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Open since 1962. Sometimes has soymilk option but need to call ahead to check. The name in the window is in Hebrew: קפה בירנבאום. English menu offered. Open Mon-Fri 6:30am-3:00pm, Sun 6:30am-3:00pm.

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First Review by orna


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25 Feb 2020


I’ve been here a few times over the past five years or so when visiting Tel Aviv. The café has a cosy, homely, casual atmosphere. There are two sets of dishes: those that can be eaten cold (e.g. salads) and those that can be heated (if you want). The food is very tasty, reasonably priced and, for the price includes top-ups. They also have some delicious cakes. I am not there often enough to know how frequently the menu

Pros: Very central., Comfortable atmosphere., Very nice food.



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13 Aug 2019

Best buffet

All of the salads were tasty! Hot foods were good too. Good deal for 55 shekels


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28 Aug 2016

Most Amazing Vegan-Friendly Buffet

We are a vegan family of 5 from Jerusalem, and we start every "day out" in Tel Aviv at this adorable cafe. The enormous lunch buffet (more than 30 dishes!) is 98% vegan, fresh, healthy and very creative. Come with an appetite and the NIS 50 per person is definitely a bargain. One of our favorite eateries in Israel!

Pros: Nearly all vegan, very healthy, Very reasonably priced, Friendly service

Cons: Slightly crowded sitting area, Not open for dinner


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04 Sep 2013

Nice place

The place has a very home-ish atmosphere, the buffet has some vegan options that could very easily make a nice meal.
The food was heated in a microwave, which is kind of a taboo usually in restaurants, but I heat my food at home with a microwave, so it can't be too bad.
The food itself was o.k, not bad or anything but it wasn't perfect in any way.

Overall I think it's a nice place and maybe i'll come again to eat there.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff, A variety of choices from the buffet

Cons: Microwave heated, Not 100% vegan, Could be too crowded at times


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16 Apr 2013

Great place!

One of our favorite places for lunch...anywhere . The food is fresh, delicious and homey with many vegan options, as a matter of fact 90 percent of the food is vegan.
For around 12 dollars you get an all you can eat buffet with many warm options and plenty of great salads. We visited the place many times during our stay in Tel Aviv. The ladies whom run the place are super friendly . The place is always busy and if you want to try everything you should definitely come early!! around 12.00 or 12.30...sometimes at 14.00 there is nothing left (we learned from own experience) . If you are in Tel Aviv do not miss it! great value for money and beyond that. It is a vegetarian place but with great vegan awareness they can point right a way the 3 or 4 non vegan dishes and help with what you should or shouldn't have. we would give it 5 stars!! unfortunately happy cow allows only 4 stars for a non vegan restaurant.

Pros: Tasty and fresh , friendly service, nice atmosphere


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13 Feb 2013

Not vegetarian, not too vegan-friendly.

Went to Cafe Birnbaum/Birenbaum for breakfast, as it was listed as vegetarian on Happy Cow. This is a nice cafe in an interesting part of Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, we were surprised that there are multiple fish dishes (tuna etc.) on the menu. Also, they were out of soy milk, which makes coffee difficult for vegans. The same goes for the breakfast options, most options included yogurt, cheese or egg.

So I would call the cafe neither vegetarian, nor vegan-friendly - it's vegetarian-friendly.

Atmosphere was interesting, so I wouldn't really recommend against visiting this cafe - just don't expect a vegetarian menu or a great bunch of vegan options.


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29 Jan 2012

Pleasant Cafe, Great Service, Uninspired food

Upon arriving at Kafe Birnbaum... I saw a feast before my eyes. For 48 Shekels the all you can eat buffet, complete with Salads galore, Quiches, Grains and Pasta dishes looked like a can't miss. While I was trying to understand how the buffet worked and what were some of the salads, the three women behind the counter could not have been more delightful or helpful.

So as I sat down I was raring to go. The salads were hit and miss, with some being slightly above average others not being too hot. The Quinoa Salad was average, the Kolrabi salad was very good (with little pieces of persimmon in it), and the potato salad wasn't anything to write home about. Overall I'd say the salads were "decent +" and that they have down the art of diverse and unique Israeli salads using the grains and veges of Israel. The Main dishes were another story altogether. The Pasta pesto dish was oily and bland. The little cutlets they had were hard, stale-ish and gross (I can't even identify what the main ingredient was), and the rice noodle stir fry was extremely poor as if it was made by someone cooking Asian for the first time.

The atmosphere here is very Tel Aviv- cosmopolitan and European, with Art hanging all over including from the ceiling and the restaurant having a real bustling Kafe feel. The crowd here is an older one that wants healthy vege eats that feel like home for the average Israeli, rather than the tofu and faux vegan meats of other Tel Aviv places.

Birnbaum is a pleasant place to meet up with a friend for a nice breakfast or lunch in the city, but given the lack of creativity put into the food, and the poor quality of the hot entrees, this would not be my first choice. Even though the Salads were good, I prefer making my own healthier salad with a huge choice of ingredients and dressings in Buddha Burger for cheaper, not to mention the far more diverse menu. If you are vegan, you will be even more limited here, because most of the mains have cheese or eggs.

To describe Kafe Birnbaum in 1 sentence: It's not bad, It's just how uncreative meat eaters, who have never heard of Vegan alternatives, always picture vegetarian food as being.

Pros: Kosher, Very Friendly Service, Feels like Tel Aviv

Cons: Bland unfresh entrees, Not cheap, Small Menu


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27 Mar 2010

Enjoyable meal nice decor

This is a nice cafe/restaurant. Plenty of seating inside and a few tables outside.

It's all buffet - the owner/manager was very helpful when we told her we were vegan, and most of the items on the buffet were suitable for us. We couldn't have the quiche but were able to have most of the other items. She gave us bread as well. Some foods she would heat up for you in the microwave.

There was a jug of water with lemon on the table.
The meal came to 45NS(about £8.50 sterling) per person.

We only went there once so don't know to what extent the buffet varies from day to day.

The cafe closes early at about 3.30 -4pm which is a shame

You have to find it by the street number as the writing on the window and menu are all in hebrew.

Pros: tasty food, helpful friendly staff

Cons: closes too early


Points +42

26 Sep 2009

Excellent restaurant

My family and I are regular visitors in this restaurant. The food is vegetarian with many vegan options. Homemade tasty food, big variety, very nice atmosphere and service. I heartily recomend eating there.

Pros: tasty food, healthy, friendly staff

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