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9, Lane 1, Jinglong St, Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan, 116

動物誌, at 台北市文山區景隆街1巷9號, is a vegan restaurant and bar est. since 2013. Serves veggie burgers, sandwiches, fried snacks, beer on tap in addition to non-alcoholic drinks. It's also a platform for artistic exhibits and other activist events. Near WanLong MRT, exit 2. Confirmed closed, Apr 2018.

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33 Reviews

First Review by cj the taniwha

Good ~ - Edit

Cool place! Good food, okay service. Most important everything is vegan & for the animals (you can even tell from the restaurant name itself!). The sandwich was delicious, also the KimChi Tofu rice bowl!

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-19

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Okay place, but a bit disappointing - Edit

A friend recommended this place, and the reviews on this page were very good, so we had high expectations. Unfortunately, the place didn't exactly meet our expectations.

First of all, it's quite hard to find, hidden in an alley, and the sign outside is not clearly visible and readable.

Secondly, as noted by other reviewers, the place is very tiny, and the outside seats are not that comfortable. It does look nice though, and it is well designed and furnished (except for the outside seats).

Then the food, the reason we came here of course. The wasabi burger was so-so. It looked very nice and was served with a salad and some orange parts. The burger was not bad, but not special either. It didn't have much taste, and fell apart quite easily, even with the stick put in the middle of the burger. We've had better burgers here in Taipei, for the same price or only slightly more expensive.

The tofu rice with kimchi patty was okay, but again, nothing special. The kimchi seemed fresh and was actually one of the better we had here in Taiwan. The rice came with tofu, which was okay. The patty was a bit different from the vegetarian/vegan "mock meats" we've had so far in Taiwan, with some vegetable filling instead of a bean/mushroom-based filling. The outside of the burger was pretty tasty, the filling a bit bland for our taste. The price was reasonable and comparable to other more "fancy" vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Taipei.

Overall, we think that "About Animals" was an okay place, but nothing very special and it did not meet the high expectations we had. We went to better vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Taipei, and "About Animals" doesn't really stand out.

The cat was very cute though!

Pros: Place looks nice, so does the food, Good kimchi, The cat

Cons: Hard to find, Taste of the food is a bit bland

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Amazing eco-friendly, vegan restaurant - Edit

This restaurant is small, homey and wonderful. It is a little out of the way (I took an uber during my trip to the area only to go to this restaurant). I had the tartar burger (or something like that) and it was delicious. More expensive than your usual restaurant in Taipei, but you are paying for specialty food. Highly recommend for vegans and vegetarians!

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peaceful vibe & a lovely cat - Edit

The wasabi burger is out of this world. Highly recommended!

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Lovely place, lovely staff, beautiful food - Edit

Lovely place to hangout at, nice food, and the staff is just as lovely. Highly recommended x

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chill atmosphere, yummy food - Edit

We LOVED our green burger and tofu kimchi bowl. Yum! We finished our meal with a matcha latte and loved that too. Inclusive atmosphere.

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Great - Edit

The wassabi burger is a must here! I love the wide selection of alcohol, the atmosphere and the cat. Love this restaurant.

Pros: The wassabi burger , Good price , Atmosphere

Cons: None

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fresh, delicious and funky - Edit

I just ate the Green Monster- a blanched broccoli burger which was amazing!! Everyone else in the cafe was also ordering it, it seems to be popular. It sounds weird I know, but seriously you have to try it! Vegan heaven :)

I also enjoyed the iced mountain coffee which was iced black coffee with coconut icecream. Yum!!

Lovely chilled cafe with a nice vibe. Very peaceful location :)

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Hidden gem - Edit

About Animals is slightly hidden away down a quiet back street. It is well worth seeking out for some tasty vegan food and drink and a nice laid back environment.
We visited on a Saturday and it was a little busy due to there not being many tables,however we came back 30 minutes later and were able to sit and enjoy a delicious vegan burger and fries. We opted for the house party with wasabi mayo which came with a side salad and fruit. We also ordered a large serve of their fries which were crispy and delicious.

Most of the menu comprises burgers of various kinds but there are also a few rice dishes and some nice sounding sides. They offer craft beer,soy coffee,shakes and a small dessert selection.
Prices are very reasonable for the quality of food,even if it is a little more than your standard street food type establishment but at least you know that everything you are eating is vegan friendly.

Pros: Completely vegan, Laid back, Reasonably priced

Cons: Minimal seating inside

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Excellent vegan burger - Edit

Very good vegan burger and fries . Nice place . Worth a visit

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Delicious burgers, fries, oyster mushrooms and beer! - Edit

We visited About Animals twice during our visit, trying three types of burger (wasabi, tartar and tofu skin, as well as fries, deep-fried oyster mushrooms and ice cream. All delicious.

The bread they use is really tasty, and the salad that comes with the burger is so well dressed that is would be great to have as a standalone dish. They also serve some great craft beers, including some local varieties.

This is a small venue with a great atmosphere and clearly a group of people with a strong and broad social conscience.

A great way to end our stay in Taipei!

Pros: Delicious burgers, Great value for money

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Great for Burger Lovers - Edit

If you are a burger fan then it will be up your street as they have a huge selection. I didn't try the Asian food but saw other peoples and it looked really good and huge portions too. Only problem is that it is a bit small and cramped. Also the dessert selection could be improved.
Alcohol selection is good especially if you like craft beer.

Pros: All vegan, Good choices for alcohoic and non-alcoholic drink, Generous portions

Cons: Small restaurant with limited seating

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Loved everything about it! - Edit

I loved the fact that you can find vegan burger, hotdog as well as rice dishes with kimchi there. The vegan milk tea was amazing as well. It's probably the most pro-animal rights restaurant in Taiwan. There aren't too many seats in the restaurant so making a reservation is advised.

It's also very close to vegan grocery store iVegan at the same MRT station.

Pros: food, atmosphere, cats

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Great burgers, good import beer selection - Edit

All vegan, all awesome.
All the burgers are good. They apparently have other foods on the menu, but I've never ventured much outside the burger page of the menu except the one time they were out of burger patties.
Their homemade burger patty (made of king oyster mushrooms and other vegetables mushed together), which is used in many but not all of the burgers, is very good. The bread used for all of the burgers is excellent, no boring McDonals bun here, this is a nice whole-wheat bun with flax and other seeds on top.
My personal favourites are the Onion Mushroom burger (which has tofu skin and fried sliced onion and mushrooms), the Fried Mushroom burger (which as the "patty" uses a bunch of breaded & deep fried king oyster mushrooms) and the Wasabi burger (their house patty with wasabi "mayo"). The burgers cost 200-250 NT. On Mondays the burgers are 20% off.

The fries are very good, and so are the fried mushrooms (deep fried king oyster mushrooms). The burgers do not come with fries any more, so you have to order them separately.
The green tea desert comes with ice cream, which is pretty awesome.

They quite a good selection of import (and a few specialty local) beers, at reasonable prices (180-250 NT per bottle, which for an import beer at a restaurant is not bad in Taipei). The selection changes regularly. I think both Wednesday and Friday has a drinks-related special (I think Wednesday is 10% off beer, I don't remember what the Friday one is).

Seating is very limited (they seat about 18 inside plus 12 outside), so you'll often have to sit outside or eat fast to get out before a reservation arrives; or make a reservation!

The service can be a bit slow, especially when they are busy; We used to joke that they only have one deep fryer and therefore can only make two burgers at a time.
They painted and rearranged the place a bit recently, which made it look a bit nicer and added a few seats I think. The food preparation time seems to have gotten better as well, so maybe they bought a second deep fryer.

If you like cats, this is a good place to go, since there are almost always cats hanging around outside and occasionally inside.

Pros: Good burgers. , 20% off burgers Monday. Buy 10 burgers get one fre, Good import beer selection at reasonable prices.

Cons: Sometimes a bit slow when busy. , Often busy.

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delicious tofu burger - Edit

Food is great here. The tofu sesame burger is delicious. Some raisins in the bun which was a bit weird. Menus is in English. No options (besides icecream) for celiacs.

Pros: yummy. decent pricing. nice outdoor area

Cons: no options for celiacs

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Good western vegan food - Edit

The food here is really good, and it will satisfy you if you need a break from cold and slimy vegan food in Taiwan. The wasabi burger and garlic fries were both very good. The choice of bread for the burgers could be better, as it seemed there were some raisins in my burger bun, which was off-putting. I support using a more rustic whole-grain bun like they do, but including raisins is crazy and makes me think they are trying too hard to be different or quirky.

As some others have mentioned, this place is kind of a 'hang-out' spot, and it actually wasn't at all busy when I visited, which makes me wonder if the 'hang-out' concept is hurting their business.

And while I am not bothered by cats in the dining area, I did notice what appeared to be a piece of cat food on an empty table. The staff should really be making sure that the animals are not leaving any mess in the dining area.

If you like burgers and western vegan food then you should go here, and this would be a good time to support them since it appears they are facing much anger and hostility regarding the recent killing of the stray cat they took care of (because it is "their fault" and they are using this incident to attract media attention to their business according to their haters on Facebook). Please support 100% vegan businesses.

Pros: Good western food

Cons: Raisins in a burger bun!?

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- - Edit

I love this place. The atmosphere is great and so is the food. There are lots of burgers to try, as well as other interesting dishes. It's also close to the IVegan supermarket, which is a bonus.

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more like a bar than a restaurant - Edit

This bar offers a lot of vegan beers and different burgers :)
Very small but comfortable!
Unfortunately they don't have parking lots in that street, so its better to come by scooter or MRT.

Pros: cool burgers and cakes

Cons: very small, more like bar, no parking lots

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Awesome! - Edit

Delicious food that is very well-presented and a great selection of beer. Staff are friendly and courteous and the atmosphere has a relaxed vibe to it. We wound up going there twice in four days and were lucky (both times) to get a table for 4. We found out/realized the second time that they take reservations and I'd recommend doing so.

Pros: Great Food & Beer, Great Staff (including the cat!), They support great causes

Cons: Limited seating

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the closest to Western veganism - Edit

Reminds me of the leftist alternive places I went to as a teenager. VERY different from almost all veg places in Taiwan as the focus is really animal rights. Thus more flavorful than Buddhist veg. The burgers are very creative from Wasabi, to Sesame and all come in whole wheat buns, but they also feature a lot of typical Western stuff like (vegan) bacon sandwich. If you are into alternative youth culture or the LGBT movement you'll love it here. If you don't like people drinking, loud music, people smoking in front of the entrance or that a large cat is very cozily sleeping on the chair next to you.... You maybe won't

Pros: flavorful, moderate prices, THE CAT

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Pleasantly surprised - Edit

Hi, I would like to congratulate the owners for doing a great job with starting the restaurant from the bottom and working hard to develop delicious meals, good atmosphere, English spoken, English menu and promoting veganism, as well as unconditional love for people without prejudice.

We love going here everytime we are in the neighborhood because the menu keeps improving, there is outside seating for those of us who hate air conditioning, and the ambiance is relaxing.

We went there a few times now, the last time last night when we had their new burgers and panini, which were delicious and healthy. We loved the icecream, tastes like non-vegan ones. Our only problem with it is that it wasn't enough, Europeans love to eat a lot, lol.

The dinner ended with a wonderful, unexpected talk with the owner who offered us a lot of advice and support.

A suggestion would be: they have adopted cats greeting guests but everybody already loves cats. It would be great if they could adopt farm animals and show people how smart and incredible they are so that people gradually stopped ordering them in other restaurants.

Will return and we will recommend it. It's worth the visit. For a bar style restaurant, it has a lot of food options that taste great.

Congratulations and keep improving!

Pros: English menu and spoken, delicious variety, big sizes, promotes veganism

Cons: hard to find, hard air con, smoke

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Delicious! - Edit

I love the gay friendly animal activist vibe of this place. The menu's great too featuring burgers and sandwiches as well as set meals. I think they do brunch at the weekend but I wasn't able to read that part of the menu and didn't get a chance to ask. The bacon sandwich on bacon cheese bread is my favourite thing on the menu and I'm a huge fan of their hot cocoa. They also have a large range of vegan beers and ciders.

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nice bar - Edit

great beer selection, perfect french fries. I'm not big on burgers but they have a tofu/rice/kimchi bowl with a fried veggie ball that is really good. dessert is good too.

Pros: resident cat

Cons: small space

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Relaxed & Cool Cafe / Bar - Edit

Relax young atmosphere. Has a good message that they trade by.

Pros: , Great selection of Vegan options. Very much fast f

Cons: , Prices are inline with the style of food. Staff s

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amazing vegan burgers! - Edit

About Animals is a small cozy place located near the wanlong station. The first time I went there, on a sunday afternoon, there were no free tables, a lot of people seem to just chill there for a long time after they finish eating. I had to ask some people if I could sit at their table. It was very noisy and not so much fun. The second time, on a tuesday night, I went there with my family and we were the only one in the restaurant!

I really like the food at About Animals. The wasabi burger is amazing!! It's not super spicy, so don't be scared ro try it. The burger buns are super good filled with nuts and raisins! The fried platter is also good, it can be a good appetizer to share.

Pros: amazing burgers

Cons: not so healthy, almost everything on the menu is f

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Tasty vegan burgers in Taipei, but smokers! - Edit

Several years after it opened, I finally visited About Animals. It's very convenient and rather easy to get to from Wanlong MRT station. It's obviously a very small location with limited seating. When every chair or stool is taken, inside and out, it can get quite busy and slow. But, along with friendly staff, it might be worth waiting for as long as a half-hour for food to be ready.

Based on the reviews, I first tried the wasabi burger. The burger buns are delicious. But, I was left disappointed by the tofu-based patty, which tasted vaguely similar to what I remember fried fish-type sandwiches tasting like. Not to my liking. Also, there wasn't much of a hot wasabi taste like I was somewhat expecting.

The fried and non-fried mushroom burgers, however, were more of what I was expecting, with their really delicious tangy and spicy mayonnaise, and other common burger toppings which helped me recreate the veggie burger-eating experience like none other in Taiwan. The limited mushrooms were almost barely noticeable, but that didn't take away from the experience as others in Taipei have done with their awful faux meat patties.

Hopefully, About Animals and others in Taiwan can be more creative with their burger patties, like using chickpea powder and lentils. Come on, Taiwan, you can do better than this! Set an innovative standard!

The food presentation was excellent, and sides like fries and cherry tomatoes and orange slices were a nice treat. Food is served on wooden cutting boards which really works for me instead of plastic or something disposable. But, I could do without a wooden sandwich pick with a flag stuck through the burger, that would only just be thrown away. Decorations with all sorts of positive messaging give lots to glance at while waiting or enjoying the food.

Lastly, a big challenge for my further returning is that smoking is permitted in the outdoor bar-style seating area. This is in front and is a real turn-off to experience when leaving or entering, or when the slide door is opened. No patron or worker should be exposed to second-hand smoke!

One visit, when it wasn't busy, it even appeared that a staff member was smoking outside. That person might have handled the food and that's really gross. Whenever I see this nasty habit by those working at veg establishments, I seriously question judgments and whether I should ever go again, despite how tasty the food might be. I hope About Animals will address these critical issues!

Pros: Excellent buns and fixings!, Creative presentation!, Patties not deter burger experience!

Cons: Smoking patrons & staff! Nasty & gross!, Wasabi tofu patty like fried fish!, Wasteful sandwich picks!

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Best vegan burger in Taipei - Edit

This one’s a little more out of the way than other vegan places, but it’s close to iVegan so you can pick up some groceries afterwards. About Animals is my no.1 burger place of Taipei. Actually, their wasabi burger is so good, I’ve never ordered anything else when I’ve been there… it will satisfy vegans and omnis alike, just make sure you order a side with it if you’re a big eater.

They serve burgers, hotpots, rice dishes, and various deserts. They also have beer in the fridge, and animal rights/gay rights/everything rights postcards and labels on the walls. They have good music and a good atmosphere to chill out with friends and enjoy a burger.

One complaint: recently they seem to be undecided about whether they serve fries with their burgers. Without them you'll definitely be left unsatisfied, as the portions aren't large! Serve fries again please.

Pros: Excellent food, Laid back atmosphere, Eco-conscious

Cons: Small portions

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