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6918 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, USA

Do not miss this restaurant!

15 Mar 2016

My friend (another vegan) took me to Adana Restaurant for lunch. We were going to eat lightly and not order too many dishes. What happened was completely the opposite! The menu was so interesting, with so many vegan options, that we ordered enough to have leftovers for dinner. We both agreed that they were some of the tastiest leftovers ever!

The owner and our server were completely helpful when ordering and not only provided us with an amazing meal; ordering vegan dishes there was practically seamless. The food at Adana is delectable! I recommend the different "dolmas," neither my friend nor I has ever eaten better stuffed grape leaves or cabbage leaves. Their roasted eggplant was heavenly. We had an incredible avocado salad that had fresh herbs and raw onions and was so uniquely delicious. Their sumac table condiment is incredibly interesting and complements every dish.

Adana Restaurant is worth going to Glendale for the experience of this wonderfully creative and extraordinary cuisine. I am a fan of Mediterranean food but this version is far superior to any I have ever eaten. Do not miss it!!!

810 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, USA

Too many fried fake meats

30 Jun 2010

If you like fried fake meats then Garden Cafe is your place; if not then you will need to discuss your order very carefully with the service staff. We ordered three "meat" dishes and did not realize that everything was going to be battered and fried and in a sweet sauce. When we ordered plain bok choy, we had to repeat that we did not want any "meat" in the dish, just vegetables. Clearly, the kitchen has skill cooking Chinese cuisine because the bok choy and turnip cakes were excellent but we were disconcerted with our other dishes. Our soups were way too salty and prompted us to ask the kitchen to please limit salt in our other dishes.

I think careful ordering could get you a great meal at Garden Cafe but we did not have that kind of experience. I can totally recommend the turnip cakes which were excellent!

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

Wonderful macrobiotic food

24 Oct 2010

The Grand Appetit does not disappoint! The food was high-quality and delicious. It is a great destination (because it is also in a fun neighborhood) for healthy, whole food. I love this place and will go back every time I go to Paris. The food is well-balanced and wonderful.

Please do not go here if you expect attentive service, ordering is done at a counter and your food is brought the table. Please go if you are interested in healthy, macrobiotic, vegan food in a sea of pomme frites!

200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

Green Vegetarian local and delicious

10 Aug 2010

The Green Restaurant in San Antonio is a wonderful escape amidst a sea of cholesterol laden options in the area. Their food is delicious and they grow some of it in their restaurant garden which is beautiful. Come for the food but stay for their desserts!

The servers were wonderful and offered us samples of food when we had questions about flavor. We had a big party for a late dinner and service was great and made us feel very welcome. We would definitely all go back!

I heard they were looking into re-vamping their menu and would hope they take a little sugar and salt out of their dishes. But it was super awesome and yummy!

4651 Park Blvd, Parkcrest, San Diego, USA

Don't miss this restaurant! It's really wonderful!

27 Feb 2014

Firstly, I would like to say that I eat a lot of Ethiopian/Eritrean food and like it a lot. It can be very bland (bummer) or flavorful (yay) and I have a couple of favorite restaurants in the Bay Area. Secondly, my favorite Ethiopian restaurant is my friend's apartment in Denver, she really spoiled me for any Ethiopian food and I keep trying to find a place that is like eating at her house. Muzita is the answer to eating at my friend's place! Abel (the chef and owner) prepares food that is like eating at a friend's home. He has mastered making food like his mother made for him and now fixes it for us!

All our dishes were interesting, flavorful and beautifully prepared. The spicing was done skillfully and the ingredients were fresh and delicious! One of the ways I rank Ethiopian restaurants is by the salad dressing and this salad was great and a nice contrast to the other heartier dishes! The sides were really interesting and the injera (bread) was pleasantly sour. (On the weekends, they have gluten-free injera for an extra charge -- check first.)

Surprisingly there was a vegan chocolate creme brulee for dessert!!! Of course, we had to order it because I believe that if a restaurant is going to go out of their way to make something special for us vegans, well then I need to try it! YUMMY!!! I have only had "real" creme brulee once and this compared very well to that AND it was not too sweet like some desserts. This was a very delightful surprise. Although we were very full by the time dessert arrived and could barely eat anything more.

The service was great! Apparently, for this busy Saturday, our waiter Kyle came out of (self-imposed) retirement to work at Muzita. He is a really nice man and also efficient, attentive, humorous, knowledgeable and could take a joke -- all good qualities! If the food hadn't been as good, the service would have made the visit just as delightful! So together ... wow, the four of us had a great evening!

If you are in San Diego, please visit Muzita, they cater to vegans, they are super-nice and the food is so delicious!

1116 Franklin St, Oakland, USA

Great Chinese food

15 Jun 2012

Nature is a great Chinese restaurant. The food is wonderful, fresh and deliciously prepared. It has a large menu which includes dim sum and wonderful noodle soups. The owners make their own mock meats and they do a great job. Their food is superb!

I will go to this place again and again! However, on two of the four visits I have made they "dumbed" down the food for me, thinking I was not going to like the more traditional dishes with stronger flavors. Please be clear with your server about what you like and want or you might get very bland food and no mushrooms! The food is worth it for a little extra work!

Bay area, Oakland, USA

Excellent food, fun atmosphere

04 Feb 2011

We at at No Worries and totally enjoyed our dinner! The food was really tasty and the staff very friendly. It has been a long time since I have had Filipino food and was delighted to have such yummy lumpia! I think the menu is interesting and I look forward to going back to try more things.

Make room for dessert because they have a great vanilla coconut ice cream with fried plantains!

234 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, USA

Very authentic Japanese-style noodle house

12 Dec 2011

If you are looking to scratch that noodle itch, Noodlecat is your place! It is a downtown Cleveland gem that is worth finding. While not a vegetarian place, they completely "get" what vegetarians want; to feel safe knowing we are not consuming anything from an animal. Noodlecat bends backwards to make people with different dietary patterns comfortable. Yes, if you are a gluten-free, vegan, noodle aficionado, this is your place! They have a wonderful vegan broth for their soups and their small menu has other vegan options. Additionally, Noodlecat has plenty of options on their menu for your omnivorous friends so they don't have to feel "challenged" by your diet. Also, if you are a sports fan, you will love their bar in the back which has a lot of seating, the same wonderful menu and the option to watch how the Browns are doing this season! Try this place, it is authentic and it really rocks!!!

854 Bathurst St, Toronto, Canada

Super-awesome people

24 May 2010

The people who run One Love are super-awesome! I would go back there just to talk to them but the food was really delicious, so I would go for the food! Check it out!

2200 Oxford St, Berkeley, USA

Very, very vegan-friendly

31 May 2011

I ate there with my family and I was the only vegan in our party but there were ample choices for me. In fact, my aunt also ordered a delicious, vegan entree. Three of us preferred the vegan entrees to the non-vegan ones (I didn't try the non-vegan entrees). The food serves locally produced, seasonal food so unfortunately, there is an emphasis on meat, dairy, and other animal-based dishes. My best advice is that if you have no or low tolerance for the "sustainable food" movement this might not be the place for you. There are some weird non-vegetarian dishes on the menu. However, our server was extremely helpful identifying which dishes were ones that I would want to eat.

A note about the noise level: when we were there for dinner on a weeknight it was so noisy that we had trouble holding a conversation.

1075 Sutter St, San Francisco, USA

Super yummy and charming.

03 Nov 2012

Saha goes out of its way to cater to both vegans and non-vegans. The vegan options at this lovely restaurant are so varied and exciting, it is beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to order anything else. They also really pay thoughtful attention to gluten-free diets.

We ordered way too much food and enjoyed every bit of it, practically rolling out of there! Their "sampler" of different mezze was so amazing that the two of us could have just eaten that and been satisfied! The restaurant "veganized" it for us and it had two fabulous types of baba ganoush; one smoked and one regular. The vegan "knaffe" was a really interesting, delicious dish; I had never had anything like it in my nearly 50-year history of eating!!! We almost cried when we tried the fava bean cakes they were so yummy!

If you like Middle Eastern food (and probably even if you don't!) then Saha is your place, it raises the food to a much higher level than plain old falafel and hummus. Saha really knows how to create a warm, relaxing environment to showcase extraordinary food.

1019 Camelia St, Berkeley, USA

Lovely presentation, delicious food!

12 Dec 2014

I am so delighted that Berkeley finally has a world class, gourmet vegan restaurant! Sanctuary Bistro is a wonderful place to go for lunch, brunch or dinner. It is perfect for a date or for a meal with friends. The food is beautifully presented, creative, organic and delicious. The dishes the chef creates are either cooked or raw inspired and everything is gluten-free, making the place a great choice for gluten-free folks. Dishes are served in small or large plates and are great for sharing. Santuary's menu is replete with many interesting combinations that have been new to me and all wonderfully tasty! The restaurant has an interesting wine list and a variety of beverage options from kombucha to gluten-free beer. Oh, my goodness, then there is dessert!!!

In addition, Sanctuary Bistro's environs are lovely and the service is impeccable. The owners have paid a lot of attention to detail and created a place that feels like, well, a sanctuary.

830 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, USA

Delicious and simple.

04 Nov 2012

Very good food without fuss or pretension. Excellent choice for a Chinese meal. Shang Hai serves delicious Chinese vegetarian/vegan food without any surprises and caters to vegans on their menu.

Great selection of different styles of food and meat alternatives on a separate vegetarian menu which tells the diner that dishes can be put together without egg. Really, most of the vegetarian menu is vegan. If you like Chinese food and are in Santa Barbara, Shang Hai is a great place to check out!

4001 Linden St, Oakland, USA

Amazingly wonderful

24 May 2010

Manzanita is amazingly wonderful. The food is fresh, delicious, and healthy; what more could you want?!

Rue St Michel, Vaucluse, Avignon, France

Very disappointing

15 Oct 2010

I was very excited to be able to eat at a restaurant in Avignon that supposedly catered to vegetarians despite the restaurant being "mixed." That the restaurant was only open for three hours concerned me, so we made sure to get to the place in plenty of time before closing. When we arrived at 2:08pm we were told that we could order dessert but that the kitchen would not serve us anything else. We were told to come back tomorrow. In my broken French I explained that we made a special trip, were only in Avignon one day, but we were turned away despite this.

Warning, this restaurant is only open from 12 until 2 if you would like a meal.

Fortunately, we wandered up the street looking for food in Avignon and came upon a delightful restaurant called Zocalo where the service was great and it catered to vegetarians and vegans. Please see the review!

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