Plant-based casual restaurant serving sandwiches, burgers, fries, mac n cheese, and Mexican dishes like chimichangas, nachos, tacos, and burritos. Uses vegan dairy and mock meats. Horchata and cakes available. Food is served takeaway style. Est. 2018. Suggested to call ahead to check hours. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by TaylorMorris


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24 Sep 2023

Taco bout Da House

We got horchatas, a chimichanga and vegan fish tacos. Everything amazing. Probably the best meal we had in a week in Lake Tahoe/Reno.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-24

Pros: Fast friendly service, Amazing vegan Mexican food, Chimichanga is outrageously good

Cons: Expensive



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22 Sep 2023

So delicious!

Fresh real foods. Love the mushroom/walnut “meat”. Raw options. Rich flavors and attentive service. My place to go in Reno!


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12 Sep 2023

Delicious Mexican cuisine!

We came at a slow time after the lunch rush so we got a table right away. We got the chimichanga and the diosas, both with the pastor. The pastor has such a wonderful pineapple flavor! But there are several other options if you don’t want pastor, there is an asada and cactus and others!

The solar smoothie was fantastic as well!

Definitely worth the visit.

I heard that previously they used all plastic utensils but we were served on plates and steel utensils on our visit.

Pros: Good portion sizes, Friendly service, Background music is at a good volume for talking

Cons: No kombucha, Not open enough hours!


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28 Aug 2023

Must visit!

Everything was so delicious, freshly made, and flavorful. Can't believe its fully vegan! Everything down to the rice and beans and horchata tasted like it had been made from scratch with perfect spices. We had nachos with asada, diosas (very tasty, fried corn masa circles sandwiching refried beans, asada, sour cream, veggies), horchata (very refreshing, not too sweet).


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20 Aug 2023

Killer taqueria

If you’re in Reno, it’s worth the visit. The chimichanga’s incredible

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-20


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13 Jul 2023

Don’t sleep on the Torta

Just order it. It’s filling and good.


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09 Jul 2023

Meh Food, Bad Service

If you’re from California or Las Vegas, this food will probably be very meh or disappointing compared to vegan mexican food there. I would have given this 3 stars if the service wasn’t so bad.

I sat outside of the restaurant because I had my dog with me and the lady serving me made a disgusted, horrified face when I gave the plastic cup of water she served me to my dog. It’s the middle of summer and it’s hot so I figured no problem to give a plastic cup of water to my dog. She then said she had dog water bowls for dogs. I’m there thinking, “why didn’t you give us that in the first place if you didn’t want me giving this plastic cup of water to my dog?”

Secondly, she tied her shoes on the chair next to me. She literally put her foot up on the chair right next to me to tie her shoes. A waiter putting the bottom of their shoe on a chair where customers sit? I was appalled… that’s when I knew I was never coming back.

Anyways, I guess this food just barely passes for Reno. May be better off going to an omni restaurant with vegan options.


10 Jul 2023

That lady is a hater...keep being beautiful & stay shining💚☺💯


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30 Jun 2023

Overpriced & underwhelmed

I was super excited to try this all vegan Mexican spot in Reno, but was pretty disappointed. I ordered the nachos and horchata to drink. The nachos were nothing special and a steep $17 for a very small portion. The horchata was bland and watered down. The employee I met was very welcoming and friendly, and it was a nice, calm vibe inside. I’d give this place another try with a different menu item.


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15 Jun 2023

Nice little spot

Staff was very friendly and helped me out since I came in last minute. Cactus burrito was good the fire sauce they gave me was amazing. The horchata is also very good


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01 Jun 2023

Great Vegan Restaurant!

While some of the burritos were needing more flavor, overall this place is awesome! Their horchata is incredible. I love that it’s family owned. I wish they didn’t charge an extra $0.50 if you use a credit card to pay. Will definitely be going back!


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23 May 2023

Excellent family-owned

Chimichanga was great! Excellent, friendly service. Great atmosphere!

Pros: Great vegan food, Friendly service, Healthy and delicious


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06 May 2023

Eclectic Mexican food

They had soy and pineapple meat, walnut and mushroom meat, and cactus meat. What an experience. The food was fantastic and very delicious. The portions were fairly small but tasty. The service was friendly.

Pros: Fully vegan, Gluten free options


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10 Apr 2023

I loved this place

The food was so great. This was the first place we came to on our vacation so I was a little skeptical. I got the carne asada burrito was so yummy. I wish I saw they offered wet burritos because that would take this from 8/10 to a 12/10 but I found out after the fact. The woman helping us went out of her way to get us the options we wanted and cater to my allergies. Unfortunately the Mac and cheese tasted a little different than we expected with a brewers yeast flavor instead of cheese but was still completely edible and the drinks tasted a little too watery. That being said it was all great and I look forward to trying them again!!

Pros: Delicious food, Tons of options , Lovely woman that helped us

Cons: The drinks tasted a little watered down, Mac and cheese


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22 Mar 2023

Post-Ski Delight

This is the only vegan restaurant near Lake Tahoe. After 4 days of skiing, this was the perfect feed. We had the burrito, tacos, chicken sandwich, Mac and cheese, and the cheesecake. The burrito had the “Al pastor meat” made with pineapple. Oh Lord. It was delicious. Cheesecake and kombucha were also excellent. Everything tasted light and fresh, love that about vegan food. We’ll definitely be back!

Pros: Fresh, Salsa is excellent


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26 Jan 2023

Believe the hype

This place makes great food and I loved the quiet, relaxed atmosphere. #Veganuary


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17 Jan 2023

Taste profile 👍👍👍

Really friendly staff where all the sauces, patty’s and proteins are house made. The burger looked basic but had great flavors. Bottom line - it’s the only 100% vegan restaurant in Reno so support them. Next time I’ll try the more traditional Mexican fare. I had their house burger and animal fries.

Pros: Vegan, Lots of choices, Friendly owner

Cons: Expensive for the portion size


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31 Dec 2022

Good food, sometimes gives me tummy aches

I loved that it was so quiet and calm in the restaurant and our server was very kind. I got one of their local kombuchas and was blown away by how good it was, it's the Folk Brewing kaffir coriander. The hibiscus tacos i got were fragrant and fresh, filling without being too much. We also got the al pastor sopes, they were good but a little too greasy for me. I think that whatever is in their cheese or just the overall greasiness hurts my tummy and causes problems sometimes. I've talked to other people about it and they've had that problem too😡

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-12

Pros: Authentic-inspired, Kind staff

Cons: fried items, expensive


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02 Dec 2022

Best vegan restaurant in Reno

We’ve eaten here several times over the years since they first opened and it just keeps getting better. The dishes have gotten more flavorful, varied and interesting. Nopales are one of my favorite ingredients in Mexican food, and they offer them in almost every dish as an option. I just wish I could try one of their tamales some day, they seem to always be out.

Pros: All vegan options , Each dish is very customizable , Staff is great, a vegan family

Cons: Always out of tamales, More vegetables would be nice


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12 Nov 2022

Tex-Mex Comfort Food

Wow! House of Mexica is one top vegan joint that retains all the flavors of a Mexican restaurant - great for those that no longer eat animal products.

Everything on the menu here is vegan and included allergen information as well, which is perfect for all dietary preferences.

Our lunch consisted of their Carne Asada Nachos and the Crispy Chicken Burger. The nachos were fantastic with house made salsa, soy asada, and vegan cheese to top it all off. Their chicken was made from a soy patty and the breading was decent. It's not my favorite chicken burger but will give you that nostalgia if you're looking for it. Both dishes weren't super large in portions either but definitely enough for one person.

Service was chill as well. It wasn't crowded on our weekend lunch and our server made sure we were well taken care of. After your meal is over, you head up to the cashier to pay before heading out.

Pros: Great Mexican inspired dishes, Plenty of indoor seating, Large, accessible parking lot


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12 Nov 2022

Amazing tacos

We were totally blown away by the asada and pastor tacos. The portion size was solid and everything was super flavorful. Cool ambiance as well! Highly recommend supporting this fully vegan restaurant.

Pros: Lots to choose from , Food was delicious , Beautiful interior

Cons: On the pricey side


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12 Oct 2022

Delicious smoothies! And…

Delicious food! Refreshing smoothies as well.

Updated Oct 11 2022.
Back again- delicious pupusas and bowls.
Everything is fresh and delicious.
Staff is amazing and friendly!
I hit this place up every time I drive through Reno.
MUST try!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-01


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30 Sep 2022

Made with Love

Authentic and made with love.


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25 Sep 2022

I'd go back

Stopped here on our way from the airport to Lake Tahoe and it was really good. I had the tostada bowl with asada and a solar smoothie (mango, banana, hemp seeds) and my partner had a burrito with asada. I had my eye on the chick'n for my bowl, but they were out. The asada was meat-like to the point where I would have been concerned had this not been an all-vegan restaurant (take that with a grain of salt though, I haven't eaten meat since '06 and my memory may be fuzzy). The rice and beans were good and the green salsa was great. I'd go back next time I'm passing through. I wish we had a vegan Mexican place like this near where I live.

Pros: Great Mexican food, Smoothies, Easy parking

Cons: Out of chick'n


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28 Aug 2022

Best Birria Quesadillas!

I stopped of at this place on the way to Utah from the Bay Area with my family. We shared an order of nachos topped with nopales, taquito’s and some birria quesadillas. All of it was so great but the birria quesadillas were so good we had to get another order. P.S the service was amazing.
I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Reno.

Pros: Tasty food , Good service , Nice Atmosphere

Cons: A little pricy


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07 Jul 2022


This place is awesome! We had the horchata, Mac burger, tacos, nachos, and Mac chicken sandwich. Everything was great. So happy to be able to choose from the entire menu!

Pros: So many delicious options. , Great portion sizes

Cons: Fairly expensive


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16 Jun 2022

Delicious and Authentic

Had an asada burrito. I grew up in Southern California and this tasted just like the burritos we’d get down in San Diego. I would have eaten 3 of these, they were so good! Lots of different authentic Mexican dishes available.


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28 May 2022

Calming and friendly staff.

The best place to eat driving from Salt Lake to California. It’s worth the stop. We’ll be back.

Pros: The food was delicious , Reasonable prices , Atmosphere

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