seating about 12, plus a bar area seating another 4 or 5. Outside there were a number of tables (together with outdoor heating for those chilly winter evenings).

The Evn Givron branch is much smaller (2 small tables inside seating 4or 5, and 5 or 6 tables outside seating perhaps 16). The menu at the Evn Givron branch is also reduced from that of its sister branch.

Over the course of the 7 days I had:
The Shwarma Burrito - a whole-wheat tortilla with salad and hot seitan inside - was really nice and very filling. Had this twice as it was so good!
The Buddha Classic Burger - also really nice - also had this twice during the course of our stay.
Tofu and Broccoli Buddha Bowl (available from the larger branch) - although it was supposed to have a curry coconut sauce this was incredibly bland for my palate. I ordered the large bowl, not realising just how much food I would get - and ended up leaving some.
My partner had the Coconut Curry stir fry which (which on the menu looked like a similar dish to the Buddha Bowl!) but this was a lot more tasty.

The Yehuda HaLevy branch has a salad bar as well as various vegan desserts. I had a halva mousse which was delicious.

We also had (as a takeaway to eat on the plane journey) the quinoa salad and the Buddha salad, both come with a choice of sauces and were really nice.

My partner's favourite item on the menu was the Carob Milk smoothie and it was so nice she had it 4 times during our stay.

I wish we'd stayed longer in Tel Aviv to sample some of the other items on the menu!

Ben-Ami Street 13, Tel Aviv, Israel

Limited vegan food at this non vegetarian cafe

27 Mar 2010

To its credit there are a number of vegetaian items on the menu and the waitress even described the cafe as a vegetarian cafe. But sadly they have tuna and salmon on the menu.

We were told that the Thai Green curry was vegan and so suitable for us. It tasted very good. Also had the avocado sandwich.

They provide free wifi.

31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, England

One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in London

16 Jan 2010

Went there one evening last week before going to theatre.
The place hasn't changed much in 30+ years, still busy and the food is really nice and inexpensive.
Vegan items clearly marked on the menu.
Vegan choice of main course was limited the day I went.The stir fry - and they always have stir fry on the menu - tasted really nice.They'd ran out of the other vegan main course.
For dessert I had a vegan strawberry scone (I don't know any other place in London that does vegan scones).
The other optioin for vegan dessert was fruit crumble with vegan custard.

Via Maurizio Bufalini 19r/21r, Florence, Italy

Nice vegan cafe situated in Central Location

24 Jun 2015

Located near to the Duomo.
The cafe is not only vegan but also gluten free, which made for an interesting meal.
The menu includes burgers and "pizza" and salads and a few cakes.
The burgers seemed to be already prepared (but made by themselves) and the staff then heat them up on the stove.
The soya burger tasted fine, but not quite as expected as there was no gluten in the bun!
The cup of teas was served in a large mug.
The lady behind the counter was friendly and spoke English.
Very good attention to hygene.

Oh, and nice toilets

Dohány u. 1/b, Budapest, Hungary

Convenient hummus falafel bar

07 Jul 2010

This vegetarian restaurant is conveniently located opposite the Dohany St. Synagogue so is easy to find. I had the falafel and salad in pita. Perhaps a little pricier than that at the Hummus Bar Kertesz branch but the decor here was nicer and more modern and one could sit outside. Downside was I had to wait about 10 minutes for my falafel - this really should not have taken so long. The food was fine. Served on paper plate with plastic knife and fork, but after all this is supposed to be fast food.

40-41 Dean Street, London, England

Zilli Green - new gournet vegetarian restaurant

28 Feb 2010

Had a wonderful meal at Zilli Green. Inside it holds about 25 upstairs and a private dining room for 25 downstairs. Pale green walls complement rustic tables.

The restaurant is one of a number owned by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli - this is his first venture into vegetarian restaurants. Enzo, the chef at Zilli Green, is vegan and was previously the chef at a number of other high class vegetarian restaurants including Manna and The Gate.

They have a seasonal menu. Vegan items (of which there are many) are clearly labelled. The food was wonderful. If you're feeling hungry the Brodetto di Legumi (a barley, spelt, lentil &yellow split bean stew - more like a thick soup) is a filling starter. For something lighter go for the Quinoa and Wild Mushroom sushi.
Starters priced £4.50 - £6.50

For main course we had the Black Bean chilli, Aldo's Favourite curry (a version of Thai green curry) and Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms.
The Black Bean chilli was good (they initially brought this with creme freche by mistake which we asked them to substitute).
The curry comes with quinoa - I would have preferred rice but that's personal choice. It was very nice though.
The tagliatelle dish was made with fresh (egg free) pasta and was excellent. So tasty. My favourite of the main courses. Mains are priced between £8 - £9

For desserts one can have a dessert platter (Chef's selection of 3 desserts) for £9. The cheesecake was nice but very rich. The vegan Tiramisu cake was very light and Moorish and my partner tells me the chocolate chip brownie was delicious.

I was pleased to see that they offered vegan & vegetarian wines on the menu, although we didn't try any this time.

We'll be back soon!

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

What a dissapointment

06 Jul 2010

Got there just before 7 on a warm Sunday evening . We were really looking forward to eating here, as this is the only veg*n cafe/restauraht on the Buda side of the Danube. The lady serving spoke reasonable English. I ordered a pasta and soya meat dish and my partner a vegetable dish. Nothing special. Food didn't look very appetising but we were hungry. We decided to sit outside rather than inside. We start to eat the food - both dishes should have been hot but were luke warm/cold. The lady starts packing away the tables around us shortly after we start eating - they were closing! Apparently they close 7pm Sunday despite it saying open til 9pm on outside of building.
The lady tells me normal open mon-thur 8am - 9pm. Fri 8am - 6pm Sun 11am -7pm
Would have loved to had tried their vegan fruit streudel or creamy dessert but no chance to have a dessert as they'd been packed away by the time we'd finished out main course. What a disappointment.

Via Margutta 118, Rome, Italy

If you're a hungry vegan, this is the place to go!

25 Jun 2015

This is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Rome.

They do a buffet lunch and an a-la-carte evening meal. We were informed that the evening meal could be quite expensive, and it was recommended that we go instead for lunch at the weekend, which is what we did. We hadn't booked, but we got there early (12.30pm), so no problem getting in.

For €25 per person we had an unlimited all-you-can-eat buffet with lots of vegan choices, clearly labeled. Choice of three soups, lots of starters and mains including pasta dishes, seitan, salads, rice, hummous, and lots more. As for desserts, the vegan options were almond sponge cake, chocolate cake, and fruit salad, and then they brought along some apple strudel! I was in vegan heaven.

We went back for lunch on the Tuesday. Weekdays they have a buffet for just €15 (or €18 if you want a glass of beer or wine). On weekdays it isn't all you can eat, but you get a bowl for your soup, a plate for your green salad, and a large plate for a mixture of everything else. Then you have a choice of one of the desserts. So still plenty of food -so much that we had to take our dessert away as we were stuffed!

The food was excellent, the decor was lovely, the waiters were friendly and understood English. It was excellent value for money. During the week the place is frequented by business people.

The only complaint I have was the toilets - the gents toilet had no toilet seat and no lock on the door. Considering this is an upmarket restaurant I was very surprised. However don't let this put you off visiting Il Margutta

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Excellent - a must visit!

05 Jan 2016

What a wonderful vegan restaurant. Serves Hungarian and Italian food. A choice of 13 vegan pizzas, plus pasta dishes, raw food dishes, hungarian dishes, gluten free dishes and lots lots more.
This retaurant is so good we ate there three times in our day and a half stay.

What I particularly like are:
Choice of 13 vegan pizzas
Large portion sizes
Tasty food.
The daily special is different each day and is incredibly good value at 1300 florints for a main course
They use spelt flour, agave,
They do lovely pastries.
However chocolate lovers may be disappointed as the restaurant uses carob which is a healthier alternative.
My first meal lunch consisted of soup of the day. Very lavoursome and a bargain at 450fl.
This was followed by tofu and lentil cutlets with potatoes and vegetables - I struggled to finish the meal.
For an early supper I had a small salad from the serve yourself salad bar plus I shared some garlic bread.
Lunch on day 2 consisted of a lovely squash soup, and I then shared a green vegetable pizza with my partner so I'd have enough room for the dessert.
The service was very good. Food was served promptly (perhaps a bit too promptly as not much of a gap between starter and mains) and the menu was in Hungary and English.
Centrally located.
I have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant and giving it 5 stars.

Via Francesco Negri, 15, Rome, Italy

A little disappointing

29 Jun 2015

Me and my partner booked in for an evening meal. The location is a little out the way of the centre of Rome but we wanted to visit particularly because it was a vegan restaurant and of course because they had cats.

Having cats is clearly a unique selling point.

There were 6 cats and we enjoyed watching them, but they weren't particularly lap cats that would come over and sit on your lap, and our interaction with them was somewhat restricted. So my first advice is don't go to Romeow expecting to hug a cat.

As far as the food, it was a little disappointing. Maybe we just chose the wrong things off the menu ( we had the maki followed by tempeh in vine leaves. We went for the cooked food, but there are a number of raw dishes on the menu.

There was an English section to the menu and the staff were friendly and spoke English which helped.

I was thinking of ordering some tea, but then I saw that the price was €5.50 and changed my mind.

Ben Yehuda 43, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nice vegan cafe/restaurant

21 Jul 2011

Much nicer since it moved location. Nice decor (Morrocan style!). food was very nice.
Had a vegan pizza - it didn't look anything like the picture on menu but it tasted very good.
Had a wonderful carob sponge cake . Went back for more the next day.
On Tuesdays they have the food set out - it's not quite a buffet, as you tell them the items you want and they will put it on your plate.
Food is healthy and organic and vegan

12-14 Heddon Street, London, England

Information particularly for Vegans

31 Jul 2014

Tibits is very vegan friendly. On the food boat each item has a sign saying if it vegan or contains lactose etc. A lot of the items are vegan. You choose the food you want, then take a bread roll (which is included in the price) and then take your plate to the counter for it to be weighed and the you pay according to weight of the plate.

At present, every 10 days is Vegan Day (eg 7th, 17th and 27th August 2014), so on that day ALL the food on the food boat is vegan! As to which day is Vegan Day see the current list on the website: http://www.tibits.ch/en/food-drink/blog/detail/items/vegan-days-at-tibits.html

On Vegan Day there can be three vegan cakes on the food boat (inc sticky toffee pudding, victoria sponge, and perhaps chocolate cake)as well as vegan mousse.

At the counter where you pay there are also some cakes but only one of them is vegan - last time I went it was lemon cake and it tasted great. This cake is served by the slice, and for about £1.90 or so can be cheaper than getting cake from the food boat.

They also have tubs of ice cream in a freezer by the door. The Booja Booja chocolate one is vegan.

Tibits is licensed to sell alcohol. They list their wines on a board behind the counter and those that are suitable for vegans are clearly marked.

Tibits is one of my favourite London vegetarian restaurants. The London Vegan Meetup Group as well as the London Vegetarian Meetup Group often have events here.

They have outdoor seating as well as seating indoors (ground floor and downstairs)so quite a spacious restaurant.

Final note. If you're on a limited budget don't put too much food on your plate as it could be costly. In an evening I usually pay £12 - £15 for a plate of food. It's slightly cheaper at lunch time.

Piazza del Paradiso, 18, Rome, Italy

Excellent vegan fast food

25 Jun 2015

We visited twice on our recent trip to Rome. The first time I had the vegan kebab which was delicious. The second time I had the veggie burger which was very nice. Had a wonderful fruit tart for afters.
Got to speak to the manager/franchise owner, Marco, who spoke good English and was very friendly. I asked whether the bought in the cakes,which looked so lovely, and was told they were made fresh on the premises every morning.
On both occasions the place seemed quite busy. Seating limited to 4 tables. Not the place to sit and linger.
Was surprised there were no french fries on the menu, but maybe that's an Italian thing having burgers without fries.

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