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Offers lunch and dinner buffet, take away box. Food is vegan, and there is an allergen info sheet posted on the wall. Formerly known as Qing Buffet. Reported closed, Jul 2019.

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29 Sep 2021

Fantastic vegan buffet with mock meats !

I noticed Dou Dou has been closed for a while so I really hope they do reopen someday... I went there several times between 2018 and 2019. You wouldn't especially notice this small restaurant in Camden Town at first, but never judge a book by its cover😄Everything there is vegan and the price of the buffet is cheap compared to the variety and the quality of the food. The mock meats were very tasty and definitely worth it. Fingers crossed, they will be back !

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29

Pros: Good value, Great mock meats, Hidden gem



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03 Oct 2019

Moving to Plender Street

Notice on shop front saying they are moving to Plender Street NW1, 5mins away. Date of re-opening uncertain.
Hope it is soon as this is one of their only 2 remaining all you can eat thai vegan buffets in London now, the other being in Shepherds Bush, West London.


28 Dec 2019

In case anyone reads this and goes to look (as I did last week), it is still not open on Plender street yet!


05 Nov 2020

@Bozo66 - Can confirm that it still hasn't opened at the new location that it said it would, so I doubt it ever will, sadly. I wish I could get in touch with the owners to find out more, somehow!

@RubyMae - thank you highlighting the option in Shepherds Bush - I'd never heard of this one and it looks very similar! Have missed Dou Dou a lot so very excited to go try this one out once lockdown ends.


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23 Jun 2019

Good variety of food

I arrived on a wet night and came in with my umbrella dripping which the owner/manager quickly took off me and placed in a bucket! I got a seat and asked how it worked and basically it is an eat-all-you-want buffet for 8 pounds. There is a large variety of food, some salad options, some hot sauces (curry, sweet and sour), mostly with some seitan type mock meat and a lot of fried foods. The main thing is that it is a lot of food, all vegan, at a very reasonable price. The food itself is fine, fairly standard, and a bit on the oily side. I also got green tea, which is free refill, and this was filled spontaneously without me having to ask for a refill. Worth a visit, especially if hungry and on a budget!

Pros: Lots of dishes to choose from, Good value for money


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27 May 2019

Tasty & cheap

Tasty & cheap and loads of selection although careful you don’t eat yourself sick (like me!), the food was very greasy as well. I wouldn’t eat there again personally as it felt very unhealthy but I know loads of people who love it.

Pros: Cheap, Loads of options, All you can eat

Cons: Greasy


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27 May 2019

Amazing for the price.

Fully vegan, Chinese-style buffet. I found it “tastes of vegan”, which I enjoy, but your mileage may vary - a lot of the mock meat tastes of seitan in a way that may or may not go down well for someone who’s less used to meat alternatives. Extremely good given the price and central location, and has vegan versions of stalwarts like “prawn crackers”. Cash only and a bit of a quiet vibe. Toilets downstairs only.

Pros: All vegan and a huge buffet, Central location, Very reasonable price for the offer

Cons: A lot of the food is served cold, no hot plate?, Very deep-fried (not a con for everyone), Quiet and feels a bit odd sometimes


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01 May 2019

Tastes good but got sick

I enjoyed the food but had bad stomach issues for the following day and I don't typically have a weak stomach :/

Pros: Inexpensive, Lots of options, Vegan meats

Cons: Got sick


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07 Apr 2019

Cheap and greasy - so typical buffet food but vegan!

Definitely not 'proper' Chinese food, but it is a proper Chinese buffet in the typical sense. You can eat all you want and has all the typical Chinese buffet fayre.

Wish it could be kept a little hotter and maybe be a little more flavourful, but for that price it's good.


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16 Feb 2019


This place is an absolute gem, it's my favourite place to eat in London and I would highly recommend it. The selection is really vast and very tasty, the cold stuff can be a little greasy though so be warned! The mock meat dishes are full of flavor and the TVP is really soft and chewy, I love it. Very cheap too, around £15 for 2 (excluding drinks)

Updated from previous review on 2019-02-15

Pros: So much choice , Always quiet, Eat as much as you like

Cons: The food can be a little greasy


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07 Jan 2019

Amazing all you can eat buffet!

One of my favourite vegan places in London! An all you can eat vegan Chinese buffet for next to nothing. It’s incredibly good value for money, the staff are great, and there’s always amazing C-pop playing on the speakers.

Pros: Great value for money, Lots of options in the buffet


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06 Jan 2019

Did I just die and go to heaven?

Beautifully laid out Asian style buffet menu that is all you can eat for only £8!!! Oh, and did I mention they also have an alcohol license? Hell. To. The. Yes. This is a place I would definitely go out of my way to visit next time I'm in London.

Pros: Super cheap: great curries, salad and sauce option

Cons: Are there any?


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22 Oct 2018

Nice location, cheap but not so tasty

The idea of a all-you-can-eat buffet is nice but the mains are a bit oily. Moreover, most of the dishes are with similis. You will see "chicken", "beef" but it's industrial similis made of soja. I think vegan cuisine does not need to imitate animal corpses.

Pros: Cheap, 7,90 pounds in the evening, Water for free, Nice location

Cons: Oily, A bit too loud


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30 Sep 2018

Full vegan buffet

It is one of the best asian restaurant in the neighbourhood and vegan. It is a good buffet with many different vegan options.

Pros: Multiple vegan options, Tasty and very good price

Cons: No card payment just cash


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21 Sep 2018

Full vegan buffet....amazing😄... very tasty food & so reasonably priced...

Yummy food...good atmosphere...I think my non vegan friend enjoyed it more than me :-)

Pros: Inexpensive , Yummy food


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19 Sep 2018

Amazingly realistic

The seitan / meat substitutes changed in each dish and really really really resembled each meat. It was almost scary. Lots of fruit and vegetables too which i find important for buffets. The stuff were fine and the seating was small but nice. Really good location too!! Prices varied from both a previous trip and online so am unsure of what they are based on?

Pros: So realistic, Lots of mixture, Not expensive

Cons: Fluctuating prices , Almost scary realistic, Small seating area


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19 Sep 2018

Cheap and Cheerful!

£7.99 for all you can eat! YES PLEASE!
Grabbed some dinner with some girlfriends here a few nights ago. About 8 hot dishes to choose from, about 5 warm sides, crackers, toast etc, and lots of yummy salads to choose from!
Filled my plate twice!
Not the place if you want something healthy but perfect for a cheap tasty meal!

Pros: Great value for Money, Lots to choose from!, Take out options available

Cons: Not the Healthiest


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11 Sep 2018

Great value for money

The food isn’t top notch but it’s good value for money and it’s yummy too. My meat eating friends love it!


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10 Sep 2018


It's a very awesome vegan restaurant with Hong Kong food. For Asian person may be a little too bland, but overall it's yummy.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: a little bland


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06 Sep 2018

could be better

Love some of the dishes here. It's cheap, and if you want fine dining it's not the place for you. But grab a pot and go.. This is your place. Chinese buffet.

Pros: cheap, Yummy


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27 Jul 2018

Yummy vegan food

Great value for money and *everything is vegan!!!*. Good selection, nice food.

Pros: Lots of meat substitutes , Affordable

Cons: Cash only


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24 Jun 2018

Satisfied a craving

A range of chinese and Thai dishes using veg and mock meats for a very good price! Almost Identical to the Chinese buffets i would frequent before i became vegan...


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09 Jun 2018

best stuff your face in the name of vegan

It's exactly like every other vegan Chinese there was and this the only one remaining now. We love it and the kpop playing. Lots of choice not greesy, cheep as chips but satisfying to the max.

Pros: vegan all the way

Cons: just that you wish you had been before now


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08 Jun 2018

Best all you can eat vegan Buffet ever

Best all you can eat vegan Buffet ever. A lot of choose. Awesome!


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06 Jun 2018

Proper Chinese Food

There are a lot of options and the meat substitutes are delicious! If you miss Chinese food, this is definitely worth a visit. Also the drinks aren’t over priced, which makes a change at a buffet.

Pros: Fresh food

Cons: Small restaurant


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03 Jun 2018

really good price-quality

really good price-quality

Pros: price, all u can eat!, all vegan

Cons: not the best food ever


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02 Jun 2018


£7.99 for dinner and £6.99 for lunch. most of the food isn’t hot anymore but it’s still great value and very close to authentic asian.

Harmonia Monday

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24 Apr 2018


First time I tried this place I couldn't stand it, went back a second time out of convenience/desperation due to its location pretty much right next to Underworld and found it more palatable, tried it a third time because I passed it on the street and the aromas emanating from within tickled my fancy before I realised where they were coming from and yeah, it's really starting to grow on me now. Not bad at all and very cheap. Better than Loving Hut's buffet, but not as good as their evening menu if you know what I mean. Will be back.

Pros: cheap, not at all lacking in flavour

Cons: not exactly gourmet


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10 Apr 2018

super food, variety and the price!!

So pleased to have found this place. Convinced a hearty meat eater of the beauty in vegan food and filled a happy vegan and veggie being able to choose from so much. Sesame toast, noodles, and even ‘prawn’ crackers - things I haven’t eaten in years!

So chuffed. Spent a tenner on a beer and had three visits to the buffet too - what a steal!

Go go go!

Pros: variety, price , quality

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