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CLOSED: Buddha Burgers - Yehuda HaLevy

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Yehuda HaLevy Str. 21, Tel Aviv, Israel,

The flagship location of Buddha Burgers in Israel, this is a vegan restaurant which offers a variety of food such as burritos, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, baked falafel, sandwiches, desserts, breakfast items, and other warm dishes. Features a self-serve salad bar. Seats 50. NOTE: June 2016 reported to be closing soon, please let happycow know when it does! SEP 2016 REPORTED SHUT. Mon-Thu 11:00am-12:00am, Sun 11:00am-12:00am, Fri 11:00am-4:00pm

Category: Vegan, International, Western, Fast food, Salad bar, Take-out, Israeli

Reviews (36)

First Review by viacapricorn

disappointing - Edit

I loved the deco here and I loved the smoothie with parsley and how big and helpful the menu is and how health conscious the place is. However apart from this, both times we came we were disappointed. The first time we ordered fries which according to the menu come with cheese sauce but when I asked after they were served, they said I was wrong. The cheeseburgers were tasty but no better than any other vegan burger. The second time we ordered curry pasta, schnitzel and the seitan fingers. The pasta was nothing special and the schnitzel dish was extremely dry. Eating this food felt like a task because of how dry and not very tasty it was. Although the seitan fingers were one of the closest things to meat I have had as a vegan, they were really far too chunky and also very difficult to eat. Amazing message but surprisingly, probably the worst place we ate during our stay in Tel Aviv. I imagine there are some delicious dishes here but after 2 disappointing experiences I would just stick to somewhere else with consistently good food.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-29

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Gluten Free Vegetarian Heaven. - Edit

I love that Israel has so many vegan restaurants popping up. However as someone who is gluten free as well (not by choice) I am always excited when I have so many options. You know someone who has allergies is in heaven when there are so many options you actually can't pick because this NEVER happens. Definitely going back to try something else on their menu.

Pros: gluten free options , vegan

Cons: not their fault but they are right across from som

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Fast food - Edit

Buddha Burgers is a place where you get good fast food, but they have some healthy and raw dishes too. So they have more to offer this year. I still prefer to go there for a dessert. I had the pizza and a burrito and both were delicious.

It was really clean when I had been there and the staff was really friendly. I had a few questions about the shirts you can purchase there and they politely answered me and told me a little about 269 (a little, because I already knew about 269).

Pros: friendly staff, great fastfood, delicious desserts

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Vegan fast-food - Edit

I really enjoyed the food here. Not the healthiest thing I could have eaten but that is not the reason to eat at a place like Buddha Burgers. Staff was nice and the food was delicious. Would certainly eat here again the next time I'm in Israel.

Pros: delicious food , friendly staff, large portions

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overall favourite vegan place in tel aviv - Edit

They have a large menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads, bowls, pasta plus juices and great desserts! Really enjoyed the ravioli. The chocolate soufflé, chocolate mousse cake and strawberry cheesecake were amazing! Love the outdoor patio. Friendly staff! They also have an English menu.

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was better last time - Edit

We loved our meals at Buddha Burgers the last time we were in Tel Aviv. This time not so much. The food was "ok' but the place was dirty and the staff wasn't too friendly. Willing to chalk it up to an off night. Willing to try again the next time we're in Tel Aviv.

Perhaps better for taking out a burger now.

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Not more than OK - Edit

A large variety of dishes. I really like the burrito and the egg salad, but some dishes were just awful (like the fried potatoes). BTW The place needs a serious cleanup!

Pros: Cheap, Large variety

Cons: The place is very dirty!

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Super cute, friendly, cosy place for a meal - Edit

Great variety of vegan dishes, sauces, salads, drinks, and desserts. We had a great dinner here of original buddha burgers with some sides and then we sampled most of the chocolate desserts. They even had Isa Chandra Moskowitz's peanut butter chocolate pillows, and they made them a lot better than I do! Awesome!

Pros: desserts, buddha burgers, variety

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Reviewer Avatar

Great brunch - Edit

I've been there like a dozen times now and highly recommend to have the brunch on Fridays (11.00-16.00pm). It is much cheaper than having dinner there on other days if you consider the variety; and I consider the food much better as well. You get a medium-sized plate for 38 Shekel which is really inexpensive im comparison to other places in Tel Aviv and it's almost more than you can eat :-) I had the big one once and it was way too much.
I decided to go there only on Fridays.

Pros: cheap, huge variety

Cons: no service

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a vegan establishment - Edit

this place probably got the largest selection of vegan food. every friday they have a buffet branch which is great and for a good price.

Pros: big selection, good prices

Cons: a bit crowdy , too casual- not for romantic dinners

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Nice salad bar, good burgers, nice vibe - Edit

I was in town for a day looking for some good veg options. This place filled the bill. I like that you can just walk in and make a salad, and it's priced by bowl size, not by weight. Burger was good. Great option for someone who doesn't speak the language. It seemed like everyone on staff spoke English. I try to blend in and learn a few words in any country I visit, but when one can't even read the alphabet, this sure helps.

Pros: Good salad bar, Fair prices, English speaking

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Depends what you order - salad bar is the best - Edit

Depending on what you order, the food can be good or so so. The burgers are good. Burritos are yummy. The "Buddha plates" is ok, the sides are not that appetizing. I think they would do much better if they shortened the menu (They really have anything you can imagine).

The salad bar in my opinion is the best you can go for - Lots of veggies, tofu, seitan, dressings. Maybe some big leaves of lettuce would be nice but I know people in Israel prefer chopped up salads.

The desserts were absolutely delicious. YUMM! I would consider visiting just for dessert. Especially the chocolate mousse cake.

Last thing... I know they want to be healthy and stuff and I totally respect that but a burger needs a side of fries! It should at least be an option. Also, not everything has to be wholewheat to be healthy. In my opinion you should be able to choose.

Pros: Desserts, Salad Bar

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food is cheap - Edit

Decided to try the place out based on the reviews on Happycow website. Had three different dished, tasted ok. The place could be cleaner. The food is cheap, about 30-40 shekel for each item on the menu.

Pros: vegan

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buddha burgers - Edit

Nothing special. The butternut squash soup was delicious. I asked for a recommendation of something healthy and the waitress suggested the lentil curry bowl with over-fried lentil balls. She was kind enough to exchange it for the Hungarian goulash bowl. I would have rather had Israeli salads instead.

Pros: everything is vegan , many options

Cons: crowded

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Food is nice - Edit

Let us start by stating that we are the positive kind, we love good food and are critical but also try to look at the full half. So the food is nice , the menu isn't creative,, it is more of a vegan snack bar kind of food, burgers wraps some warm dishes and a salad bar..but for what it is it tastes good. The place is dirty though and unfortunately one of us even got sick after eating there ;-(...really sick. Now, in Israel in 38 degrees in the summer one should keep super high hygiene standards but this isn't the case here. It is kind of a pity because we would have liked to like the place , but there are other better vegan options in town that are cleaner and safer to eat at.

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Just LUV it - Edit

It's a great place for vegans! Actually, I've been there in 2011, but I atill remember delicious food, great choice and huge portions. If I get to Tel Aviv again I will definitely go there and eat a lot! :) It has English menu btw.

Pros: food, choice, portion sizes

Cons: too small

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Good cafe for fast food, super tasty smoothies - Edit

Buddha Burger is a great place. Many of their dishes are fast food or (for lack of a better word) comfort food, yet the food isn't too greasy. The buddha burger is lentil-based and tasted really nice. They have a big salad bar which includes many fresh salads and vegetables and also different faux meats (seitan, smoked tofu, slices of hot dog sausages).

The smoothies are awesome - the orange-parsley-avocado smoothie in particular.

Pros: Fair prices, Big menu, many choices, Awesome, fresh smoothies

Cons: Can get a little crowded

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excellent - Edit

A nice, kind place. Long menu. Very tasty and portions are big. We took three dishes for two+a baby and were really tired eating it all:) a bit overcrowded in evenings. No place inside, and outside many vegetarians to my surprise were smoking, that's not good keeping in mind the baby.

Pros: best vegan food in my short vegan life, good timetable, kind staff

Cons: smoking outside, overcrowded

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Reviewer Avatar

Buddha Burgers - Edit

the first vegan place in israel!!

Pros: friendly staff, good food

Cons: can be more fresh

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Huge selection of vegan dishes - Edit

Probably your best vegan choice in Tel Aviv.
The menu is huge, so huge it can be confusing! everything is vegan, plus some raw and gluten free options marked in the menu. I recommend the classic Buddha Burger or the vegan lasagna. The smoothies are also great.
They have a big selection of vegan desserts, far too many to choose from.
They have an English menu and they staff speaks English.
There's outdoor sitting with heaters in winter.
They welcome dogs and have a water bowl for them at the entrance.
There's free wifi.
Prices are OK - not cheap but not too expensive either (Tel Aviv is an expensive city...)
Service can be slow sometimes, when the place is busy which is often the case.
The floors aren't so clean...

Pros: huge selection of food and desserts, delicious food, very nice outdoor sitting

Cons: should be cleaner, service slow when busy, not so cheap

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Awesome place! - Edit

Well, I've been at the Ibn Gabirol branch before but yesterday was the first time I've been at this branch, which has more choice and it's a bit bigger.
I ordered the saute pasta and it was good, too salty to my taste but still really good.
many people say that this place is dirty and lacks in hygiene but I didn't notice anything like that, it looked quite ok.

I will definitely come back.

Pros: tasty food, a lot of choice, big portions

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The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Israel - Edit

I remember when this place just opened... the selection was smaller... the recipes were off... it took them a while to get the food out... overall it wasn't something to write home about. WOW HAVE THINGS CHANGED! Nowadays I make excuses to go to Tel Aviv, just so i can come here, eat, and get take out for the next day. Here are 5 reasons it is the best in Israel:

1. Selection- this place has everything, it is the only restaurant I've been to in this country which actually has a legitimate international menu ranging from oriental (QUINOA SUSHI!!) to mexican to Indian to Middle Eastren, you name it and they have it!

2. Content- Brilliant! In their Pesto gnocci, not only is it one of the best pestos youve ever had, with the gnocci IS Smoked tofu, walnuts, cashews, and indian seeds making for a complete and wonderful entree

3. Service- in the 30 or so times ive been here only once did they screw up my order. Aryeh the owner cared so much, he came out to listen to the entire story and then gave us all complimentary desert... we walked out happy and couldnt wait to return

4. Personalized- Sure they have stir fry entrees ready to order, but you can also choose a protein (Diff kinds of tofu, Tempeh, Seitan), a grain (Rice, rice noodle, quinoa, Zucchini noodles) and A sauce (too many to list) and put together whatever you would most enjoy. Ive tried many and the "sweet and spicy chile with tofu and Zucchini noodles" is good, but my personal fave is definitely "the Curry Tempeh with rice noodles".. Sooooo good!

5. Great there and on the go- When you are there it is how I would imagine New York's East Village in the 1960's. It has a great vibrant and pro-vege feel with all sorts of interesting posters and Vegetarian Activist material. The place is as warm and hospitable as can be, its a great place to be social and make new vege friends and order a big sit down dinner or graze in the Salad Bar of the century. If you are on the run you can grab a quick wrap (Roast beef and the smoked tofu are my two faves) and be in and out in a matter of minutes.

Honestly, if Happy Cow gave me more space, I would write 50 reasons this place is great, that being said, While it ain't fancy, for quality, for atmosphere, for value, for variety, and for sheer satisfaction, the Original Buddha Burgers on Yehuda Ha-Levi is the Best Vegetarian Restaurant Israel has to offer.

Pros: Delicious Affordable Vegan Fare, Chilled Atmosphere and great environment, Personalized Food & Serice

Cons: No Kosher Certificate, Needs to Open Jerusalem Branch!!, Can be tough to park

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Best vegan restaurant ever! - Edit

There's a huge variety of delicious vegan food, from raw veggies to excellent meat initiations and even mouth watering desserts. The fruit shakes are refreshing and are a must.

Pros: excellent food, very healthy, decently priced

Cons: long wait for food sometimes, busy often

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This place needs a clean up - Edit

The owner seems to have squeezed way too many tables in - which leaves chefs and other staff confined to bonsai spaces. Humans in small spaces cannot blossom. And the waitress (well, it's really a check out) was in such a foul mood even soy drink would turn sour. Highly unpleasant to feel a burden to staff in a restaurant.
The tables were sticky and the windows hadn't been cleaned since last monsoon. The baby cockroach running behind my place did certainly enjoy the place. My dish was simply meager in portion size - for the price I could've gotten two vegan falafels elsewhere without leaving hungry.
There is a salad bar that is a bit confusing with plate size, but you can never go wrong with raw, can you?
Have heard complaints before, but needed to check it out myself. Am ready for the 'Told you so'...

Pros: Salad bar

Cons: Dirty, Unfriendly, Small Portions

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Best f@#$% vegan food you can get - Edit

Buddha Burgers is one of the best vegan spots ever. They got plenty of dishes from burgers to salads and everything is awesome. They have orgasmic fruit shakes as well.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 20, 2009

Pros: Tasty, Healthy, Kind of cheap

Cons: Horrible service, Horrible owner, Closed on weekends

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Best veggie food in Tel Aviv! - Edit

My partner and I (both of us are vegan) just returned from a week in Tel Aviv.

We had three meals (plus a take away) at Buddha Burgers Evn Gvirol Str. and two meals at the main branch at Yehuda HaLevy.

I really like Buddha Burger. First because it's 100% vegan and secondly because they have pro-vegetarian posters all over the wall (many from PETA).

The Yahuda HaLevy branch has 4 tables inside seating about 12, plus a bar area seating another 4 or 5. Outside there were a number of tables (together with outdoor heating for those chilly winter evenings).

The Evn Givron branch is much smaller (2 small tables inside seating 4or 5, and 5 or 6 tables outside seating perhaps 16). The menu at the Evn Givron branch is also reduced from that of its sister branch.

Over the course of the 7 days I had:
The Shwarma Burrito - a whole-wheat tortilla with salad and hot seitan inside - was really nice and very filling. Had this twice as it was so good!
The Buddha Classic Burger - also really nice - also had this twice during the course of our stay.
Tofu and Broccoli Buddha Bowl (available from the larger branch) - although it was supposed to have a curry coconut sauce this was incredibly bland for my palate. I ordered the large bowl, not realising just how much food I would get - and ended up leaving some.
My partner had the Coconut Curry stir fry which (which on the menu looked like a similar dish to the Buddha Bowl!) but this was a lot more tasty.

The Yehuda HaLevy branch has a salad bar as well as various vegan desserts. I had a halva mousse which was delicious.

We also had (as a takeaway to eat on the plane journey) the quinoa salad and the Buddha salad, both come with a choice of sauces and were really nice.

My partner's favourite item on the menu was the Carob Milk smoothie and it was so nice she had it 4 times during our stay.

I wish we'd stayed longer in Tel Aviv to sample some of the other items on the menu!

Pros: Excellent vegan food, salad bar, vegan desserts

Cons: Didn't like the background music

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veganlondon We went to this restaurant a few times on our recent visit to Tel Aviv (April 2011)and discovered that on Friday afternoons they have a buffet with many hot and cold dishes and various desserts. The price depends on the size of the plate (for a single trip to the buffet) or you can go for the "all you can eat" plate for about £12. I had a single plate for about £9. The food was excellent - salads, lasagna, "sushi" rolls, cakes - so much to choose from and it tasted great. Vegan heaven. Definitely visit on a Friday afternoon but just be aware that they close early on Fridays for Shabat.

The best vegan restaurant in the country - Edit

This is my favorite Israeli vegan restaurant! Actually my favorite Israeli restaurant in general since no non-vegan place is ever any good :p
It has a wonderful fast food menu and also the non fast food expected "healthy" vegan options (salads with seaweed and so on). What I think is the best part of this restaurant is the shakes, they are the best i have ever had (true story: once after ordering a meal with a shake, i got about a mile away from the store and decided to walk back because i just HAD to have another shake :D), based on either soymilk or OJ.
The staff is very nice and the atmosphere is amazing, with many quotes of famous vegans and vegetarians plastered on most of the walls.
My only gripe with the place is that it is a little small and feels crowded when it fills up (most of the time, since it really is the best), and the lines can also get a tad long, but it truly is worth it.

Pros: Great tasting food, Best Shakes EVER!, wonderful atmosphere

Cons: Small, can get crowded

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Great Burger... be careful what you order! - Edit

Just visited Buddha Burgers and for the most part, I was really impressed. First, of all, it's a nice, homey, spacious location. Very well decorated and the kind of place you want to go and lounge with some vegan friends. The menu is diverse and informative, and they have English menus (also on line). The prices are fair. Everything is fresh and well presented. From what I can tell, and have read from previous reviews, there is some "hit and miss" on the menu, and we experienced this as well. The Buddha Burger, a lentil burger, was outstanding. Firm, beautiful bun, yummy mayo (vegan). They even have a double version that is twice the size. But we also ordered a vegan chicken salad sandwich that was, quite frankly, terrible. It was nothing like chicken at all, and was so mushy we felt we were eating baby food on bread. No texture whatsoever. But that was the only low note. Loved my carob shake, and the chocolate cookie was delicious. Also shared a chocolate muffin which was good, though we've had better (more moist). All things considered, we'd definitely come back to Buddha Burgers, but would be careful in ordering!

Pros: great atmosphere, healthy, good portions

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