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Vegetarian buffet restaurant from Rotterdam. Offers an extensive selection with many vegan dishes, and items are marked. There's also a vegan ice cream bar, various desserts, vegan beer and wine. Pay by weight. Cashless. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-23:00.

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First Review by small_trees


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20 Oct 2023

Amazing buffet

So many vegan items on the buffet, and they were all delicious! They also have really good juices, smoothies, and coffee drinks!

Pros: Large selection of vegan dishes



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14 Oct 2023

Delicious Veg Buffet

We wandered in to Spirit while visiting the city and had a great dinner experience. The vegan options were plentiful and delicious. Prices were decent and service was lovely. We ended up going back for a last takeaway meal before we left Amsterdam. Can’t wait to go back again.

Pros: Lots of options, Good food


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31 Aug 2023

Top concept!

Erg lekker gegeten en aardig personeel! Zoveel vegan opties, je krijgt er bijna keuzestress van (dus van alle vegan opties maar een beetje gepakt 😂)


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09 Aug 2023

Lovely food!

I had breakfast here for around €8. It was very tasty! I also got a box to go for dinner which cost €26, but I put so much in there that I could use the leftovers for a good sized lunch the next day, so closer to €13 for dinner. You could say it is more expensive than other places, but all the food is organic which makes it worth it for me and €13 for dinner in Amsterdam is pretty reasonable.

Pros: Yummy, Organic, Good range of options


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10 Jul 2023

Great buffet & concept

Loved it here, a buffet like a savoury pick n mix! Choose what you want and put your plate on the scales to pay. We were careful with our portions so the concept definitely encourages you to not waste any food, we went back for a second plate each, you just pay each time.
I enjoyed the huge range of choice on offer and how clean and fresh everything on the buffet looked. Each dish was labelled with its name and allergens. Some I didn't know what they were but I knew they were vegan so would still try it. The food itself was fine, not special but I think good value and the choices on offer made it worth visiting, just to sample new foods I had never tried before. The place is very light and spacious with tables spread around, unlike most places in Amsterdam I've eaten so overall it was a different, new food experience and I really enjoyed it. There is also a health store/supermarket attached which you can access through the restaurant.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Sample new foods, Very clean


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04 Jun 2023

We loved it!

We thought the food was excellent, most of the options were vegan (and there were lots of different ones!) so eating there was a no brainer for me.

We weren't super excited about not knowing how much it was gonna cost us until each plate was weighed at the till, but the price ended up being fair imo it helps prevent food waste as people don't go overboard like they do with traditional buffets.

The place itself is pretty nice, it's spaceous, clean and bright and has an artsy vibe about it. The staff is friendly. They have small patios if you want to eat outside (though they're located pretty close to the road). Would definitely go back, my husband who's not vegan was very impressed with the quality of the food too.

Pros: Super tasty food, Mostly vegan, Lots of options


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04 Jun 2023

Nice food

Nice food, nothing amazing, what you'd expect from a salad bar bigger kind of place, rather expensive considering, but I'd come again when looking for some lunch.


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27 May 2023

lovely place

went here with omnis and even they said it was great. i love the buffet style since you can select all the components you want. everything is organic and almost everything vegan.

if you're insterested in the price, it's
- 2,75€/100g for eat-in and 2,50€/100g for on-the-go BEFORE NOON (may 2023)
- 3,40€/100g for eat-in and 3,05€/100g for on-the-go AFTER NOON (may 2023)


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07 May 2023

One of the best

If you will be in Amsterdam you must go there. It's buffet, where food is for weight. Many choices, very nice and clean interior. For me little expensive, but what the heck I was on vacation, so I ate here twice and if I ever will be in Amsterdam I definitely go again.


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05 May 2023

Nice plant-based buffet (expensive)

We have never been to vegan buffet so when we saw one we were very excited. We are used to a set price all you can eat buffet, however this one is priced by the weight of the food on your plate. Which could be a good concept but they charge €3.50 for 100g of food which is barely anything so ends up being extremely expensive or a skimpy meal, which isn’t what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘buffet’.

However, the food options themselves were very good and we got to try all sorts of different things. There were only a couple of things that were vegetarian instead of vegan.

Poor choice of drinks for us, but we just may not be into that sort of thing.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Very expensive , Weird drinks


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28 Apr 2023

best food in town

favorite place to eat in amsterdam! everything’s vegetarian but probably 80-90% is actually vegan. great variety in the buffet. lots of veggies, tofu, soup, amazing desserts and cakes. good matcha, too. A bit on the pricier side but well worth the money.


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07 Apr 2023

Dit concept is top

Heerlijk selfservice restaurant waarbij je zelf kiest hoeveel je van iets wilt eten en welke opties je kiest. Je betaald per grammen opgeschept voedsel

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Volledig vegetarisch , Gemak

Cons: Prijzig


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26 Mar 2023

All-time favourite

One of my favourite places in Amsterdam. Especially for the Yuzucake.


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23 Mar 2023

Lovely place!

Very different option for food for our first night in the city. I went with my mum who isn't veggie at all and loved how tasty the food was.

It's a good idea that your food gets weighed after you've piled it up as you're paying for (presumably) what you'll eat, just can be a bit on the pricey side if you're not careful!

Overall, great choice for those of the veggie/vegan persuasion but also for those that aren't if they're willing to try new things!


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19 Mar 2023

Many vegan options!

All delicious, many vegan options including almost all desserts and very clear descriptions. I really love it!

Pros: Many vegan options , Very clear descriptions


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19 Mar 2023

Decent veg buffet

There are many vegan and vegetarian options, incl starters, cold and warm dishes, as well as desserts. The choice is so big that it’s sometimes difficult to decide😉as a plus - everyone will find sth to enjoy! everything is relatively tasty, however you may end up with a very random choice on you plate. You pay as much as it weight - so if you’re choosing heavy, creamy or dip fried items be mindful not to overspend.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Big space

Cons: A bit pricy


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07 Mar 2023

Rich in flavour and price!

Lovely dinner, all good, but 28 euros for a (large) plate of food seems more than a bit much.


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27 Feb 2023

Absolutely gorgeous!

Such a nice place with a lowkey vibe, many vegan options (savoury and sweet) and cosy sunlight making its way in through the windows.

Pros: So many options!, You weigh your food


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Mostly Veg
24 Feb 2023

Special exceptional food

Etensbar met ontzettend veel variatie aan vegetarisch voedsel.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-24

Pros: Je betaald voor gewicht wat je eet. , warm en koud

Cons: Zoveel verschillende lekkere dingen!, niet te veel opscheppen!


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19 Feb 2023

Vegan buffet

I mean it's a buffet, how isn't happy with that. You have so much options that you have to come back to this place. I personally like the system as wel where the weight your food and that is what you pay for.

Pros: Looots of options

Cons: Normal city prices


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17 Feb 2023

Almost fully vegan buffet

Unfortunately they still have some animal products but I’d say about 90% of the buffet was vegan. The food was really good, and all the different vegan options were amazing 💓 It’s a bit pricey though

Pros: Really good food

Cons: They serve animal products, A bit pricey


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06 Feb 2023


Amazing food and great atmosphere!


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19 Jan 2023

Veggie buffet gem in Amsterdam

Amazing veggie buffet will lots of options. You pay for the weight of food you eat. Overall great experience.

Pros: Delicious variety of food, Best seitan ribs I ever had , Great transparency on all ingredients

Cons: Overall atmosphere could be a bit cosier, Would add a few fun cocktails to the menu


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18 Jan 2023

That’s the vegan spirit!

Bij Spirit kun je uit heel erg veel Vegan gerechten kiezen, zowel warm als koud. Het buffet ziet er verzorgd en goed uit. De gerechten zijn erg lekker.
Spirit ligt nabij de Oostelijke eilanden en de Dappermarkt.

At Spirit you can choose from a lot of Vegan dishes, both hot and cold. The buffet looks neat and good. The dishes are very tasty. Spirit is located near the Eastern Islands and the Dappermarkt.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-18


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09 Dec 2022

So many choice

Many many vegan options and all the ingredients are listed. Because of the buffet concept you can also visit the restaurant when you are in a rush


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26 Nov 2022

Holy Spirit

Great informal atmosphere, most of the food was vegan and everything is clearly labelled with allergens. White chocolate and vanilla ice cream was very good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-26

Pros: Endless choice, Great food

Cons: Gets expensive if you, like me, lack self-control


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21 Nov 2022

Too good

So many vegan options!! Savory and dessert. The yuzu cake was absolutely incredible. The only downside is that it’s expensive(done by weight) so I can’t eat unlimited food like I want to. Will definitely go again.

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