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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA


28 May 2012

I had been to one of their locations in Albuquerque and enjoyed it and was pleased to know they opened in Santa Fe. For a town like Santa Fe, I'm always surprised that their Veg dining options (not "veg friendly) are lacking, especially for dinner. Annapurna's doesn't disappoint. Their food is always very good. We went there twice during this last weekend. We enjoyed the breakfast burrito and selections from the dinner side of the menu the night before. There's something for everyone on their menu.

Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

Great Prices

11 May 2013

We ate lunch here yesterday and it was very nice. I had a double cheeseburger with a cola and fries and my partner had the chicken burger with the same. It came out to less than 15 EUR for the both of us. The food was tasty. The menu is not extensive, but if you are hungry and looking for a nice burger and fries, this is a great option. The portions were large, too. We will be back before we leave Madrid.

1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, USA

Unique Tastes

13 Oct 2013

We ate lunch here today. It was a very nice setting. The food was very good. I had the Whiskey Ginger BBQ sandwich and the flavors were really very unique. I have not had that combination of flavors before. So: hats off for creativity.
My partner had the Thai wrap and he loved it. Also, very good tortilla soup.
I would definitely come back here the next time I'm in Portland.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Good Solid Place

15 Apr 2009

My friend and I went there last month and enjoyed our dinner. I had heard alot about this place and since I was in the city for a night, I thought we'd make our way there. Nice atomsphere. The tables are a little too close together, but, hey, it's NYC. But the food was really good. I only wish the portions were a bit bigger because the pricing is on the higher side. But I will return. It was an enjoyable night out.

810 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Orange Beef-Yum!

12 Jan 2009

Ate here last night. They have a great Chinese menu with all the stuff that meat-eaters get to order at non-veg places. We ordered two dishes plus the spring rolls. Spring rolls were very good. Sesame Chicken was ok. But the Orange Beef was excellent.
The only thing that bothered me was that our waitress was not very friendly. Maybe she had a bad night but it's so important that veg places have excellent customer service. It helps support the overall cause. But the food was very nice. A great option for veggies visiting Orlando. Plus, very close to downtown.

Calle Amnistia 6, Madrid, Spain

We tried to go...

12 May 2013

Yesterday, we went to give Vegania a try. We arrived at 12.40 which was 20 minutes before their posted opening time of 13.00. We walked around the beautiful neighborhood and arrived back at Vegania at 1.15. We were told they were not ready for service yet. So we decided to just go to another veg place to eat. We made a note of their closing time which was posted as 23.00. We figured we would just come back for dinner. So after a day of being tourists, we were very hungry and made our way back to Vegania. It was around 19.30 when we arrived and we were told they were done serving dinner for the evening and they turned us away. There was no sign on the door stating they were closing early.
If you plan on going, I suggest you call first to see what their plans for service are.

We were bummed and will be in Madrid for a few more days but we will skip Vegania after being turned away twice.

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

We got up and left

12 Oct 2013

I never like to be harsh regarding vegetarian places because I love to support them. But this place needs help. We arrived for lunch on a Friday, about 12:45. There was nobody greeting people at the door. We stood there for several minutes before we just grabbed menus ourselves and sat down. While sitting down, I began to look around. This place is worn out. Crooked and discolored ceiling tiles, nasty flooring, dirty and chipped walls, bad decor. We sat there for quite some time before the 'waiter' came and wiped down the dirty table for us. He also appeared to be wearing less than clean clothing. Then we sat there for over 15 minutes. No service. We got up and left. There are basics that any restaurant needs to get right: atmosphere, service, and cleanliness. This place failed all three. So I beg the owners: clean it up! There are people out there that would love to support you. But your appearance and customer service will prevent many from even trying your food. Oh, and by the way, we weren't the only people that got up and left. Another couple that arrived when we did got up and left also. :(

Costanilla de San Andrés 16, Madrid, Spain

Tasty Food

14 May 2013

We ate here the other night. The location is great...right on a square very close to another Veg restaurant. They have food available buffet style. They weigh the plates after you have filled them up. I do think the prices were a bit expensive. However, I also thought the dishes that I tasted had unique flavors and were overall very good.
We make our best effort to only frequent vegetarian restaurants when we travel and if you do the same, you should definitely come here. Try to get a table outside on the square...you might have to wait for a bit. But you can have a drink or juice inside until one opens up.

663 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Downhill Trajectory

16 Sep 2014

I lasted ate at this location 3 years ago until I tried it again yesterday. This place has lost its touch. My first trip to NYC was about 14 years ago. I dined at another ZP location and thought it was incredible.
I'm not sure what the owners are thinking, but they've let this location become degraded. It doesn't appear clean, it needs to be painted, cloth seats are dirty, bathroom is untidy, etc. they used to have a second dining room which is visible when you use the bathroom. It's now storage filled with junk. Also, there is no more outdoor seating. I ordered a seitan dish and the seitan pieces were incredibly soft and doughy. I had an order of autum spring rolls, too. They had little flavor and my sauce had gnats in it.
It's not too late to turn this place around. But it needs serious attention and more attention to details to make it. I will not come to ZP because it does not seem that the owners care about quality veg cuisine and a quality environment.

Plaza de la Paja, 10, Madrid, Spain

Great Location

14 May 2013

We went here twice during our visit to Madrid. They are open late and they have outdoor seating on the square. So eating outside was very nice. We did enjoy the food and drinks here. It felt like a very European experience. But...I understand what some of the other reviewers are talking about when it comes to the service. The service is very indifferent. Nobody smiles or greets you in a friendly way. We also noticed the staff; clip their nails, run their hands through their hair, rub their noses, and sneeze onto a service tray. And they were not discrete about it. The staff could use a great deal of improvement, no question.
But the food was nice and eating outdoors on the square was a plus.

C/de Marques de Santa Ana 34, Madrid, Spain

Quaint in a lively neighborhood

12 May 2013

We ate here last night and really enjoyed our meal. We both had the Lasagna and a salad. The salad was simple and was self serve. The Lasagna was very nice. We had white wine and fresh apple juice to top it off. It is a very quaint place to eat. An intimate atomsphere. We really enjoyed it here. The owner was very friendly and the service was very quick. Small menu, but we like that.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Enjoyable Evening

12 Jan 2009

What a find in Orlando. I was here second weekend of 2009 and I ate here. My friend and I had a delicious dinner. I had the Philly sandwich and my friend had the Sheeps Pie. It was pretty good food. The staff was really friendly and helpful. I always like it when the staff a veg place is friendly. It's so important. You order at the counter and they bring your food to your table. I wish they had a larger menu...that's the only critical thing I can think of. But we were very satisfied with our evening. If you're in Orlando and you want vegan food...even if you don't...Stop by Ethos.

Paseo De La Loma 201, Tepic, Mexico

What a find!

06 May 2008

I stayed in Tepic and I didn't expect to find any place to go out and eat. I'm a vegetarian for over 22 years and I won't eat at most places unless it's a veg place. I loved Girasol. They have a great buffet for lunch and an early dinner plus they have a breakfast buffet. They also have a menu but I stuck with the buffet for the 5 of 6 days I was in Tepic. If you're a veg, do yourself a favor and find this place.

2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas, USA

Great value buffet

28 May 2012

We were driving through Dallas last week and our usual Veg Dining stop for Dallas was closed so we decided to give this place a try.
It's very clean! We enjoyed their buffet very much as there were many selections to choose from. There were several Asian dishes I had never had before and the taste of the food was quite good. The staff was friendly, too.
If you're looking for an Asian buffet in the Dallas area, definitely consider coming to New Start.

Castello 1341 Via Garibaldi, Venice, Italy

Very Good (AND ONLY) Option in Vencie

24 Mar 2014

If you want to eat at a place that is only vegetarian and you are in Venice, this is your only option.
We ate there while staying in Venice and found the food to be incredibly wholesome and delicious. The owner, Dorianna, is a lovely woman who really cares about the food she prepares. She makes several dishes per day and serves and you get to pick what you want on your plate. The plate is then weighed and that's how you pay. Be weight. Yes, it is expensive, compared to what you are used to. But keep in mind, she only uses organic ingredients...AND...this is Venice. Everything must be brought in by boat and then hand trucked to the location and everything is more expensive in Venice.
The food that the owner prepares is delicious. It also makes you glad you made the choice to eat here rather than at a regular "meaty" restaurant choice. We ate here 4 times in 3 days. DELICIOUS food.
She is open for lunch and dinner only. For dinner, it's 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
If you appreciate food that is vegetarian, organic, and prepared with care, definitely eat here.

2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Awesome Vegan Food with a Purpose

15 Mar 2009

My friend and I went in the night before their grand opening. We were very impressed. While the menu is not extensive at the moment (they will be adding more dishes) the dishes we ordered were very good. We were also impressed by how friendly the staff was. Everyone we encountered there was cheerful, helpful, and friendly. The place is brand new and very clean and bright. I travel to Orlando every two weeks and I will be making this a regular "night out in Orlando" stop for me. This is definately in the top 3 for Veg places in Orlando. And since I only eat at veg places, they will be seeing me when I'm in town.

Bajada de la Triperí­a, 2, Toledo, Spain

Great Find in Toldeo

14 May 2013

We went there yesterday on a day trip from Madrid. Now, I will be honest...we chose Toledo over Segovia because there was a veg restaurant here and not in Segovia. It is a little difficult to find, but it is well worth the search. We checked it on a map before we went and when we got there we bought a map at the train station and were able to get close to the location. We then just asked locals to help us find it.
It is a very elegant restaurant with a very relaxed atomsphere. We really enjoyed our meal here. There are veg and vegan dishes available, you just have to ask...brush up on your Spanish. On our trip to Spain thus far...this has been my favorite place. Definitely go here if you are coming to Toledo. It is worth it.

7237 SW Bridgeport Rd, Tigard, USA

Love It!!!

13 Oct 2013

I'm a Native Foods fan from my days in Los Angeles. I love Tanya's food. We are staying here in Portland for a few days and we've already been here twice.
Ambiance is great. Love the outdoor seating at night. The heaters work great. I really wish I could have a Native Foods in Northern California.
Chili Cheese Fries are not on the menu, but you can still get them if you ask for them. Love the Lavender Lemonade and the Scorpion Burger. So delicious.

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