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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Probably the best vegan food in London

07 Apr 2014

"best" is subjective in that there are Indian restaurants who do great food that 222 never attempts and cafes like The Black Cat in Hackney offer great food much cheaper than 222. Those qualifications aside 222 offers wonderful healthy food. The current menu seems to be on a mission to prove that vegan fayre can creamy in texture too! Last week I had the butternut squash rissotto and the Chefs special stir fry. Both were excellent. Vegetables cooked to perfection and flavoured delightfully. The raw chocolate cake is gorgeous, thick, luscious, creamy and decadent. If you don't add wine to your bill it not too expensive and for special events this place is still my favourite London restaurant despite it being on the other side of the capital.
One downside is that it's often busy at weekends, you need to book, and can be both over warm and noisy inside.
Updated from previous review on Thursday January 23, 2014

Updated from previous review on Thursday January 23, 2014

I finally got to try the 222 daytime buffet today. We happened to be ita and what a revelation! if 222's al la carte menu in the evening is too expensive for you to enjoy often then the lunchtime buffet is perfect. I am used to the buffets at places like Indian veg and the Thai Veg Veg franchises but 222 is a step above. The food is enthused with a sense of quality. The simple (!) chick pea curry was so delightfully mild and yet tasty it surpassed all the ones I can remember ever eating at any Indian restaurants (besides perhaps Jai krishna). There were some little moist savoury cake things and beautifully done plantain it was difficult to stop eating! And the cost is still £7.50, which must be 222's modus operandi of spreading the vegan message. My partner for today's feast is lucky enough to live close by and intends to do more lunches at 222, I will consider cycling over from Hackney to join her because both are worth the effort.

44 Cloth Fair, London, England

a bit hit or miss but potentially excellent

18 Jul 2015

I've eaten here a couple of times now and have had some lovely food. But it's not cheap, the portions can be ridiculously small and the service problematic! If the manager/chef? comes out and explains what you can have things tend to improve. Taking an Italian linguist with you might be a good idea though. I will go back when I'm with someone who wants to eat Italian vegan food but not before then.

528 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, East London, England

cheap, simple and cheerful

24 May 2015

Dalston is the epicentre of hipster dome and so avoidable if possible but this little cafe is a delightful oasis of no thrills, no-nonsense, no hipsters basic old school Hackney culture. There is not a vast choice but as for the vegan platter to share amongst however many you are and you'll get interestingly shaped dishes with at least four different servings to eat with your Injera - soda bread pancake thing ! Tis good.

114 Albany Rd, Cardiff, Wales

An enthusiastic and interesting vegan restaurant

26 Feb 2016

We only just made it here, currently. They are closing at 7pm not 9.30'as the online info suggests. Luckily we phoned at 6.15 to book a table and ended up doing a brisk walk to get or orders in before the kitchen closed. Lots of signs were not good from the place being empty, to the wobbly toilet but we had a great experience. This was in no small part due to the very friendly owner and staff who made up for the lack of choices left on the hard to read daily menu (they need to add a spotlight or two!). Inspired by Krishna food ideas Anna Loka is a cool looking ethically motivated restaurant. The decor is clever and interesting. The kitchen is open. The menu changes so recommendations are obsolete but their homemade bean sausage was very impressive.
The chef,s were on hand to advise on ingredients and adapt to our special requests which is always a good sign. I,d have appreciated more than one sugar free dessert option but given that this was the first I came across in Cardiff the raw chocolate brownie was a real treat and well made.
Anna Loka is recovering from start up and staffing issues, we wish them well "we" we're both impressed, and shall come back next time ita

Stresemannstr. 119, Hamburg, Germany

Small and friendly

10 Jul 2015

Ba um does not always open at 11.30, I would advise arriving well after midday to be sure of it being open and offering anything other than drinks. But depending on the chef you maybe lucky with an earlier start!
I was however invited in out of the glaring sun and sat reading my book and using the wifi until they were ready to serve me. English is spoken pretty well by most of the staff as it is in most places in Hamburg and indeed Germany, but always double check what you have ordered or indeed that your order was taken or you might wait for some time as I did before realising that it hadn't,t been!!
Ba um,s menu is rather limited and at the moment they are not making pizza,s in the evening, just burgers. The food is all,fresh and homemade and I get the impression you could probably preorder pizzas if so desired. the chocolate cake is very good and succulent though not GF or SF.
I had a good broccoli soup, that turned out to be potato and broccoli soup in a large and interesting if a little noisy bowl, an earl grey tea a piece of cake and friendly chat for all under 10 euros.
I hope Ba um gets busier and has a wider range of food for the next time I,m in Hamburg. It,s good to see little independanr vegan cafes starting up and not just corporate ones. Ba um will restart doing Pizza,s when they can find the right sized pizza oven for their little kitchen! the sooner the better!

Philipstockstraat 27, Brugge, Bruges, Belgium

Posh nosh

27 Apr 2010

This place is smart if not posh and the food expensive. It was good and different but the menu is full of dead animals some of which seemed rare and exotic to our "western sense" so it was a blessing that we were alone and didn't have to put up with the smell of anyone else's food!

7 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, Wales

A vegan friendly chippy!!!

14 Dec 2012

In a part of the country that has more Fish and Chip shops than it does Charity Shops it was a lovely surprise to find this place. The left hand front door takes you into a large upmarket greasy spoon type cafe. Immediately you notice signs on the walls inviting one to ask for the gluten free and vegan menus, how cool is that! The vegan options are not extensive but they were enough for us to return twice and try out the range. My partner was so pleased to find that the veggie sausage in batter (not advertised in the menu) was vegan that she only had that each time we went, it was a childhood memory rekindled but now cruelty free! (if you don't count what the fat was doing to her arteries!) But Hey this is a chip shop, we didn't go for "health food", but we were well chuffed to have good vegan options and even an apple pie and custard for pudding! The only downside was the vegan milk, they are using Soya Soliel which is terrible and so my custard wasn't smoot and my tea seperated. Maybe take your own Plamil with you!

429 Melton Road, Leicester, England

Not a vegan Pizzaria!

05 Aug 2015

If you were hoping for a veggie/vegan pizza palace BJ's is bit of a let down. They have no fake meat, no vegan cheese and the pizzas are very standard cheapo take away pizza style. They inspiration for Bj's is to cater for the local Hindu vegetarian clientele and thats all they do. But if thats all you want.......!

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

Honestly the best place for vegans in London.

29 Apr 2015

I haven't reviewed The Black Cat up till now as I have been involved in setting it up and running it. But now it has gained the kind of recognition and reviews it deserves I feel able to say without fear of being accused of bias that this small worker run coop in Hackney is the best place for vegans to eat in London. Some other places might occasionally be cheaper, some might have fancier cakes but The Black Cats' cuisine is now so good that I have little reason to eat anywhere else! Also it's a pleasure to patronise a place that is committed to being vegan rather than just jumping on the hip bandwagon, and to know that all the food, the toiletries and cleaning products are vegan. The Black Cat also has a great selection of vegan cookbooks and other radical literature on offer. Don"t be shy to ask for a chefs' special, they are great! Or indeed ask for your own special! There are often superb sugar free brownies. Treat yourself visit this place and it won't cost you much!

50 Allen Rd, Stoke Newington, North London, England

not too impressed

03 Mar 2016

Its nice to see veggie places popping up on street corners even in yuppie enclaves like N16 but this place was a bit of a disappointment. Word of mouth and reviews had made it should like a little vegan golden secret. Instead the choice for vegans was limited, the prices high and the food uninspiring when it arrived. The tea was ok.
I went here some time ago and have been tempted to return to see if it was a "bad cafe day" but haven't found the energy as yet!

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

A Friendly and popular place, very vegan friendly

29 Apr 2015

Been here a couple of times and keep forgetting to review it! This is a workers co-op in hip Stokes Croft that started well before the gentrification made the area less interesting. They have relatively limited menu, but what they do they do well, though the soup this last time was a little too simple. The burgers are big and satisfying, the Farantina (chick pea flan) was lovely. This is where I eat when in Bristol and will continue to do so.
The kitchen is entirely vegan but they offer cow's milk with tea and coffee and some cakes aren't vegan.

538-6 Shijyo Agaru Shinkyougoku Nakanocho Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan

Good food, but no English!

03 Feb 2013

Hidden in an alley way off the shopping arcade (its the fourth alley on the right as you come north up the arcade). This place did fine posh vegan food but the menu was 98% in Japanese and the most the waiter could manage was to confirm that everything was vegan. So we just ordered two meals without knowing what we would get! They were good typically Japanese restaurant small size portions and relatively expensive but tasty!

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

A breakfast as good as it gets!

23 Oct 2013

I had the Morgenrot breakfast buffet a few years ago and it was so good that I had to go again! It's still as good! Shame its not all vegan but its 80% vegan and the banana and coconut salad with coriander was sooo good! Well worth rolling out of bed at midday and heading across to central Berlin for.

64 Northwold Rd, Stoke Newington, East London, England

Vegan passion in a pub!

16 Jul 2016

The Royal Sovereign is just about the last of the punk friendly pubs in Hackney. It looks and feels like it did years ago and there are locals including old punks who have been there for years. What is new is the day time food service. Please note I say DAY TIME because unfortunately this cafe closes at 4pm! Cafe So vegan is run by a pair of passionate vegans as shown not just in the delight they show in making such good food but in talking about it to you! I loved the look on the chefs face as she described future baking creation plans! The menu is made of their personal favourites like "macaroni cheese" and "french toast". Cauliflower nuggets and onion rings are as good as I have had at any super posh place. My companions had the breakfast burrito and then had trouble managing any dessert. I polished of the macaroni cheese which came in a generous portion and almost beat memories of my mothers version back in my childhood, (See photo). I will return soon to try the quiche. There are plenty of sweet things - not so many without refined sugar unfortunately. Their "Hackney" salads come from the local organic Growing Communities crew.
If you choose a sunny or even non rainy day to visit their is a large outside seating area out the back. The pub was super quiet which I guess is why pubs are closing as fast as DVD rental shops, but this cafe deserves to survive. If it was open in the evening I would be there tonight!

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-16

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

A good place for posh snacks!

24 Oct 2013

I was a little dissapointed that there was no savoury food on offer besides soup even though it was more than an hour before closing time when we got to Vux. The soup and cakes we had though were very good and I'm reliably informed the apple cake we didn't have is "the best". The hot chocolate was excellent and the tea adequate. The healthy green smoothie tasted a bit more healthy than tasty! The decor is very clean, bright and trendy another place determined not to be categorized as part of the "alternative" ghetto. Vux is close to the Dr Pogo all vegan shop which is useful.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Good food and beer!

02 Aug 2012

The food was good and healthy, we went for the specials rather than the all day breakfast!. My partner liked her Punk Beer, the waitress was friendly, it wasn't busy. The Death of Thatcher Party poster made us feel very at home. Would love one of these in London!

Schliemannstraße 15, Berlin, Germany

A cocktail bar that impressed two tea totalers!

24 Oct 2013

We literally bumped into this place on our way to the Vego restaurant and so decided to come back and have our desert here. We didn't try the cocktails as we don't drink but Lilian had a(nother) excellent hot chocolate and I was served a good sized Earl Grey tea that went very well with our cakes. The appley citrus cake I had was superb. The croissant was good but sorely missed a splash of warm chocolate sauce or thick cream atop it! The staff/owner were friendly and informative and I intend to return to Chaostheorie next time I'm in Berlin.

Cardiff Market, St Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales

best non-vegan vegan take away in Cardiff!

26 Feb 2016

Clancy,s is a cool old school spice store in an indoor market. The three sides of the store are choc full of jars radiant with the colours of spices and herbs. The front has a fresh food display that had two shelves full of vegan savoury goodies on the Friday we visited. These included a vegan scotch egg that was a must given that it's the first time I,ve ever seen such a thing., it was a triumph of texture and taste in an easy to eat take away form. The sosroll was good and the ale pie lovely. When I return to Cardiff this stall will be high on my itinerary,

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