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Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

Excellent Comfortable Food

I came here with a non-veg friend and we both were extremely satisfied with our meals, and comfortably stuffed. The staff is very friendly, and though the decor is not the best, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and the place is full of locals. Since there were a lot of people, service was not speedy, but it was worth the wait. Don't come here expecting a delicious fancy meal. It's perfect when you just don't want to cook or pay very much for a meal out. We had a huge burger, a huge side of fries and a beer for 5 euro, which is an excellent price for Madrid. I will definitely go back and try all their menu! I wouldn't get so turned off by the location. Yes, there are prostitutes, but it's not a sketchy street at all, and the neighborhood is quite nice.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Filling and yummy, but not so cheap

I went here with a non-veg friend and we both really enjoyed it. Had the dish of the day, and it was good. Nothing out of the ordinary, to be honest, but it was a hearty mix of salads with a good amount of bread. Ended up paying around 13 euro for it, but I was comfortably full. Drinks looked expensive, so we decided to skip them. They have a good mix of vegan and vegetarian dishes, so it's nice for those who are not vegan. I had a vegan dessert, which looked delicious, but wasn't that good. So I would recommend to skip the dessert and perhaps have a drink instead. Service was okay, and the place is really cute!

Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4 A, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great for vegan candy!

This place is great for vegans who miss gummy candy and chocolatey goodies, which are almost impossible to find elsewhere. The price is a bit higher than the ones you can get elsewhere in Amsterdam, but it's worth it as you know for sure what you are getting. Everything is clearly labeled, and the guy who was working there was really eager, enthusiastic, and gave us lots of candy to try. Will definitely be back!

Manuela Malasana 3, Madrid, Spain

Nice to look at

I went here for a birthday dinner, and it was a really quaint and exotic place. It's visually appealing, and the food is also pretty to look at. However, there weren't many vegan options, and it was a bit overpriced. I would suggest going for drinks, or perhaps a (non-vegan) dessert since it's a nice place, but wouldn't really recommend it for the food.

1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 4, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not really vegan-friendly at all

I love Los Pilones! It's a great bar and a great place to go to for authentic Mexican cuisine (which is so hard to find in Amsterdam!). However, I would never really recommend it to a vegan. Other than their guacamole or their tacos de alambre, or chilaquiles/enchiladas (basically with nothing in them/on top of them) there are no other options. Though I love the place, it is extremely expensive as well! :(

Calle Amnistia 6, Madrid, Spain


I had dinner at Vegania last night and it was incredible! I went with a non-veg friend and she really liked it as well. It has been--by far--the best veg restaurant I have been to in Madrid. It has a quaint atmosphere, and you can also buy veg products as well (for better prices than in other stores around). The staff was friendly, helpful, and the prices were fair (9.50 euro for lunch, 12 for dinner for a 3 course menu). They had 3 different choices for appetizers, 3 for main courses. The portions were huge and everything was delicious. The menu changes daily and I will for sure come back many times!

Costanilla de San Andrés 16, Madrid, Spain

Pricey but worth it

I have been here multiple times and I have always left really happy. Not only does the place have a very earthy and colorful atmosphere, but the food is also delicious. The buffet is by weight, so be careful with what you choose. It is indeed not a place to come if you are looking to get full (unless you have a lot of money). But you can easily sample a bit of everything for around 10 euro. It's also an excellent place to come for dessert (they have delicious vegan cakes) and everything is clearly labeled. It has an ideal location, and would definitely recommend it!

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

For the Hip Alternative Crowd

I used to be a regular a few years ago and loved it. However, I was recently there and the portions are definitely smaller. It still has great flavor, but I used to like it better when the meal was more filling. That said, the staff is friendly, the place is really nice, with an amazing vibe. They have concerts sometimes, and it's a great place to hang out even when you are not eating. Great (cheap) beer as well! A great place to escape from the tourist traps!

C/ de Esquilache 4, Madrid, Spain


Disclaimer: I went here through a Groupon deal, and would NEVER have gone without it, because who the hell can afford a 20 euro buffet? Though I ate more than enough, I still thought it wasn't really worth the price I paid. I liked that they had lots of options, but everything was cold, and it felt like you are eating mildly healthy hospital food. Or very bad food you just bought at the Whole Foods salad bar. The atmosphere of the place is very cafeteria-ish and not really cozy. The staff was not the best either. It's not the best location, since it's a bit out of the center of the city.

The stores (2!) surrounding it (called Ecocentro as well) were amazing, and you should really check those out. They were huge and had lots of different vegan products.

I'd recommend going shopping for some products if you want, but avoid the restaurant.

c/ Buenavista, 42, Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain


I've been here twice and it has been great both times. On both occasions my non-veg companions have loved their meals. I cook quite a lot, so at least to me their cooking is not something out of the ordinary. However, it's quite nice to be able to walk into a bar in Spain and have vegan tapas. There is not a lot of light, and visually, it's not the best, (it looks kind of Andalusian, with a few clashing pictures and posters) but overall, I liked their eclectic vibe. The staff is incredibly amazing, and the prices are dirt-cheap. I love the neighborhood the bar is in, and it's a great place to start your night with their cheap beers. Loved their chill vibe and definitely see myself going back there again.

Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid, Spain


I walked in here to get take-out and I was a bit put off by the environment of the restaurant. It's too bright, and there are videos on loop of the leader of their philosophy. The hamburger I got was delicious, but I expected more since their prices are really high for Madrid. I had tried Loving Hut in Valencia, and loved their options, but Madrid's menu is quite small in comparison

Calle del Conde de Altea, 44, bajo Izquierda, Valencia, Spain


This was probably one of the highlights of my trip to Valencia. The food was absolutely delicious and the portions were large. The prices were fair and I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of the options. Everything I ordered was delicious, though we had it to go. The restaurant is not very charming, or well-lit, but I recommend you take your food to go and have a picnic. The staff was super friendly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Damrak 40, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A Let Down

Having tried numerous Maoz locations in the U.S. and Spain, Maoz in Amsterdam (both Muntplein and Damrak) is an incredible downgrade! The service SUCKS (biggest difference) and the toppings are completely simple compared to the delicious toppings you can find in other locations in the world. That said, it is still a good place to go if you are a hungry drunk vegan. Other than the fact that you can fill up on tasteless vegetables, it is not any better than a smaller kebab shop.

Muntplein 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

What a Let Down!

Having tried numerous Maoz locations in the U.S. and Spain, Maoz in Amsterdam (both Muntplein and Damrak) is an incredible downgrade! The service SUCKS (biggest difference) and the toppings are completely simple compared to the delicious toppings you can find in other locations in the world. That said, it is still a good place to go if you are a hungry drunk vegan. Other than the fact that you can fill up on tasteless vegetables, it is not any better than a smaller kebab shop.

Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Always great!

I've been to MKZ several times now, and it's always been delightful. While they have several rotating cooks, I must say my favorite day to visit is on Saturdays.

The atmosphere is very welcoming, and it's definitely very affordable (which is hard to find in Amsterdam!). Their soup is always fantastic, and the portions are really filling. You won't leave hungry! Beer/Wine and other drinks are also really cheap, and you can also choose to stay for their information, or music nights (only some nights).

People (other patrons and volunteers who run the place) are absolutely friendly, and it's nice to know your money is supporting good causes! A must for any vegan visiting Amsterdam!

12 Kings Court, 103 King St, Glasgow, Scotland

Absolutely fantastic!

I almost wish I lived in Glasgow, just so I could make this my regular place. Both my vegetarian friend and me (vegan) were delighted with our food, and the place in general. The staff was super friendly, and they have a wide selection of really good beers! The prices are reasonable, and it's a cool venue!

Concepción Arenal, 3, Madrid, Spain

Piece of vegan heaven!

A must for Madrid! It was amazing to have a buffet with so many options to choose from for such a good price (10 euro during the weekend). Some items were fresher than others, but overall great taste. Lots of mock meat, but also great seaweed, noodle and tofu dishes, and Sriracha sauce! The service was great, though drinks were expensive and they don't offer tap water.

The only big downside would be the small amount of vegan desserts. After pigging out on delicious vegan food, it was a bit sad to see everyone else have about 12 dessert options and to have only 3 simple vegan ones to choose from. So fill up on the savory stuff!

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chill Atmosphere, Homey Food

I really enjoyed my time at Terra Zen. It is a bit hard to find if you're not looking for it, but it was a nice discovery. The prices weren't that great, but the food was really tasty. We did have to wait quite a while, but if you're in good company, and not that hungry, you'll be fine. They had really creative and homey dishes, which is hard to find for lunch in Amsterdam. The owner is really friendly, talkative, and is very passionate about his dishes. The place is small, but it has a very chill vibe. Would definitely go again!

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