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Edeni Vegan

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Contact +36-6203077575

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary, 1011

Eden Vegetarianus Etterem is a cafeteria style restaurant that offers a changing menu. Food is vegan. July 2016 reported no longer using honey. Has fresh juices. Hungarian, English, German and Serbo Croat spoken. At corner of Gyorskocsi utca, 1 block from Battány tér bus and metro station, 1 blk from the Danube. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Buffet, Mediterranean, Juice bar, Take-out, Hungarian

Reviews (76)

First Review by writeinCURSIVE

best vegan buffet and deserts in town - Edit

well located near the danube on the buda side of budapest. food was great and almost typical hungarian. 👌🏻 the local wheat beer was also excellent. i also recommend the deserts!

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Good find! - Edit

We found this on a walk by the river, it was a pleasant cafeteria style service. Good food with lots of choice, seitan, tofu, beans etc.
The juices are a little overpriced though.
The cakes were lovely too.

Pros: Choice, quick, desserts

Cons: Juices

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Cute interior, food is pricy - Edit

This cafe is gorgeous. Very cute interior, and nice atmosphere. The food was nice although a little on the pricy side. I found it be expensive, however worth a visit if your in the area.

Pros: Cafe interior

Cons: Price, Limited range of food

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Cafe style , buffet food - Edit

We were looking for a vegan restaurant near Castle Hill and this was the nearest one . The restaurant is café-style with a smallish buffet to choose from . The food was wholesome and tasted home-made but was quite oily , and the choices on the menu were not that large .
The prices were similar to other Vegan Restaurants that we ate at , that offered a " fancier" dining experience with a much larger menu and nicer ambience .

Pros: Wholesome , "home-made" food

Cons: Small menu, Prices similar to more upscale vegan restuarants

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Great find! - Edit

Very nice cozy place with friendly service and great small meals chosen buffet style. I'm an American who was in Budapest during Thanksgiving and they even had a vegan American Thanksgiving plate! So surprised!

Loved the sweet potato soup!

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An OK experience - Edit

The restaurant looks very cute and cosy. It is pretty large and has a big terrace.

Please note that the food is mostly self-service food, in large pans which sit there all day...
We were a bit taken aback when I went to order a vegan burger and the lady instantly sighed and said "Ugh, why does everybody have to order burgers? We have excellent food here."
Well yes, lady, I hear you. Then why put a vegan burger on the menu if you don't want to serve them?
She did add that the burgers were from the day before which lead me to believe that some dishes might not be that fresh.

Apart from that, there is a pretty large choice. The food is good but not out-of-this-world, and it is on the cheap side. Not the best quality-price ratio of Budapest, but good enough.

Pros: Terrace, cute and cosy, Cheap-ish

Cons: Self-service food

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Friendly place on the Buda side - Edit

While it wasn't my favorite vegan place in the city I'd still recommend it. The green juice was tasty, so was the pumkin soup. Helpful staff. Lacks a bit of atmosphere.

Pros: gluten free options available

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Reasonable - Edit

Cafeteria style service as previously mentioned but lots of different options. Ends up being a bit of a mix and match of different foods but the tofu scramble with tofu frankfurter, salad and other things I ate were good.

Pros: Choice, Price

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Delicious, cozy little vegan cafe - Edit

This place is wonderful! The food was delicious, authentic Hungarian and very affordable! The owner and staff were all friendly and welcoming, and the space is bright, charming and sweet. They have lots of raw vegan desserts and fresh-squeezed juices in addition to the food, which is served cafeteria style. My husband and I are delighted to find so many great vegan restaurants in Budapest, and this is one we will definitely be returning to during our stay here. :)

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very good! - Edit

Budapest is one of the best cities in the world, it's also not too difficult to find vegan and vegetarian food. Anyway Edeni Vegan is situated in Buda, in a very nice place. The food is great, cheap and people is friendly, so for me it's a very good place!

Best for me: Seitan and the cakes in the morning!

Pros: very good food, nice place

Cons: no

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hungarian self service - Edit

The food is good but the hungarian "self service" style is a little bit strange for brazilian people. Its confusing and you just cant take what you want and how much you want. Cultural differences aside, it was good.

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Not great... - Edit

We were happy to find this place, after walking around all day & not finding much vegan food!

We ate there twice, once for dinner & once for breakfast. The food was not amazing. I had a tepid mushroom stroganoff (think: the temperature of dishwater after it has cooled a little), with a bit of bread, my husband had a mix of things. Next day we came back for breakfast. There was a bag of pastries on one of the tables but we weren't allowed one of these, instead the server said all there was for breakfast were burgers (?!)

So. We were hungry, so we had burgers for breakfast. We paid one price, then the server came over and told us she'd only charged us for one burger, so we still had to pay for the other.... after reading some of the other reviews, I'm wondering now whether we were charged the special "tourist price"....

...throughout our weird Burger Breakfast (not recommended, by the way), the owner kept on shouting at the younger server girl, giving her a bit of a hard time and making the atmosphere really uncomfortable. We didn't go there again after that.

in summary: poor food, poor atmosphere, possible "special tourist prices", wouldn't visit again or recommend.

Pros: Cheap (I think)

Cons: Limited choice, Food was cold , Bad atmosphere

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a real find! - Edit

Yummy, hearty, nutritious food. I got a mix plate which was a bit of everything. Included soy stew, seitan pattie, rice, pasta, broccoli soup, pea stew among others. Very filling and tasty! I saw they also offer a vegan burger and desserts

Pros: lots of options, yummy, filling

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Average experience - Edit

The location and decoration is beatiful and comfortable and pluses for the outdoor seating. On the menu they have only a few things written so you need to ask the prices and info for the rest. One waitress did her best to speak English but was pretty slow but at least she tried. Food was ok but quite cold but they heated it up for us when we asked for it. Drinks were quite expensive, I didn't like paying almost 300 hf for a glass of (alchalized?) tap water. All in all an average experience, not the first place where I'd go back.

Pros: Quite a lot of choice, Pretty tasty food

Cons: You can end up quite expensive even with a simple , No cheap drinking options

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Ate here yesterday for lunch. Ordered from menu on top of counter. After order rang up and paid, noticed I was charged 4600 forints for 2 veganburgers menu and 1 bowl of carrot soup, which by the menu price should have been 3270. When I asked cashier, she said in broken english, "wrong price list", took it off counter top, but DID NOTHING TO REFUND ME THE DIFFERENCE. Wished later I had asked for full refund and left. The veganburger patty was microwaved and crusty and tough with no flavor. I left half of it. The carrot soup was average at best. The burger itself fell apart when picking up, and had to be eaten with a fork and knife. (the knife was so you could cut the patty, couldn't eat just biting into it.) WORST VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER EATEN IN. Total waste. Would NEVER go here again. If you do go, pay attention to what you are charged. And on top of that, they allow customers to bring their dog into the restaurant and lay by the tables while they eat. No, it was definitely NOT a dog assistant. Sorry, to me that is totally unsanitary.

Pros: NONE


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Hard to tell - Edit

We visited this place only once and were a little disappointed. First of all, nobody spoke English, maybe one person (waitress I guess) and she wasn't very helpful at all. She didn't really care to explain the content of the dishes that we didn't know. It was chaotic, we didn't know when to pay, what to order, we were even unsure about the prices. It was quite difficult to order. The food was okay, nothing special - but this 'judgement' is based on 1 visit only so don't take it very seriously. It looked nice and clean so they seem to have a good attitude. I will definitely give them another chance when I'm back in Budapest.

Pros: Location in historical Buda, Outdoor seating

Cons: Language barrier

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Lovely little vegan restaurant! - Edit

Such a lovely and cute little vegan restaurant! The staff were helpful, friendly and spoke good English :) The food looked and tasted amazing too. Would definitely recommend Edeni to any vegan :)

Pros: Great food, Friendly, helpful staff

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Good Burger - Edit

Called here for lunch, the lady at the counter was friendly and explained everything. There was a selection of dishes available from the counter (which weren't too inspiring), we opted for burgers however and there was a choice between three or four different toppings. We sat outside and the burgers were brought to our table. I had a lovely meaty style burger with mushrooms on top which hit the spot. We also had some raw cake which was so-so. Overall a good experience.

Pros: Nice burgers, pleasant terrace, helpful staff

Cons: Limited choice, drab interior, a little confusing what's what

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Really nice vegan place in Buda! - Edit

I really liked this restaurant where I've been twice in a week. It's close to the castle, in a quiet area, with a very nice terrace.
The girls there were really informative, explaining everything, smiling, with a great english. I felt like a long-time customer.
The food was pretty good, there is a lot of choices. I wanted to try everything! The desserts are particularly good.
It's a little bit expensive compared to other places in Budapest but still very cheap compared to Europe.
A good choice when you're in Buda!

Pros: Friendly staff, Lot of choices // great desserts, Nice situation

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Buda is lucky for this place. - Edit

It was so difficult to find a vegan place to eat on the Buda side. Luckily, I came across this place, though I had to climb down from the castle to find it. This place works like a cafeteria where you choose what you want and someone plates it for you. I arrived just at the end of the valid time for the offer of the day, which included three different components. It was so much food for hardly anything. It was filling and tasted good. There was nothing else to ask for.

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Nice selection of vegan food - Edit

The restaurant is one of the few vegan places we found on the Buda side - where the castle is (most of the vegan places seem to be on the Pest side - more downtown). Nice buffet selection of different types of foods. You don't help yourself - you tell the server who plates it for you. The foot was not super-hot (this seems to be common with these buffet places in Budapest) but it's tasty.

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Average - Edit

It's a nice buffet style restaurant on the Buda side. During our visit only one person from staff spoke English. so communication was little bit harder. You are not paying for weight of food, but for every part of your meal separately, so trying "little bit of everything" isn't unfortunately working here. We tried few things from the buffet and also burger. Food wasn't bad, but nothing special. If you are around, it's good place for refreshment, but if planning some great lunch, maybe better check other places.

Pros: Opened also on weekend, We paid with Euros

Cons: Not special, Bit chaotic

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An OK restaurant - Edit

From outside this restaurant does look very beautiful, but once you come inside it is a bit disappointing to see it is a self- service restaurant. The staff was really friendly, the portions were LARGE, but I must admit the taste was nothing special. Actually both my friend´s and my food was oversalted. Just with a bit of eye for a decoration this place could be turned to a "wow".

Pros: friendly staff, large portions

Cons: over salted food, self-service

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Very friendly - Edit

Nice location, the customers are locals and tourists.
Lots of space to sit and the tables are large. Also a nice terrace.
The food was good and the staff very friendly. We'll come back.

Pros: location, friendly, 100% vegan

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not nice! - Edit

I went there for breakfast since I saw a big sign where they advertised their breakfast. However when I walked in with my boyfriend the waitress told me we should take the food and then sit down (self service) which was weird since there was no one in the restaurant and she wasn't busy since she followed us the whole time while we were looking at the food. And let me tell you: there was no such thing as breakfast: raw cakes, 2 kinds of sausage tofu rolls, a 100ml glass of orange juice and a disgusting looking pre-made(!) green smoothie. We left after seeing the flys on the smoothie. What an aweful place!

Pros: non

Cons: ugly interior, no variety of food, unhygienic

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Lunch spot - Edit

Located within a stone's throw of the castle, it was the perfect stop for a quick lunch during a day of tourism.
Only tried once but it was very satisfactory. It a canteen, you can choose from a dozen soups/dishes/salads.
It's good value for the price and I like the quiet atmosphere.

Pros: Good value, Nice for lunch

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charming place and good food - Edit

Beautiful charming place. They have a buffet with different options between salads, soups, main dishes and desserts and you can choose what you want. I had a peas dish, that's a typical Hungarian dish veganized made with coconut milk and it was very delicious! You can also have fresh juices. For dessert I had some pancakes with plumb jam. They were good but not the best. The cappuccino with coconut milk was delicious. The restaurant is located in Pest side and it's worth going for a walk near the restaurant by the Danube with view to the parliament.

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I'm not a fan of this place.. - Edit

The location is really cool and convenient.. Nice outdoor seating area. However, I ordered an Eggplant ragout which was cold(perhaps that's how it's served in Hungary?!) and it did have a good flavour but the texture and overall it was not a nice meal. They had many desserts on offer but I didn't try any due to other reviews about some containing milk..

Pros: Nice location, fair price, nice seating

Cons: cold food, not so tasty

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MUST GO! - Edit

This little gem is tucked into Bettanany Ter on the Buda side of Budapest. We came here after a day of hiking around the Buda side of the city and were so happy and pleasantly surprised by this cute little restaurant! We were immediately greeted with a smile by the owner of the restaurant who kindly explained all of the meal options for the day and gave us her recommendations. We ended up with a creamy carrot soup with bulgar and a bowl of green lentils. Both were out-of-this-world good! I only wish we had discovered it sooner so we could have gone more than once during our stay! Thank you to the wonderful people of Edeni for making amazing vegan food in Budapest! :)

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Stop in if you're around Buda Castle! - Edit

For some reason, the vegan restaurants are predominately on the Pest side of the city. Therefore, it was a nice surprise to have one so close to the castle to drop in to after a morning of sightseeing!

It's very close to the Batthyany metro station, just east on Batthyany Utca about two blocks and south on Iskola Utca one block, and you're there.

It's under new management as of about a month ago, and seems to be doing well.

Vegan except for one dessert item that uses milk powder. Not sure why they don't just get rid of it. It is labeled, so you won't eat it by accident.

Great atmosphere, very spacious, and a lot of outdoor seating. We ordered seitan stuffed eggplant, roasted potatoes with herbs, and carrot orange juice. It was good. We didn't have dessert, but they have a wide selection of desserts, including raw cakes.

Pros: Everyone speaks English, Great food selection, Very friendly staff

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i have been vegan for 8 years and love to travel so am used to dealing with mediocre vegan food if i do make myself go out to eat. the level of service and quality of the food i tried in this restaurant was incredible - patrick the owner/manager was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic it made it the best experience eating out i have had for many years. extremely impressed and the vegan coconut cake was definitely the best i have ever tried anywhere i have been and even better than my best vegan friends cooking and that is saying something 11/10

Pros: excellent food , super super friendly staff , wonderful choice of vegan options

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... - Edit

the food is great, all vegan. i liked their homemade loaf with beets, thats great. i think the portion to quality ratio doesnt compensate the price...

unfortunatly the desserts are containing milk protein, as the whip cream and raffaellos, so if you strict vegan than consider these things... it was for me a big Q why dont they use something else... also how came the name Vegan with milk protein products???

verynice outdoor terrace, great to enjoy sunshine with fresh OJ!

Updated from previous review on Wednesday May 28, 2014

Pros: outdoor place, vegan food with awsome seitan (!!), fresh juice

Cons: NONVEGAN desserts (???), too pricey, slow self service

1 Response

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RachelLouise 23 Jun 2014 - Hi Viktor,

I was thinking of going to Edeni Vegan until I saw your review mentioning the milk protein in the desserts. I was just wondering how you found out there was milk protein. Did the staff admit it?


Solid Choice on the Buda Side - Edit

I was pleasantly surprised after reading some not so great reviews. First off, it is vegetarian not exclusively vegan. They offer a buffet style type menu but it is served to you. The staff is knowledgeable and happy to take the time and explain all of the items to you. I was really pleased with my lunch and found it to be very tasty. The place has really cute outdoor seating which I was happy to enjoy on a warm Spring day. A nice spot for lunch when exploring the Buda side.

Pros: Outdoor seating, Staff, Food Options

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quality of food and service is deteriorating - Edit

I have been going back to this place for about 7 years, since there aren't many options in town for vegans and I must say this place was the best when it had just opened. The past year or two they have been trying to make some changes to improve, but with limited success. Like they refurbished the place and changed its style to a more youngish one but cut the portions of food and increased the prices. 1090 HUF for a moderate sized not too good eggplant meal is just too much for a self-service restaurant.
Before you always saw the same friendly guys working there for years, but now they are all gone and lately, for some reason, they don't keep their staff for long, so you always meet new people at the counter who are not very well trained.
With more vegan restaurants opening in Budapest, I hope the management of Edeni Vegan pull themselves together and come up with a more reasonably priced menu.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 30, 2014

Pros: outside sitting area in the summer, good chestnut dessert

Cons: over priced, small portions, small choice of food

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Not a restaurant! - Edit

Ambience free buffet style cafe, where food is uninspired, cold, oily and salty. It's more like an unhealthy refectory, where the cook replaced meat with rice, potatoes, and more rice.
The worst offender is the noisy industrial juicing machine conveniently placed in the dining area. Juices are made in advance in large batches. Don't expect to hold a conversation while that's happening.

Pros: Vegi, Good location, Friendly staff

Cons: Cold, Greasy, salty, Noisy

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Okay - Edit

it was really nice to randomly run into a vegan restaurant but was expecting a little more. But for exploring, I would give it another go beacuse it was nice anyway. The food was okay. I had a soup with bread and some veggie schnitzels with sauce

Pros: all vegan, original recipes, big choice, location

Cons: small portions

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Decent, not spectacular - Edit

First of all, the second branch in the centre of the town, VegExpress is gone, so don't go looking for it. The branch at Batterny Ter serves cheap decent food, although you need to be lucky, sometimes there is not much choice left and the food is not spectacular.
Updated from previous review on Friday August 14, 2009

Went back in 2013. Food is still the same buffet-style. It's a good veggie/vegan option when you are in the neighbourhood, but it's too salty for my taste.

Cons: too salty

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Really good Hungarian cakes - Edit

Ate here for breakfast, dinner and 3 times for cakes. It's a lovely sheltered spot to sit & watch the world go by.

Breakfast was ok, a fresh bircher muesli.

Dinner was terrible. Food felt like left over from lunch, but even if fresh was over cooked, bland, and nondescript. It felt like vegan food from the 70's.

Cakes however were a hit every time, tasty & not too sweet :) The cherry retes (a kind of sour cherry strudel) was rated by my partner as even better than the non-vegan one from Ruszwurm Cukrazda, apparently the best cake shop in Budapest. The chestnut and cherry cake was delicious, and the cremesch (a cream & pastry affair) was good, if a little too rich for me.

Well worth a visit for breakfast & cakes, main meal with caution.

Pros: Excellent Hungarian cakes, Lovely shaded spot outside., Prices normal for Hungarian food.

Cons: Buffet bland and over cooked., Some staff helpful, others less so.

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so-so - Edit

We had high expectations for this place but left a little disappointed.
Food: tasty, all vegan, good choices but unfortunetaly the food was cold. as a previous review said, the food is kept warm on a buffet - but not very successfully. we had pasta with a creamy spinach sauce and bbq veggies with rice. The cakes were better :)
Atmosphere: The seating area outside is nice but the inside is not very welcoming. it is very quiet, cold and not a place we wanted to linger. The interior is a little weird too..
Location: Very nice location on the Pest side of the city, nice area for walking.
Prices: are okay for Budapest - around 900 huf for a main dish.
Veg*: we had he impression that everything was vegan, the food is for sure. don't know about the honey, like a previous review said - be sure to check! They also have soy milk and decent coffee.

Overall: no place to come back to, but it really could be something.

Pros: good location , good food choices, nice outside seating area

Cons: creepy inside atmosphere, food was cold, food was cold

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Nice friendly little cafe - Edit

It's a counter service cafe with a wide range of dishes. Inside is air conditioned and there's a nice little seating area outside. The staff spoke good English, portions were large and the food was cheap. Some of the main courses were a bit school dinnerish - I had a veggie burger with some mixed vegetables and a salad. What was really nice though was the homemade vegan apple strudel.

Pros: good value, friendly staff , cakes and puddings

Cons: mains a bit school dinnerish

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self service vegan rest near the castle - Edit

self-service vegan restaurant with a wide choice, you can have a half portion or one portion of salads and warm dishes i.e. vegan vertions of hungarian specialities, desserts.

Pros: wide choice, inexpensive, good position

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Food should be served hot! - Edit

The building itself is quite pretty and the outside seating area is particular good in nice weather, especially for enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of (fairly decent) cake. The concept is straightforward: you take a tray and fill it with what you want and pay at the end. The portion sizes are generous and the prices cheap. On the day we went, the hot dishes were dhal, mushroom stew, spag bol and soup. Though the food was tasty, unfortunately I couldn't help but feeling that it had been artificially thickened with something. On top of that, despite the food being kept warm, it was not piping hot. I suspected that the food had been sat there all day as the place was pretty quiet. This place has the potential to be something great but unfortunately it's more food for fuel than anything else.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 01, 2012

Pros: good value, decent cakes, outdoor seating

Cons: food not hot

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Nice option - Edit

A buffet where you can eat different vegan dishes. I recommend the fake meat, not the hamburguer.
It has a good location although the food is not the best of the world.

Pros: location, vegan, fast

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Some Vegan options of local food! - Edit

During my stay in Budapest, I made my way to this buffet on the Buda side of the river. It was a little far from where I was staying (by the main synagogue) but it was worth the walk.

I ordered a kidney bean stew that was well portioned, tasted good and was still only $3 USD (or less). I also ordered what appeared to be a vegan version of Langos (local treat) from ontop on the display case. It didn't really have any fake dairy products like the traditional version but it was really, really good. Finally I ordered a slice of chocolate cake. This was the first good vegan dessert I have had in Budapest so I was glad I paid the extra money.

Overall, I thought the food was good, it was cheap and the portions were large. I would almost prefer smaller, cheaper portions so I could try different things. It's really intended for you to eat just one item as your meal I think.

Also note, they sell some alternative milks if you happen to also want to buy soy milk. They had a few other types as well.

Pros: Cheap, Local cuisine , Good portions

Cons: Location

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Nice and affordable vegan-friendly restaurant - Edit

I visited this place for lunch in October 2011 and had a really good time and some quite nice vegan food. Friendly staff, affordable prices (although I was a bit confused by the pay-per-item-buffet), and cozy outdoor seating.

Pros: Friendly staff, Quite good food

Cons: Pricing of food is a bit confusing

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Enjoyable place in Buda - Edit

I liked this restaurant and I am not sure for all the dishes but an employee told me it was all vegan. I had a tomato and green salad, raw chocolate coconut ball and lemonade with ginger. All was fantastic, especially the sweet and lemonade! I took extra lemonade away too:-)

Pros: vegan friendly, lemonade, location

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Real disappointment - Edit

First off, believe what Happycow says about the closing time on Sundays. I went around 19.30, and despite the sign outside saying it would be open till 21.00, it was well and truly closed.

Undeterred, I went back tonight, and I regretted it almost as soon as I was inside. The presentation of the food behind the cafeteria line was dreadful -- what was left looked as if it were the remains from the day's lunch. The service was surly, and I felt uncomfortable even bothering the server with my order. His question 'are you sure?' about what I'd asked for should have been a clue. The food was pretty gross. Not to mention cold. I did have a pizza-like flatbread that was nice enough, but the rice dish I had with a veggie burger was all but inedible. The price was low, so I can't complain too much, but there are much nicer and more welcoming places in Budapest. If you're in this area, I'd recommend the nearby Pizza Marzano over this place. It has a well-labelled menu, and they act like they are happy to have you there.

Pros: Inexpensive, All vegan

Cons: Terrible service, Cold, unappetising food

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Lovely! - Edit

This was such a welcoming and warm place after a steep morning hike up to the National Gallery and down again by the Batthyany ter side. Firstly: the staff is super friendly and helpful, secondly: the choice is great with freshly made vegan cherry creams (don't know how to explain otherwise) and pies, and also a lot of non-sweet food that I didn't try (it was still quite early morning) but that looked great for lunch or dinner. I sat inside because of heavy rain, but the restaurant has a perfect terrace in front, the building (bright pink, can't miss it) occupies a sharp corner so lot's of views in all directions. Close by the HEV and metro Batthyany ter and the river with THE view over Parliament. Just perfect.

Pros: staff, choice, whole setting

Cons: none!

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Review - Edit

Visited this place in May 2011. Very good location, very popular with large crowd during lunch time. Nice atmosphere and friend staffs. The food they offer have a reasonable variety of choices and also offers some excellent Hungarian desserts available. The only cons, their food are too salty for me.

Pros: Location, Opening hours

Cons: Saltiness

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Cute vegan place with loads of options - Edit

I really liked this little cute house on the Buda side of Budapest. The staff spoke english, were very cute and could offer loads of nice vegan warm dishes, salads, bread and desserts.
The portions were huge and the price was low. And it was all very nice and tasty. I will return.
It's not a luxury restaurant, but a nice and cozy lunchplace with a good vibe.

Pros: nice atmosphere, good food, cheap

Cons: food could be better heated

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Don't go too early in the morning - Edit

We stopped by around 10 (I think they open at 8am)and there were only two soups available and a couple desserts. I had a kidney bean and barley soup (like an all paprika-spiced chili) which was alright but I was hoping for more options since they say they are open for breakfast. Also the sign states that its all vegan but we overheard a server say that they have milk available for coffees. Maybe its in other things too? I'm not sure but it's worth asking just to confirm.

Pros: vegan restaurant in Buda, open early

Cons: not many choices when I went, preoccupied staff

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What a dissapointment - Edit

Got there just before 7 on a warm Sunday evening . We were really looking forward to eating here, as this is the only veg*n cafe/restauraht on the Buda side of the Danube. The lady serving spoke reasonable English. I ordered a pasta and soya meat dish and my partner a vegetable dish. Nothing special. Food didn't look very appetising but we were hungry. We decided to sit outside rather than inside. We start to eat the food - both dishes should have been hot but were luke warm/cold. The lady starts packing away the tables around us shortly after we start eating - they were closing! Apparently they close 7pm Sunday despite it saying open til 9pm on outside of building.
The lady tells me normal open mon-thur 8am - 9pm. Fri 8am - 6pm Sun 11am -7pm
Would have loved to had tried their vegan fruit streudel or creamy dessert but no chance to have a dessert as they'd been packed away by the time we'd finished out main course. What a disappointment.

Pros: some English spoken, vegan food

Cons: food cold, poor customer service, website down

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pretty good - Edit

i just made it here one evening before they closed for the night. they ran out of most things on menu but it was good place for a quick bite. i had soup and something else but don't remember what it was. i do remember that it was pretty good.

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Lovely food and yummy desserts - Edit

This place reminded me of Country Life in Prague. Everything was vegan, which was a joy for me. I could simply point at anything I wanted (which was good because, at least the first time I went, I had trouble finding someone who could tell me what the dishes were in English).

Each time I went, there was a nice variety of veggies, proteins, and grains, including great salads. They also had some delicious breads, fresh juices and shakes (I had a great blackberry shake), and many creamy desserts to choose from.

The only real downside was the lack of English translations for the dishes. Sometimes it would have been nice to know what I was getting beforehand, but the yumminess of the food made up for this!

Pros: Cheap, Wide variety, Yummy

Cons: No English descriptions

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whipped "cream" cake - Edit

I'm trying not to write old reviews, but I saw the previous reviewer mention the whipped "cream" cake. Amazing, it's like cool whip! We were here 2 years ago, but we asked an employee (owner maybe?) who spoke English about it as we were suspicious. It was just so white and fluffy. He told us that they whip cashews for at least a half hour to get it like that. He said all the food was vegan, but they didn't advertise that heavily as they wanted the local workers in the area to come in for lunch (of which there were plenty). Lunch was easy - cafeteria style - choose, sit and eat. We ate here multiple times as it was close to our hotel on the Buda side and we took some takeaway with us on the train to Vienna as well.

Pros: vegan cafeteria style, whipped cream cake, takeaway

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warm, wholesome, delicious! - Edit

I have to say, I think the food at Eden is very good. I didn't find it bland or boring, as some other reviewers did. Most of the dishes are based around grains and vegetables and feel very wholesome, but all were tasty and filling. True, it's not gourmet - in a way, it feels like eating at a friend's house - but if you're looking for a good solid vegan meal, this restaurant is where it's at. You pay by weight for most items and the prices are shockingly low. Two of us got heaping plates of food, fresh bread, and desserts regularly for 15$US or so. Food rotates, but be sure to try the whipped "cream" cake with cherries, the fancy little plates of cookies, and especially - and I can't emphasize this enough - the paprika rolls. If nothing else, please get the rolls - they're phenomenal. An easy walk from public transit and a very lovely part of Budapest.

Pros: healthy and tasty!, close to public transit, cheap

Cons: not open seven days a week, staff can seem grumpy..., ...but don't take it personally. ;-)

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fantastic - Edit

this is my favorite place to eat in budapest. i am half hungarian and have memories of my grandmothers cooking when i was very young and this brought back wonderful memories. polachinta took me back immediately, crepes with lakvar (prune butter) and sour cream and powdered sugar on top, can't beat it and vegan fantastic!!! there is a smaller version of the same restaraunt in pest too on the fancy shopping street but i like this one the best.

Pros: price, choices, location

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Pretty good food - Edit

This is a buffet style (though mostly not selff serve; you point to the food or tell them what you want and they dish it in for you). The menu is unadventurous and the food is just OK; but it is inexpensive and conveniently located on the bottom of the hill near the Castle district.

Pros: price, location

Cons: sort of bland

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Relatively tasty, huge portions - Edit

Eden was a big improvement on their sister restaurant Veg Express. Similar concept: you point and choose what food you want, although beware, the portions can be enormous, and the food is decent, but not spectacular.

Pros: location, price

Cons: vaguely bland

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Not worth it - Edit

I would never go back here. First of all, it felt awkward communicating in English what I don't eat. I couldn't finish the meal anyway though. There was no flavour in the food at all. The only part that tasted all right was a plate of fried vegetables, and even that was so oily it made me feel sick.

Pros: large portions

Cons: flavourless food, awkward ordering

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Eden Vegetarianus Etterem, Budapest - Edit

Very vegan veggie friendly, helpful staff, relaxed atmo, tasty food, decent sized portions, inexpensive, open open good hours including Sundays when most other places are closed. very close to the metro station right beside the river on the Buda side of the Danube.

As a slight side note if you are looking for a photo of the parliament building then if you go to Batthyhanny Ter metro station you will then that itis quite clearly the place to take that photo from from if you want to avoid a boat trip.

A big thumbs up from me.

Pros: Very vegan veggie friendly, Tasty, reasonably priced food, Helpful staff, nice atmo

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welcoming - Edit

The choices were basic and limited here (just three or four main options) and none looked all that appetizing. But the staff, while not speaking much English, were really friendly and welcoming and the customers waiting behind for us to make our minds up were very patient. In the event the food, though a bit stodgy for our tastes) was delicious, the portions huge (you can ask for a half portion which is almost a plateful!) and everything very cheap. It's a cheerful, wholesome place, just round the corner from the Batthyany Ter metro station and is obviously very popular with the locals (even the tables outside filling up for lunch time).

Pros: Huge portions, Good value

Cons: Limited choice, No proper coffee

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Solid vegan food - Edit

Cheap and quite local in flavour, this is highly recommended for an uncomplicated and quick meal.

You choose from dishes in the buffet and the portions are generous, for just over 3000 HUF we had three plates of different foods, 2 drinks and a piece of cake.

Very close to to the Batthyany Ter metro and suburban railway.

This was open on Sunday contrary to the info in this listing.

Pros: cheap, nutritious, local

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Cheap - Edit

I was here today. The food here is fairly basic but good....and it is quite cheap. It is buffet-style and is done in 'portions'. The owners, like most Hungarians that we met, were very friendly. (They are lovely soft-spoken people in Hungary.) There is enough food choices to get a good variety for various tastes. There is a juice bar seperate from the food one, and even though it is directly across from the food area, we somehow missed it. We didn't notice it was a juice bar until we were leaving. Pity! Love fresh juices. Anyway, in short, even though the food is relatively basic, it is good value for money....but not a place to bring your partner on a special night out. More like a place to get a good meal when busy visiting around the beautiful city of Budapest.

Pros: Cheap, Variety, Friendly staff

Cons: No Wine, Basic food, Food can be lukewarm

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Excellent Vegan Food - Edit

This is an excellent cafeteria style vegan place, good for lunch or a quick dinner. No real menu to speak of and the dishes are labeled in Hungarian, but the workers spoke excellent English and were very helpful explaining everything. Very reasonable prices. Located in Buda, can be quite a walk if you are staying in Pest, like we were.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Best vegan food in Buda - Edit

Fresh food is made daily. Selection varies from day to day. We ended up eating at least one meal there every day. Wonderful in-huose prepared drinks - lime-ginger, mint-lime-organe. Fresh squeeze smoothies and juices. Great vegan selection - Hungarian, Mediterranean, global cuisine - fresh. Very pleasant seating indoor and outdoor. The restaurant has moved to Oskola Utica 31, 1011 Budapest. It is a block away from Batthyhany Ter - metro/bus station. A block from the Danube. Easy to get to. Best of all - their food is wonderful.

Pros: Vegan, Fresh, Tasty

Cons: None

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vegan in budapest! - Edit

This place was great! The food is very cheap and served in a buffet style. There is pretty much no English at all to decipher what the food is but it is all vegan. The staff speak minimal English as well so if you need to ask what is in something you may have some trouble. The curry here was the best curry i've had in my life. There is a juice bar in the restaruant as well. The food was so good that my non-vegan parents and grandmother even loved it! I definitely recommend it!

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