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CLOSED: Taam Hachaim - Taste of Life

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Ben Yehuda 43, Tel Aviv, Israel,

Vegan restaurant run by Hebrew Israelite community since 1984. Once a small vegan deli, since 2009 it is a restaurant with air-conditioned seating. Located in the center of town, offers food that is vegan, organic, low sodium. Extensive menu of hot dishes such as lasagna, tofu and mock meats; also soups, salads, raw dishes, veggie burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and ice cream. On Tuesdays from 12pm it hosts a "Food market" on the premises where food is sold off the menu at reduced prices for takeout or eat-in. Live blues and jazz entertainment Thursday evenings from 8pm (reservations recommended). Check its website for updates about monthly vegan cooking classes conducted in English. CLOSED AUG 2016 FOR RELOCATION - NO UPDATES GIVEN. Open Mon-Wed 10:00am-9:00pm, Thu 10:00am-12:00am, Fri 10:00am-2:00pm, Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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Reviews (30)

First Review by deedee424

Très bonne surprise ! - Edit

Très bon petit restau végan... ce fut une surprise car de dehors ça ne payait pas de mine et on hésitait à rentrer... c'est vraiment bien en fait...

Pros: On a trouvé ce restau parfait au niveau de l'alime

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wonderful food and vibe - Edit

Following another review I took the lasagna with side salad and the vegetable juice. The lasagna was one of the best dishes I've had in a long time. The side salad was crisp and fresh with a great vinaigrette and the vegetable juice was just right - not too bitter like some tend to be - and also felt really fresh and tasty!
The crew were really nice too.
Come here for a taste of a deep vegan tradition that has been alive at least from the 70s, way before anybody in Israel even knew what 'vegan' means.
I'll definitely be coming here again and again.

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“My GOODNESS I cannot praise this enough” - Edit

WOW an all VEGAN reataurant, and not only all VEGAN but ORGANIC TOO. Because They close on a Saturday, I was only able to eat there twice. And twice I had their delicious organic carrot juice fresh pressed. They know how to make food taste delicious, and fill you, and feel GREAT AFTERWARDS

Pros: EXCELLENT FOOD, Tasty Food, Friendly people

Cons: not open 7 days a week sadly

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Lovely Homestyle Vibe - Edit

A convenient location, this little restaurant has many menu choices. It is like eating in your mother's vegan kitchen. We enjoyed shawarma, teriyaki tofu, pineapple & coconut drinks and chocolate pudding. Two hours and a long walk later, we are still full.

Pros: informal atmosphere , incredibly friendly and welcoming

Cons: not a lot of nuanced flavors

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enjoyable meal - Edit

I had the salad, rice and burger deal. Had the feeling of a good home cooked meal. The salad was fresh and came with a tasty mustard dressing. The rice had various veg in it and very tasty. The lentil burger was a bit bland. I poured some of the salad dressing on it. It made a huge difference... .
I am giving it 4* for the great home cooked feeling and the freshness. Going purely by taste I'd have probably given it a 3* review because the burger and rice were missing a sauce. In other words, they were a bit Dr without a sauce.

Pros: fresh veg, great rice, friendly service

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Nice food, wrong attitude to customers. - Edit

I've been going to this place for years and still waiting some kind of recognition or welcome. I put up with it since food is good, but last visit staff stepped from blasé to inefficiency and mild rudeness. And this seems to be the generally accepted standards all the way through it's personnel, or else wouldn't have been accepted for so long.
The buffet is not really a buffet, since it's not self service and you must pay per item.
The soup is very French cuisine, big plate, tiny portion.
Having said that, food is very good, especially the lasagna and the hamburgers.

Pros: Food

Cons: Service

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Disappointing - Edit

I ate there a few times, but once I came half an hour before closing, so the top floor was closed and we had to seat near the band that was playing very loudly. we asked them to decrease the noise - without a success. we had to shout to the waiter to order what we wanted. we got the wrong dishes - and the waiter exists that this is what we ordered, like we don't know what we all say. after we got what we really ordered I ate the spinach *so called* quiche I ordered. that was nothing to do with quiche. it was just some non gluten dough crumbled on a small plate, with spinach leaves on it, and some alternative cheese. it was just awful and I asked to replace it - and they refused, so I had to throw it away.
I will never come back to this restaurant again.

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Giving crdit where credit is due - Edit

Consider their history. From the time they arrived in Israel in the early 70's the Hebrew Israelites of Dimona have been involved with vegan food--for themselves and producing for the community--way before it was the trendy thing to do. And not only have they maintained those beliefs but they have become even stronger in the community
that once rejected them.
Things change over the years so that instead of a hole-in-the-wall they now run a real restaurant and prices are not what they were in the old days.
I go to Taste of Life for something that does not exist anywhere else in Israel--soul food. Chef Yocheved has a degree in Divine Nutrition (you can see her diploma displayed behind the bar.) and some of her dishes are really divine--like the cheesy quiche and the seitan dishes in gravy. They also make a delicious mint lemonade in a blender using the whole lemon.
On Tuesdays there is a buffet but not an all-you-can-eat affair. Rather you see the display and you pay per item.

Pros: soul food, nice ambiance and service, historical backgrund

Cons: not dirt cheap, service a bit slow at times

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Gotta Love It - Edit

Honestly, I think the food at this restaurant is good but I love the atmosphere. The people who work there are lovely and I love the philosophy. The food is good; they have several casseroles (some work better than others), veggie burgers (I had the mushroom burger which was excellent), salads and on Thursday nights there's live music. Great place to hang out and make new friends. Also, very friendly for English speakers and good location for tourists.

Pros: Staff/ambiance, Location, Good Food

Cons: Nothing really great on the menu

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A Favorite! - Edit

I love this place! It's so friendly and comfortable. Every time I come in, I feel welcome and at home.

They offer lots of salads, and not only your usual ones. You can try any three salads plus a green salad when you get the "Cold Plate" which is very refreshing in the hot weather, and it comes with one of their own salad dressings. Try the carrot salad - it's unusual and delicious, more like a spread. The "Rice, Burger, and Salad" is a really good deal - it's listed under the specials. The quiche and lasagna are also very good.

Whatever you're in the mood for, they probably have it: pizza, all different kinds of burgers, shakes and juices, hot dishes such as casseroles and mock meat dinners, steamed vegetables and more.

Terrific deal: On Tuesdays starting at 12 noon there is a food market right in the restaurant and you can get many items from the menu at a great discount, either to take out or eat in the restaurant.

If you like jazz and blues, check out the Thursday night entertainment. Recently there has been an excellent jazz pianist whose playing doesn't drown out the conversation.

Pros: English-speaking friendly staff, Great food, Big menu

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Great Experience - Edit

The staff is very attentive, helpful and friendly. We had the seitan steak and rice. It was very good. Their smoothies were quite good as well. The service was excellent. I thought the prices were a little steep.

Pros: Wonderful staff

Cons: Pricey

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Big portions of bland food - Edit

This restaurant might be good enough to fill you up but it's really nothing special. It cheapish and the portions are quite big (for some dishes at least), but they should work on the flavour a little.

Pros: Big portions, good enough to eat

Cons: rather bland

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Nice place - Edit

Nice place. I had mushroom burger (they have a lot of burger options) ad quinoa salad. My dad ate pizza with soy cheese. All vegan. We also got some hummus with pita for free not to wait for our meals too long. All was good but not amazing.
The woman who served us was very friendly, helpful and answered all of the questions :)

Pros: all vegan and tasty, nice stuff

Cons: salads a little bit boring

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Yummy - Edit

Hebrew Isrealite restaurant that prides itself on delicious vegan food, fantastic service, and they even have live music on thursdays. The restaurant is also very nicely decorated and had a good ambiance.

Pros: Delicious, Nutritious, Friendly

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Reviewer Avatar

Vegan - Edit

love this rest, very good food and cheap veggie pizze

Pros: good value, excellent food

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Good selection of vegan dishes - Edit

Nice place, fresh ingredients. The salad bar is awesome. I had a quiche with soy bechamel, and steamed vegetables, both very good. As a desser, I opted for a chocolate-vanilla ice cream. Not the best I ever tasted, but OK. Staff are very kind.

Pros: good choice of dishes, very fresh ingredients, kind staff

Cons: the icecream could be better

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Dish-is-Delish! - Edit

Came here starving for some raw vegan food and found just that, along with great service and oldschool R.Kelly beats.
Their raw organic quinoa salad and buckwheat salads are two of my favs. their wakame salad is also delicious. normally i dont like seitan and tempeh cause i read they're unhealthy, but i decided to try their "seitan shwarma wrap" and it was genius. tasted so good.

judging just the menu, i had no clue how good the food would taste. order anything and you will see the caliber of food they have.

also, the people working there are part of the Kingdom of Yah community, a community of African Hebrew Israelites, and they use the vegetables from their communities organic garden in the restaurant - big points scored with me for that!

Careful - closes early friday and closed all saturday for shabbat.


Pros: GREAT FOOD , funny staff , lots of space

Cons: interior design just ok, no delivery

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this place is the glory - Edit

I have eaten in few different countries (from Brazil to Finland) many vegan meals in vegan and vegetarians restaurants, but never in my life I have eaten in a place like this. The place was so good, people spoke english as well, nice music, an extensive menu with lots of choices, by the way, the vegan cheese was definitely one of the best choices ever.

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Was Great... Still Decent - Edit

I don't often change my reviews on restaurants but here is is a must. I've been a fan of Taste of Life for almost a decade now, but sadly since the restaurant moved down Ben Yehuda st, the experience went downhill too. Taste of life used to be a hole in the wall, that served the best vegan food in Israel with the nicest and warmest service I've ever experienced anywhere. While the service remains top notch, since their move, the prices of the food have continued to skyrocket as the portions have gotten smaller. When we first started coming here you would get a main dish which would come with whatever sides you want and a salad on the side for about 30 or 40 shekels. The plate would be heaping with mouth watering food. Nowadays, none of these come together, with the exception of tuesdays apparently, you can never see what you want and choose it, the salads are minuscule and you cant pick whats in them, and that same food all together will cost you about double. I never under understood the pricing system at the old places, but I would get food and then shake my head not believing how much food I just had and how cheap it was. Now i feel like is a shekel per sprout.

Sure the new place is stunning, but Ill take the old place with the old pricing, the old personalization, and the old portion sizes any day.

Sadly, this was my Previous review:

"The Best Veggie Restaurant in Israel"

Pro's: *Big + Delicious portions
*Relatively Cheap

When my best friend comes to Israel, this is the first place he likes to go. The food here is pretty outstanding (especially compared to most other Israeli vege restaurants) and the service is Impeccable (Yocheved, the owner is 1 of the nicest people you will meet) I generally hate eggplant, but even i think the eggplant parmesean is pretty good. It is probably 1 of the creamiest things ive ever eaten and amazingly it's TOTALLY vegan! The only dish i wasnt completely satified with here was the grilled tofu in marinade. My personal taste of life favorite is the BBQ Twists sandwich. Im a heavy eater but trust me, this sandwich is definitely a meal! And whether you put it on top of a salad or a stirfry, the garlic dressing is a cant miss. Taste of life provides great service and delicious hearty meals that taste homecooked, healthy and delicious!
Updated from previous review on Monday February 26, 2007

Pros: Delicious Vegan Fare, Lovely service, Stunning 2 floor location

Cons: No close daytime parking, Small Portions, Expensive

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Perfect place to cool down, rest and eat - Edit

I liked the discreet professional waiter who respected my wish for privacy and quietness. For my appetite the pizza was rather small, but arrived fast and with all the extras I had ordered. The Not-Cheese had the consistency of cream cheese - a little too liquid for my taste, but many vegan chefs have failed at pizza, so I heard.
There are lots of fruit juices to choose from, almost too many combinations. The washrooms are absolutely spotless. To me this is important as they are a reflection of general hygiene and therefore an indicator about the kitchen.
I enjoyed my stay at Taam Hachaim.

Pros: Menu, Fruits, Calm

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Nice vegan cafe/restaurant - Edit

Much nicer since it moved location. Nice decor (Morrocan style!). food was very nice.
Had a vegan pizza - it didn't look anything like the picture on menu but it tasted very good.
Had a wonderful carob sponge cake . Went back for more the next day.
On Tuesdays they have the food set out - it's not quite a buffet, as you tell them the items you want and they will put it on your plate.
Food is healthy and organic and vegan

Pros: 100% vegan, food cooked in grill not microwave, lovely cakes

Cons: ,

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great place - Edit

the people who run this place are really warm and friendly. i went with my non-veg boyfriend and we instantly liked the vibe of the place. we shared a grilled soy cheese sandwich with veggies which was delicious. we also had the seitan "steak" dish with gravy and rice and it came with a salad. the seitan was really yummy and salad was so fresh. i don't know what the dressing was but i would go back just for that salad alone! then we had a pb shake and a banana shake. both good but the banana shake was phenomenal. it had some sort of spice added to it and the bananas were really ripe. we ended with vanilla and carob ice creams and cinnamon roll and brownie. we liked the vanilla ice cream better than the carob (and i usually prefer carob/chocolate). the brownie was a bit dry, not sure how long it was sitting out before we got there. we also might have been too stuffed at that point to really judge. overall, we really liked this place and highly recommend it.

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Nice Surprise - Edit

I come from Chicago which has numerous raw, vegan and vegetarian restaurants ranging from gourmet to fast-food and even soul-food. I ran across this place on Ben Yehuda St. just before closing time, and it compares favorably to any of the places in Chicago. Selection, price, quality and quantity of the food were just right. I did not feel rushed, either, and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. I had an eggplant casserole and cabbage salad, plus a peanut butter shake, each was excellent and flavorful.

Pros: selection, price, value

Cons: closed at 9 pm

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Best Vegan Meal/Meal in Israel - Edit

In DC, we don't have too many reasonably priced, organic, vegan restaurants (except Sticky Fingers). So, I was adament about going to a vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. I had been thoroughly enjoying sitting down at cafes and being waited on, so I again, was hesitant on checking out this place. Tonight, I rode my bike around for a good hour trying to find a place in Neve Tsedek and HaCarmel that suited my needs. I finally 'settled' on Taste of Life. I ordered a BBQ Twist sandwich and let the woman put on whatever sauces she thought would work. I also ordered a PB Smoothie. They. were. amazing. Mind Blowing. The best meal I've had in a long time. Maybe ever. Seriously. Maybe ever. Plus, the women being vegan and American were also fantastic. I'm forfeiting my last meal of Buddha Burger and eating here instead. I would bring some of it home (they do to-go containers by weight) but customs is wicked strict. Please visit this place. Thanks.

Pros: Food, Selection, Friendly Staff

Cons: The door slams?

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deedee424 22 Feb 2013 - I have been graced by the Good Lord and has given me a Taste of Life, or Soul Vegetarian in DC. I will attend synogague 5 times a week and start sacrificing lambs. Jk. I cannot believe it's the same people, I am soo lucky. Small world!!

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