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12-14 Heddon Street (at off Regent Street), London, England, W1B 4DA

Connected with Hiltl restaurant in Zurich, Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant, Tibits is a short stroll from famous Piccadilly Circus. Features a food boat of savory entrees as well fresh salads--help yourself to what you'd like, and a staff will weigh your plate. Food is served until 30 minutes before closing. Has fresh juices and takeaway containers available. Every Tuesday is all vegan from lunch onward. Reservations taken for group of 4 or more. Open Mon-Wed 9:00am-10:30pm, Thu-Sat 9:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:30am-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, International, Western, Buffet, Salad bar, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Catering

Reviews (105)

First Review by marybheine

Good - Edit

Big buffet with many options. Everything has a label with the nutritional info (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free...).
Staff would check the quantity left and the temperature of the food very often.
Considering the location, I wouldn't say it's expensive.. but sure it is not very cheap. Tap water available.

Pros: Location, Many options

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Fresh food and plenty of choice - Edit

Tibits is by far my favourite restaurant in London. There are about 40 fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes every day to choose from on the buffet, and I am absolutely in love with their hot lemon water with ginger. It's rare to find such a gem in Central London, just a few minutes walk from Piccadilly and Oxford Street.

Pros: Plenty of choice, Fresh and tasty food, Fresh juices

Cons: Slightly expensive

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worth a try if you're in London - Edit

Living in London and spending quite a lot of time in central I do come here quite often and while I am rarely disappointed, I wouldn't say it's the most exciting place either. I do like the buffet and the fact that there's a lot to choose from both savoury and dessert wise (and the desserts are always amazing!). However, it does get a bit expensive fairly quickly and sometimes there's not that many vegan choices. Most of the time there's enough that I feel like it's worth it but now and again I come in and then walk straight back out when I realise that maybe one of the hot dishes is vegan, and the rest are vegetarian.

I do think it's a good location, enough choice that you can bring meat eaters here without too much fuss on their part and it does have the advantage of being one of the few veggie places in central London specifically, but if it wasn't so central I would not bother going that often to be honest.

Pros: central location, nice desserts, good for mixed company

Cons: gets expensive, sometimes a lack of vegan choices

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Try the desserts! - Edit

We had dinner there and it was fantastic. You can choose between lots of salads and warm dishes. Most of the meals are vegan.
Same as the desserts, they were amazing. Try the vegan sticky toffee pudding!

If you are really hungry, things can get expensive here cause you have to pay by weight!

If we return to London, we will definitely go back there.

Pros: Really delicious, Great choice oft desserts

Cons: Expensive

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Personally but pricey - Edit

The area is very cozy in the center, but with the feeling of being a little remote. You can either sit outside or inside, and get to choose from lots of different type of food. You can always find something that you like, and most of it is vegan.

We ate there on Tuesday (when everything is vegan), and on Wednesday. When I was done with shovelling all the food on the plate it costed 17 pound, and later 5 pounds for the dessert, which is really pricey, even for being London.

If you have the money, it's worth the visit!

Pros: Cozy, Many options, Great food

Cons: Expensive

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Good selection of food, but a bit pricey - Edit

Tibits has an interesting concept - you help yourself at the buffet, and then pay by weight. I have to admit it all worked out more expensive than I was expecting, and if the pricing were simpler I'd probably have eaten more, and felt more relaxed overall. The service is friendly, and the wide selection of food is appealing.

Pros: Wide selection of food, Friendly service

Cons: Expensive for what it is, Complicated pricing

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Wow - Edit

Not to oily or salty. Price is OK for this town. Many delicious dishes, lovely tempeh. I was in love with sticky toffee pudding and pineapple cake, but i have a serious sweet tooth condition :) My meat-eating family was very satisfied, so I recommend this place to everyone.

Pros: Many options, Labels, so you know if it contains nuts, dairy etc, Friendly staff

Cons: Some things were bland

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Great location and atmosphere - Edit

Buffet style restaurant where you pay by weight. Almost too many dishes to choose from but I'm not complaining. It's in a fantastic location just off Regent Street, tucked away in a cute lane bursting with plants. Its not the cheapest but one of the best restaurants in London

Pros: Location, Atmosphere, Choice

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My Fave Place to Eat At in England - Edit

We went on a road trip and drove all through England. This place was my favorite place to eat at in whole of England! They had an extensive buffet with all lot of great vegetarian varieties. There were salads, entrees, appetizers, desserts, breads. Name it and they had it. Everything was well prepared and truly delicious. The food was charged by weight - so they weighed your plate and that was how much you paid. My only gripe was that the plate was pretty heavy and it did come out to be an expensive meal - but a really delicious, wholesome and variety-filled meal indeed! Would love it if they had one in my hometown here! Also the decor is nice and it's a cute, cozy place.

Pros: Vegetarian

Cons: Plates heavy

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Yummy food, ideal for a day out in London - Edit

Been to Tibits several times as it's centrally located and there's always been plenty of tables. Love the buffet concept - ideal if you're going to the theatre or a concert, as you don't have to wait around to get served or pay the bill. Everything is labelled well and it's always tasty, although sometimes you end up with some weird flavour combinations (might just be me trying to get a bit of everything though). Loads of vegan options, including hot and cold food. The juices and smoothies are overpriced and not very nice - I usually just get tap water from the fountain opposite the tills. The vegan sticky toffee pudding is delicious and they always have it! The atmosphere is very chilled and the staff are nice. Reasonably priced for London, although the desserts can get a tad pricey.

Pros: Yummy food - lots of vegan options, No waiting around, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Overpriced juices

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Great but pricey - Edit

There's no doubt this restaurant has fine food! the concept is also interesting and easy going / self-service style.

(As a Vegan) I recommend you visit on Tuesday when all options are Vegan.

Pros: Quality, Atmosphere , Desert

Cons: Pricey, Lack of service

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lovely veggie food! - Edit

Lots of variety with the food and all very tasty. I'm pescetarian so don't eat dairy which meant other then fruit there was no dessert option for me :( that's my only complaint. Juices and smoothies are lovely. Defo recommend!

Pros: lots of variety, buffet style so you can try many dishes

Cons: limited dairy free dessert

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Best in London! - Edit

We visited a lot of fantastic vegetarian restaurants in England, and most of them were excellent! Tibits is in some very good company here, but what sets them apart for me is the variety. The quality of the food is comparable to the best places, but their pay-by-weight system allows you to try literally every single thing they have. I attempted to do this, but I fell well short of getting to everything. Along the way, I was able to try two salads, four entrees, three sides, and four desserts. Every bite was delicious!

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Lovely place with good food - Edit

I like to visit this restaurant for breakfast or early lunch. It is quiet here before midday, you can eat delicious food in peace and enjoy beautiful interior design. In the afternoon is getting very busy and noisy.

Pros: beautiful interior, space, colours, , a lot of vegan options, big choice, delicious

Cons: full and noisy in the afternoon/evening

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Good but not great - Edit

I have only been once. The place looks great, really nice decor and seating and very spacious. The food tasted good. However it is extremely over priced for mainly just salads. I feel that they are not catering for vegans/vegetarians at all, but just over charging for basic food. There is a weighing system in place, which is quite common in salad bars in London these days. I just think it's very unreasonable to sell basic foods at such a high cost.

Pros: Nice decor , Central , Tasted good

Cons: Very expensive , Just salads, nothing special

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Trendy and sophisticated self-serve restaurant - Edit

The food at this self-serve restaurant is very good! Lots of vegan options! My non-veg friend really liked it too. However I eat A LOT, so paying for the weight of my chosen items isn't really my thing.

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Too expensive for what you get - Edit

the food tasted quite nice... But it was far too expensive for what I got. I'd recommend going to 222. The lunch buffet is tastier, cheaper, and an all you can eat buffet.

You go up to weigh your food and the staff didn't say even hello. All they said was put your food on the scale. They should improve their service for those prices.

Pros: Nice layout, Nice food

Cons: Expensive, Not the best food, Not fantastic service

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Review of Tibits, London - Edit

The decor of Tibits is quite eclectic but with an easy-going atmosphere, it is good for anytime of the day and I've even been on a date there. It is a buffet style and you pay for what you eat. It is a bit odd weighing your plate at the till but it makes you more conscious not to waste food! It does serve alcohol in addition to lots of healthy smoothies and teas so there is lots of variety. The food is amazing, lots of salads, curries, cous cous, falafels and pastas. Everything is labelled because there are vegetarian options and they have recently introduced Vegan Tuesdays. You can also takeaway and if I worked closer, I would definitely go there more!

Decor - 8/10
Food - 9/10 - could change it a bit more, I have been a few times and had the same.
Atmosphere - 9/10 - very chilled and no one rushes you to go. It has been packed every time I've been.
Cleanliness - 8/10
Toilets - 5/10
Website- 10/10 - Lots of recipes and information

Tibits is a great place for vegans, the atmosphere is great and the food is varied and always well-stocked. It isn't pretentious but nice enough for a date in heels! Once you get over weighing your plate and the obvious jokes/embarassment of how much more it weighs than your friends, it is actually a good idea as you don't waste as much!

Only downside is that you can't book a table and as it will no doubt get even more popular, that may be a problem on Thursdays/Fridays. Maybe it's time the three Swiss brothers opened another location!

Pros: Variety of food, Decor, Atmosphere

Cons: Toilets

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OK only - Edit

overpriced for the amount of food you eat.

ambiance, lighting, seating is good.

food tasted average only. wasn't hot enough. some of the stuff had egg so options for vegans are even more limited.

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glamorous fast food - Edit

Lovely buffet style restaurant great for a quick sit down meal while in London, glamorous fast food! Also has vegan desserts, based of weight so can get pricey quick, try not to have eyes bigger than your belly! You can always go back for seconds!
Allergens are well listed which is great.

Pros: lots of well labeled vegan/gf options , dessert!

Cons: price based of weight, can get expensive quickly

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Great restaurant! - Edit

Delicious food, great drinks (vegan wine even labelled!) and lovely staff!

Great ambience and decor too!

I went here with 5 other friends - all of which are omni's (I am the only veg in the group) and they all loved it too!

I would highly recommend this place and would definitely come back on my next trip to London :)

Pros: Vegan options clearly labelled, Great buffet choice, Wine vegan options clearly labelled

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Vegetarian food with stylish interior - Edit

For some reason, a lot of the well established vegetarian restaurants in the past, has gone for the low budget, simple interior and bohemian interior. But Tibits made a splash in the market with stylish interior, hip music, to match the Regent street stylish surroundings.

If I were to say to a friend where to have a drink, and have some vegetarian nibbles, I'll pick this no doubt. The buffet is standard vegetarian food, with both hot and cold dishes, a well selected salad sections, desserts, and a lovely selection of teas, wines, and drinks.

This is the place for you, if you don't fit in the hippy shabby category, and lux, colourful and stylish interior is more of your thing.

Pros: Buffet style, many choices, Stylish interior, Child/baby friendly section basement

Cons: A bit pricey, Menu should change seasonally, Wish they have more than 1 location!

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Best in London! - Edit

Our favourite place in London. Very fresh and tasty food, cosy atmosphere and plenty of space as it is on two levels. On Tuesdays is always "Vegan Tuesday" where everything on the buffet is vegan.

Pros: Fresh and healthy food, Big choice of vegan dishes, Fantastic location

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Great for something a bit special - Edit

Ate here a year ago but only just registered with happy cow so posting a late review.
I loved the setting, really lovely for an evening meal, good choice of buffet options although my daughter was a bit disappointed with the dessert options!
I don't normally like buffet style restaurants but this one was lovely.

Pros: great west end location, good choice of main courses

Cons: a bit confusing layout wise when it comes to payin, not great dessert options

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Let down by the concept - Edit

Having just returned from Europe where I ate in many all you can eat vegan buffets Tibit seems quite disappointing. The place is certainly nice inside and well located but the pay by weight is just loathsome and smacks of trying to get every penny out of the diner rather than give them a pleasant experience.

As you don't know how much it will be until after you put food on your plate, you are engaged in a game to try and get as much as you can without going bankrupt (which is very possible in this place) in the process. It's like a very expensive version of pick and mix.

The other flaw is that the pricing doesn't take into account the relative value or weight of the ingredients. How many green beans could you get for one potato? How much cous cous weighs the same as a plate of curry?

When I go out to eat I want it to be a nice, relaxing experience, not a mensa test before I have even lifed my fork. They would do better by just whacking the price up to 20 quid a head and allowing all you can eat.

Pros: Good location

Cons: Stupid pricing model, Dick Turpin prices

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Expensive, but full of variety - Edit

The Tibits buffet is a great place to get some food near Piccadilly Circus. The restaurant is quite big, and when you arrive you pick up a plate, pile it high with food then pay by weight at the bar. All the vegan options are marked on the labels, and there are plenty of things to choose from. My only complaint would be that there aren't a lot of 'main courses', it's more like a collection of side dishes and salads - though they're all very delicious, and I suspect I've just been unlucky with timing and have missed out on curries and lasagnes.

Vegan desserts are pretty thin on the ground, but the sticky toffee pudding is so good that I don't think I'd make room for anything else anyway.

All in all, the food is delicious, but a bit expensive for what it is.

Pros: Lots

Cons: Price

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Excellent buffet - Edit

Ate here one's on my trip to London. It was on a Thursday evening and the place was half full. The buffet was extensive and there were a lot of vegan options, although I don't remember about the desserts.
They were constantly bringing more stuff from the kitchen, which is good.
The selection is big and has both salads and cooked foods. I ate two full plates and ended up paying over 10£ each (you pay by weight), and then add the two beers so it was expensive, but definitely worth it!
Maybe a bit too high fat and salt for my taste.
The atmosphere was nice. A good place to go for a date in the evening I would say.

Pros: Taste, Variety, Atmosphere

Cons: Price, High fat and salt

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Excellent - Edit

A perfect restaurant for vegetarians but for Vegan as well in one of the nicest location of London. Possibility to eat outside in summer on a big terrace no cars allowed perfect

Pros: Quality of food, Excellent service , Price

Cons: None

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heaven on earth :-) - Edit

After a few business meetings with not that many vegan options available I finally had the afternoon to myself and was looking for a vegan meal nearby and found Tibits on Happycow. Although I knew it was a vegetarian restaurant I did not expect them to have so many vegan options at the buffet. It was just sooooo yummy and definitely worth the visit. I can highly recommend Tibits, not only the food (great buffet with around 80-90% vegan options) and fresh juices but also the cosy atmosphere were just amazing.

Pros: buffet great selection of vegan options, yummy food, fresh juices, great atmosphere, inviting restaurant

Cons: a little bit pricy

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A little pricey but good - Edit

It may be a bit silly to point out that somewhere located just off the central part of Regent street is not the cheapest place in the world, but the casual-dining buffet in Tibits is inviting enough that you can just walk in without thinking about dress code, table reservations or similar higher end concerns.

If you don't get too carried away, a typical plate might cost somewhere around £15 depending on weight. A fuller plate might cost £20 or slightly more. There is also a good selection of hot and cold drinks for non-outrageous prices.

Quality of food is good, and unlike some places, you can find a mixture of quite different food styles. A bonus is that everything is labelled with ingredient specifiers such as egg, dairy etc., although there are plenty of purely vegan main dishes too. There is a small dessert selection which could benefit from more vegan options however.

The decor and location is to a high standard, and the place gets very busy at peak times, so it might be more comfortable to go on a weekday.

If you're expecting outstanding veg. food, you may be disappointed, but within the limits of the buffet model Tibits is well worth a visit.

Pros: Casual veg. food in elegant surroundings, Good variety in buffet, dietary labels, Very central location

Cons: Heavier plates can get expensive, Not enough vegan/non-egg desserts

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Lovely place for a social lunch - Edit

I have been to Tibits twice - Catching up with friends and also as a family lunch. The interiors are beautifully decorated as well as relaxed - a lovely atmosphere and location for a social meal and also with room and a play area for kids downstairs. It's also great that it caters to both veg and vegan needs as well as wine and beer options available. Do not be put off by the idea of a buffet- this is done well and beautifully presented and fresh.

Really for such a nice atmosphere the food is delicious and well priced- Highly recommended!!

Pros: Great Atmosphere, Nice food buffet selection, Reasonably priced

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Vegan Days - Edit

Love this place. On any day you will find a great variety of vegetarian dishes on their buffet in addition, about 80% of those being vegan. They do actually have vegan days now where the entire buffet is vegan.

They kept the for stocked well, and hot. They have a bar as well as delicious desert, both vegan and vegetarian.

The location is central and very beautiful at any time of the day.

Pros: Vegan Days, Large Variety, Tasty

Cons: Not very friendly service, Expensive

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beautiful place to eat outside - Edit

I've been to Tibits twice in the past week and both times sat outside in the lovely dining area.
The buffet boat had loads of really great food items on differing from okra tempura, avocado and tofu salad, onion rings, lentil salad, sticky toffee pudding (I'd have liked a vegan custard tho).

The staff seemed pleasant enough.

Pros: outside eating area, loads of vegan options, sticky toffee pudding

Cons: could get pricey if you chose everything that look, can get smoky outside from the bars

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Boring food but delicious desserts! - Edit

I visited Tibits on a day when they were serving the all vegan buffet. There was a lot of, and a great variety of food to choose from and they also had a small selection of desserts in the buffet.

The food was good, but it really wasn't something special or innovative. I did however really like the dessert selection; I was in London for vacation and to be able to try some of the British classics like Victoria Sponge Cake and Toffee Cake was something I really enjoyed.

Given that I found the food a bit boring I would say that the price was a bit high, however considering the location I guess it's somewhat reasonable.

Pros: Tasty British desserts, completely vegan buffet on certain days, location

Cons: A bit pricey, boring food

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Information particularly for Vegans - Edit

Tibits is very vegan friendly. On the food boat each item has a sign saying if it vegan or contains lactose etc. A lot of the items are vegan. You choose the food you want, then take a bread roll (which is included in the price) and then take your plate to the counter for it to be weighed and the you pay according to weight of the plate.

At present, every 10 days is Vegan Day (eg 7th, 17th and 27th August 2014), so on that day ALL the food on the food boat is vegan! As to which day is Vegan Day see the current list on the website: http://www.tibits.ch/en/food-drink/blog/detail/items/vegan-days-at-tibits.html

On Vegan Day there can be three vegan cakes on the food boat (inc sticky toffee pudding, victoria sponge, and perhaps chocolate cake)as well as vegan mousse.

At the counter where you pay there are also some cakes but only one of them is vegan - last time I went it was lemon cake and it tasted great. This cake is served by the slice, and for about £1.90 or so can be cheaper than getting cake from the food boat.

They also have tubs of ice cream in a freezer by the door. The Booja Booja chocolate one is vegan.

Tibits is licensed to sell alcohol. They list their wines on a board behind the counter and those that are suitable for vegans are clearly marked.

Tibits is one of my favourite London vegetarian restaurants. The London Vegan Meetup Group as well as the London Vegetarian Meetup Group often have events here.

They have outdoor seating as well as seating indoors (ground floor and downstairs)so quite a spacious restaurant.

Final note. If you're on a limited budget don't put too much food on your plate as it could be costly. In an evening I usually pay £12 - £15 for a plate of food. It's slightly cheaper at lunch time.

Pros: Buffet with great tasting food, Lovely spacious restaurant , Very vegan friendly

Cons: Not sure how much it will cost till pay, Outside can be smokey

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my fav in London - Edit

Definitely my fav vegetarian in London! Used to go there all the time!
Food is amazing and offers a great selection of healthy and tasty food!
Introduce this place to my work team and my friends and even tho none of them were vegetarian they loved it so much that they keep visiting all the time

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Charming - Edit

I have nothing bad to say about Tibits, it's one of my favourite restaurants in London. The place is cozy and the food is delicious! You can stay there for hours talking or just go in for a quick lunch. Plus on the fact that they have vegan days

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Elegant Vegan Buffet - Edit

This place made eating vegan sexy. The restaurant itself is located off the main road from Oxford Circus. The atmosphere is sophisticated and the food selection was amazing. I think my favorite dish was the one I was eating at the time of eating it. I cannot complain or say a single negative thing of anything that I picked to place on my plate. Even the dessert was wonderful. The staff were friendly enough and my only complaint would be the fact that eating here is pricey. Food is measured by the plate on a scale and you pay by the gram. Which means you don't know exactly how much to spent until well. . you have spent it.. . by putting it on your place. It would be kinda awkward to then put food back : ). It is a place that I would go back to as a treat but I could not afford to go to this place every week.

Pros: Excellent selection, Ever dish was delicious, Great atmosphere and location

Cons: Expensive

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Great! - Edit

The atmosphere and decor is lovely. There is a great variety of healthy but tasty vegan food from all around the world, cocktails, wine, freshly squeezed juices, what more could a vegan ask for! Great place to take omnivorous friends

Pros: Excellent food, Lovely atmosphere, Nice staff

Cons: Hidden on the side of Regent street!

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Vegan, stylish in Central London? Yes!! - Edit

I've been here a few times now. As you've read in other reviews, it's a buffet and you weigh your plate at the end of choosing. There are many vegan options, including plenty of vegan sweets. The food is tasty, varied and the price is not bad considering location. Taking non veg*ns is totally possible and they'll love it too. Don't miss it.

Pros: Stylish, Great food, Central London

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Tasty treats in London - Edit

This is a buffet-style restaurant; you load up the food on a two-tier table; all dishes clearly labeled. Then you take your plate over to the bar to get the plate weighed and pay for the amount you've taken. They had friendly help there for my first visit even though I was pretty jet-lagged flying in from CA. They also have great juices and I splurged on a fabulous chocolate brownie. Both times I went it was crowded but found a nice seat by the window.

Pros: tasty food , well-labeled dishes, good variety

Cons: don't know price until plate is weighed

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A decent Buffet - Edit

I've been to Tibits a few times now (as a vegan) and I like eating there. There are plenty of options to choose from- it is all clearly labelled and you can pick whatever you want and pay at the end.

Unlike what others have said, I have found vegan dessert there before- coffee mousse, some type of crumble, another time I have a toffee dessert....I think it's just luck of the drawer on the day you visit!

As with most things- this is London so you do pay for it. However the food, atmosphere, staff etc make it worth it. Definitely worth a stop here when in the city centre whether you are veggie or vegan :)

Oh and there are plenty of seats and free tap water (also possible to re-fill your water bottle from it!)

Pros: great healthy food, atmosphere, choice

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also great place to go to in central london
wide selection of veggie food and vegan food is labelled too
good big take away box for 10 pounds and you can take up to 1.3 kg of food with u, lid has still to fit though
especially the vegan desserts are delicious

Pros: good setting, great variety, tasty

Cons: eat in a bit on the expensive side

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Great food, nice staff, cozy atmosphere - Edit

Tibits was the most pleasant dining-experience I had while visiting London last year. There was a lot of vegan and gluten-free options, and the food was amazing, and cheap. The staff was also lovely - extremely kind and cheerful!

I had a full plate of vegan food, lemonade and a vegan ice cream - everything was extremely tasty. What made Tibits really special though, was the atmosphere in and outside the restaurant. Tibits is located in a very cozy street, with cute buildings.

I will definitely visit Tibits again. The only con here is that the restaurant isn't 100% vegan.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 03, 2014

Pros: great staff, good food, nice vibe

Cons: not a 100% vegan

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Eat Here. - Edit

Had a delightful meal at Tibits. My only regret is that I did not pile my plate high with the dried green bean salad - it is far more delicious than it sounds! Wish they had more vegan dessert options, but overall one of the best meals I've had in London.

Pros: customer service, variety

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Impressionant!!! - Edit

Espectacular i "fashion" vegetarià; un munt de plats per escollir, tots els tastats boníssims, Ben assenyalat el que es vegà i "gluten free" (la major part dels plats) Bon preu, de fet pagues segons pes del teu plat.

Pros: Varietat, Presència

Cons: Postres sense gluten escasos o nuls., Postres vegans escasos.

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Favourite restaurant! - Edit

Tibits is by far the best vegetarian I have ever visited.
As this is a buffet type restaurant you can select the foods you like (all labelled egg free/vegan etc). A lot of choice of hot food and cold food, every visit there have been different selections available. Also a selection of 5 different deserts (around 3 vegan) the chocolate cream is the best!
Even my meat eating boyfriend really enjoys this vegetarian restaurant, and it proves vegetarian food can be amazing!
Very busy during all times of the day, however there is extra seating downstairs and outside.
The amount you pay for your meal depends on the weight of the amount on your plate, which is good if you would like to pop in for a small snack!

Pros: Labelled food (egg free/vegan), Atmosphere , Price according to weight if food

Cons: Nothing!

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Good value but most food contains garlic & onion - Edit

I had a lunch in this restaurant when I went to London in September 2013. I love the atmosphere in this restaurant. It is cozy and clean, located in the center of London. There is a special corner for kids. The price is reasonable, you pay for what you eat since it is a buffet style. There are 40 types of hot dishes and salads available. However, I didn't have many options since most of the hot dishes and salads contain garlic and onion. I hope the restaurant will provide more hot dishes (e.g. curry) without garlic and onion.

Pros: Nice vibe, Friendly staff, Good value

Cons: Most food contains garlic and onions

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Convenient location, great variety, good value - Edit

We ate at Tidbits 3 times this past August and found it to be good value (not expensive as others have written although we ate there lunchtime). For us it averaged 8 pounds per person, which is not bad for a good restuarant in the center of London (we didn't order drinks but there was plenty of cold water available). There was a large variety of hot dishes and salads, which satisfied even my my youngest daughter, who is very selective about what she eats. The deserts were also good. The service was very pleasant (e.g. finding us a table). It is located near all the big stores and not far from the National Gallery.

Pros: excellent food, large variety, good value

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Stylish and well placed - Edit

I went here at lunch time on a bright sunny day and was pleasantly surprised. It's situated on a pedestrianised road, that's occupied by several other restaurants. A nice quiet little oasis, just off busy Regent Street. I was able to get a table and sit in the sun, which was a good place to be.

The restaurant is a very stylish affair; the decor is modern and clean, the staff friendly. The food is well laid out and labeled clearly. It's a help yourself buffet and the price is based on weight.

The quality of the food is pretty good and they have some interesting dishes to choose from. There are also a number of deserts on offer, but I didn't sample them. I enjoyed the tofu and melon with ginger, the stuffed jalapeno and the carrot and ginger quiche. There are lots of salad dressings and seed sprinkles on offer as well.

There seems to be lots of drinks on offer, from alcoholic (including some real ales), to the carrot, ginger and apple juice I had.

The price is on the higher end of the scale (~£13 for lunch and a drink), but the quality, presentation and atmosphere are included in that.

Pros: Choice, Outside seating, Location

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Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Edit

Great vegan selection, clearly marked, everything seems to be made from scratch: salads, warm food and deserts. you can mix it as you like it. the staff is friendly and helpfull.
a bit pricy if you are really hungry.

Pros: fresh, clearly marked, great vegan selection

Cons: a bit pricy

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Amazing vegan options except dessert - Edit

I love Tibits! I have been to a few in Switzerland and the London one was just as good - clearly marked vegan options - and lots of them, very fresh, good variety, healthy and some unhealthy (wedges and onion rings), nice decor. Only downside is there was VERY limited vegan desserts.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, clearly marked, Variety , Fresh

Cons: Not much vegan dessert

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Reviewer Avatar


Thanks to TIBITS owners to setting it up and running it so well!

The food is amazing, the atmosphere is great, the place clean, the staff is friendly, and it is open until late.

Maybe it is a bit expensive, although worth the value.

Enjoy it and have fun! :)

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Recommended - Edit

Really good healthy option in Central London. Not cheap but good quality food. Vegan Choc mousse is amazing.

Pros: Great location, Good clearly labelled vegan options

Cons: Can run out of vegan dessert options at times

2 Responses

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capers123 16 Jul 2013 - We've found Tibits good value - managed to feed a party of 5 for £40 including drinks which for Central London is wonderful value. We tend to go at lunchtime and the price per 100g is cheaper at that time of day.

As for the food - wonderful.

Chris W 16 Jul 2013 - In response to the above - totally fair comment -I do tend to pile up my plate a bit -somehow managed to spend £16 on just my main course before drinks and dessert last time! I totally agree that for the quality of the food and the location Tibits is good value!

Outstanding dinner for a weary traveler! - Edit

Tonight Tidbits made this weary vegan road warrior one happy girl. I just arrived via the tube from Paris this morning after spending six days in France where I nearly passed out from lack of protein. The staff was helpful and charming, and the restaurant's design and decor are fabulous!

I had one plate for dinner from the buffet which I filled with small servings of many of the dishes (daal, several bean salads, falafel, hummus, chutney) and a bottled water costing just a bit north of £10. I wanted to stay and eat all night!

I'm a high-maintenence foodie, and this place get high marks from me. Well done, Tidbits!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very tasty, Good price for value

Cons: Small WCs

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brilliant variety! quality! fresh! - Edit

Love love love!!! Everything is clearly labelled and well presented!!!

Absolute variety and delicious! Food heaven!

I'm buying the recipe book! Hope to return when in London again!

Pros: variety , fresh , taste sensation

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Great concept with a wide range of food - Edit

This restaurant is situated in an alley right off Regent street. The surroundings are very cozy and intimate, it doesn't feel like you're only inches away from a busy street. The staff were very keen on explaining how the concept works, since it was our first visit. I like the concept of weighing your plate and paying for the amount of food on it.
There was a wide range of both hot and cold food on the buffet, along with a few desserts. The falafel was too hard and the cauliflower gratin was too spicy, but apart from that the meal was really good. I would highly recommend the mini calzones with mock meat!
Serves alcohol.

Pros: Cozy area, Wide range of food, Outdoor seating

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Good food great venue - Edit

We have been a number of times, it is great place to pop into when you have been to Hamley's toy shop or a west end show.
Great choice of food suitable for veggies and vegans.
We were particularly pleased as we have small children and with the buffet they could pick and choose what they wanted.
Plus for me - they have a children activity section downstairs. The kids played with other children colouring etc whilst we had a quiet vegan beer!

Pros: lovely food, children friendly , choice

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Probably the best vegan place I've been to date - Edit

My husband and I have been vegan for a few years and during a ten day trip to London we were eager to try many of the available options that we had. Tidbits was the last restaurant we visited from our list and that's not a bad thing.

Once we got a taste of it we were hooked. We ate there once a day for the last three days. It's a very spacious place, great ambiance, great food selection, the staff was helpful and kind and the prices are reasonable. The plate seems to add most of the weight so make sure you get what you want from the start as you pay by weight.

Pros: Excellent food, Great ambiance, Good prices

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Amazing location, and restaurant, but.. - Edit

They could not have chosen a more perfect corner for the shop.. Part hidden but also in the heart of the city. The lay out is nice and spacious too and the decor is nice. The food how ever, is sooo bland! They can do a LOT better. And it never seems to change so much that you notice (Apart from the desserts). Then again, maybe I'm fussy, check it out..

Pros: Location, Spacious, Affordable

Cons: Plain food

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Amazing food! - Edit

I took a trip to Tibits for lunch with friends. Being vegan I'm always prepared for there to be little on the menu for me to choose from but Tibits was different.
In the middle of the restaurant there's a huge buffet table to choose all your food from. There are a huge amount of vegan options to choose from.
The cost of the food is based on the weight of your plate. Mine was quite heavy (overwhelmed by the choice!) so the plate came to around £10.

I was most pleased to see a vegan potato dauphinoise and vegan vanilla cream to go with dessert! All the food was completely delicious.

I will be back!

Pros: Lots of Vegan options, Delicious, Value for money

Cons: Nothing I can think of!

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Excellent place, location, and food - Edit

I went to Tibits for the London Vegan Drinks events there, which was busy but not stiflingly overcrowded; it was a nice venue. The buffet was almost all vegan, the food was fantastic, and even if a little pricey it wasn't ridiculous. There was vegan beer and Booja Booja ice cream - I was really spoilt for choice :-)

Pros: Excellent food, Ice cream tubs!, Pleasant atmosphere

Cons: Perhaps pricey

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One of my favouites - Edit

I first discover Tibbets when they had a branch at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds bush. I then started coming to this one and have probably been about 40 times over the past few years. The amazing buffet constantly has new dishes, is very well labeled and the food is divine. The atmosphere is chilled and cosy but it does get busy at times. They have a great drinks list with lots of different juices and teas along with organic wines. beers and ciders. Everyone who I have taken there has loved it and some ask to go back each time they visit London. I've been to a birthday party here and the staff made a good effort for the birthday boy. The cover for David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust was taken on Heddon Street in 1972, how cool is that?

Pros: Excellent food, Chilled atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Can get busy

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Well labelled buffet - Edit

We had a really nice meal and glass of sparkly here. The buffet is really well labelled, the variety is good and it is hot (you don't get the sense it has been sitting out for hours). Never having eaten here before I was having serious deja vu, then finding out it is the part of the chain as Hiltl in Zurich so the menu must be pretty similar.

Pros: variety, tasty, hot

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Worthwhile - Edit

Food from a large buffet of clearly marked items is good enough and in some cases really good, though there is nothing very surpring here. Friendly staff and helpful mangaer, The real appeal for me was its location off Regent Street in a quiet side street. A great break from the hustle and bustle of London. All in all good food at a reasonable, though not cheap, price.

Pros: quiet location, large selection, ingredients clearly identified

Cons: Not the cheapest

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No surprises here - Edit

Virtually identical in offerings to the Tibits chain in Switzerland: a
by-weight buffet. Lots of salads and fresh dishes. Everything tastes
just lovely. The prices are immoderately high; you're definitely
paying a premium here.

There's a nice area downstairs for children: books, toys, that sort of
thing. The buffet format also makes it easy for kids to pick out what
they want. So it's a very good stopping point for a family.

They have free wifi, but it was spotty when I visited. (It actually
worked even though they thought it didn't, and I've seen other
complaints too about the wifi. The staff didn't seem to care much
about it not working, which was a bit surprising.)

Note that it's just off Regent Street, in a quiet and pleasant little
space, so look down the side alleys off Regent to find their sign.

Pros: wide spread, high quality, buffet format has many advantages

Cons: pricey

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Great food, great location - Edit

Ate here a few times during a weekend in London recently. Tidbits has a 'food boat', so you get your plate, load it up with everything you want, and pay by weight. Everything is very clearly labeled vegan, gluten-free, etc., which made my life as a vegan much easier. Lots of different things to choose from. The decor is very nice, and there is outdoor seating which I imagine must be really lovely in warmer weather. The vegan hot chocolate is also delicious, and they had a few different kinds of vegan desserts, which I always appreciate. There is an elevator to the lower floor where there's more seating and the restrooms, so families with strollers and/or wheelchairs should have no problem.
If you're in a bit of a rush since it's a buffet getting take-away is very easy.

Pros: Delicious, Vegan-friendly, Friendly staff

Cons: Bit chaotic, Can be expensive, Outside smoking

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Fast, fun, friendly, foodgasmic! - Edit

Tibits just-off Regent Street is my default place to go most times I'm in London. My non-veggie friends love it too.
As it's pay-by-weight you're not penalised for not being obese (the converse of most buffets).
The range of items is usually pretty good, though the vegan ones are frequently cold items. There are always some hot ones too. It's hard to really place what makes this place so great, it's a combination of factors.
I would suggest going here at least once if you're visiting.
They accept tastecard discounts too.

Pros: Quality, Range, Speed

Cons: Not-cheap

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Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan in London - Edit

you eat as much or as little to choose from a vast array of delicious dishes mostly vegan and pay by weight. Lovely place to be, tucked just behind the Bustle of Regent Street.
Vegan desserts not as impressive (yet) but there nearly always is one. Less choice for vegans on hot dishes.

Pros: healthy cuisine, good value, friendly staff

Cons: Desserts often 2nd thought

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buffet bonanza - Edit

The best thing about the buffet was that everything was marked clearly - e.g. eggs, dairy, etc. There were plenty of vegan options. The quality of the food was reasonable, but not amazing. So while there were plenty of options on what you could eat, not too much of it really blew your mind. Not surprising given it is a buffet. One negative was that there were only a limited range of desserts available and none of them were overly appetising.

Pros: food clearly labelled, can pick and choose

Cons: minimal dessert options

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A place to meet your friends with children - Edit

The restaurant is in the small/short pedestrian street near to Picaddily circle. If you come from piccaddilly underground heading to Regent Street, you will see Zara Home at the corner of the street. There are a few expensive looking restaurants/bars on this street. Most dishes are healthy and well done. One takes from the buffet area and then weight & pay at the bar. I had my main dish cum salads at around 8 pounds. Dessert at 4 pounds. Worth to mention, they have high chair for children and a small playing area at the basement. So people who are dinning with small kids can opt to take the meal at the basement, while the kids can play after their meals. The bar have some juice drinks for children too.

Pros: Food, Rather children friendly

Cons: *

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My number 1 so far - Edit

This place is a great break from the hectic Regent Street noise. Buffet style with a nice selection of very tasty dishes. Some good juices as well. We had a three plates consisting of salad, large plate of hot/cold dishes, plus a tasty desert and juice for around 20 pounds so not a place to eat everyday if on a budget but definitely worth a visit. You pay by the weight of the food though so you decide how much you want to eat and pay.

Pros: Tasty dishes, Good Selection, Weight determines price

Cons: Parking (its London so forget it)

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Great concept! - Edit

This is a vegetarian pay-by-weight buffet. Fill up your plate first, and then pay at the register.
All vegan options are clearly labeled, and there are extra vegan treats by the registers (including the best apple turnover I've ever had).
We really enjoyed all the food we got here. It was all so healthy and fresh. I only wish we'd had time to go back again!

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Excellent - Edit

Tibits has a nice variety of foods at its buffet, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the location is great. Selling a buffet meal by weight makes the most sense. That way, you can taste something and then if you like it, go back for more and pay again (unlike the fixed price buffets that allow you to fill your plate once - if you've not eaten there before, you don't know how spicy something is and if you'll like it). There are good vegan options, all clearly labeled.

Pros: healthy cuisine, excellent food

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Decent food on the go - Edit

Decent enough place to pop in for a lunch bite. It's buffet style and pay by the weight of what's on your plate. For it's location the prices are reasonable and there's a lovely courtyard to sit outside in the summer months. The food has a good variety of cuisines and all tastes very fresh. There's nothing outstanding, but it's all pretty good, so nothing to complain about either!

Pros: Location, Courtyard, Decent fare

Cons: Only buffet, Expensive drinks

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Very good indeed! - Edit

Was expecting something different and more basic like previous buffet style places. Was pleasantly suprised. Great chilled atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff. Interesting and appealing buffet selection with plenty of vegan options. I filled my plate high with a variety of tasty items, hot and cold including salads. Freedom vegan beer sold, had the dark ale which was lovely. Pudding was some sort of fruit crumble with vegan cream. Both were delicious. Stylish and welcoming interior, great location.

Pros: Really good food, variety, puddings

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Great atmosphere - Edit

A friend of mine raved about this place and so I was keen to try it out. I've been back twice and have recommended it to others mainly because I love the cool decor, the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly, efficient staff and the fact that there are lots of tasty things to eat there. They also do excellent soya hot chocolate.
I wish they would do a couple more hot dishes (especially because it's so cold at the moment!) and you can pay quite a lot for your plateful if you pile the food on too high being greedy like I was. But overall it's a good place to eat and I hope they never get complacent and keep it up as London needs and deserves nice places like this for veggies.

Pros: Lots of different tasty things, Great atmosphere, Lovely decor

Cons: Can be bit pricey, wish for more hot vegan dishes

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Really like this place - Edit

We're both vegan and took some non-vegan friends here. I'd emailed ahead to check there were sufficient vegan choices, including puddings (important!) and received assurances there would be. Unfortunately when we got there they only had bircher muesli (??!!*) for pud, which was a bit annoying. I notice that another lucky reviewer got cheesecake, but no such luck when we were there. However....the choice of cold vegan dishes on the buffet was great (probably 70% were vegan), hot dishes less so (probably 30%) and the food was very good quality and a nice variety of flavours. Several dishes included tofu, which was well cooked. You pay by weight of plate and we managed £27 between two of us. I can see it being problematic if they start putting the price up, as £15 per plate for a buffet feels about max for me. The positive aspect of pay per weight though is that we saw absolutely no food wasted, which has to be a good thing. The ambience is really nice - it's probably the most comfortable veggie restaurant in London - and the location ace. On balance this is probably my fave restaurant at the moment.

Pros: Ambience, Good choice for vegans, Location

Cons: Pay by weight can surprise you , Need more vegan puds

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Very Cool Veg Buffet - Edit

We stopped in here for lunch one day on a whim. Good selection of vegan options. Excellent vegan cheesecake. It's nice to be able to choose to sample a bit of everything. Good flavors, some old standbys and some unique salads. The menu changes. Nicely decorated and friendly staff.

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Buy exactly the portions you want - Edit

The food quality and diversity is fabulous. My meat eating husband wanted to return there a second time. Love that you can just take a bite of two of an item.

Pros: food quality, ambience

Cons: no table service

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Tasty healthy food, lovely atmosphere, bit pricey - Edit

Tibits is one of my favourite veg restaurants in London.

Location and decor: It has an excellent location near Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus on Heddon Street. The inside is beautiful with flock velvet wallpaper, and really pretty sofas and chairs.

Since it is mostly self-service (you can order certain items like baguettes and cookies from the till) it is great for parties where people are arriving at different times, and for casual get togethers where some people want to eat more than others. I also go there with my boyfriend for dates as the food is great and the staff let us sit for as long as we like so it is a good all-rounder.

Food: As you walk in from Heddon Street, on the left there is a round buffet counter where you can serve yourself from the array of cold and hot plates. There are many good cold salad dishes (taboulleh, giant butter beans, daal, lentils with parsley, rocket, mange tout, edamame beans, cucmber and tofu, cherry tomatoes and tofu etc) on the bottom counters and hot dishes (usually a thai curry dish, an indian curry dish, potato wedges, baked cauliflower, basmati rice) on the top counter. The only con is that there aren't many vegan desserts - only the chocolate coconut cream which is delicious. Then you pay at the counter. Beware it can work out a bit pricey. For a really full plate it can go up to £15 and there is no longer a cap. Don't forget your free bread roll with this.

Drinks: They also have great fruit juices (with a loyalty card you get 1 free juice with 5 stamps) and good wines.

Staff: The staff have always been really friendly to us. They always ask us as we enter if we have been to Tibits before ready to explain how it works, and are friendly to us at the till.

Pros: healthy food, friendly staff, great atmosphere

Cons: bit pricey, not many vegan desserts

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Good vegan tasty food but bit pricey - Edit

I love my food and I love good food so I was keen to try Tibits. There is a great selection of vegan food except very few vegan puddings. We went at a quiet time so expected the staff to be friendlier. They ignored us when we walked in despite being right by the door and they had noticed us. Being no wallflower I told them it was our first time and to explain how it worked. They told us briefly but did not point out the hot plates so we only saw the hot plate storage after loading up our hot food on cold plates. The food though was very good and great choice for vegan except choice of vegan puddings which was very poor. However their chocolate coconut vegan desert was to die for! Ok we did pick a good amount but our mains were £15 each which for the fact we served ourselves was pricey. I'm happy to pay for good food and Terre a Terre, Brighton is one of my favourite UK restaurants. There was much more I wanted to try so I'll certainly go back. The design of the place is very cool. I think it would work better as an all you can eat buffet for a set price as I'd rather take a few items and keep going back. When you pay per plate you feel piggy if you keep buying new plates! Also plates are small for a pay by weight system so we had to pile the food all on top of each other. It's too quick for a romantic night out being buffet and self service. If it were a set price all you want buffet ( happy to pay £15 - £20 per person for that) and the staff were welcoming I'd give it 5/5 ;0)

Pros: Great vegan selection of mains, Great food , Nice modern decor

Cons: Bad service, indifferent staff, Pricey for a buffet, Too few vegan puds

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Lovely - Edit

This is a lovely place the food is very nice and tasty. The restaurant is very pretty, they do food from 9am to 10pm and cocktails. The service was very good. My only gripe is that the food was the same every time we went, not much variations.

Pros: nice atmosphere, great location, great food

Cons: similar food day after day

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Delicious lunch - Edit

My type of vegetarian restaurant - a large, diverse selection of freshly prepared tasty food. And a good range of juices, teas and coffees. Even though the restaurant is situated just off Regent Street, it is just slightly on the beaten track and when we went it wasn't overly busy.

Pros: diverse selection, healthy choices, good value

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Simply Wonderful Food - Edit

Lovely restaurant, spacious, comfortable, light and friendly. The food - so much to choose from. It is a buffet style, pay by weight (the food not yours)approach, which is fantastic. It means that you can try lots of lovely dishes, and enjoy a really satisfying meal. Lots of vegan options, except deserts - few vegan options. We both tried lots of the dishes, had some wine, and were too full for desert . . . but bought some apple turnovers (vegan) for later. The staff were friendly, and the food was fresh, imaginative and delicious. Worth a trip to London.

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly , Value for money

Cons: Few vegan deserts

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Global goodies - Edit

There was such a variety of creative and diverse dishes existing in perfect harmony i can only hope the same for all of humankind! Stuffed jalapeno peppers, curries, tarts, turnovers, pastas, fennel and soybean salad, apple and tofu salad...
and a reasonable wine selection as well.

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Reviewer Avatar

great museli - Edit

havnt had lunch here but love the breakfast. vegan birchermueli with wild fruits and berries, loads of add-ons like nuts, seeds and fruits... lovely.

spoke to co-owner, friendly guy and interesting they dont advertise as "vegi or vegan" so as not to put off meat eaters!

menus is exact replicas on ones in switzerland, literally ounce for ounce, no allowance for any variation which has obvious drawbacks and advantages.

limited fresh juice and only one size which is annoying.

if you ask staff seem knowledgeable and honest; admitted processed sugars are in most dishes. they also try to get organic local food however a big gripe for me is the importing of food via switzerland e.g. bringing frozen avocado's is ridiculous... im not a fan unless they start to buy more local and fresh produce. i find it irresponsible to ship food like this... hello! food miles!!! i also dont think it makes the food as healthy as it looks.

ps decor great and this corner of london has some good places to try out.

Pros: many vegan options, nice situation, friendly staff

Cons: lack of real fresh food, little organic

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Great concept, great food! - Edit

My girlfriend and I had lunch here, and enjoyed everything: the food, the concept and the interior.

Firstly, the food. There was a choice of about forty dishes, all clearly labeled and marked as vegan, non-dairy, etc. The dishes were quite inventive, with not a lot of mock meat to be found. Not all dishes were equally good, but with such a wide selection, one's bound to find a few that are not to one's taste.
There was also a nice selection of drinks, with freshly made juice, hot drinks, and a choice of organic cow milk, soy milk and almond milk.

The price was quite reasonable: 1.8 pounds for 100g of food at lunch, 2 pounds at dinner. We ate for around 14 pounds, and had quite full plates.

The service was excellent: the cashiers were very friendly, the cooks who refilled the dishes looked clean and were very prompt, and there were a few people who explained the concept and did some general tidying.

Some final notes: Tibits is child-friendly, with a children's lounge and free drinks for small children. The interior is nice and vibrant, and the location is great: just off Regent's Street (in the main shopping area), but very quiet. And according to my girlfriend, it had the first clean toilets she found in all of London.

When you are in London, give this place a try. You'll love it!

Pros: great food, wide selection, great service, child friendly

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Vegan Heaven - Edit

Just went there yesterday, guided by the Happy Cow review. Huge buffet, you get whatever you like and then weigh it. I loaded my plate pretty high and paid 9.50. Good value for money, considering it's London. There weren't that many non-vegan things on the buffet, and they were easy to identify. I'm not really a sweets person, so there may have been more milky/creamy things in that section. Lovely selection of drinks as well, and in nice weather you can sit outside in the Heddon St yard. Go there!

Pros: Good value, Very friendly staff, Outdoor seating

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Better than Zurich Hiltl! - Edit

Which is saying a lot! We love Hiltl but think it's a little pricey-- Tibits has MORE vegan options (well over half of the buffet was vegan) even vegan rice pudding for dessert! Everything fresh-- chefs constantly refreshing dishes and offering more variety-- and LONG spoons so no fingers getting near to food... Really delicious-- we had 2 plates packed with food for under 20 pounds, which is pretty good for London. Delicious and great great great.
Staff is friendly (though on this night there were too few at the counter for weighing and paying) and even turned the hip-hop music down for us to have a more quiet conversation. Lots of nooks for small groups and re-arrangable tables for bigger ones (we had 5 at first and grew to 8 easily).

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Good food and pleasant staff - Edit

Went there today for a late lunch. There was quite a good selection for vegans, and everything was clearly labelled. I had some great potato wedges, onion rings, apple, ginger, salad and the mushroom antipasti was very good too. This is a good place to stop after shopping, and I will be coming back again.

Pros: good drinks, open all day, easy to find

Cons: not enough vegan desserts

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All Round Great Restaurant - Edit

London branch of this Swiss restaurant opened quite recently.
It is quite a large space with an upstairs and downstairs. Decor is modern and quite slick. I went at Christmas time and there was a Christmas tree decorated with all different ornaments made from/ representing food. It was rather charming as opposed to Mr Twit beard style.

It is a buffet restaurant and after you have taken your food from the table on the left as you go in it is weighed at the counter on the right and you are charged accordingly.
I piled my plate with a bit of nearly everything. The plates are big so it all fit on.
It was largely Western food with a few ethnic items such as a couple of Indian appetizers. It is difficult to recall everything I had, it ranged from starters to salads to pasta and other cooked dishes. I took a bread roll too. It was good food. It tasted good and was mostly organic although they omitted labeling it organic strictly speaking as they have taken in to account ingredient's air miles in reaching organic/ sustainable status. There is an extensive drinks list too including juice, cocktails, wine and coffee and tea. They also have purified tap water. I had a mango lassi which was good. There are deserts, also on the buffet table, however I was definitely full after my effort with the starter/main.
There are sandwiches which you can take away on the right were you pay.

We were served by a very friendly, attentive person who explained everything to us thoroughly and tirelessly.

It is ₤2 for every 100grams from the buffet. They have had an upper limit on the maximum charge which is ₤9.5 I think. A full plate generally weighs more than 500grams, depending on how high you pile it, so it is quite a good deal, although I'm not sure how long it will last. Bread roll is free. Good value for good quality food.

Good food, service, space, location and it's gentle on the planet too! Excellent!

Pros: Food -a lot of organic -tastes good, service, location

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Perfect lunch - Edit

My sister and I were soaking wet from a very rainy day in London. We enjoyed our lunches very much. A large buffet of freshly prepared cold and hot dishes. The 2 chefs were constantly replacing the dishes with fresh food. The coconut peanut balls made from tofu, the marinated green beans, and red salad were wonderful. I could have just eaten that, and been quite satisfied. You pile what you want on your plate, and it is weighed. Our 2 plates and bottled water were 28 pounds. Not cheap, but a typical price to pay in an expensive city. A free piece of bread is included with your meal. Lovely decor inside. Extremely friendly staff. Would definitely return to this restaurant. I've been to the one in Zurich, Switzerland as well.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere, Good food

Cons: Not enough regular sized tables, Hard to estimate what your food costs, You have to pay everything all at once

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