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9, Lane 1, Jinglong St, Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

Cosy place, great burgers!

16 Mar 2015

Fantastic place! Try the wasabi burger, one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had! Cool, cosy atmosphere - loved this place.

5-3-9 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tasty burgers in cute neighbourhood :-)

01 Jun 2015

Island Veggie is down a side street - I walked passed it twice, before noticing the sign pointing towards the side street (see pic uploaded). It's a nice little place, with 8 different veggie burgers on offer, as well as acai bowls, smoothies and juices. I had the miso BBQ burger with fries and it was a pretty good and substantial veggie burger. The place itself is in a cute neighbourhood, nice for walking around with 2 other organic/veg-friendly places I know of - Trueberry smoothie place is on the same little street and organic & whole foods store Natural Mart is in Hiroo, too...so it's a nice place to indulge in some veg-friendly fast food and explore the cute shops :)
Updated from previous review on Monday June 01, 2015

Overtoom 409, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great find :-)

08 Jul 2014

Went here last summer as it was near the hostel I was staying at. It was actually my first raw vegan experience and it was great! I had a smoothie, raw vegan 'burger' and cacao, date, nut energy ball...all fresh, wholesome and fantastic. I liked the atmosphere of the place...there was a cute cat there and the staff were friendly :-)

291/2 Vo Van Tan St, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Great little place :-)

19 Aug 2014

Having heard good things about Am Thuc Chay Mani (and already having a few favourite veg places on Vo Van Tan street, my friend and I decided to try somewhere new the other day for quite a late lunch (by Vietnamese time, anyway). We were unsure if the restaurant was still open as the food on display outside was all finished, but we were relieved when a very friendly, English speaking waitress came outside to tell us that they were in fact still open. She showed us to our seats and gave us an English menu; my friend and I were pleasantly surprised by the range of food on offer, considering the size of the place.

I went for the steamed dumplings and green tea rice with vegetarian chicken - highly recommend both dishes, the dumplings were very flavourful and the green tea rice had a unique taste unlike any other rice dish I've had here in Saigon.

Both my friend I said we'd definitely be back soon to try more of the food on offer, as the menu certainly has some delicious sounding food and all for a very reasonable price. Am Thuc Chay Mani is a nice, simple place - unpretentious with great food and good service and perfect for vegans looking for a good meal in Saigon.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 24, 2014

Have since been back to have the set lunch, which is great value for money - only 35,000 dong for soup, main course and veg dish.

Have also had the banh xeo (Viet pancake) and its HUGE and got loads of yummy mushroom & bean filling...definitely enough to share between 2 people!
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 31, 2014

175/1 Pham Ngu Lao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nothing special...

20 Aug 2014

I only ate here because I was in the area and really hungry, so I used Happy Cow to find the nearest veg place. The place doesn't stand out, it's pretty dingy and dirty, but I suppose it's reasonably priced for a place in the backpacker's area.

I had a pretty underwhelming veg burrito (possibly the limpest and plainest burrito I've ever had). However, there was quite a lot on offer for vegans/vegetarians and it's true that I didn't get to sample more than the burrito, so I can't judge how the other food is (perhaps the Viet food is better).

I guess if you're in the area and want something cheap by D1 standards it's okay, but seriously, vegans/vegetarians, get out of Pham Ngu Lao and see what great veg food the city has to offer!!

226 Cong Quynh, Q1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Quick, cheap eats near backpacker area

22 Oct 2014

Great location if you are staying in the backpacker area, but be careful because some of the buildings have the same number, so it might be confusing to find. Anpham is almost just opposite Zeus greek takeout place and Espy pizza place.

It's pretty no fuss, simple, takeout food. The banh mi and banh bao are pretty good and inexpensive and fills a hole. Quick snack type food perfect to take with you on the bus if you are heading out for a tour somewhere.

SB2-1 My Khanh 4, Ng Duc Canh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Luxury shopping in HCMC

31 May 2015

A great place to find imported things you otherwise wouldn't find in supermarkets here. Upstairs cafe is nice, too...however, it's all pretty expensive.

Financial Centre Rd, Gallery Lafayette, Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai's first raw vegan place - amazing!!

18 Jun 2015

Oh, BeStro...thank god for BeStro!! Dubai really has very little in the way of 100% vegan options when dining out, so I was thrilled to find BeStro through Happy Cow.

My mom (who is coeliac) and I (vegetarian) went twice in the 2 days we were in Dubai and what a treat it was to not have to think about hidden ingredients lurking in our food - nope, the food here is all organic, vegan and gluten free, so it was perfect for the both of us!

We tried the burrito, pizza, shrooms & slaw, noodles and the lemon tart and maple cheesecake for dessert - all were absolutely delicious. My mom still to this day goes on about the maple cheesecake (everytime she's in the mood for something sweet, she says 'Ohh, I wish I could have that cheesecake from BeStro, it's the best cake I've ever had) and often suggests going to Dubai for the day (we live in Al Ain) just to go and eat that at BeStro! My mom and I barely spoke to each other as we devoured our food and all we could talk about afterwards is just how good it was!! We both felt full, but not uncomfortably full - just perfectly nourished and energised, actually.

I'm not sure what kind of experiences previous reviewers had, but me and my mom thought the waitress there was lovely! She was very helpful when I asked about the ingredients used and quick to serve - she was so welcoming and friendly when we returned for the 2nd time the following day, so it's interesting we had such different experiences. I guess the only thing I didn't 'like' was the location, it being in a gourmet food area of a mall, but then unfortunately most restaurants in Dubai are either located inside a mall or a hotel (for convenience I guess, but I feel they lack ambiance or atmosphere). Having said that, that's really nothing against BeStro and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience there...it's definitely my first choice when I'm in Dubai!
Updated from previous review on Thursday June 18, 2015

Updated from previous review on Thursday June 18, 2015

Zayed Ibn Sultan St. (Main Road), Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Cheap and cheerful

20 Feb 2016

As the previous review says, it is what it is. It's a small place with a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes which you won't find cheaper in Al Ain. Average place and the only pure vegetarian restaurant in Al Ain as far as I'm aware.

Sands Golf Course, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

A great initiative in Al Ain

15 Jun 2015

BPGP is based in Dubai but comes down to Al Ain every Saturday during the cooler months of the year to offer the first farmer's market in Al Ain, providing a range of locally grown produce and Al Ain based vendors come and sell their products; the few times I've been I've tried some delicious vegan/GF treats made by one of the vendors which was my favourite part of the market, but last time I went there were less food vendors. It's a nice, small, event with a very family-friendly atmosphere and it's great to finally see something like this in Al Ain.

04 Do Quang Dau, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Great if you're missing veggie British food!

31 May 2015

This cafe is conveniently located just off of Bui Vien street (backpackers area) and is really popular with expats and backpackers alike. Has an array of books and board games, making the place quite cosy (at least by BV standards).

I've been here a few times when I wanted Western (British, specifically) veggie food and Bookworm's has quite a range! You can find veggie fish & chips, burgers, roast "beef", sausages, fry ups - which is super cool!! I've only tried a few things on the veg menu and they were pretty good - not the healthiest food, but good if you are craving a veggie version of British comfort food.

Karljohans gatan 16, Gothenburg, Sweden

Good vibes and good food

26 Jun 2014

I went to Cafe Hangmattan last summer whilst visiting Stockholm and wandering around the area.

Really liked the atmosphere of the place; alternative, relaxed, inviting. Unfortunately, they were all out of the main dishes and only had salads/sandwiches left, so I went with the owner's suggestion and it certainly didn't disappoint. Hearty portion size and really healthy and filling. The smoothie I had was awesome and the crumble for desert was heavenly. Big thumbs up.

Plaza de la Merced, 21, Malaga, Spain

Fantastic place

27 Jun 2014

I've been to Canadu twice now and I have enjoyed each time. Plenty of food to choose from, nice decor and well located. My only criticism would be that both times the mousse de yogur y aranados (is that how you spell it?) wasn't available and this was months apart - so maybe they should just remove the item from the menu? Nevertheless, the food is fantastic quality and the vegan chocolate cake is immense.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 05, 2013

76 Vo Thi Sau, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fantastic vegan banh mi - great veg fast food!

22 Oct 2014

If you want to experience vegan banh mi, go to banh mi bistro! They have about 4 different vegan banh mi choices and the 'veg special' banh mi is delicious - mock ham, BBQ pork and sausage with pickled veg, cucumber, tomato on a crispy but soft baguette. All their vegan banh mi is great and the best I've tasted in Saigon. Can also recommend the curry potato puff and the pate chaud puff (tastes like a chicken mushroom pie, yum) for a quick snack. However, I am a bit confused as the veg section of the menu says that no animal products are used, but the veg pizza and veg burger both have cheese - it doesn't taste like soya cheese or veg cheese (maybe I am wrong though) so vegans might want to ask about the cheese ingredients.

8-8A Nguyen Van Troi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nothing special...much better options on NKKN

22 Oct 2014

I've been here three times and twice they didn't have any of their rice dishes available, so I had a noodle soup. Both times was very underwhelming , bland with soggy lettuce piled on top and the macaroni soup tasted a bit like ammonia. They specialise in 'che', so maybe that is good and I haven't tried their hotpot either, but despite being very inexpensive there are much better veg options on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, so I won't be returning to Che Thai Thuy Tien.

c/San Juan de Letran, 13, Malaga, Spain

El Piano Malaga

21 Aug 2014

I've been to the El Piano branch in Granada twice before, so decided to check out the Malaga branch when I was there last weekend.

The Malaga branch is much smaller than the one in Granada - it's pretty much a small eatery, with limited bar stools and some seating outside (as opposed to tables and chairs and an actual piano in the middle of the Granada restaurant) and I believe there was a slightly smaller selection of food available in Malaga.

Nevertheless, both my friend and I were pleased with our choices - I had daal,a veggie burger, falafel and chili and an organic ice tea, all which were hearty, wholesome and tasty. The woman working there was also super friendly and warm. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that in Granada you can get a meal deal - so, 4 choices of food, a soup and a drink - in Malaga there was no meal deal, no soup and the price was the same (so less food for the same price - also I think the serving size itself was smaller, as in Granada the 'boat' is usually filled to the brim).
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 09, 2012

Ronda de Isasa 6, Cordoba, Spain

Nice decor.....but overall slightly disappointing!

09 Dec 2012

I discovered Frida Antojitos Mexicanos through Happy Cow and was looking forward to trying out some vegetarian food in Cordoba, as options here are limited and veg-friendly restaurants are hard to come by.

The place has a lovely atmosphere and it is vibrantly decorated with various Frida Kahlo memoribilia and typical Mexican ornaments. The waitress was friendly and polite and me and my friend did not have to wait long for our food.

However, both my friend and I were slightly disappointed with the food. Firstly, the strawberry margarita my friend wanted wasn't available, so she got the lemon one, which she found too creamy and not slushy enough. Whilst I appreciated there being veggie options on the menu, I was slightly underwhelmed (as was my friend) by the veggie burrito. We asked the waitress if the burrito would come with salsa, sour cream and guacamole (for almost 7 euros, we hoped so) to which she replied 'no'. She agreed to give us some on the side (but the sour cream never showed up :-( ) I asked her what was inside and she said peppers, onions, corn, carrot...and not a lot else, really. I asked if she could add some beans inside to make it a bit more of a hearty meal and she politely said yes. When the burritos came, my friend and I were very disappointed with the portion size - both of us agreed they were the thinnest, least filled burritos we've ever had. Now, we're both used to over-stuffed burritos (probably the size of 2 of the burritos we were given), with beans, rice, cheese, various veggies and the all important salsa, guacamole and sour cream, so for us it certainly left much to be desired. We were still hungry, so we ordered some nachos (the waitress was helpful and made one half with chicken for my friend and the other half without any for me) and they were okay, but again, for the portion size, a bit too pricey.

The food didn't taste bad or anything, but I was certainly hoping for bigger portion sizes, sour cream and a lime slice (not lemon) in my Corona!

Kuwaitat Area, Al Ain Mall, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Fuss-free falafel place

26 Jun 2014

Just Falafel is quick, fuss-free, veggie convenience food. The falafel, which comes either baked or fried, is fine, nothing mind blowing and the sandwich combinations are also fine, but perhaps a little greasy. I usually choose the Emirati (baked falafel with eggplant) or Japanese one (baked falafel with avocado and wasabi ginger mayo); fills a hole and provides a perhaps slightly healthier alternative to the other food court options available.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 24, 2014

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