Berlin vegetarian cafe serving as a meeting place for young political activists and punks, and kinda like a beer house. Some items are pay-what-you-can within a given range. From Tue-Thur you might find a daily vegan soup plus vegetarian quiche and different sweets. From Fri-Sun a buffet. Also sells cakes on the weekend. Open Tue-Sat 10:00-01:00, Sun 10:00-00:00. Kitchen closes at 10pm.

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First Review by SarahLouise


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24 Jul 2023

Okay spot for a weekend lunch

Affordable vegan lunch. Set menu style that includes several different items. Order your food and drinks at the counter as there is no table service. Quick, healthy meal in a enjoyably busy spot. Food itself is decent enough - like having summer picnic potluck in the park with friends; but, while it might look like a lot in all the little dishes, in total it's what you'd get in a bowl-type meal elsewhere though not the same quality.

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02 Jul 2023

Vegan brunch 5/5

We took morning menu, it was superb. Athmosphere is fantastic. Relaxed, cozy. (reviewed April 2023)

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Pros: Food, Athmosphere

Cons: Quite popular


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27 May 2023

Pay-what-you-like buffet on weekends

Edit 2023:
Though no longer pay-what-you-like, and there is no longer a buffet since the beginning of the pandemic, this place is still really wonderful.


I love this place! On weekends they have a great buffet, which is mostly vegan, but some dairy -- clearly marked. Lots of salads and spreads which are very tasty. You pay what you like for the food. The optional drinks are available for a fixed price.

The atmosphere is a bit funky, which I like (such as, not all of the tables and chairs match).

The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are totally fine speaking English for the German-impaired.

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Pros: decent food, pay what you like, comfortable and interesting atmospher

Cons: sometimes kind of crowded


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02 Nov 2022

Laid-back Leftist Cafe with Delicious Vegan Breakfast

Cafe Morgenrot is a large cafe in the heart of trendy Prenzlauer Berg.

It is run by a collective and is a leftist political meeting spot. The menu even includes "right-wing" discrimination as one of the types of discriminations they don't want in the cafe - right next to racist, sexist and homophobic discrimination.

I had wanted to go here for a long time and finally got the chance about a month ago. I had the vegan breakfast plate (12€) and a cappuccino (3€). They were both absolutely fantastic, especially the breakfast plate. It contained so many different things, including spreads, a chickpea salad and vegan scrambled eggs, and I loved all of them.

The food was great, but what really made me love this place was the vibe. It was non-pretentious and laid-back. You order at the counter and pick up the food and drinks yourself when it's ready. The people at the table next to me were having lively, interesting conversations about topics I don't remember. The music was a mix of things and awesome as well. Some of the things played were chill, old school rap, funky 8-bit-ish electronic music, world music and Africa by Toto. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The vibe combined with the amazing food makes this place a 5/5 for me. I will definitely come back!

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07 Aug 2022

Great place, show up early if you want baked things

I’ve been here twice during my current trip to Berlin, very happy with it both times. There’s a good selection of food, lots to drink, and a venue downstairs with excellent loud music.

Pros: Big breakfast plate. , Berlin, condensed into one place.


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02 Aug 2022


Great Value for a vegan sunday brunch - many vegan options and delicious scrambled tofu.


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26 Jun 2022

Love it!

I love the place, it's very queer and open. The vegan cheesecake (so creamy and delicious!) and the iced coffee were fantastic! I will definitely go there again! I love it!

Pros: Many vegan options, Like the atmosphere , Delicious cake


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19 Jun 2022

Relaxed place

Been there on an afternoon, got an hummus plate and a coffee. Liked both. Left happy. Great! :)


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30 May 2022

Sehr gutes Frühstück

Das Cafe Morgenrot bietet am Wochenende Frühstück/Brunch zum fairen Preis und mit bester Qualität. Die Atmosphäre ist gut und der Kaffee gut.

Pros: Vegane Optionen , Veganer Brunch , Politischer Ort


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27 Nov 2021

Always in my mind

Vegan Buffets before covid we're amazing, the place was slammed by us, youngsters, to get one. Vibe is great, the place has some me historical background as well.

Last time I went there I had a hummus and hot drink. Was pretty good, I enjoyed it.

Pros: cool vibe, vegan brunches, location is great


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22 Oct 2021

Coffee and cake

Really cosy café, we didn’t expect it to be vegan, but all of their cakes are vegan, and the atmosphere is great. We tried the carrot cake - yum! We had cappucino and hot chocolate with oatmilk.


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17 May 2021

Leckerer Brunch

Sehr leckeres veganes Brunch. Leider habe ich den Buffet nicht probiert (Corona), aber der Frühstücksteller war abwechslungsreich und kreativ.
Als Feedback: Meine Freundin hat mehr Süßes auf dem Teller gewünscht. Hat mich aber nicht gestört.
Tolle Atmosphäre, tolle Leute, tolle Einstellung

Pros: Lecker, Kreativ, Abwechslungsreich, Preiswert


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23 Jul 2020

Great place

A very inclusive, political place that is also vegan-friendly. The vegan cakes are great and it's really recommendable for any time of day. Still have to make it to their legendary brunch.


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20 Jun 2020

Cool little place

Nice little place to have a beer, the staff can be a little rude sometimes and a customer once got a bit racist towards my boyfriend, who’s from Australia- not the places fault, but just not a huge fan from the people going there (which is weird because the concept of the place is exactly the opposite!)


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16 Jan 2020

Chilled cafe&bar with delicious brunch buffet

The atmosphere in this alternative cafe is truly "different":
Self-service, generally chilled, sometimes a bit slow, many colorful costumers, only vegan and vegetarian food and drinks. There are dark, shadowy areas as well as seats next to the large windows.

I love how this place embraces diversity🌈 and also offers diversity here.

All is home-made, hand-made food, with many vegan options:
All cakes and muffins are vegan 🍰🧁, they even have savory snacks like nachos with vegan 'cheese' or breakfast with vegan 'scrambled eggs'.

Regarding the beverages, there is a choice of various milks (organic cow milk or vegan: soy, oat, almond) for coffee latte, matcha latte and chai latte etc. ☕️🍵 Besides, there are teas, juices, soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks since this location turns into a bar (German "Kneipe") at night. 🍻🍷🍹

Their brunch buffet is amazing - most of it is vegan - and it is delicious! Over the many years that this place has existed, they have come up with so many good-tasting vegan spreads and salads. There is only some cheese, yogurt and milk, which is not vegan.

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Pros: good food, fun atmosphere


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13 Dec 2019

Really cool cafe and bar

We came here for some cocktails and small items to eat and really liked. The alternative style of the place makes it really chilled. The menu is vegetarian with many vegan options. Moscow mule, nachos with salsa and olives were a delight. Cakes were looking great but we didn't try them as it was too late...

Pros: Almost only vegan, all cakes are vegan, Cocktails can be veganized


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05 Nov 2019

Alternative café

Their buffett can get very crowded on the weekends so it is bettee to get there some minutes before they open. Food is okay but you sometimes have to wait a little bit to get your chance.

During weekdays they offer good vegan cake. In the evening I once had a cocktail which wasn't mixed very well but could easily get a new one.

I like the atmosphere, especially sitting outside on the street in summer.


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29 Oct 2019

Probably last Alternative place in Prenzlberg

If you don’t come for the food just come for the support. While our Prenzlberg went through a lot of gentrification this is one last alternative place.
You can go there for a nice and affordable lunch. They don’t serve this fancy vegan/vegetarian hipster food but healthy and basic stuff.
It’s one of my favourites in my Kiez.


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20 Oct 2019

No vegan food on Sunday afternoons

I guess you either really love that place or you don’t. I don’t, since we came here on a Sunday afternoon to grab some food, but there was no vegan food at all beside the tiniest bit left overs from the buffet - Like nothing, even after I asked! I can’t even say they were really friendly or welcoming. Coffee is ok, but I sadly just don’t see why I should ever come here again..


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14 Oct 2019

Ridiculously Delicious

My husband has been going to this place for many year and couldn’t wait to take me. It was as delicious as he said but has become very popular so felt very squeezed in and had to wait quite awhile in the line to get food. The space doesn’t scale for the number of customers being served. We were there on a Sunday so perhaps it’s the busiest day. Definitely be in line when it opens. Incredible value for the quality of an all you can eat buffet.

Pros: Variety of vegan options in the buffet, Three non dairy options for coffee drinks, Very reasonably priced (11 euro)

Cons: Sunday - long lines and crowded, Patrons were a bit aggressive to get to buffet, A bit awkward getting to the food


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26 Sep 2019

Best Café vibe in Berlin

This café place is by far the most welcoming in all of Berlin. Nice alternative-leftie vibes, vintage furniture, good music, affordable food and drinks and very welcoming and friendly staff

I love to have a vegan cake and a beer at this place

Pros: Best vibes, Great vegan cake collection, Very affordable food and drinks


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18 Aug 2019

Super brunch!

Went there for a Sunday brunch and can highly recommend it, 95 % vegan options! The alternative vibe of the cafe is lovely as well as their prices!

Pros: Nice brunch, Nice atmo

Cons: dairy options


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16 Jun 2019

Long time fav, disappointed today

I have been going to Cafe Morgenrot since 10 yrs and always loved it.
Today my experience was unfortunately a bit different: as recommended from the Café collective themselves we went there exact 1pm for the brunch so it‘s less crowded. When we wanted to order first the guy at the bar didn’t know the beverage we wanted although being on their menue. Then when we said we want to brunch he said it’s not possible anymore. At 1pm. (Saw him giving out plates just 2 min earlier). He could have said it at first or they could have put a sign up or a disclaimer on their website so ppl don’t get disappointed. His argument was that they stop refilling now and ppl already there should finish the buffet. Buffet was, btw, completely filled.
We ordered the beverage and a cake to take the edge of our hunger. On top of all of that he forgot to bring us the cake.

Still love the place but just felt fooled by experiencing this today.


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29 Dec 2018

Nice buffet

Morgenrot has a pretty good, mostly vegan buffet, but you need to check carefully as some dishes have dairy and the signs on the buffet can get mixed up.

Hot drinks take an age to be made, so just relax and partake of the buffet while you wait


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08 Dec 2018

Made my Morgen

The hummus was exquisitely topped with olives and a good drizzle of olive oil, the pesto penne was packed with herby flavour, and the tofu scrambled eggs was warm and comforting. And how could I not mention the star of any good German breakfast–the bread! There was a choice of traditional bread rolls or sliced rye bread, the latter of which I definitely filled up on.

Washing it all down with an well-frothed chai latte, I was more than happy to pay what I thought was a fair price for the food (which is an awesome concept may I add).

I had no complaints about the service, and appreciated the offer of a hot drink upon arrival.

Although I found it very crowded on a Friday morning, I could understand why this place is so popular; delicious, homely food that is affordable for all!

I would definitely come here again to experience a comforting vegan German breakfast again.

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Pros: Afforable, Good quality spread, Anarchist vibe

Cons: Very busy


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30 Mar 2018

Brunch time!

Great vegan brunch on the weekends, you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want for a relatively low price. Yummy food and friendly atmosphere!

Pros: Vegan brunch


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23 Jan 2018

OMG Breakfast

I admit it – I am a Morgenrot aficionado.
Sure, it can be quite busy (so it’s best to arrive a little early before they actually open to make sure you get a table), but that only make sense considering that
… their breakfast buffet provides so many fantastic vegan options that you’ll be struggling to decide what to have and how much of it to devour before moving on to the next dish.
… the atmosphere is really relaxed, board games are available, and you can easily spend hours at this place.
… they provide infused water free of charge.
… you can pay according to your current financial situation (10€ plus/minus 3€) and it will get you to food heaven.
My favourite dishes of theirs definitely include (but are not limited to) the tofu scramble, the amazing vegan cheese cream, Griessbrei, and the chocolate cherry mousse.
If you’re in Berlin during the weekend, I highly recommend you check out this place and treat yourself to German breakfast extravaganza veggie style!

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