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Cafe Morgenrot

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Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany, 10435

Berlin vegetarian cafe serving as a meeting place for young political activists and punks, and kinda like a beer house. Some items are pay-what-you-can within a given range. From Tue-Thur you might find a daily vegan soup plus vegetarian quiche and different sweets. From Fri-Sun a buffet. Also sells cakes on the weekend. Open Mon 12:00am-12:00am, Tue-Thu 9:00am-12:00am, Wed-Fri 12:00am-1:00am, Fri-Sun 11:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 12:00am-3:00am. Kitchen closes at 10pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Buffet, Beer/Wine, Take-out, German

Reviews (44)

First Review by SarahLouise

Amazing café - Edit

Cute, cosy, nicely decorated café. The saturday/sunday brunch is awesome, with plenty of vegan options: scambled tofu, marinated tofu, beans, semolina, jam, bread, spreads, and more. Expect it to be quite busy, but it is worthed waiting a few minutes for a table!

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Don't eat here if you don't want to take pills - Edit

I love the concept of brunch and the place looks nice. Great location etc. BUT. I really felt bad and had a strong abdominal pain after eating here! The brunch was ordinary: a lot of monotonous salads with tofu and a lot of flavorless spreads (especially, "käse", really without flavor). No avocado, no fake meat, no fresh veggies, just TOFU! It looks even tasty when you are hungry, but after tasting a little bit, you understand that food isn't tasty. Yes, you can eat it, but it tastes like food from "canteen", not from cafe or restaurant. Of course, you just don't eat much, because it's boring and not tasty.

The "sweets" were just chocolate spread (also very ordinary) and a several cereals. No cakes, muffins, nothing.

Worst, that I still feel bad after the brunch and strongly not recommend to spend your money in this cafe. There a lot of great vegan cafes in Prenz berg, you can buy food in Veganz, Goodies, etc.

Maybe it's great place for hungry students, but as for me it's better to eat a one bagel in Veganz, that a lot of boring tofu salads here.

Pros: cheap at the first sight , friendly stuff

Cons: monotonous and not tasty salads (all of these with, not fully vegan , sweets (and also not tasty)

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3 - Edit

we had here a brunch breakfast option which is cool. you pay what you want (in 6-10 scale i think) and you can eat whatever you want from the table. the idea is similar to one we have in cracow nova krova restaurant. for me paying 10 euro for brunch is ok if the food is very good. and here wasn't - i took scrambled tofu which should tastes like eggs i supposed but they obviously never heard about black salt. also they had just few salads and pastes for bread. the stuff was in rush but it was totally normal for me - they had a lot of customers.

Pros: all you can eat, big garden

Cons: price too expensive, not very tasty

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chilled place, cheap with good wifi - Edit

This place has a nice atmosphere - the staff are friendly and all (from my experience) bilingual, as is the menu.

The hot drinks are nice and reasonably priced (the cheapest tea I've found in Berlin actually at €1.90) and there's nice fruit infused tap water on the bar.

They have a cakes and cooked food selection and run a breakfast buffet Friday - Sunday which looks nice but was a bit too pricey for me to try (€6-12), depending on your budget.

What I like the most though is it is quiet, with plenty of comfortable seating and excellent wifi reception - helpful if you have life admin to crack on with.

Nothing negative to say about this place really

Pros: atmosphere, affordable, great wifi

Cons: none

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Pay-what-you-like buffet on weekends - Edit

I love this place! On weekends they have a great buffet, which is mostly vegan, but some dairy -- clearly marked. Lots of salads and spreads which are very tasty. You pay what you like for the food. The optional drinks are available for a fixed price.

The atmosphere is a bit funky, which I like (such as, not all of the tables and chairs match).

The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are totally fine speaking English for the German-impaired.

Pros: decent food, pay what you like, comfortable and interesting atmospher

Cons: sometimes kind of crowded

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recommended! - Edit

I have been there a couple of times, one for evening drinks and one for the brunch.Nice and comfortable atmosphere, friendly personnel. The brunch was really really good!A lot of vegan options, and all of them very tasty!I highly recommend it! The prices are absolutely fair, you can pay a minimum or more depending on your judgement.
I give 4 four cows only because they are not a 100% vegan place.

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Visited for Friday - Edit

Update: Second visit. For whatever reason, it was far more pleasing. There were fewer people, more vegetables and more vegan options. Perhaps the first visit was just bad luck. Still enjoyed the atmosphere.

Crowded with long waits for food...on a Friday! Most veg*n restaurants I've been to are either plant-based or fake meat. This is neither. Part of the reason was that it was brunch, of course. So several cereals. But mainly faux-gurts and yogurts. Cheese. Some sauces (...too rich for me to use, even on...) breads. One small bowl of fruit, empty. Maybe a half-cucumber-worth of vegetables.

I grew up in Berkeley circa 1970, so the atmosphere suited me fine. Just kinda freaky seeing kids who want to live in a (mostly-American) past they missed by 20 years-plus.
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 13, 2014

Pros: Atmosphere, generally

Cons: Not plant-based or healthy, 20 minute lines for food (on Friday!), A little food -> A big belly ache

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Nice brunch from time to time - Edit

I always go to their brunch, which is always very crowded, the staff is not always very polite, and people here are sometimes really annoying, trying to jump the queue, bringing kids around when there is already no space...
The buffet is not bad: It's mostly spreads and salads, mostly vegan (there is cheese but it's clearly indicated) you can pay what you want between 6 and 12€, I pay 10€ normally because I think it's what it's worth, and I find it really nice to allow people with less money to pay what they can and eat as much as they want.
On the menu (brunch) you usually have: Cereals, muesli with soy-milk or yogurt, several delicious spreads, raw veggs, bread, cheese, fruit salad, scrambled tofu...
I like to go there once in a while, and I think it's a great options for non-veg as well!

Pros: cheap, good location, food okay

Cons: not friendly (staff and people), very crowded , brunch is always the same

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Nice Brunch - Edit

We went late on Sunday (almost 3pm) but it was still packed and could hardly get a seat. Staff are busy and not especially friendly so you have to find your seat or just leave. Menu is not all vegan but has many vegan options in spread, desserts and salads. Spread were all very tasty but there were not so many salad, especially raw veggies available.

Pros: Tasty, Inexpensive

Cons: Crowded, Not so friendly, Not all vegan, not so much fresh veggies

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Fun bar, great brunch - Edit

The bar is nice to come to in the evenings for some drinks. You can hang out by yourself as well, use the computer of WiFi. It really does have a co-op feel. However, there will not be much food. They really might just have a hummus platter.

Weekend buffet brunch is great. The dishes are simple, but there are many of them, mostly vegan, with many very delicious vegan spreads. They price is flexible, and we were happy to pay the maximum, because we really were very satisfied.

Don't expect fast or friendly service here, but the people working the bar aren't mean. They're just keeping it cool and grungy.

Pros: Cool atmosphere, Delicious brunch, WiFi

Cons: Spotty service

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A breakfast as good as it gets! - Edit

I had the Morgenrot breakfast buffet a few years ago and it was so good that I had to go again! It's still as good! Shame its not all vegan but its 80% vegan and the banana and coconut salad with coriander was sooo good! Well worth rolling out of bed at midday and heading across to central Berlin for.

Pros: Eat as much as you like breakfast buffet, Lots of yummy home made dips etc, nice place and not expensive

Cons: Its in Berlin! (thats a joke!), not 100% vegan

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I Love Morgenrot Kollectiv! - Edit

This is my absolute favourite place to eat in Berlin!

The buffet breakfast is wonderful, with an enormous range to suit all veggie tastes.

Maybe sit outside on a good day (or if you feel brave wrap up warmly for the cold ones) and watch the wonderful world of Berlin go by.

Pros: I feel I'm supporting the cause, Great food, Veggie

Cons: I can't get there more often

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Cool punky alternative place - Edit

We went here for dinner and it turns out it is very limited for dinner - just bar food. We got the nachos which came with fresh salsa (request it to be vegan and they leave off the dairy cheese) and some hummus and bread. The hummus was great. It is very casual, you just sit down and order at the bar. We ordered some mocktails which were very tasty. No English menu but the bar staff spoke English and can help you out. Nice food - we want to come back and try the lunch/brunch and buffet. I love how it is decorated with posters of radical politics and there is political reading material available - all in German but still cool to browse through.

Pros: Cool vibe, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Limited dinner, try for lunch/brunch

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best brunch ever - Edit

huge variety of vegan/ vegetarian spreads, cheese, salads, granola, scrambled tofu, etc

Pros: great variety, cheap (betw 6 and 10 Euros)

Cons: huge queue and overcrowded, bread rolls are not really tasty

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guter brunch - Edit

hier gibt es veganen bzw. vegatarischen brunch samstags und sonntags. das essen ist ausgezeichnet, so sieht man was vegan ist und was nicht. das essen war sehr lecker. den preis, den man bezahlt, kann man selbst wahlen - also brunch gegen spende.....sehr schöne, alternative atmosphere dort.

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Great place - Edit

I remember the buffet plates could get quite empty. And it was horribly crowded. But, the place is super nice, and well-worth a visit, but go on a Tuesday afternoon or something.

Pros: Atmosphere, Price, Wifi (of course)

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Don't miss out on the weekend brunch! - Edit

Cafe Mogenrot is a vegetarian cafe, but very vegan-friendly. I love coming here just to enjoy a cup of tea and chill; the atmosphere is great. The best thing is, however, the brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. You pick a price between 5 and 9 Euro (7 are suggested as that is what is needed to cover their expenses), which makes it affordable even for those with a tight budget. The food, needless to mention, is fantastic and the vegan options are plenty (countless spreads, salads, scrambled tofu). It is usually packed, so make sure to bring some time (but yeah, there are no such things as a quick brunch in Berlin anyway).
Updated from previous review on Monday December 10, 2012

Pros: great brunch, nice atmosphere, fair prices

Cons: usually packed on Sundays, why not go fully vegan?

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Best brunch I've ever had - Edit

The brunch at Cafe Morgenrot was my favorite meal in Berlin. The vegan/vegetarian brunch is out of this world good and so cheap for what you get. I went back to fill up my bowl and plate at least three times with the delicious and carefully prepared food. Every individual dish was so flavorful. They had vegan yogurt, museli, fresh fruit and vegetables, salads and pasta salads, homemade spreads (including the most mouth-watering vegan chocolate spread I've ever tasted), scrambled tofu, fresh bread, vegan butter, jams, curried tofu, and a lot more.

The atmosphere is so chill and I loved the hippieness of it all. It's really cool that you can pay anywhere between 5 and 9 euros for your meal (suggested 7) depending on what you feel you can afford. What a cool concept!

Pros: incredible food, unbelievable value, awesome vibe

Cons: packed

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Great place for brunch at the weekend - Edit

I've been here for brunch a few times and keep going back! It's a buffet with vegetarian and vegan food (clearly marked) including breads, delicious spreads (including an amazing hummus), salads, fruit and a fruity semolina pudding. Drinks are extra and you order them when you pay for the buffet. One thing which is quite interesting is that you can choose what you pay - €5, €7 or €9. This isn't based on what you've eaten, rather what you think you can afford.

I've also been here for drinks in the evening and the atmosphere is amazing.

Pros: Great value brunch, Cool atmopshere, Great location

Cons: Busy at the weekend - get ther early!

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awesome - Edit

i havent been in ages but i used to come here for sunday brunch a few times - great concept - paying however much you eat/you think you should pay - the food is great - i used to bring quests here every time they visited me, when i still lived in berlin

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Cafe Morgenrot - Edit

I've been here twice. I like it very much, mostly because of it's mission. I also like the fact that they are very vegan friendly and it seems like they all speak English and German. Their menu is about 80% vegan, but their brunch is only about 50% vegan. The flavour of the food for the brunch is okay, but the value and the quality of most of the ingredients are pretty good. The staff is nice. It gets quite busy for weekend brunch, but there is a good amount of seating, even on the outside. The coffee is really good. The crowd is very mixed, lots of tourists, students, locals - just like the rest of Berlin.

Pros: A Collective, Vegan friendly, Affordable

Cons: Not 100% Vegan

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Tasty, affordable brunch :) - Edit

I have only been there to the brunch and it was really good. They had a rather big variety of food, it wasn't possible to try everything, and approximately 80-90% of it was vegan. :)
The price (you can choose how much you pay: between 5 and 9 Euros) is good, too. There is free water, so you don't even have to pay for drinks.
I especially like the atmosphere, which is very alternative and chilled.
The only aspects i didn't like were, that it wasn't all vegan (I'm afraid I have to reserve the 5 cows for all vegan brunches ;D) and that each time I went to the buffet to get something new and returned to the table, the staff had already taken away whatever dish or glass etc. i had left on the table. xD But I think, I can live with that. ^^

Pros: great variety, tasty, atmosphere

Cons: not all vegan

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Alternative brunch buffet - Edit

Our hotel (Circus) did feature a vegan breakfast, but on Sunday we went up the road to this place for a change. The buffet was quite impressive - various dips and salads as well as the muesli and stuff. Not everything's vegan but quite a lot is, and it's labelled accordingly. Most people looked studenty which made us feel guilty for being fat middle-aged capitalists, so we may have paid a bit over the odds :-)

Pros: Plenty for vegans, Friendly, Bit different

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Try the strawberry mocktail - Edit

We were there on a friday and went with the buffet. There was great tofu scramble, sundried tomato and olive spread, bananas with cilantro (never thought that would be so good) and loads of normal stuff you'd expect at breakfast. It sounds a bit funn, but you should really try the strawberry mocktail with your breakfast. Staff was a little crabby, but the atmosphere was nice.

Pros: strawberry mocktail!, choose your own price, atmos

Cons: crabby staff

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love this place! - Edit

The bar it's really cosy, the staff it's kind and easygoing, during the week you can have a drink, some nachos, sandwiches or a piece of cake, everything Vegan! They have free wi-fi, put on nice music and once a week have a knitting night!

But the best bit it's at the weekends, Brunch Time!!
Cheap, you can choose to pay between 5 and 8 euros, depends on how much you can, for a self-service Veg brunch, from vegan scramble, salads, mixed vegetables,cheese, many different sauces to müsli, jam, fruit salad, yoghurt, chocolate cream....etc and very good bread! You'll pay the drinks a part.
The staff keeps refilling the serving plates all the time!

Relaxed atmosphere, good vibes!

Pros: good value, friendly staff

Cons: a bit noisy on weekends

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"We're Not Serving Food Today" - Edit

When we got to the Cafe Morgenrot, there were a bunch of people there. Some were sipping drinks, but most were just talking. I noticed there were no menus anywhere, so I asked an employee for one. She said "we are not serving food today."

I wouldn't recommend going to this place. It's not really a restaurant.

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a nice cafe - Edit

I went here late one night when there wasn't any food availible besides pastries, but that was okay. The place had a nice atmosphere and a nice variety of drinks to choose from. Both cocktails and coffee/tea were on the menu. For sure visiting again next time I'm in Berlin to try the buffet.

Pros: price, variety, atmosphere

Cons: bartender was indifferent, no food late night

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Interesting place - Edit

Exit Eberswalder Straße station and head up Kastanienallee, Cafe Morgenrot is a fair way up on the left side of the street.
There is seating on street level and there was someone playing guitar and singing when we went. After he had done the rounds for collection for his music and we had decided what to order from the menu, we were told the food available was downstairs.
We went out the back and down to a basement area. It opened out at one end to a stage/ cinema area with balcony and complete with disco ball. Disco balls seem to be ubiquitous in Berlin. The area we ate in had been furnished with a bar and two long tables with benches. Red paper napkin table cloth, improvised red lighting, graffiti scratched in to the wall and bizarre sculptures/ art completed the anarchist? Marxist? decor.

The menu had just a few light items on it such as soup and nachos but this time we had a choice between pasta salad, green salad, fritters and cooked broccoli which were in big pots/ bowls on the bar. It might have been left over from an event.
I had green salad which was largely made up of lettuce, fritters made with flour and eggs and the broccoli. The food had been there a while and was only vaguely warm but it was edible.

Service was friendly.

At two Euros a plate value was fine.

Pros: friendly and chilled, cheap, interesting

Cons: the food might be a side reason to visit

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Ideal for a relaxed chat and a snack. - Edit

Cafe Morgenrot is a very informal place which offers a great vegan-friendly buffet (pay between 4-8€). In the evenings there are little snacks such as hummus with bread or some delicious sandwiches with vegan mozzarella cheese (small 3,5€).
I love the "hot chocolate rum" (3,8€). There are also other vegan options of cocktails available. Usually, there are two or three different types of cake as well, out of which at least one will be vegan (~1,5€ per piece). Sometimes one might get yesterday's cake for free.
The staff is always relaxed and very friendly.

The only thing I find a bit annoying is that there's a smoking area in the back of the cafe (so when you want to go to the toilet - take a deep breath and hold it ;) but you won't notice much of that in the front area.

Pros: informal, great food, good value

Cons: smoking area

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awesome concept, great food - Edit

Typically breakfast buffets, even if they're vegetarian, aren't vegan friendly, but this one was extremely. I left full and completely satisfied. They had a delicious tofu scramble, even some sort of vegan german pudding thing. Drinks have a set price, but the buffet is pay what you can between 4 and 8 euros. I was very pleased!

Pros: delicous, great atmosphere, spacious

Cons: staff didnt speak much english

1 Response

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Jeffrey 31 Oct 2009 - Hi Hbaley, I liked your review. A vegan-friendly breakfast buffet is definitely a rare commodity!

pay what you can! - Edit

It's a great place with an alternative vibe. They have an exciting pay what you can vegan friendly buffet. It was my first experience with this kind of system and thought it was a great idea. You pay between 4&8 euros. Those that can afford to pay a little more, pay a little more. Be fair people!! These are the kind of places we need to support not steal from! Just wish the buffet ran all day!

Pros: sliding scale vegan friendly buffet, good vibe

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Excellent for Sunday brunch - Edit

What a great place for a late and leisurely Sunday brunch! The first time I went to Café Morgenrot was in summer, so we could sit outside, which was great as the place gets rather busy. The second time was in March, so too cold to sit outside. We didn't manage to reserve a table and couldn't find one for a party of 5 at 12 noon, when the place was really rather busy. However, people were friendly enough to squeeze together to make space for us. The cafe definitely has a squat type vibe about it, which I love and dogs are welcome not just at the tables outside.
The cold buffet ranges from jam, vegan chocolate spread and cereals to fresh fruit, various savoury spreads, cheese, marinated tofu and salads. Unfortunately no vegan yoghurts or pudding options though. While you pay between 4-8 Euros for the food (you can go and fill up your plate as often as you wish at the buffet), you order and pay a set price for your drinks. The coffee is good and you can get vegan capuccions, lattés etc. as well as tea or cold drinks.

Pros: Great value, Well stocked breakfast buffet, Outside space

Cons: Not all vegan

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gut gut gut - Edit

This cafe was sooooo nice, the waitresses were very helpful to explain us how the place is working, for the breakfast, you pay beetween 4 and 8 euros and take in the buffet what you want. The green stickers are for the vegan food and the blue for the vegetarian. It 's very good, and cheap. The athmosphere was excellent, and we found the perfect gig for after thanks to the bar!!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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Thumbs Up for MorgenRot - Edit

I went to MorgenRot for'brunch' on Sunday and the food was good and visited again for an afternoon hummus snack and BioCidre.
The vibe was great, the owner really nice, and some other people let me sit at their table and we had a good conversation. It's got a very punk, alternative style to it, and that seems to be the norm so far for vegetarian food I've eaten in Germany. Lots of variety in the brunch. I liked it, the place is in my 'hood while I'm here, will come here often. Oh, and it was very reasonable. The inside looked too dark and dank for me to sit in, so I sat outside which was really pleasant. Would recommend it, it's in a great neighborhood, good people watching, draws a pleasant crowd, as well. Even though I'm a nerdy american I was made to feel welcome.

Pros: many vegan options, friendly staff-good vibe, food was tasty

Cons: could be cleaner, the inside was very dark

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Damn good place for a sunny breakfast! - Edit

Not anyone might feel comfortable in there, since this place has a clear anarchist/ squatters touch. But you won't find to many similar places either after most squats are gone! If you happen to be in berlin during summer it's just perfekt for a late breakfast outside. And it's all-you-can-eat 4 what-you-wanne-give...AMAZING!
They even used to have shows in the basement. Always jammed, but lovely...this might be history meanwhile. Merciless526

Pros: impossible cheap, nice buffet

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Great cafe - Edit

Cafe Morgenrot is a fantastic place to get a long, leisurely and late breakfast. Really great food on the breakfast buffet (all vegan items are clearly labelled), good coffee and a computer with free internet. It's a relaxed and open minded place (so if you're not you may not appreciate it!) but we really loved it. The pricing 'system' is really good too.

Pros: Tasty tasty food, Prices, Friendly staff

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friendly, chill atmosphere - Edit

This cafe is the only place I found in Berlin to be explicitly vegan-friendly. The pay-what-you-can (between 4-8 Euros), all-you-can-eat vegan/vegetarian breakfast buffet was fresh and well stocked. It is a cold breakfast, with rolls, various spreads, cheeses, veggies, cereal, fruit and puddings. I'll admit coming from Canada I was expecting (and hoping for) a hot breakfast, but the food was tasty and healthy. All items are labeled either vegan or vegetarian. Vegan cake is also available for purchase. There is also a "public" computer with Internet available.

Pros: cheap, tasty and healthy, friendly staff

Cons: no ingredients listed

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