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Fast casual restaurant serving Asian vegan cuisine, opened 2015. Offers a variety of appetizers, soups, rice plates, and noodles which can be prepared with tofu or mock meat. Beverages include pearl drinks, smoothies/shakes, tea, fresh soy milk, fresh juices. Order at counter, food served at table. Open Mon 11:00am-8:30pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-8:30pm.

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First Review by 1vegan


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19 Sep 2023

You Need to Eat Here - oil free and gluten free options!

We ate here twice on our trip and everything was amazing! So many choices, and the hot and sour soup was a star!

Pros: So many menu choices , Oil free options all the time, Great service



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13 Jul 2023

One of my favorites

One of my tops favorite vegan spots. Their steamed buns and walnut prawns are the best I’ve ever had. Lovely couple that owns Rocklin and Folsom location. I recommend to everyone


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06 Apr 2023


So happy I found Pho Vegan! Very good. Walnut prawns are amazing.

Pros: Flavor, flavor, flavor!

Cons: None!


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31 Mar 2023

Not impressed but will give them another shot

We tried the eggplant tofu and Mongolian beef. Not impressed. Some places I’ve been to in the past have put a lot of bell peppers in their Mongolian beef, so when pictures are available now I always avoid them if they do that. This picture had the onions and beef as expected so that’s my go-to. It wasn’t spicy at all. It kind of tasted like a frozen food selection from the grocery store you can get for six or seven bucks. The tofu and eggplant was okay but seemed to rely on the sauce for flavor you couldn’t taste the food.

I got the impression our plates were not mixed and cooked together but were instead a sum total of blending the different ingredients together after they were already prepared. Like all the parts are prepared separately and then depending what you order, they bring those parts together and heat them up. The meal was delivered too quickly to have been done fresh, not that I want them to wait unnecessarily to deliver it either, just to make me thing it was a fresh cook.

It’s nice to have a vegan place to go to when you just don’t feel like cooking for yourself. But like some others have said regarding the price, we could have made these meals in 15-30 minutes at home for a fraction of the cost. Our challenge has been finding the faux meats on the market to replicate some of our favorite dishes. So we eat out for those, and we typically only eat out once or twice a month. Of the three vegan restaurants within 30 minutes of here we’ve ordered Mongolian beef, this is the third best. We’ll be back to try other dishes to see if maybe we just didn’t order the right thing for this place.

Pros: Quick turnaround

Cons: Expensive


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15 Feb 2023

The Duck!

Love the “duck” with brown rice. So satisfying…

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-15

Pros: Great deal , Tasty


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18 Jan 2023

We keep coming back

Beef and broccoli and Bahn Mi sandwich are bread. Walnut prawns are outstanding. It is a little pricey but totally worth it

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-03

Pros: Excellent food, Very nice people working the store

Cons: Expensive


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30 Nov 2022

Pictures on wall cool. Could provide higher quality veggies.

They could provide a better assortment of fresh veggies and better flavors. This meal was uneventful. I could easily make better meals at home from a frozen bag of veggies with grocery store sauces. The spring rolls had several strange flavors mixed in, like mint, lemon, and arugula. And it didn’t come with enough peanut sauce. The main entree had too much of the same texture with cabbage competing with baby bok choy against the hollow mushy thin sliced zucchini rounds. The savory broccoli was the best part but the brown rice was the failed palate cleanser against the sauce. And the brown rice was lower quality and overly starchy.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-12

Pros: All vegan options, , No wait time, in door seating, Good customer service, pay at counter

Cons: Expensive , Atmosphere is dull, not a good place to ppl watch, Boring, lack luster flavors


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28 Sep 2022

What's not to like??

This was my first visit to this restaurant during my first time using this app! This was my first time being able to enjoy Asian Cuisine since becoming vegetarian and then vegan many years ago. New favorite stop after visiting Barnes and Noble!

Pros: 100% Vegan, Clean, Friendly Staff


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30 Jul 2022

SO delicious!

My girlfriend and I visited for a date and we had a wonderful time! Such delicious food and it's all vegan. My gf (not vegan) loved it just as much as I did, which was a bonus. Our favourite part was the steamed buns, and we also loved the hot and sour soup, fresh spring rolls, orange "chicken", and bubble teas. Pad Thai wasn't our favourite but still good (I took home the leftovers and ate it the next day, they reheated well)! We're super excited to come back again with family members. Don't miss this gem!

Pros: Delicious food, Quick and friendly service, Clean and quiet restaurant


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21 Jul 2022

Asian Vegan Variety in Rocklin

I came here after a few hours of paddling at Lake Natoma and I was quite hungry. I appreciated the variety offered and the wall of photos made it really easy to select my dish, Korean noodle tofu. I ordered this with a Thai milk boba tea. I was surprised when my drink came that it was served in a mason mug with a stainless steel boba straw so no plastic was used when dining in. I enjoyed the Korean noodle tofu too and it was just the right amount of seasoning and flavor and light on oil. I ate the whole plate and could have eaten more! I also got a chance to converse with the owner who was friendly and told the story of how she became vegan.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Use of real utensils when dining in, Clean and easy to order


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23 May 2022


I absolutely love Asian cuisine, they always have great food. The owners are super friendly and I love how they have been able to expand their stores. They opened up another one in Folsom which is great. The steamed buns and spring rolls is a must every time I go. Great food and great service.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-22


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04 Jan 2022

Extremely disappointed

I ordered mixed vegetables and tofu. Fist off it came with 3/4 cup or onions and bell pepper. 4 pieces of tofu were thrown in. And a 1/4 cup or rice. And this was the dinner portion. It was not flavorful and a huge waste of money. Also orders the summer rolls and they were flavorless with one little strip of tofu, 2 slices of cucumber and three noodles. Gross #Veganuary

Cons: Super expensive, Tiny itty bitty portions , No flavor


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29 Apr 2021

Filling and delicious!

I’m currently stuffed and deliciously happy!

Pros: It’s ALL vegan!!, Delicious!, Friendly :):)


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17 Apr 2021

Salted pepper mock shrimp

I loved it, very flavorful.


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05 Mar 2021

Vegan Fastfood

Small location with a large menu. Great vegan Chineese and Indian dishes. Took my meat eating brother and he thought he was eating meat. Very friendly family run business. Please support them during Covid.


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26 Jan 2021


Ordered door dash it arrived quickly and hot. Tea was relish and the food was tasty and smelled amazing.

Pros: Quick delivery , Lots of choices , Food arrived hot


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29 Dec 2020

Delicious vegan Asian food!

We picked up lunch from Pho Vegan Asian Cuisine while on a road trip, and the food was delicious! My family tried the Peking duck bun and vermicelli noodles. Both were flavorful and very meat-like. I hope I'm in Rocklin again one day so that I can go back!

Pros: Good Asian food, Friendly staff


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25 Aug 2020


“Pho”- sho the best place to get vegan pho. Kind of vegan junk foodie


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24 Mar 2020


All of their food is so yummy, the owners are so kind, and their boba smoothies are the best! I highly recommend this fantastic restaurant!! Their food is kid-friendly as well, my toddler loves all of their dishes too!


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08 Feb 2020


I highly recommend eating here. I have never ordered anything here that I have not liked. I could eat here a couple times a week and never tire of it. And the staff is very friendly. They make you feel right at home.

Pros: The food, The staff, The menu is easy to order from

Cons: None, None, None


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12 Nov 2019

SO good!

Really hard to believe this is vegan food. The garlic mock chicken has great flavor and really feels like a chicken dish. I live 1.5 hours away and come out here to pick this up!


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21 Oct 2019

Nice friendly family place

I love this place. They have the bbq steam buns which I so loved as a meat eating child. Loved their special jack fruit salad and faux duck Bao. I will definitely be back. Patrons are friendly here too.

Pros: Lots of options, Family run, Great service


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10 Oct 2019

So delicious!

This is my favorite local place to get vegan pho!!! Soooo delicious. Perfect for a rainy day!


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31 Jul 2019

Good for non vegans too

I have been vegan for 2 months now and an aspiring plant based (no oil) eater. This restaurant was perfect! It is 100% vegan AND has a no oil menu as well!! My parents who are not vegan or vegetarian still enjoyed it. The vegan chocolate cake was AMAZING!! Overall amazing experience because the owner was great as well!


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02 Jun 2019


In a neighborhood where people think everyone from east Asia is Chinese (see the other reviews), I think this is an ok option, particularly because it's 100% vegan. Just know you're not going to get very authentic (Vietnamese) flavors in Rocklin.

the pho was light and lacking in flavor, but for for 8 bucks you can feed 2-3 people with one bowl, which is good. Throw in an appetizer and you're good to go.

The nice owner left to open Vegan Plate. The remaining owner is stingy and weird.

Pros: a nice find in Rocklin , good value, nice ownership

Cons: needs more flavor , needs more authenticity


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23 May 2019

Great fresh food and friendly owners

Have been eating here since they opened. Always good.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: None


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Mostly Veg
31 Mar 2019

My favorite vegan restaurant! A must while in Roseville California

The staff is amazing! They are always happy and kind!

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