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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a range of vegan food, both Vietnamese like crispy pancakes, fried noodles, and bahn knot; as well as British, like English breakfast, fish 'n' chips and pork chop, and specials. Also has lentil and spicy bean burgers and desserts including crepes, rice puddings and coconut puddings. Owner is vegan and will cater to vegan diet requests, has an extensive vegan/vegetarian menu. Juices and shakes also on the menu. Confirmed open, July 2022. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-11:30pm.

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First Review by Wawbanks


Points +51

25 Nov 2023

Not the cleanest place

Type of food stand restaurant, that comes with dirty plates and the type of sausages that talk about on YouTube, made of plastic. But the prices are the same as any other restaurant.
I would steer clear, there are better places

Pros: Hashbrown was good

Cons: Dirty , The tea bag label dropped in my cup, The sausages are disturbing



Points +327

27 Oct 2023

Vegan English breakfast

Was good to have a classic English breakfast for change after weeks of travelling in Vietnam. It definitely wasn’t the best I’ve had but still tasted good enough. It also came with an English breakfast tea with soy milk.
The staff were not super friendly but served the food up quickly.
Moderate pricing for what it was.

Pros: Large vegan menu at a non-vegan place, Soy milk

Cons: Moderate pricing , A bit bland in flavour


Points +159

13 Oct 2023

Worth A Try, But…

If you are missing some good old-fashioned British food?

This place is worth a visit.


The food isn't brilliant.

It's not clean.

And the staff aren't very friendly.

But the HP sauce is good.

Pros: You can get a Vegan Full English Brrakfast, You can get a Vegan Bangers and Mash, You can get a Vegan Sunday Roast

Cons: It's not clean, The staff aren't friendly , It's expensive


Points +210

10 Oct 2023

A lot of choice - OK food

There were a lot of vegan and veggie options on the menu for English and Vietnamese dishes. I had peanut butter on toast for breakfast there, it was alright and the ladies were nice. The menu was a bit sticky, the tablecloths had a few stains and the saucer the coffee came out on was a bit dirty. It was ok but I would try another place seeing as there are actually so many nice places around.


Points +421

04 Oct 2023


Wide variety of Vietnamese/Asian and Western dishes. I went for the traditional Vietnamese pancake which was really nice

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-04

Pros: Many different vegan options, Lively neighbourhood at night


Points +203

12 Jul 2023


They had a massive vegan selction; over 3 pages of the menu. I had the vegan fish and ships, which sadly was quite bland. I expected it to be a bit better for the price.


Points +94

17 Mar 2023

Good veg and vegan options

I had the vegan rice pudding, but there were lots of good options for breakfast and main meals


Points +4137

16 Feb 2023

Vegan English

I still love the vegan food served here. The mushroom and tofu Claypot is amazing! The vegan apple crumble vegan custard is the bomb. But my all time favorite is the vegan cottage pie.
Excellent vegan Full English breakfast. Lots of comfort food. The vegan butter on toast with Marmite is superb. Went back for lunch and the bean burger was delicious and huge.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-16

Pros: Great food , Nice owner , Clean

Cons: The dining area is a bit small


Points +131

24 Sep 2022

Really bad food

Ordered a jacket potato with beans.
The potato was boiled not baked.
There were about 30 beans, and none of them tasted like Heinz to me (as advertised).
Just a bad place to choose to eat, unfortunately.


Points +259

17 Sep 2021

English food

Good for if you’re missing typical British food, and a nice cosy little spot on the strip. I liked it here and would go back.

Pros: Good vegan options, Good atmosphere


Points +27

23 Nov 2020


Really large vegan menu and the owner was totally happy for us to pick and mix bits from the breakfast menu. Let me pick just a few items from the vegan breakfast and reduced the price for it.
Would recommend 🥰


Points +2264

25 Oct 2020


There's a massive selection of vegetarian and vegan meals, but sadly it's pretty average. Burger was ok but not delicious. The place doesn't look very clean either. Quite expensive for what you get..


Points +20

29 Feb 2020


We had 2 different vegan burgers with fries - the fries were nice and the bread was fresh but the burgers were very average, soggy and bland. Unfortunately the cashew cheese was not nice at all, I scraped mine out of my burger. The atmosphere was strange - we felt like we were an inconvenience and that they didn't want to serve us. The owner's young daughter was having a loud tantrum about something and was kicking her puppy in the face. I couldn't help myself and told her (gently) to stop because it wasn't nice and she proceeded to shout at me (in English) before kicking the puppy again. Not the relaxing meal we were hoping for!

Pros: Extensive vegan menu

Cons: Atmosphere , Unwelcoming staff


Points +254

24 Feb 2020


It's okay. The menue is awesome as they offer a lot of different (mock meat and non mock meat) things.
We were a bit disappointed as the food arrived because it was VERY basic.
We've ordered a veggie burger and a baguette and there was no sauce on both. All in all it looked like food from a basic and cheap food stall, not like it comes from a restaurant.
It tasted really good, but for the price (around 60.000) you get better food.


Points +948

27 Jan 2020

Super nice coffee

We had a coffee with vegan sweet milk here (super delicious, 40k Dong). For this I could recommend this place, but not for the food. We had a large pizza vegetarian together. We ask them to put it back in the oven, because it wasn’t backed enough. The pizza had no real flavour, the vegan cheese just looked a bit like cheese, but wasn’t special. All in all we paid 185k Dong for this ... plus the 80k for two real nice coffees.

It felt like the waitress was a bit annoyed about us. Don’t know why. On the pro side is the big vegan menu - maybe there are better options than pizza.


Points +126

27 Jan 2020

Wouldn't go there if I were you

Worst food I've had in 4 weeks of traveling through Vietnam. Were forced to go there because 5 other happy cow places were closed because of the Tet celebrations. We had two large pizzas that weren't large at all and just horrible. They were dry, not baked well and didn't taste of anything. I didn't expect to eat the world's best pizza in Vietnam, but I've had so much better ones in the country before - and for a better price! We also asked the person sitting next to us of he enjoyed his burger and he agreed the food was super bad and so overpriced. The place seems a bit filthy also.


Points +854

25 Jan 2020

great ambiance, yet lacking flavour

A group of friends and I went in on Tet and we enjoyed our time but all agreed it could have been better. I was the only vegan in the group, my Pho was lacking flavour but the tofu had a nice texture. A friend of mine had the tofu and veggie noodles, and she couldn’t seem to taste the tofu or see it at all. Another friend had a burger, it was quite small and wasn’t good. The family who runs it is adorable though, and the coconut coffee was okay! They have a little puppy and he’s so adorable.

Pros: cheapest on the street, separate vegan menu , family owned


Points +20

05 Jan 2020

Eh. Decent. Edible

This was okay. It wasn’t the tastiest breakfast but it was passable. Don’t think I’d really go back though. The menu is loaded with carbs and fake meats.


Points +30

03 Jan 2020

Books and coffee

Came for the books stayed for a vegan coffee. I didn't get food but the option of soya condensed milk was good (And a rarity here). The menu looked like it had many vegan options but i cannot comment on the quality. One particular staff member stood out as being nice and chatting. Also had a selection of board games.

Pros: Vegan coffee, Middle of tourist area and easy to find, Variety of options

Cons: Not the cleanest


Points +405

09 Dec 2019


Filthy place, even by Vietnamese standards. We literally had a cockroach on our table. Everything is old and dirty. We paid 309k for vegan English breakfast (low quality vegan deli meats, beans from the can and a tea) and a huge mashed potatoes - vegan minced beef thing. Way too much. Never again.


Points +327

Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2019

Plenty of options

Had the vegan bangers and mash and it was ok. They sausages are actually veggie dogs but the gravy was really yummy! Boyfriend got the lighter version of an English breakfast and was a little disappointed.


Points +354

24 Oct 2019

Not a good vegan breakfast

They have an incredible amount of vegan western dishes, but unfortunately it wasn't good.

We had the vegan full English and it was just not that nice. Hash browns, beans and toast were great, but the sausages were not good vegan sausages, the bacon was more like gammon and the scrambled tofu had no seasoning so wasn't nice at all.

Felt like a very very cheap full English but was very expensive for Vietnam - around £5!!

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Bad quality, Expensive, Dirty inside


23 Oct 2019

Check out Filthy Vegan. By far the best vegan comfort food. Very near to Bookworm's Coffee.


Points +372

04 Sep 2019

Vegan English breakfast

They have real HP brown sauce!!! Worth coming for that alone. They do lots of vegan versions of English classics (bangers & mash, fish & chips etc). We got the vegan full English in which was pretty good and comes with a good cuppa as well. Was a little oily but still tasty. And did I mention brown sauce?!?!

Pros: Brown sauce, Comfort food

Cons: Slightly oily


Points +21

03 Sep 2019

Bad food in tourist area

Not great food. I think this place just has a lot of ratings because it is in the tourist area. I would recommend leaving that area for good food. I thought the staff here were unfriendly and the food was not good. Definitely just handy because it's right on Bui vien.

Pros: Location for tourists

Cons: Food


Points +74

27 Aug 2019

Western vegan food fix

Run by a Vegan Brit, big range of western comfort vegan dishes to choose from including burgers, pizza and pancakes.

Pros: Good food, freshly cooked.

Cons: The place is a little worn looking.


Points +365

25 Aug 2019

Bland and Boring

The food lacked depth and creativity on many levels and isn’t really the healthiest vegan food you’ll find. Poorly seasoned e.g Tofu scramble was like chewing a rubber band made of soy..... In addition, whilst rustic in terms of decor a quick peak in the kitchen didn’t reveal the highest of standards for cleanliness. Great to have Vegan options but good, wholesome food is made with love. If this rings true then the food tasted like it was thrown at the plate across the kitchen which may explain the poor presentation too. It was also double the price of other places I reviewed in Saigon and not a worthy comparison in terms of food.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Location

Cons: No depth of flavour or creativity , Expensive in comparison to other Places


Points +74

11 Aug 2019


Amazing food, with loads and loads of vegan options! On top of this they will work with you to make anything on main menu vegan! The owner himself is a vegan and is so kind and helpful. The place has a lovely atmosphere and is very cheap.

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