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Upscale dining with formal seating inside and a couple sidewalk tables. Healthy food. Food served until 7:30pm. Closed last Sunday of the month. 10 minutes from Museumplein on the tram. Open Wed-Sat 17:30-22:30.

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First Review by wellread


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13 Oct 2023

Simply the best

Wonderful mostly-vegan food, prepared and served with love and enthusiasm.

Pros: Wonderful food , Wonderful people , Great wine



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04 Jun 2023

Enjoyed it

Enjoyed the experience, nice place, cooked for you my the owner couple, no menu just a fixed meal of whatever they choose. Some things were great, others were so so, I liked the cakes the least, but in general a very happy experience.


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18 Dec 2022

Best vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever been to.

Incredible! Best vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever been to. Every dish was like an explosion of flavor. Had no idea vegetables could taste so good. Was worth the hour drive. Need up my own cooking game now. Can’t wait to go again.

Pros: Incredible tasting food , Wide variety of food to taste , Amazing natural wines


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25 Sep 2022

Amazing restaurant, food and experience.

Amazing place. The owners are a couple who have devoted their life to cooking. The restaurant has been open for 30 years and the owners are super experienced and good cooks. Recipes are out of this world, with all kinds of recipes around the world. You are always told the story behind the dish, they always make world dishes vegan and vegetarian. You get a lot of food and care for what you pay, so it’s definitely worth it. Every two weeks there is a new surprise menu. Can’t wait to try the next one! 2 people (one of us drank wine) spent 95€ and we tipped to 105.

Pros: Lots of vegan and vegetarian options , Lots of food (we are served now for lunch today), Super relaxing atmosphere, very quiet

Cons: A bit pricey but it is definitely worth it


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21 Jul 2022

Intimate Unique Experience

Had a fantastic time at Betty's, a place I have been meaning to go to for years! As the other reviews say, yes, Betty's is expensive. Food-wise, I think it's a fair price, but the wine can get expensive, so knowing the price of the bottles would be good to know beforehand! They also cater to allergies and preferences (I went with a vegan friend who doesn't like olives, so they went ahead and served those separately for us, for example).

The flavors were great, with a lot of different mixes of cuisines in one meal (Indian, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern!) Which were honestly great. I don't think it's a super cohesive menu, but every dish was delicious, and you can tell that they put a lot of love in presenting it in such a lovely way.

It's a place that has about 6-7 tables per night, so it's quite intimate. Service can be a bit slow as they are preparing everything as you eat, but it's a great place to go with a good friend, or a chatty partner. Time flew by, and we had a fantastic time hearing stories about the dishes, and about the winemakers of each of the wines they serve.

The dessert platter was absolutely HUGE, and we couldn't finish it all ourselves. All in all, it's a great dining experience!

Pros: Huge portions, Great stories, Intimate setting

Cons: Expensive Wine


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24 Mar 2022

Totally worth it

Great food and amazing passionate owners who cook a different set menu every day. You can also pair your food with amazing wines, beer… It’s not cheap but it’s totally worth it. Amazing place, amazing food, amazing owners.


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17 Aug 2020

Lovely food, passionate owners, no privacy

Disclaimer: I just noticed I've never written a review about my experience at Betty's so this review relates to a couple of years ago.

It's a small place that really takes time to make it an enjoyable experience. You can tell the owners know about their food and want to share much information. Don't come here if you are planning a very private event, the owners will tell you a lot haha. I can imagine that interrupting the flow of the evening. It's also a longer sit.

On the other hand, the food is really good, especially the dessert was amazing. My judgement is that if you're looking for a charming place and really want to be taken on a journey by the hosts, this is the place for you!

Pros: Scrumptious food, Passionate owners

Cons: Lacking in privacy b/c of owner conversations


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14 Jul 2018

Beautiful restaurant and lovely vegan food

We had a lovely evening at Betty’s. Gido and Caroline cooked us a delicious vegan 3-course dinner with flavour around the world. Despite the wide range of flavour it was all very well balanced. I also loved the caked we got for dessert! Gido and Caroline are such warm-hearted people so the atmosphere at Betty’s is wonderful.

Pros: Interesting flavours around the world., The atmosphere and the service., Vegan cakes!


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11 Mar 2018

amazing food experience

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great, it is small, cosy, the service was the best i have ever experienced, the owner talked about their wine and the history of it. It is a vegetarian place that offers a vegan full menu. They change the menu every two weeks. The flavours are incredible I have never ever thought that you can combine such stuff! We had three dishes, including cakes and it was just incredibly amazing! it is so worth visiting. I think you need a reservation.

Pros: incredibly tasty food combinations, the atmosphere and the owner, cakes!

Cons: reservation is necesery


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08 Mar 2018

Delicious, varied and personal

We were offered a three course "surprise menu", with different international taster dishes. Each was delicious! They took into account our dietary needs and preferences very well and staff was kind and very knowledgeable. Nice organic and natural wine selection too. Highly recommend!

Gets booked up so you'll definitely need to reserve in advance


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19 Feb 2018

nice vegan options (try their pie!)

Very (very!) expensive place. You need to reserve in advance since it is usually fully booked.

The food is tasty, but might be a bit overpresented (in talk about it not in design or what you will actally eat). Really nice flavors, but it is for sure overpriced for what you get. Has a 'house restaurant' atmpshere, lack of privacy between tables.

Once had an absolute AMAZING vegan pie chocolate with rasberry) but was €10,- for a small piece.

Let them know in advance you would like to eat vegan. It is no problem at all, they will spoil you.

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-23

Pros: great vegan food (and vegan dessert)

Cons: very! expensive, lack of privacy


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02 Feb 2018

Wonderful dinner

This was the best meal I had in Amsterdam. Primarily, the food was excellent - varied and yet well matched. The owner explained the story of each dish. Secondarily it was a very pleasant experience - the restaurant is very calm and warm. The dinner was unrushed but not slow either. Reservations are recommended. Let them know if you are vegan when making a reservation. They take very good care of vegans.


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01 Oct 2017

Good flavors but lacking in variety

Betty's was a bit of a disappointment unfortunately. Great explanation of each course- clearly made with love and passion, but the textures of the different elements and the courses were all quite similar, all stew like. Not high cuisine and very over priced for the quality.


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16 Apr 2017

really good

This can seem pretentious to some people but thats just if you have a massive inferiority complex. The service is great and the food is original; at the start of every course you get a small explanation from the waiter. You have to call ahead but it is worth it.


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10 Mar 2017

Extraordinary culinary experience

This has to be one of the best restaurants my wife and I have ever been to. It's hard to put into words just what a special place this is... but here goes. First, the food is just exquisite. No menu but three courses lovingly cooked and put together by Gido and Caroline. Lots of the plates are to share which really adds to the lovely vibe of the place. All the flavours, textures and colours are painstakingly thought out and complement each other beautifully. In the five times we have been here, we've never had a bad dish. The variety ranges from Indian, to North African, via Portuguese and Spanish. Gido explains exactly what is in every dish and its origins (everything can be made vegan - but specify when you book - booking is necessary). Gido will even suggest different wines and which will go best with the food. The quantity is perfect, nothing is too heavy or too much. The desserts are also amazing and the range of puddings on offer for vegans is great too.

Second, the atmosphere. The restaurant is small, cosy and comfortable (gezellig). You have your table for the whole evening. There is no rush and so your meal out becomes a whole evening experience.

Third, the service provided by Gido and Caroline is outstanding. They are both warm and friendly and very passionate about food. You can even buy organic products like oils and herbs from the restaurant. They are so welcoming and we always have a lovely chat to them whenever we go. They even ask after our family and remember previous times we've visited.

Hopefully this review does justice to Betty's. Cannot recommend it enough - for anyone visiting Amsterdam this simply has to be top of the list of places to eat.

Pros: excellent food, cosy atmosphere, outstanding service

Cons: reservation required


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14 Sep 2016

Simply Incredible

We booked a table a week in advance to make sure we have a spot on a Sunday night as there's only a few tables and requested one vegan menu. The atmosphere was so gezellig (cozy and nice), the service felt personal and very friendly and the food was absolutely amazing. A lot of attention to flavour combinations, fresh and well cooked ingredients and great presentation. We had a 3 course menu that filled us up nicely and we even bought their homemade jam. An experience to remember. Can't wait to go back!

Pros: Excellent food, Amazing service, Unforgettable experience


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16 Apr 2016

Delightful! Highly Recommended

We easily made reservations in advance and mentioned I was vegan.
The place is small and charming. Gido is very personable and provided great service.
Dinner was great, starting with exciting appetizers, everything special and tasty.
Dessert was spectacular. My partner who is not vegan had lemon cheesecake, and then there were two more awesome vegan cakes as well as vegan fudge, accompanied by good coffee.
The price was not expensive at all, considering the food and the wine. I highly recommend!

Pros: Great food, Great service, Lovely ambience

Cons: A little slow


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06 Jan 2016

great atmosphere and food

Great to have a "fine dining" option in Amsterdam. Dishes were healthy, but not just brown rice and grilled tofu they were creative! They are prepared to accommodate vegans with good substitutes for the few non vegan ingredients rather than omitting. E.g. They had a soy yogurt sauce for me instead of a yogurt sauce. They also always have a vegan cake for desert.


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17 May 2015

Cosy and laid-back restaurant with surprising dishes

Cosy small restaurant, so making a reservation is highly recommended. The pre-set (surprise) menu changes every two weeks. As an example we got (among other things) a bowl of pea soup and a tapenade of puy lentils and some mais cakes, a chutney of tamarind, indian style potatoes, beetroot with rhubarb, perl cous cous with grape sauce, aubergine with tahin and delicious desert cake to top it off.

The only down side was the waiting time between starter and main course.

Pros: Helpful with suggestions

Cons: Waiting time between courses


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19 Apr 2015

Spectacular dining experience

We went for a meal at Betty's on the last night of our holiday, and it was the culinary highlight of the trip. We'd booked the table in advance via their website, and let them know we were vegan. Booking is strongly recommended, as it's a small place, and there is no menu to look at: every night they put on three courses of their choice, so it's worth giving them a heads up if you want vegan food. The owner was very friendly and explained all the dishes to us in English. We had a sharing plate for our starter, and a delicious tofu-based dish for the main - both of these were tweaks on the dishes served to the vegetarians. For dessert, however, we were given three slices each of the vegan cakes they'd prepared, and they were all delicious! The atmosphere is both intimate and relaxed, we weren't hurried along at any point, so we left feeling satisfied but not uncomfortably full. Obviously you pay for the service and quality of food, but it was worth it and I can't recommend it enough for a special occasion.

Pros: Excellent, attentive service, Delicious food, Great vegan options


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04 Feb 2014

Ok but pretentious

A nice setting as it is actually a normal Amsterdam house turned restaurant. The food is good but not excellent when compared with the expectations set by the host. Use of foreign language (French and Italian for the most) to describe the items being served (even when pronounced wrong) adds charisma to the experience. Lots of information given about the origin of the product too. However the service is not as good as the stories being told. Little attention is paid to what's going on at the table (no drinks) and far too long time to wait between courses. It took more than 3 hours to have a complete dinner. Again it would all be ok if the food was outstanding. Unfortunately it is not. Simply good. But that's where it stops.

Pros: Nice settings, Quality of products

Cons: Meal tasts good but not excellent, Too expensive for what it is offered, Service is nice but too slow


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13 Nov 2013

What distinguishes the good from the alright

Absolutely a five star restaurant for me. We booked a promotional diner (they existed 25 years so a 3 course meal was 25 euros) but the quality was no less astounding than it would be in a normal situation. The portions are exactly right (so that the desert only just fits) and the the taste was just perfect. The somewhat higher price is clear from the moment you take the first bite and is definitely worth it. The service is good, they explain everything you have on your plate and are very nice to just have a chat with. The restaurant is very cosy. Do make sure you make a timely reservation and mention it if you are vegan. We are and this was no problem at all for the cook!


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13 Dec 2012

The WOW effect!

A big thx to the Godess in the kitchen and the fantastic service by il CApo himself... waht an experience!
One of the best restaurants we've ever been to and my three courses desserts were not from this World - amazing!
I have known my wife for 23 years, who's not into sweets (!) but this was a first, she liked (loved) the taste of mine and finished it off!
They make extensive use of herbs and interesting combinations... it's a case of letting yourself go with the flow and enjoy the dishes which escape the kitchen.
For some it might be a little pricy, but considering what you get and the quality, it's more than worth every cent!
We will be back!

Pros: best food ever, best service ever, best dinner in 2012

Cons: none, none, none


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04 May 2008

best high-end veggie in Amsterdam

This isn't a place I've been to that often, but it's the best for a special occasion in my opinion. Birthdays, anniversaries. My partner and I are both vegan, and this place is accommodating to that, especially if you call ahead. They have daily menus, so they will tell you what's possible that day for vegans.

Pros: good food, friendly, no smoking

Cons: pricey, variety

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