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"a kitchen of contemporary Vegan art"
Zagreb, Croatia on 13 Nov 2017

"Probably the best vegan food in London "
West London, England on 07 Apr 2014

"cheap, simple and cheerful"
East London, England on 04 Sep 2017

"An enthusiastic and interesting vegan restaurant"
Cardiff, Wales on 26 Feb 2016

"A vegan friendly chippy!!!"
Llandudno, Wales on 14 Dec 2012

"good burger boring bun.!"
East London, England on 15 Jul 2017

"Honestly the best place for vegans in London."
East London, England on 29 Apr 2015

"not too impressed"
North London, England on 03 Mar 2016

"A Friendly and popular place, very vegan friendly"
Bristol, England on 29 Apr 2015

"A breakfast as good as it gets!"
Berlin, Germany on 23 Oct 2013

"Marvelous little vegan stall."
East London, England on 28 May 2017

"A good place for posh snacks!"
Berlin, Germany on 24 Oct 2013

"Good food and beer!"
Barcelona, Spain on 02 Aug 2012

"A cocktail bar that impressed two tea totalers!"
Berlin, Germany on 24 Oct 2013

"best non-vegan vegan take away in Cardiff!"
Cardiff, Wales on 26 Feb 2016

"Suburban vegan wonderland (for the wealthy)"
Hamburg, Germany on 26 Jun 2016

"a bit hit or miss but potentially excellent"
London, England on 18 Jul 2015

"Small and friendly"
Hamburg, Germany on 10 Jul 2015

"Posh nosh"
Bruges, Belgium on 27 Apr 2010

"be quick they need to move again!"
North West London, England on 27 Aug 2016

"delightful quiche"
North London, England on 04 Oct 2015

"Friendly crazy art space with veggie cafe!"
East London, England on 07 Feb 2014

"A veggie haven amidst the curried meat"
East London, England on 23 Jan 2014

"this is now "
West London, England on 14 Dec 2012

"Worth trekking 25 miles to get to!"
Grossmugl, Austria on 27 Apr 2016

Barcelona, Spain on 28 Apr 2013

"Hin n Veg struggling but still in the game!"
Hamburg, Germany on 26 Jun 2016

"Expensive but superb"
Hamburg, Germany on 26 Jun 2016

"excellent food if its available!"
Prague, Czech Republic on 01 May 2014

"Great cakes and teas but scary sofas"
North London, England on 30 May 2013

"Posh Nosh for vegans!"
Berlin, Germany on 03 Oct 2013

"Fancy and healthy ice cream!!!!!???"
East London, England on 20 Jul 2017

"Don't trust this place to be open, phone first!"
East London, England on 06 Mar 2016

"Izvrstan! or as we say excellent!"
Zagreb, Croatia on 17 Sep 2015

"French vegans! quelle bonne suprise!"
Berlin, Germany on 03 Jan 2014

"Satisfying but not sensational"
Vienna, Austria on 25 Apr 2016

"Quality healthy vegan food."
Zagreb, Croatia on 27 Sep 2017

"Cute cafe!"
East London, England on 21 Oct 2015

"98% vegan!"
Prague, Czech Republic on 01 May 2014

"Good burger and great cake!"
Zagreb, Croatia on 29 Apr 2015

"wonderful outpost"
Market Harborough, England on 05 Aug 2012

"Milford Haven has a vegan cafe!!!"
Milford Haven, Wales on 22 Feb 2015

"A bit chaotic but good!"
South West London, England on 25 Jul 2015

"A vegan haven in seedy central Soho"
London, England on 07 Aug 2016

"A vegan cafe in Bosnia but don't get too excited"
Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina on 18 Sep 2015

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