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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Good food, but boring place

03 Jan 2011

Went here for a dinner with my boyfriend. In a bit of a rough area near Chelsea, but people were happy as the Chelsea football club won that night...

Ended up having the oyster mushroom and spinach raclette. Very tasty and presented very nicely, but a bit pricey if you ask me.

Also, there was no real personality or atmosphere to this place. Pretty boring and bland...elevator music playing, plain/drab decor, nothing like the other alternative-style veggie places I've been to.

232 SE 1st St, Gainesville, USA


20 Sep 2010

I'd heard of this place before and knew it had an indie reputation and offered some vegan plates.

Let me just say that I'm so so glad that I went even though I didn't know much about the restaurant beforehand.

The ambience is casual and everyone is chatting and having a good ol' time. The service is relaxed but good. I would say that if you go here, don't expect speedy, push-button service like any other chain restaurant. The servers all help each other out and give you plenty of time to take in the ambience, talk to your friends and enjoy the amazing food.

I ordered a tempeh burrito with veggies, avocado and vegan cheese. I was so pleased to see vegan cheese offered on the menu. Everything tasted wonderful. I will definitely be going back.

via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy

This is what FRESH tastes like

11 Jan 2011

I went here last night with my boyfriend for dinner and wasn't sure what it would be like. I am SO glad I went.

The place is tucked away on a quiet street. We walked in, unsure if this was the right place, and were escorted to the back for dinner by a very nice waitress.

Very chic but not pretentious atmosphere. Candlelight, soft music playing on a record player, and not too many people. Very low-key, yet nice.

We had a starter of raw tofu with lemon juice, almost like a vegan ceviche. Delicious and really creative. (~6 euros)

My boyfriend had tagliatelli with seitan ragu, which was great, and I had the tortelloni with potato and ginger in a sweet sauce, which was alos tasty. (7 euros each, I think)

This place is incredible. Even if you're not vegan/vegetarian, it's a really nice place to eat. The chef even came out to talk to us and tell us that he makes everything fresh when it's ordered.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

Cool place

17 Dec 2010

A very chill place. Went once for the breakfast buffet and was amazed at how many vegan options (clearly labeled) there were.

And the price is a "sliding scale" based on what you feel you owe given how much food you've eaten.

17 Hypolita St, St Augustine, USA

The best vegan burrito I've ever had

18 Sep 2010

My boyfriend and I went to St Augustine for a weekend getaway and I saw this place on the Happy Cow Web site and had to check it out.

Had the tempeh burrito with avocado and veggies (without cheese) for lunch. So amazing! Very flavorful and tender. Will definitely be going back.

Atmosphere is cute and mexican-themed.

1511 NW 2nd St, Gainesville, USA

Love this place

16 Nov 2011

Great atmosphere and super-friendly staff. Yes, the menu can be a bit pricey, but this place is all about quality. You can tell the chefs put their all into the dishes. Beautifully seasoned and cooked. I don't go here very often, but when I eat out and feel like having a genuinely good meal, this place is at the top of my list.

1902 SW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Just OK

12 Sep 2010

The food was good but the prices were steep. I ended up ordering a curry seitan and vegetable dish that was tasty but the consistency of the seitan was a little too spongy for me. Very large portions but this simple dish was $13...a little much if you ask me.

Staff is very nice and friendly. Ambience of the restaurant is a little strange: there are NO windows. Kinda freaky.

A nice dinner but it would've been much nicer if it were a few dollars cheaper.

Marienburger Strasse 38, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Very good

17 Dec 2010

I went to Manna a few times while I was in Berlin a few months ago. It was right by my hotel so it was super convenient. The portions are huge and the food is amazing. The prices are a bit high, though.

Every time I went, at least one of the staff spoke English. There was ALWAYS something vegan on the menu, even if it was only one thing. And they always had vegan cookies (which were very tasty).

401 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville, USA


17 Dec 2010

Really nice, cozy restaurant that's very friendly to vegans and vegetarians. I ordered a tofu sandwich with homefries. Tasty potatoes. Sandwich could've been better if they had some vegan cheeze, but still tasty.

Local artwork decorates the place. Service is friendly.

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just what I was looking for

10 Jan 2011

This place is great. Even though the menu is fixed, I enjoyed everything I ate.

That night, they were offering a fried butternut squash with veggies and roasted parsnips. The soup was potato and leek.

It was delicious and I'd go back again the next time I visit Amsterdam.

Be sure to make reservations though.

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Great place

03 May 2011

Traditional Italian fare veganized. Don't expect to find the obscure ingredients vegan restaurants use in the U.S. Those ingredients don't exist here (ie. nutritional yeast, chia seeds, etc.).

Hearty dishes that are savory. And the vegan cheesecake...yum.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 7, Berlin, Germany

It's like "moe's," but in Germany

17 Dec 2010

The format of this burrito place reminded me a lot of Moe's Southwest Grill in the U.S. (or Chipotle, if you're not familiar with Moe's). You pick your rice, beans, protein and veggies. You can veganize it very easily since you're the one designing the burrito. And the burritos are pretty big. Very tasty.

315 W Garden St, Pensacola, USA

Nice quick dinner

15 Dec 2010

Stopped in this market to buy some hummus, bread and fruit and ended up eating a delicious dinner of lentils and rice that the deli was offering for a very good price.

Staff is very friendly.

Langestraat 181 A, Brugge, Bruges, Belgium

Vegan fast food

10 Jan 2011

The woman who was running the place when I ate there was very nice and spoke perfect English. I ordered the tofu-seitan burger with fries and vegan mayo. It was ok. Basically just fried a piece of tofu/seitan.

Not exactly healthy, but if you want to be vegan in Brugges, this is one of the very few options you have.

307 Exchange Pl, New Orleans, USA

Not much else in New Orleans

11 Jan 2011

Like others have said, there is hardly any choice on the menu for vegans. They do know what "vegan" means, but that doesn't exactly mean they have much to accommodate vegans. The manager did say that he was looking into including more vegan items on the menu in the future, though.

I had spiced potatoes with veggies and the lentil pancake for dinner. The veggies were good with cajun spicing. The pancake was interesting.

Not sure if I'd go back. It is really expensive.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy


07 Jul 2010

Low-key restaurant that lets you decide how long you want to stay. Self-service and friendly atmosphere. Most staff speak English.

Great food. Half the menu is vegetarian and the other half is vegan. Same with desserts. Great prices considering the other inflated prices of Florence restaurants.

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2r, Florence, Italy

Good but expensive

10 Jan 2011

I ate here today with my boyfriend for lunch. Mostly everything on the menu is vegan, but about four euros too expensive.

I had a vegan dish of tofu and asparagus ravioli with seitan ragu. My boyfriend had wholemeal pasta with vegan lentil ragu. Both were delicious, but the dishes were about 12 euros each, which is really pricy for pasta and ravioli...

Also, I had to have my boyfriend order for me in Italian because the waitress only spoke to us in Italian (and I unfortunately don't speak Italian).

Pettenkoferstrasse 8, Munich, Germany

Very nice dinner

10 Jan 2011

I ate dinner here with my boyfriend a few days ago and it was great. It's so nice to see vegan restaurants spreading around Europe. This place is maybe two months old.

Our waitress spoke very good English and tried to translate everything on the menu for us because we don't speak German. The dishes were very unique and delicious.

I had the celery schnitzel with mashed potatoes and a lovely green gravy (not sure what it was exactly). My boyfriend had a mushroom dish that also had a tasty gravy.

A little pricy but still good.

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