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The Egg Cafe

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16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England,

Casual setting on the second floor, near Central and Lime St stations. Usually 1 or 2 vegan soups daily, 3 daily specials at least 1 vegan. Menu includes vegan spicy beanburger, salads, quiche, and more. Special menu Sunday afternoon (full vegan roast). Vegan items clearly marked on the menu. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-10:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, British

Reviews (80)

First Review by child of the trees

Great location, average food - Edit

The location of the Egg Cafe is pretty interesting and unique and the location pretty central. They have plenty of seating over two floors. The Cafe is set up as a self service cafe with menus at the ordering counter which makes it a bit inconvenient and difficult to decide on a meal when visiting the first time as the menu displayed is a bit chaotic. While the food offering is plentiful, offering starters, mains and desserts I was a bit disappointed by the unimaginative menu. Most things you could order you could also get as a supermarket takeaway (such as the various salads). I ordered the hummus, pita and salad plate which was tasty but again, a bit unimaginative. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, inviting to hang out a bit longer.

Pros: good value for money, vegan dishes are marked, starters, mains and desserts

Cons: Unimaginative menu, Menu display inconvenient

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The Real Deal - Edit

Great vegetarian cafe, with good vegan options and well priced. Located on the top floors of an old building in the city centre, the area is well lit by natural light, and has plenty of space. I will definitely visit again, next time I'm in Liverpool.

Pros: Nice vibe, Good food choices, Large space that is well lit.

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Meh - Edit

The food here is really nothing to write home about. If I'm going to spend money on a meal then I want it to be better than something I could have cooked myself. Instead I got a "spicy" bean burger which was not in the least bit spicy, not in a bun, served with an odd cold pasta salad and some sad looking salad. A real disappointment as I'd heard good things.

I was also surprised that a cafe that presumably markets itself as being ethical due to being vegetarian serves brands such as coca-cola and heinz

That being said the decor is cute, the prices are very reasonable and the staff are friendly

Pros: Nice decor, Reasonably priced , Friendly staff

Cons: Pedestrian food, Odd food pairings, Works with unethical brands

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Eggy eggy egg - Edit

Not going to win any culinary awards but it's been a very welcome presence for as long as I can remember. Lots for vegans, reasonable prices and a nice venue to hang out/meet up.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-06

Pros: Vegan options, Nice hangout, Cheap

Cons: Stair access only, Not a great deal of variety on menu

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Simple and unpretentious - Edit

Have visited the Egg with my partner a few times, and we're always happy enough with the service and food/drinks but can't help but agree with other reviews on here that it's being overtaken by newer Vege/Vegan offerings in and around Liverpool with more ambition. The food is fairly basic and most mains appear to come with a large portion of salad/rice/pasta/hummus/couscous etc. We've visited 3 times now for Sunday lunch - the first time (around 4/5pm) was excellent. On our second visit they'd ran out of nut roast by early afternoon (2pm-ish), which was disappointing, especially as we weren't blown away by the alternative options, but we chalked it up to being busy on a bank holiday weekend. However again on our third visit they'd already ran out of nut roast by mid-afternoon which suggests that they simply need to make more! It's usually seemed busy enough to suggest that they wouldn't waste much.
The staff have always been friendly and there's usually plenty of bodies about so the service is good.

Pros: Nicely decorated cafe with relaxed vibe, Great vegan cakes!

Cons: Not a particularly adventurous menu, Seem to run out of nut roast early on sundays

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Simple, tasty food. Nice cake! - Edit

Came here when visiting Liverpool and had a nice tasty pasta dish, was nothing fancy, and nothing I wouldn't have been able to make myself, but not complaining. Cool, comfortable atmosphere. Came back the next day for coffee and cake.

Pros: Good value, Good portions , Great cake!

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yummy vegan breakfast and great atmosphere! - Edit

Our first morning in Liverpool and this was our first stop. We both had a vegan full English and enjoyed it very much, especially the sausages :)
The lady who served us was super friendly and even refilled my water bottle for me!
The atmosphere was great, good music at the right volume, very cool leaves painted all around the wooden structure, and the location nice and close to the centre of town.
5 stars!

Pros: good choice of vegan food, good prices, friendly staff

Cons: not accessible to those with reduced mobility

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Throwback - Edit

I can't fairly give this place a review as I can't fully remember my visit a couple years ago, from what I can remember though it was alright. Nice quiet atmosphere, I only had a smoothie.

Pros: Vegan options, Good location

Cons: Needs some more life

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A lynchpin of Lverpoo - Edit

This is a lovely, spacious, welcoming but private communi cafe. Lots of options for all. A great space to hang out or arrange group meetings. Friendly unhassled and unhassling staff. Inexpensive for tasty down to earth food which you will have earned once you've climbed the steps to reach the place!

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StevieSurf 19 Jun 2016 - This review is unfinished and will be edited once approved

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lovely food, atmosphere and staff - Edit

Don't be put off by the dark entrance, this is a lovely bright airy cafe inside with lots of windows.

Came for breakfast where I had delicious scrambled tofu on toast and a lovely soya latte. The manager was very friendly and helpful.

I was so impressed I asked for some lunch to takeaway and couldn't resist a chocolate slice or two to take with me.

Will definitely be back next time I'm in Liverpool!

Pros: Bright, comfortable atmosphere., Near the stations, All veggie with plenty of vegan choices.

Cons: Stairs

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Not one to impress your non-vegan friends with - Edit

I have been here a few times with friends and family and always felt a bit uncomfortable about dragging them here. The restaurant is shabby in a not very charming way, it never feels or smells clean and the food is dry and bland - the veggie burgers tasting almost identical to the cakes.
The owners need to visit Give Kitchen, also in Liverpool, to see how good vegan food should be done and what a modern clean restaurant looks like. They have a great opportunity to change and succeed because their restaurant is in the better location ;)

Pros: Good location , Meat free environment

Cons: Doesn't seem clean, Dry, tasteless food, Not suitable for impressing non-veggies

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Grubby. Bland. Depressing. - Edit

If a meateater was to describe what they thought a veggie cafe was like then 'The Egg' is it.

Dry, unexciting food served unsmilingly by people who clearly want something better to do with their lives.

This is not a knee-jerk opinion formed after one visit. I have been coming here for over 10 years but have now had enough. Like 'Eighth Day' in Manchester this place has been living off its historical position as one of the only veggie/Vegan cafes in the City. Time has moved on significantly but unfortunately The Egg has not.

I've read on another sites that Heather Small of 'M People' likes to eat here. Maybe after one night in heaven the food tastes better...

Pros: Cheap, Good Desserts, Vegan Options

Cons: Bland, Uninspiring Food, Scruffy, Grubby Interior, Surly Staff

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good for a quick lunch stop in the city centre - Edit

Well priced vegan food in a lovely atmosphere.
I've had a delicious aubergine, courgette, mushroom curry and different salads (bulgur, pasta, green) on the side.
The green salad didn't have a dressing and tasted bland, but everything else was tasty. They could come up with more dishes though, as there were not that many options.

They have a good selection of cakes as well. The chocolate crunch was delightful!

Pros: well-priced

Cons: it gets very busy and loud during lunch, needs more choices

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The Egg-streamly Disgusting Cafe - Edit

I am ashamed that my city's answer to vegan food is 'The Egg Cafe' because this place is awful!

The whole place is grubby and messy yet it's always full of people so there's rarely anywhere to sit. There is always a long line up to order and when you reach the front I have never had good service. The staff are slow and unfriendly.

I ordered a soy chai latte and apparently this means coffee (which I hate) in Egg Cafe world because I'm not the only person this has happened to.

The food was dry, tasteless and outdated. Veganism isn't boring anymore, guys! Update your menu to something vegans of the 21st century would eat and you might win me back. I usually don't care about rude service and a mistake with the chai latte but boring food and an unclean eating area is not acceptable.

This place needs a revamp immediately. I have high hopes because there are plenty of vegans in Liverpool who still go here (despite it being rubbish) and the space has potential. Just a shame it's wasted on the Egg Cafe.

Pros: Big space, Nice place to meet other vegans

Cons: Horrible Food, Rude Staff who mess up orders, Unclean, grubby

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S.H. 22 Apr 2016 - At last, an accurate review of The Egg!

I agree with you almost completely. The Egg is what vegetarian and Vegan eateries were like 20 years ago. Dry food lacking in imagination and staff that look like they hate the world (or at least hate YOU when you're ordering your food!)

It's certainly "cheap" but I strongly suggest that they charge more for their food and bring the place up to standard.

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excellent relaxed cafe, huge portions - Edit

This is my favourite place in Liverpool. Always a great relaxed vibe here, the tea is really cheap and all the food I've had has been really good. Not cordon-bleu chefery, just good wholesome veggie/vegan meals for a decent price. Huge portions, and the selection of salads that you get with almost everything are really nice. I recommend the beanburger, which is unusual - maybe not to everyone's taste, but I love it. Again, the burger itself is huge and really stodgy. Also the apple crumble's awesome. Free wi-fi too.

Pros: Great vibe, Big portions, Supporting a local independent business

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Good - Edit

Quaint looking little place. I had the salad. Best salad I have had to be honest as it included all my favourite things. Good value for money as I got plenty. Love this place as there are lots of options for vegans and lots of space. More staff may be needed though. I also had a banana cake dessert which was okay.

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Walked in, walked out - Edit

I have been to Liverpool for 24 hours and by God, I was starved! I am quite used to it, being Vegan means to be penalised most of the times, but I am willing to give everything a go..
I walked in the Egg Café hoping to get some breakfast but I had to say "Good morning" twice before being acknowledged, and the place was empty, so it was just carelessness, lack of interest, nothing else. Three people were behind the counter and none of them took any notice of me, they were too busy talking!
The food behind the displays look rather tired, and the lack of human interaction really depressed me. I might be Vegan and compassionate if a bit extreme, but I am not spending money in a place where staff cannot be asked to smile and say "hi".Sorry guys,I ate in the evening when I got home...

Pros: None

Cons: Staff attitude, Most of the food pre-cooked

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Nice place to sit, but food not great - Edit

Great atmosphere and free wifi. The ratatouille was good, but in general the food was dry and the desserts were not amazing.

Pros: Atmosphere, Wifi

Cons: Bland food

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In need of a deep clean, basic menu - Edit

Dated vegetarian canteen, with sticky floors and grubby tables. Food is simple and of average quality, but portions are good. Vegans are well catered for, although the name 'Egg' is deceiving! Can get very busy, so beware of long queues. Seems to be cash only.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Harks back to vegetarian restaurants of yesteryear

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Underwhelming food - Edit

Nice little place with a laid back vibe.

I wasn't at all impressed with the food though. Pretty tasteless and lacks freshness due to poor ingredients.

The Sunday roast looked popular but I avoided it due to it looking really stodgy.

I opted for a salad but it wasn't good. My friend went for the soup and he thought it was a bit tasteless.

If the food was made with better elements and with a bit more love, this place could be a winner. Must try harder.

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The Egg, Liverpool - Edit

A veggie institution in Liverpool which has a funky interior and cool atmosphere. There is nothing sophisticated about the food but its wholesome, tasty and the portions are huge. Nice cakes and the breakfasts are good too.

Pros: Meat free, Veggie institution, Good value

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very nice - Edit

I found it through the app and was pleasently surprised! Nice place to sit, lots of different people and good choice in food.. For vegans as well.
You order at the bar and they bring the food, the service was very fast and friendly :)

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Love it here - Edit

Hidden away in a beautiful old building this is a very friendly vegetarian/vegan place! Inside is nice and spacious with big tables. It's very cheap with big portions of wholesome food in an expensive area.

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Adore - Edit

I adore the Egg Cafe which is a few flights up in a old, creaky building - individual, bohemian and refreshing. It's so difficult to get vegetarian restaurants and this place is delightful. I've eaten here numerous times over the years whilst visiting friends in Liverpool and really wish Belfast had somewhere like this. Tasty, delicious, home made food and it's BYOB. At night candles transform the fresh daytime cafe feel into a very relaxed atmospheric restaurant. I've had breakfasts, lunches and dinners here. In fact I might just plan a visit to Liverpool asap just to eat at this great spot again! Plus it's also a fantastic art gallery to boot!

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Brilliant cupcakes - Edit

I had a few days in Liverpool and I went here 3 times. I had a great vegan breakfast for a very reasonable £4.70 including coffee and toast. The cupcakes were brilliant. Chocolate chilli beetroot one day, coconut and lime another. I liked the atmosphere, very relaxed.

Pros: Great cupcakes, Relaxed atmosphere, Central location

Cons: Stairs!

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good - Edit

visited with my family today. good solid (although suspect microwaved) standard veggie offerings. soup was particularly good. very reasonable. good ambience - hippy bustling - but perhaps lacked that extra zing to justify the fifth star.

Pros: lots of vegan

Cons: had to remind staff two times to get main course

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Menu needs a shake up! - Edit

Really like atmosphere here, it's the kinda place you can go to chill out for a while in the city. Location is great. However am sorry to say that the food is nothing special. The menu could do with a revamp. The soup and garlic bread are nice and that is what I pretty much always order here now. Have tried the shepherds pie and the spicy burger and while thsy are ok they are nothing that I couldn't make better myself at home.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Good size portions

Cons: Food is just OK

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Cheap and cheerful - Edit

Last time I was there it was so busy there were turning people away. When there's a long queue obviously it takes the staff longer to get your meal ready, so sometimes service is a bit slow. Generally though, it's a lovely bright space with an arty, rustic feel and really hearty food. Portion sizes are really generous, and you can't beat the set menu for value for money. The food isn't always as spicy as I'd like, but it's filling, well-cooked and tasty. There's a good range of vegan cakes and puddings too.

Pros: Great value for money, Bright room

Cons: Gets very busy

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essential! - Edit

Perfect for us a couple 1 vegan 1 gluten free. Food satisfying and very good value, Sherperds pie good without being stunning, great salad/slaw with. Partner uber happy with burger and again fine salad we got to take away. Enjoyed my 1st chai latte, though had a laugh with the staff who made my second one coffee based as he just didn't know chai is tea, want a problem, he knows now!

Pros: good value, Ve & GF Clearly labelled , friendly staff, nice ambience, happy to do part ta

Cons: minor lack of knowledge re chai latte

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my fave place!!! - Edit

Absolutely love this place. Great quality food at a fantastic price. I go at least once a month and even my non-veggie friends suggest to go. Would highly recommend

Pros: cheap , Great quality food, Can take your own alcohol for a £1

Cons: Want to go all the time, Always full to the brim (stomach haha), Sometimes have to sit with others

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Don't miss when in Liverpool - Edit

We went there in July 2014 because we are in Liverpool for two days and found Egg Cafe on Happy Cow, quite close to Albert Dock where we were staying. Good range of hot and cold vegan and vegetarian meals, the soups were particularly good and the puddings and cakes were amazing. A large loft with a 1960s-70s studenty bohemian vibe.

Pros: Vegan and vegetarian, Large selection , Central location

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Not exactly impressed - Edit

Haven't been in a while (Mello Mello convert) and now I remember why. The staff were overheard twice bitching about customers coming because they were too tired/ busy, took them twenty minutes to begrudgingly clear the last person's plates at our table and the banana cake was dry. Won't be coming back in a hurry.

Pros: The soup/ garlic bread- lovely!

Cons: Service, General cleanliness

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Time slip - Edit

I was staying overnight in Liverpool and the Egg seemed to be the only vegetarian place open to have an evening meal. Climbing up to the 2nd floor (complete with still-wet orange-painted handrail) was like travelling back in time 30 years. The décor, the atmosphere and the food were the sort of things on offer at that time. I can well imagine how locals would fall in love with the place and there was plenty of laughter and friendly chatter, a pleasant place to be. The food, however, shall we say, lacks finesse. It tastes OK but it is piled on the plate and there seems to be little thought going into combinations of flavours and certainly none into presentation. The combination of pasta and pitta was less fusion than friction. In short, it is homely food, with decent helpings, in a friendly atmosphere. The cakes were fine, with many available to vegans. There is no alcohol licence and only water glasses available if you do take wine. Also, it is worth noting that payment is cash only. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
So, in summary, this is a friendly place with food that fills for everyday eating. It is not really a place for any sort of a special meal, which is a pity because there is nowhere else in Liverpool that caters well for vegans, except for ethnic restaurants.

Pros: Friendly atmosphere, Helpful staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Basic food, Poor presentation, Cash only

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Losing my love for this place.. - Edit

I used to love The Egg Café, it as the first fully vegetarian restaurant I had ever visited and as a vegan I was so excited at the prospect of vegan food being prepared for me in a meat free establishment.

I have visited this place countless times and enjoyed it but lately the quality and taste of the food has declined! I find that the food is dry, salty and tasteless, tis could be and most likely is down to the use of microwaves which is such a shame! I wouldn't mind waiting slightly longer for more delicious and nutritious food!

Last time I visited the Egg I had the Mediterranean crumble which was as stated above, dry, chewy and tasteless. I then had the chocolate crunch for afters which is my favourite but sadly it was stale and cardboard like.

All that being said, I do hope I have simply been visiting on their bad days and that next time I go it will be as nice as it used to be! I have never been let don by the daily changing soups! They are always delicious :) and the banana cake with vegan ice cream is divine!

I do recommend this café, it's a lovely little place and the staff are always friendly!

Pros: Good choice of food, Friendly staff; nice relaxed atmosphere, Prootes veganism and vegetarianism

Cons: Use of microwaves, Salty food, I've heard that Aldi soymilk isn't vegan

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Beautiful little cafe, great vegan food - Edit

Great vegan food, I ordered a hummus salad expecting some hummus and some salad leaves and was greeted with a plate of pasta salad, falafels, hummus, rocket, warm pitta bread, all delicious! They also had a wonderful assortment of teas. It would be a lovely place for a coffee too if they served vegan cakes and cookies, that would be perfect! My Dad is a big meat eater but even he was made up with his vegetarian quiche. Definitely recommend!

Pros: Low prices, Lovely atmosphere, Generous portions

Cons: No vegan cakes/cookies, Not 100% vegan

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I wish it wasn't 2 floors up - Edit

The Egg Café food was good and very reasonably priced. Long tables for the students and groups, but a few smaller tables for visiting old folk. All food from the buffet, but it was brought to our table. The taste was excellent and we were very satisfied. The prices were reasonable.
Our main problem was that it is on the second floor and there is no lift. My wife is partly disabled and it was difficult to get to, so we did not go back.

Pros: Good food, Reasonable prices, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Difficult to find, Have to climb to the second floor

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Hats Off to the Apple Crumble and Vegan Custard! - Edit

When I lived in Liverpool, I could have come here every week. The vegan options are clearly marked, food arrives quickly and is always great quality and staff will make banter if it's not busy. At night candles and soft music make for a lovely atmosphere - and although there's no license, you can ring your own wine.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 21, 2011

Pros: Excellent food, Vegan deserts, Friendly staff

Cons: Cash only, Not all Fairtrade

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sadly let down - Edit

Myself and my partner visited here after seeing it on the happy cow website. Thought the setting was lovely and cosy and there was a poetry eve on so there were candles lit and the environment was really nice. Sadly we left disappointed and unsatisfied after paying £13 for two very bland dahls that did resemble overly priced festival food. A shame as the setting was very lovely.

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Nice food, needs attention though! - Edit

After the initial climb up all them stairs, first impressions were of an alternative style cafe, all bare wood floors and tables and strange paintings on the wall. Ordered food at the bar, had the spicy veggieburger and a cup of tea, my partner was somewhat perturbed by the fact that the place looked like it needed a bloomin good clean and chose nothing.

After a few minutes, food was served, a rather eclectic mix of salad, pasta salad, a grain salad of some sort and a dense bean based burger with more than a hint of chilli and chilli sauce. Not entirely sure what the other reviews meant when they said about large portions either as mine was normal sized and was polished off in ten minutes. Despite this, food was good and made a pleasant change from the usual fare you get when visiting anywhere and telling them you're vegan.

In conclusion, I would say that the food was good, atmosphere was OK (although the constant psychobilly playing whilst we were there got annoying eventually) but the tables, floor etc looked like they hadn't been scrubbed for ages which didn't inspire much confidence and led one to wonder if the same lack of care applied to the preparation of the food i.e was the salad washed properly. Having the food in bowls uncovered at the bar wasn't too good either so three out of five, three for the nice food and two stars down for needing a cleaner!

Pros: Nice tasty food, Pleasant atmosphere

Cons: Place needs a good scrub, Food on display uncovered at bar

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Scrummy cakes - Edit

Visited Egg Cafe just for cakes as MelloMello not so good for vegan puds. Had a bit of a job finding it as not clear what street it's on from description. Up two flights of steep stairs so not very accessible for buggies/less able people. Rustic type ambience, fair choice of food available. I bought sticky banana cake and millionaires shortbread, both of which were very nice and came in large portions and kept us going for 2 days!

Pros: Nice cakes

Cons: Difficult to find and poor access

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our favourite!!! - Edit

My boyfriend and me went there two times and enjoyed it a lot!!! Great food, enormous big portions (I couldn't finish mine), cool atmosphere, extremely friendly staff for low prices! What else do you want?!?

Pros: very big portions of delicious food, good choices, cool and friendly atmosphere

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Love Egg :-) - Edit

This place is pretty much a Liverpool institution and I actually didn't realise it was veggie, as so many people who aren't vegetarian have invited me there. The food is wholesome, hearty and healthy: door stop sandwiches, hummus, soup and big massive salads. There's a good atmosphere and you can have a good meal here in the evening with a bottle of wine from outside.

Pros: lovely atmosphere, tasty comfort food, teas

Cons: sometimes it's too busy

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Ok veggie cafe with reasonable vegan choice - Edit

This is primarily a vegetarian cafe that caters reasonably well for vegans but doesn't exactly go out of its way. There is cheese on toast, for example, but I was told 'We don't have any vegan cheese here' when I asked. As vegan cheese is really easy to get hold of now I really don't understand why not. Also most of the cakes weren't vegan when I visited apart from a couple of dull looking muffins. Saying that, the food is a good price and the portions are large. I had a vegan spicy bean burger which was nice enough with a huge portion of mixed salads. However, I think it would be nice if you could choose which salads you want rather than just having a mix of everything put on your plate as I found lots of pasta salad just a little too filling.
I also have to say that I didn't find the staff particularly friendly and the cutlery was rather grubby as were the toilets.
All in all this is very much an old-style veggie cafe. If you are looking for something a little nicer, with more vegan choice, I would visit Mello Mello just around the corner but if you like 'old school' then this might appeal.

Pros: Big portions, Reasonably priced

Cons: Limited Vegan Choice, A little grubby, Up a lot of stairs

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Best vegan bolognese in the world ! - Edit

We visited in october 2012. Great place, graet food, great vegan options. Very busy though so expect queueing at rush hours, also quite noisy.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 08, 2013

Pros: Best vegan bolognese in the world!, Great vegan options

Cons: Noisy, Busy

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The Egg Cafe, Liverpool - Edit

There are some simple things about The Egg that will always make it popular:-

* Long open hours 7 days a week

* A menu that has the offerings for vegan vegetarians clearly labelled - no wasting time asking what is and what isn't vegan if that is your eating persuasion

* Central location (near Central and Lime St stations for any visitors to the city)

* nice staff

Lacto and ovo veggies are also catered for.

I did a quick count and I reckon there is approx 30 food items on the menu board. Approx 17 of these appear to be vegan friendly. Its value for money - big portions at reasonable prices (e.g. 5.95 for a main course). I personally can't recommend the set menu; it's just too much to eat and could easily feed 2 people. I had a go at it once and afterwards I was so full I thought I was about to explode. If you like to eat huge then the set menu is for you.

In terms of the menu content, in my humble view there's things to have and others best avoided. The soups are usually great (the apricot and lentil is the business). I'm not much of a cake eater personally but I'm told the cakes are decent. Where I respectfully feel the menu could be improved is with the rotating specials. The shepherd's pie is easily the best and the bolognese isn't bad. The others though (and I hate to say this given The Egg has done so much for me over the years), are bland. I've tried and tried but there's a bunch of them that are just best avoided - Moroccan veg, potato and pea madras, lentil and spinach dahl and a whole bunch of other things. Also there's a home made salad that gets served with many of the courses and while it is probably fairly well nutritionally balanced, it doesn't taste of much either. What I can endorse is the top Sunday roast and also the tandoori mushrooms are pretty good which are one of the staples that they have that are always on the menu.

Given a choice between The Egg and Mellomello (since they are so near each other & also the only 2 all vego eateries in Liverpool at the moment), the food at Mello clearly wins by a mile. The hot food kitchen at mello closes earlier though (sandwiches, cakes only after then). Also some of the food in the egg is microwave heated which I'm not keen on. Thus I personally go for Mello with the The Egg a fall back for late evening eating since its open til 22.30.

Take your pick from the mix of long communal type tables or the smaller tables for 4.

Updated from previous review.

Pros: Vegan veggie friendly, Long opening hours, Helpful staff

Cons: Microwave sometimes used, Some of the specials are bland

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Great place to eat - Edit

This is kind of what Brighton used to be like before it went up-market - great food, atmosphere but don't expect it to look like the Ritz (wouldn't want it to anyway :-) )

Pros: cheap, good range, friendly

Cons: No apparent lift, Bring your own alcohol

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Good food, good atmosphere - Edit

I enjoyed going there while visiting Liverpol and kept coming back :) It's in a central loation in Liverpool, very spacious and cozy, with art on the walls and big tables, often shared with others.
The food is tasty. It was easy to find the vegan options. The vegan burger and the vegan lemon cake recommended. The service is friendly and quick.
The prices are very reasonable.

Pros: good food, spacious, central location

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Wonderful place to eat and relax - Edit

Nice place with lots of space. It is in the attic, so do not hesitate to go up the stairs to the last metal narrow door; inside is a nice down-to-earth eating place. They have good and varied food at a reasonable price. One can also have parties/celebrations in the separate upper part of the restaurant (like for children). All sorts of nice people around you. One can also book a table (which may be advised in the weekends). One can also take away. Staff is friendly.

A place where I would go again, and take the friends too :)

Pros: good and varied food, nice staff, friendly atmosphere

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Yes! - Edit

I visited the Egg cafe a few months ago, it was pretty good. The atmosphere was cozy and laid back, the food was 2 or 3 courses (don't recall for certain) for around £10. I'd definitely suggest the Egg cafe to anyone in Liverpool.

Pros: Good portions, inexpensive

Cons: strange location

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A little hit and miss... - Edit

Having already been to the Egg Cafe many years ago (well, four years ago) for my birthday, I headed back to it on my return to Liverpool, with good memories of the place. I was not entirely disappointed, with the general atmosphere of the place still being friendly, welcoming and a little bit DIY, and the price still being very right (at around £6 for a main meal with rice or salad). But the food itself was a little bland perhaps - I ordered what was described as a goulash, but was really just Quorn pieces with potato. Having said that, my friend, who ordered the chili, did rather better, and it may simply be an issue confined to that one dish. They also do quite decent soya hot chocolates. Overall, Egg Cafe seems like a nice place to stop off for a cheap, basic meal in central Liverpool.

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Wot no French Toast - Edit

I've been to Egg so many times that I guess I've grown accustomed to it. It has a very Bohemian feel, lots of art for sale displayed on the walls plenty of space and a relaxed atmosphere. I think the French Toast is to die for but on our recent visit it wasn't available as it's a breakfast dish (but all day at the weekend) My partner had a leek and brocolli quiche which I found a little bland and I had the spaghetti balls which were good both served with rice and salads. We shared a chocolate pudding with the vegan custard which was great. Hopefully I'll be back many times again.

Pros: French Toast, Relaxed Atmosphere, Spacious

Cons: Stairs

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OK, hard to access with young child - Edit

Newington Road looked like a back alley. If you go from Bond street, it is between of Oxfam and Subway. I went there with my 22 months toddle in the pram. It was a difficult task to lift the pram and to help a toddle up to the second floor. But there are always people willing to help. Was lucky to get some helps from people for both the way up and down. The atmosphere was young child friendly. Very big sitting floor. I had a bolognese and a soup for around 8 pounds. The soup was very big and the portion for bolognese was just right -- served with rice, salad and noodle. Didnt manage to eat them all even though my child was eating with me too. They have a high chair. Female toilet is kind of a few steps down and rather small. So it is not easy to go to the toilet with young child too. Food was ok.

Pros: Price

Cons: Not pram friendly

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Visited August 2011 - Edit

Loved this place! Food was delicious and reasonably priced. Cafe is unpretentious and friendly. Good food at a good price. Strangely no baked potatoes, sadly no gluten free cakes or alcohol. Otherwise excellent, would recommend to a friend, will be going back :0)

Pros: price, simplicty, cleanliness

Cons: no gluten free cake, no wine, no baked potatoes

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Vegan options in Liverpool - Edit

The Egg Café is located very conveniently in the city centre of Liverpool and has a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of windows and a relaxed vibe. The food we had was nothing memorable, relatively bland and unimaginative, with limited vegan options (but vegan options all the same!) The best part of dinner were desserts, about half of them were vegan and definitely tasty. Good option if you're looking for some simple vegan food at adequate prices.

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Great place - Edit

Came here with my boyfriend and was pleasantly surprised to find various vegan options on the menu. Good, cheap food. The potato & peas dish I had could've done with some more salt and herbs, but overall a very pleasant dinner.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday December 29, 2010

Pros: tasty, atmosphere

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Good breakfasts - Edit

I was here in summer and tried the vegan cooked breakfast while my mum had a veggie one. They were both generous and delicious dishes and I was happy with the vegan version. The place is very relaxed with an unpretentious 'bohemian' feel about it and the food is simple. It's not a fancy place but it's definitely quirky. Worth a visit.

Pros: Relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere, Good breakfasts

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Good but have made better in the house - Edit

We were expecting miracles from this place as we walked upstairs and saw the grand room before us. It's quite a trek up those stairs and we were very impressed with what we saw. Lots of tables, great atmosphere and a nicely designed eating environment. The staff told us to go to the off-licence round the corner for wine as they don't serve alcohol for which they charged a nominal corkage fee (£1 per person I think). We ordered the 3 course meal for £7 or £8. The starter was home-made garlic bread which when it came were the size of door steps. We actually ended up giving most of it to a couple we had been speaking to us on a nearby table. The main courses were very simple currys and were very bland. Filling, tasty but bland. I can't remember what the dessert was, but it was not the most impressive. I was so excited about going here but the food did not inspire although I would go back becuase I only want to eat at vegetarian establishments when I go away

Pros: cool location

Cons: bland food, no alcohol

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Lovely cafe - Edit

Fantastic cafe. Simple, cheap, but tasty food. Excellent value. The staff are really friendly and the place has a great atmosphere. Fantastic location with great views over the old railway sidings leading into Central Station (which used to be above ground before they buried them!). Highly recommended.

Pros: cheap, great atmosphere, friendly

Cons: poor access

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Nice Cakes - Edit

Having been to this place twice, I have to say it is not at all suitable for people with disablities, as there are a lot of stairs. Being vegan I had the one vegan meal, but thought it was a bit boring, a large Sosmix ball with pitta bread and a rice dish from the buffet. The next time I went I picked up a sausage roll from H & B but did have one of their very nice vegan cakes, but I couldn't see why the other things on the menu couldn't be vegan. They do offer soya milk.

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Love this place - Edit

I love the Egg. I visit it every time I'm in Liverpool. I enjoy the vegan breakfast the most with a nice pot of green tea and a chit-chat with old friends. The staff are always pleasant and it's reasonably priced. Try the chocolate slice. Yum!!

Pros: food, staff , atmosphere

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The Egg Cafe - Edit

I love the egg it always has a wide variety of different vegetarian and vegan meals on offer as well as a constant menu including amazing tandori mushrooms. I had the Mediterranean bake last week and it all comes with different salads yum! It offers a cheap meal deal and the food is well priced and filling! U could take all ur friends there and relax as it is a nice friendly atmosphere. I love it! Karry xx

Pros: wide choice of yummy food, cheap, relax and friendly

Cons: maybe would not know it was there

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An outstandingly cool place! - Edit

We really had no idea what to expect. We almost walked right by the door and were a bit perplexed as we walked up the stairs, but upon opening the door to the wonderland that is the Egg Cafe we were blown away by the ambiance of candle light and ample seating and vibrant crowd. We chatted with very helpful staff and went with the Vegan Burger with Pita. It was quite excellent and we even grabbed a Flapjack dessert! This is the premier place to go in Liverpool! BYOB!

Pros: veg burger, atmosphere , desserts

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Upstairs treat - Edit

My first visit to egg was vey pleasant. Up some narrow stairs I didn't kno what to expect but it was pretty big and had a good selection of vegan food. went for the three course special for 9.95. cauliflower and coconut soup was as good as i have had in a long ime. te main of bolognese with couse cous was average but still very much edible. The vegan chocolate and biscuit cake was a real treat. take away mufin was dry but a good treat nonetheless. i'll be back for sure

Pros: vegan deserts, good value

Cons: toilets not great

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Great for vegans - Edit

A funky place (where the cool and the young hang out) which served a good range of vegetarian and vegan food - vegans, don't be put off by the cafe name! I had lovely garlic bread, great soup and a fab chocolate/biscuit dessert one night, and the next day, a very mushroomy chickpea curry, salads, and a chocolate muffin. Good value and very friendly nice staff.

Pros: vegan puddings, good value, spacious

Cons: not 100% vegan

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Good for Vegans; better for Vegetarians - Edit

A really great find for a vegan with a few days to spend in Liverpool and even better for regulars who can get to know the many different dishes. I would like to have visited again as I made a poor choice of main course.

I opted for a three course meal which, including a cup of tea or coffee, was £9.95. The vegan mushroom soup, served with a glorious door stopper sized garlic herby bread, was superb, I should have just ordered that as it provided a very sufficient lunch. My choice of main course, called Creamy Mushrooms, apparently made with vegan cream cheese, had no visible sign of cream and no taste of mushroom; it was a rather sloppy dish consisting of mainly onion, pepper and tomato with a few mushrooms thrown in at the end of the cooking time. I took my dessert away with me and enjoyed later that evening the vegan chocolate cake.

This restaurant reminds me of the early London vegetarian restaurants such as Mildred's in the West End or Kingston's Riverside Vegetaria which initially offered very stodgy food. Egg's salad, for instance, consisted of two carbs and several root vegetables. The only other option as an accompaniment to the main courses was boiled rice.

It's a better restaurant for vegetarians than vegans as there were a couple of very nice looking quiches on offer. The restaurant itself has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the staff were extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. It's probably unfair to judge this restaurant on a single visit and I'll make a point of returning when next in Liverpool.

Pros: Vast selection, Cheap, Great atmosphere

Cons: Food quite stodgy, Difficult to find, 2 flights of steps

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Good wholesome food in friendly surroundings - Edit

We visited The Egg Cafe twice in one day on a recent visit to Liverpool, with a couple of vegan friends who are "frequent flyers" there, are we were certainly not disappointed. Much larger than I had expected, the cafe is spacious and well laid out, with plenty of local art on the walls.

For lunch, both my wife and had I had the all-day veggie breakfast which, inclusive of tea and coffee cost us around £8 all in. The breakfasts included two eggs, two sausages, beans, mushroooms, fried tomato and thick, wholemeal toast. Although a little greasy, the breakfasts went down well and our plates both went back empty.

About 5 hours later we were back for dinner, and again we ate for under £10, including soft drinks. My wife had the hummous plate, and I had the chick pea and coconut curry. Both were offered with FOUR salads, including pasta and rice, and we both chose to have a taste of all four - I could have also had boiled rice with my curry if I had had the appetite. The curry was very tasty without being overbearingly spicy, and the home-made hummous was also very nice.

Our friends had tandoori mushrooms, bean burger and garlic bread for lunch (all with the aforementioned salads), followed by carrot, parsnip and ginger soup and the curry for dinner - again, empty plates all round and no complaints.

The service was excellent - very friendly and efficient. I would recommend The Egg Cafe to anyone - vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous.

Five happy cows from four happy diners :-)

Pros: Great value, Friendly, Good choice

Cons: Breakfast a little greasy for my taste

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Unbeatable for cheap tasty veggie food - Edit

The Egg - small boho studenty veggie cafe, basic menu has been the same for years (although with the generous portions at tiny prices why change a winning formula?) but there are daily rotating specials and a large range of fabulous vegan soups. This place is great for a relaxed lunchtime snack, and at night the candles come out & it can be an atmospheric (& cheap) alternative to a restaurant meal.... The byo wine policy makes it particularly great for a group get-together or birthday.

HOWEVER - the Egg is what it is, not pretentious or flash, do not expect posh interior decor, matching crockery or chairs, and in terms of seating it really is first-come first-served if it is busy you will just have to wait or share a table. It is also at the top of a couple of flights of cheap stairs.

A fabulous old-school hippy veggie cafe in central Liverpool, a real find!

Pros: fab food & byo wine, cheap & large portions, central location

Cons: not much variety in menu, not accessible for disabled people, slightly scruffy inside

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fresh and tasty vegan food - Edit

the egg cafe is a sweet little vegetarian lunch spot with a rotating menu of daily specials, and several vegan offerings. there was so much to choose from when we were there, from sandwiches and curries to soups and desserts. we started the meal off with a bowl of vegan creamed cauliflower soup and a large slice of garlic bread.

although everything we ended up ordering at the egg cafe was tasty, the soup and garlic bread combo was definitely the highlight of the meal. both were vegan, but both were incredibly rich and delicious. the soup was extremely creamy, and the bread was all thick and fluffy. plus, it was fresh and pipin' hot, and the garlic and buttery spread on it was amazing. probably the best vegan garlic bread i've ever had.

for a main meal, i ordered the hummus combination, which came with homemade hummus, pita bread, salad and pasta on the side. the fresh hummus plate really hit the spot, and i can't fault it...however it did taste like something i could make at home. next time i visit the egg, i will go order something a little more special, like one of the vegan hot dishes. the hummus was creamy and covered in really great seasonings, definitely a great lunch if you are looking for something light.

my husband went for a curry-inspired dish: the vegan tandori mushrooms with creamy sauce. the white yogurty sauce was so convincing, we had to go double check it was vegan! all of it was quite excellent. the tandori mushrooms were plump and well seasoned. they were bright red and had the same flavor as tandori chicken of the same color.

overall, the egg cafe was a great find. all the food was good, and some of it was downright excellent. for people looking for vegan food in liverpool, this place is a must visit. the atmosphere is pretty awesome too. you order at the counter and then sit at a long communal table. it isn't crowded or uncomfortable though, and the decorations are fun and colorful. there's no alcohol license, but feel free to byob!

Pros: inexpensive, great fresh food, healthy cuisine

Cons: no set menu, no table service

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eggsellent! - Edit

I love the egg cafe, yes it`s full of students, yes its up the top of some crazy stairs, and yes it isn`t the smartest place on the earth but it provides good food, decent sized portions and i have always found the staff helpful. It is popular so sometimes you do have to wait a bit but i think its an honest place, and they have recently had a bit of a revamp. The breakfast`s are great too. . my kids love the french toast with maple syrup :)

Pros: central, good value, giant meals

Cons: not wheelchair / pram friendly, not open til 10am, no other cons from me!

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Good dining and value - Edit

I went there last month with my brother whilst in Liverpool and we found it so good went back a second time. The staff were pleasant, cheerful and helpful They served a good variety of food that was well labeled with ample portions and it was inexpensive. We'll visit again if in the area.

Pros: good value, staff friendly, ample portions

Cons: lots of stairs to climb

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Food I would make at home in a hurry - Edit

They do say home cooked meals, and they aren't lying. This is food I would make for myself if I were just hungry and in a hurry. I would be embarrassed to serve it to anyone else. The tahini mushrooms were waaay to spicy, and not very flavorful, and my boyfriend's chili was almost tasteless. The dinners were very small (almost like appetizers really), and did not fill us up at all, and we had to eat more later. However, the full English breakfast we had the next day met expectations, but had predictable foods like white bread toast and Linda McCartney sausages. The American pancakes were very good (As a Californian I do know genuine American pancakes) and tasted like ones you'd get at an American diner. I definitely wouldn't go for dinner again, but definitely for breakfast!

Pros: Affordable, more than a few vegan choices, breakfast

Cons: plain tasting- unexciting, small portions, crowded

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graham - Edit

Been there several time with the whole family whilst in Liverpool and always found it very good. Staff and food very very nice not to expensive and certainly a place to relax during and after a hard days shopping thanks to all involved and will see you all again Thanks graham

Pros: Nice friendly staff, Nice food, good to relax

Cons: Sorry could not find any

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The Egg Cafe - Edit

The Egg is great. A very unpretentious atmosphere. A decent selection of dishes and a very relaxed feel to the place. The food is always tasty and hot with a good selection of options for vegan vegetarians always on offer. The staff are friendly and work hard; even at busy times the waiting times for food are perfectly acceptable. The set menu is terrific value, even better that you can take your own wine for a modest corkage charge. Very generous portion sizes, no leaving here hungry.

Wide choice of desserts, including several vegan options also available. The cooked breakfast is excellent and they do a lovely latte.

The candles merely add to a more relaxing ambience in the evening. No problems encountered with tables/toilets. Decent music played. Finally, a very central location

Pros: open late, good food, city centre location

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extremely disappointing - Edit

Choice of food rubbish! Told our food would take 40 mins then told that it was no longer available. The guy serving kept wandered off in mid order ! Sticky unclean Tables. Cutlery Unclean also. Ear blasting music, turned down when they plunged you into darkness brought out the candles. Table lay out ok if you like communal eating!
LOADS of cheap value tesco ingredients on show made you think they are using the cheapest non organic, supermarket bought ingredients and charging you a kings ransom for it! Microwaves used to reheat the food. Food COLD, TINY lacking any taste. Went back a few weeks ago, For a Nosey. They have built a wooden partition round the tesco ingredients and the microwaves. But the wall behind the bin and bin lid is disgusting all covered with food spillages etc..The tables still sticky, very unclean,as for the toilets,well best left unsaid !

Cons: Dirty, Noisy, poor value

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