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Grand Appetit

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9 Rue la Cerisaie (at Bastille), Paris, France, 75004

Paris vegan bistro attached to an organic supermarket. Serves soups, veggie sushi, vegetable platters, tart, and other vegan food. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-9:00pm, Fri 12:00pm-2:00pm, Sat 9:00am-4:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Macrobiotic, Organic, Western, Beer/Wine, Asian

Reviews (57)

First Review by siggy

Good, pure organic simple food, unpretentious and cheap - Edit

No fuss, old macrobiotic style with japonese influence, vegan food.
First quality organic ingredients.
The owner was trained in JAPAN in the 1980's by Mrs OSAWA herself.
Very pleasant he speaks well English.
Easy going the money is in the food not in decoration or service.
Also food is made upon order and brought to your table.
No microwave.
Very reasonnable in price for the quality.
A good place to have our stomach and intestine have a rest our trip.
We recommand.

Pros: food quality, Healthy, Pleasant staff

Cons: Menu a bit messy to understand

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A great macrobiotic find - Edit

We stumbled upon this earthy, hippyish (in a good way) place and were delighted with the food and service.
We choose the 'big plate' which was, on this day, lentils and polenta with lots of veggies, including some fermented and some seaweed.
It was delicious.
Cost was €14.50 (small plate which is either the lentils or polenta plus the veggies is €12.50.
The staff were lovely and helpful, even looking up Google to translate a few words we couldn't quite get.
It was a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

Pros: Fresh, Wholesome, Tasty

Cons: Don't make their own juices

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Great if it's what you like - Edit

I visited in November 2014 with my Mum. Personally, I loved the food - I got a big plate of interesting, healthy food, fresh and flavoursome. My Mum wasn't so keen. She doesn't really like rice so it's a good thing she has no intention of following a macrobiotic diet. I like clunky places with rough and ready seating, help yourself to water etc, but some music would have been nice, and when we went in the evening nobody else was around. The folks weren't particularly friendly, so that put us off a bit. The millet based chocolate dessert I had was fabulous and different but an acquired taste I think.

Pros: healthy, handy - very near Bastille, moderate pricing

Cons: atmosphere somewhat lacking

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Okay place - Edit

I am not fully satisfied with this place. The prizes were not all that cheap and the portion could be bigger to be filling. Especially since the dish was quite boring - nothing I couldn't easily prepare by myself. At least I was sure it was healthy and fresh. The atmosphere of the place was bothering me - no music or life there. And the workers could not speak engish so another customer had to explain me how to serve myself.

Pros: Healthy and fresh food

Cons: Boring place without energy, Small portion , Boring food

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old school macrobiotic vegans! - Edit

So we're on a crazy vegan diet that is close to macrobiotic veganism and so this place was a must try. It reminds me of the health food industry of 25 years ago, untouched by Wholefoods, Lovin Hut, or seemingly the urge to be commercially successful! Mismatched tables and chairs and photos of flowers and insects on the walls and old hippies behind the counter! The food is as one might expect, unfancy but wonderfully functional, healthy and simple. The pate was good and the sushi not bad. You get a choice of two mix plates or a couple of other dishes. There were about 5 desserts all sugar free, yipes! :) The apple tart was lovely though its a shame there was no creme option to go with it. The old geezer who served us had passable English and was friendly. We stayed past the closing time without any hassle and would certainly go back here ... la prochaine fois!

Pros: moderate price, Healthy pure food., Sugar free desserts!

Cons: Limited menu options

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Reviewer Avatar

My favorite healthy restaurant in Paris - Edit

I love this restaurant! It's like being in the home of a real French country kitchen. It just so happens that home is the healthiest possible!
It's hearty country vegan and macrobiotic! Yummy deserts.
Funny and delightful owner. Shop next door.
I feel like I am home when I am there and the food gives me 5-7 hours of energy without needing to eat again. It's power lunch food.

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Macrobiotic food in a sad atmosphere - Edit

I had a lunch here but won't try it again. I know macrobiotic food (which is basic and healthy) and the one offered in this restaurant was consistent with its principle but it really lacks originality. I can really do the same home, that limits the interest to go in a restaurant. I believe that this place is only interesting for people looking for macrobiotic stuff who have not the time to prepare their lunch at home. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. The food is not bad, is 100% vegan but really basic.

The place in itself looks also a bit depressing, which doesn't help to appreciate your food. Old colours, no decoration, it is a simple place with tables and seats.

Pros: healthy, moderate prices, friendly staff

Cons: very basic food, place a bit depressing

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Cute, a bit clumsy, but worth it - Edit

Don't just show up here and hope that this restaurant is open. Since it is owner-operated, the opening hours are less than convenient for tourists, but reasonable (they open at exactly 12:00 and not a minute earlier), check the internet before going to this place, which is essentially located around the corner from the Bastille..

The owner is a charming older gentleman who pretty much expects his customers to put on their thinking caps and to find their way around the place. The place is a mixture of self-service and waiter-oriented service. What does that mean? Well, in France, you generally are seated restaurants, but at "Grand Appétit" you sit yourself. You go to the counter to order your food. The staff serves your food at your table. You have to pick up your own silverware, napkin and tea towards the center of the restaurant.

Novelty: All main courses are served on paper plates that are disposed of at the end of the meal (I don't get that, but that's what they do). Soups and drinks are served on reusable kitchenware. Go figure.

The food was good; not great, but good. They pretty much serve original creations that have a Euro-Japanese bend to them. They taste good, albeit the restaurant tends to be a bit stingy on the sauces. I tried the soup (carrot-vegetable) and was impressed. The main course (called the "big platter" = grande assiette) had 7 different things to try, most of which were raw plant things like shredded carrots. It also included a battered, deep-fried sushi-like creation. Interesting.

There is one great thing in the restaurant that I've previously only seen in the backwaters of India: they have a sink, soap and towels in the restaurant, so that the patrons can wash their hands before eating. That is a really nice touch, especially if you have arrived having touched things in the nasty, dirty, yucky Métro..

Would I go back to this restaurant again? Definitely. For those reading this review who don't speak French: The owner of the place speaks English fluently and is happy to do so.

Why do I give the food a "good, but not great" grade? To be honest, I'm thrilled that there is one more vegan institution in Paris. The French are slow adopters, when it comes to challenging century-old culinary traditions. So, I want to be gentle, fair and helpful to this restaurant. If veganism were "normal" in French society, I would be much harsher (a bit bland, and too gently spiced). There is room for improvement.

Pros: Totally vegan, Sink available for hand-washing in room, Convenient

Cons: Paper plates, semi-service, Strange opening hours, Credit card payment process clumsy

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Ok food, terrible service.. - Edit

We tried the soups and they were just fine. The service on the other hand was terrible. We didn't feel welcome there. The people catering us seemed so lifeless and bored. Totally uninterested in their customers. No joy at all. For an example: looking down and playing with their cellphone while saying goodbye.. I mean, seriously? The toilette was a joke as well, just a hole in the floor. There was no atmosphere in the restaurant, totally empty and no music, felt really boring.. We won't try this restaurant again in Paris. If we weren't starving we would have left without ordering anything.

Cons: Unprofessional staff, No proper WC, Boring atmosphere

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Ignore - Edit

The word ignore, as used in the title, is both an imperative and a descriptive word as it relates to this restaurant. After a week in Berlin, we arrived in Paris, anxious about finding a vegetarian restaurant near our hotel. Grand Appetit was so promising, we almost ran to the location. Upon entering, we were drained of all energy; there was no one to greet us with a bonjour, bienvenue, or anything else that would suggest a welcome. But, as this sort of indifference is not atypical of some French establishments, we sat ourselves. There was a group of people gathered close to the door talking about Israel, but the only semblance of an intention of being a restaurant were a couple in the distance, diligently chopping away - purposely ignoring our presence. I was reminded of snooty Yogis that think themselves superior to the rest of the human species that inhabit the planet; but I sat waiting as my mouth was watering and I was hungry.
After about 15-20 minutes of indifference and conversation about Israel, it occurred to me that this restaurant did not need our business; they apparently have their clientele established, and hospitality is a yogic stretch they would rather not undertake. To those that might dismiss my insertion as merely "Americano hurry mentality," I offer the following: We were not in a hurry, nor are we the good folks from anywhere in the US: the fact is, we have travelled all over the world , and the fact that we felt ignored at this vegan ... place felt like RUDE. So there you have it veggie friends. My take is that this location does not need your business, and if you have any sort of self respect, IGNORE this place: it does not need you.

Pros: none

Cons: snooty

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I go there once a week... - Edit

...and I love it!
It' a great place to eat in Paris, well done, macrobiotic recipes, good for health and not expensive.
If you don't know macrobiotic you can find it strange, perhaps, but here food is real food, chosen with care, organic, seasonal and balanced to be good for body and mind.
It's a very simple restaurant, quiet, comfortable, a lot of room, not narrow as in others parisian restaurants.
If you are fine or if you have some health problems here you can eat very good food.

Pros: Organic ingredients, Health food, Quiet place

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okay place - Edit

Nothing special for eating out. The atmosphere ist on the hmmm, okay.... kind of side. It has this vegan-healthy-boring-eco touch, that makes vegan look like strange people from the 80s that smell like herbs. Anyway. The chef was very sweet. There are no waiters. She comes out of the kitchen when she notices customers, and you pay at the cashiers desk. Half of the menue (there are no hand-out menues, just a big blackboard on the wall) was out, so we asked what she DID have, and then we simply took what she gave us. The food was okay. I don't even remember what it was. It's nothing special, and not even seasoned. For what you get, it's expensive. I disagree with the inexpensive-label here on happy cow!
And our glasses were dirty.

Pros: Chef was sweet, zentral location

Cons: "health store" atmosphere, food is not worth talking about

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Nice meal - Edit

It's marked as cheap and i disagree. Anyway, the place is cozy, familiar and with very pleasant staff. The sushi is not bad but could be improved maybe adding some exotic fruits (it's only with soy) and the complete dish with a variety of vegetables, rice, couscous, seitan and salad was tasty and light. Recommendable.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 06, 2013

Pros: Tasty, Familiar, Healthy

Cons: Not that cheap

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Healthy Vegan Food - Edit

I really like this place, it has a really friendly atmosphere, is semi self serve and well priced. I chose a small plate which had a variety of things, the food is really healthy but kind of bland but this didn't bother me. Their desserts are really tasty though and I left feeling very good and satisfied. The staff are really welcoming, and generally imbue happiness. Next door is a health food shop by the same name which is equally great. I really wish there were more places like this around the world.

Pros: Very healthy, Lovely atmosphere & staff, Good portions

Cons: Bit bland, squashed

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Meh - Edit

I'm not crazy about macrobiotic restaurants, because they always serve food that is neither bad nor good, although healthy and satisficing. This is not a bad place to eat, but you can get better in Paris. If you want a "detox", though, this is your best choice.
Note that there is only one plate and you eat whatever the cook serves you, which is a mix of grains, salads, seaweeds and pickes.

Pros: Inexpensive, Quiet

Cons: Food is merely average

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Tastes Healthy - Edit

Let's face it, it's hard to dine if you're vegan in France so I'm really grateful it is there. If it was in another, more veg-friendly country, I'd pan it.

This place has a co-op café feel to it and the food is really healthy, macro, wholesome... And it tastes like it. It reminded me of when regular people try to "cook healthy" and forget to spice /flavour / plan their meal out in advance.

It's hearty, it's vegan, it's bland, and it's boring. But it's paris so it's amazing!

The above does not apply to the desserts which are yummy.

Pros: Vegan In Paris , Healthy , Desserts

Cons: Bland

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healthy meal - Edit

I had the grande assiette for euro13.50, which was a full plate including a portion of about 12 different items: slaw, large patty, brown rice, seaweed, steamed veg chunks, etc. It was all good, more than I could eat in one sitting. I think it's all macrobiotic. I agree with a previous reviewer who said it doesn't feel like a joyful place.

Beware: the only toilet facility is a hole in the ground down the narrow steps.

Pros: good food, plentiful meal

Cons: toilet facilities!

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Good, but not really worth a special trip - Edit

My experience here was good. The service and food were all very nice. But it just isn't really a charming Parisien restaurant filled with ambiance. You order off a board, and they bring the plates out. If I lived or worked nearby, I'd probably go for lunch frequently because it's good, healthy vegan food. But it isn't the kind of place that showcases the brilliance of vegan/vegetarian cooking.

Pros: Healthy

Cons: Lack of charm

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A sad place - Edit

This restaurant is not breathing the joy of living. It is organic, vegan, macrobiotic and depressing. The food is good, but not fancy. The place has no charm, no energy. I went twice, but each time, I only see old people alone at their table. So if you are looking for a dynamic and festive, this is not the place to go.

Pros: Vegan, Organic

Cons: Sad vibe, Outdated

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lovely - Edit

This is a "hard-core vegan" lovely restaurant. the place is nice and cozy with excellent food (try the winter soups, if its winter).
The atmosphere is some what "let's think differently about the way we do things". you need to take your cutlery from a tray in middle of the restaurant. But this not a "con" its just different.
recommendation - if you are not too picky, ask the staff to choose the food for you.

Pros: the food!

Cons: eastern style toilet (different)

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Healthy? Yes. - Edit

I ordered two dishes when I went to this little cafe--the plate of the day, and the sushi. The plate of the day was a plate that came with cooked rice and buckwheat mixed together, cooked seasoned lentils, cooked vegetables, and pickled seaweed and other pickles. I can't remember what the sushi was filled with. Both seemed very healthy in that they weren't salty or sugary or processed. The problem, then, was that they represent the school of thought that views healthy eating and optimal flavour as mutually exclusive. As others have noted, it's really annoying that there are vegan places like this, because there's so much more to veganism than this idea of our diet being comprised of lentils and vegetables.

I didn't feel overstuffed or sickly after the meal, so that is a bonus, but at the same time, I didn't really feel satisfied, either. Even though the flavours were something I wouldn't normally eat, they didn't feel modern or particularly creative, which I didn't like. The restaurant was fairly well priced, though.

All in all, I wouldn't go back. I felt healthy, but did I really enjoy the meal? No. I cook healthily for myself at home (and it tastes better than this place does.) When I go to a restaurant, I don't necessarily want unhealthy or overly fatty food. I just want something "fresh", innovative, and which acknowledges the reality that veganism is in a new era that has taken it beyond ideas of only plain grains and things like that.

Pros: Very healthy, Unique flavour combinations, Affordable

Cons: Staff didn't really speak English, Got our orders wrong, Didn't seem that fresh

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Boring food - Edit

We visited this restaurant at the first day of our last Pairs jouney and I was a bit disapointed, it's really small and it looks a bit untidy.
The stuff was really friendly and tried it's best to explain us the food in german.
My mother had a soop and I had a small mixed plate, there where vegetables, beans, sea weed, rice and salad. The bad thing was, that there where no spices used at all, not even salt. So it was almost unpossible for me to eat the food, it had no flavour at all. There was no salt to add, just soy sauce, but it was empty.
If they would use spices, it would be a good place for healthy food. If you look for a great dessert better do not eat there, they don't use sugar, so they had only not good looking fruit pie.
The prices are okay, a bit expencive, but normal for Paris.

Pros: vegan, healthy, friendly stuff

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Not much left to eat - Edit

The restaurant advertises that is is open from noon to 9pm. We showed up (four people) close to 3pm, to find that there was no food left.
We found in Paris that several vegetarian restaurants are out of food at the end of lunch time. This was one of them. They were busy preparing dinner. They should not post open hours if they can't serve all day. But, the proprietor was very hospitable, managed to serve two bowls of miso soup (what was left) and three pieces of vegetable pie (that were in their health food store next door). It was decent, but not great. We appreciated his attempt not to turn us away completely hungry, because if you eat only vegan food, then your choices are limited, and you can't find something on the next corner.
The decor is rather shabby (maybe you can call it retro?) and the bathroom had a Turkish toilet, which I have to be more desperate than I was to use.

Pros: hospitable

Cons: not much food left, turkish toilet, shabby decor

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chaos - Edit

I entered this restaurant and left. Food might be great but if you cannot order, how can you eat there?

setting your on table is not exciting! They have a lot of staff running around but no one will stop and advice you on what to eat and what to do.

You could see the kitchen from the restaurant and that is what made me live the restaurant without eating there.

Pros: food?

Cons: service

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Fabulous macrobiotic restuarant - Edit

This place has a relaxed atmosphere. Though food is brought to your table, diners must get their own table settings, forks, etc., and set their own table. The menu is short, but everything on it is excellent. The food is very heatlhy, and those who enjoy vegan food should find it very tasty indeed. The staff is very friendly, and the food arrives quickly, despite the laid back atmostphere.
One word of caution: the WC in this place seems not to allow any sitting down, so females need to squat to use the facilities.

Pros: Healthy, Tasty, good price

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Somewhat disappointing. - Edit

The location is very easy to find close to the Bastille Metro Station. We arrived shortly after 18h00 and were told that the "complete meal" would not be available until after 19h00. There is no mention of this in any of the recent reviews, so I share this element so that others may benefit from our experience. We were told the soups and nori were available: so we had the vegetable soup and the nori rolls. Neither were particularly exciting. The soup was hot but somewhat flavourless. The nori rolls were accompanied by a tiny salad with a tasty dressing. The rolls were mostly brown rice. We were not offered any drinks or even water. The service was perfunctory but not much beyond that. The atmosphere is dated and the bread was quite hard and chewy. I would not make the trip back to this restaurant. We paid 23 Euros - which is a lot considering what we ate. Hopefully there are other good vegan choices in Paris.

Pros: Location

Cons: Incomplete service

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Lovely service and beautiful food - Edit

On our first night in Paris we wandered into this lovely cafe. The cook greeted us warmly and realizing our French left a lot to be desired took time explaining the menu to us. We started with soup; the miso for me and pottage for my partner and they were both beautiful; full of flavour and fresh ingredients. For the main I has the sushi which was accompanied with a selection of salads with a beautiful dressing which the cook later shared the ingredients of. My partner had the petit plate which was huge and featured dishes of rice, pulses, salad, vegetables and pickles. Each element was delicious and I would highly recommend this friendly cafe.

Pros: Yummy food, Ample portions, Friendly service

Cons: None

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Pretty good - Edit

I had the miso soup, which was excellent. Then, I had the norimakis, which were just alright and didn't come with all the usual sushi fixings. I tried a pear and chocolate pie which was quite delicious.

Beware of the Turkish toilets!

Pros: Free herbal tea, Inexpensive, Healthy

Cons: The toilets, A little bland

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Ain't nothing grand - Edit

We visited the restaurant in September 2011. It was possibly the worst vegan dining experience we had while traveling through Europe. While the staff were extremely nice, it couldn't make up for the scary food. It was so tasteless and everything looked like it had been prepared a few days before and left to sit. The menu offers a limited selection. We ordered some soup, which was served luke warm, and came with bread that was rock hard. A vegetable tart with a tired looking salad was hardly edible. We were the only people in the restaurant for most of the night, until two innocent American travelers arrived as we were about to leave. Sadly we were unable to warn them of what was ahead!. Needless to say, we left the place with a "grand appetit" and had to stop off for a 2nd dinner elsewhere on the way back to our apartment.

Pros: freindly staff

Cons: bad food

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Not "Grand Appetit" - Edit

Looking for a place to eat and being very hungry, I thought that with a name like "Grand Appetit," this would be a fitting restaurant to eat at. I was wrong.

The food here is bland, flat, and as delicious as a t.v. dinner. Not very appetizing at all. One would think that the food at the window counter is for display only, it's not. What you choose is what they serve you. They reheat the food you select in the microwave (maybe not in the microwave, but that's what it tasted like).

Grand Appetit didn't really have a big selection of food. In total, about ten items, including the side-dishes.

If you're very hungry and looking forward to a satisfying meal, look somewhere else.

Cons: Bland food

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Uninspiring - Edit

Have just paid my third visit abeit just to the shop simply because I was in the area. Yet again, the takeaway food, a 'quiche' and an apple tart were both tasteless, tiresome to eat and over-priced at nearly 4 euros a slice!! Outrageous!. I cannot bring myself to risk my hard-earned money in the restaurant. I am vegan because I don't want to contribute to animal cruelty but I want to enjoy my food. This place is just so typical of many in France that are vegan/vegetarian for purely health reasons. For heavens sake, use a bit of salt, it won't kill you!! Frankly, Grand Appetit and the like do nothing to convince non-vegetarians to make the change.

Pros: Easy to find

Cons: Mediocre food, Unjustifiably pricey

1 Response

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vegman in France 08 Sep 2011 - ...and by the way, they use eggs in some of their cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unappealing - Edit

Good location close to Bastille, the food is nothing out of the ordinary but good enough, however the whole atmosphere feels so unappealing... Ironic that it's called "grand appetit". Certainly not the place I would bring any omni friends. Service was really poor, I asked for water at the counter and was told I had to ask one of the tables holding one of 5 water jugs available for the whole restaurant. Pop in if you're in the area and you're hungry, but don't make a trip just for the restaurant, there are more interesting places in Paris.

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Nice Local Diner - Edit

Located just a few minutes from Bastille, this is a functional vegan diner serving decent earthy food. The soup of the day is 4.5 EUR and Vegan Tofu Sushi 6.4 EUR. I get the impression this is a place frequented by locals with a friendly Parisian atmosphere. Probably wouldn't make an effort to go here again as there so many other places in Paris to check out. A good find for a one-off visit. Confirmed opening times are Monday to Thursday 12:00-15:00 and 19:00-21:00 and Fridays 12:00-14:45. It is closed Sat & Sun. The tea room is open 15:00-19:00 Mon to Fri in the health food shop next door.

Pros: friendly, decent prices

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Wonderful macrobiotic food - Edit

The Grand Appetit does not disappoint! The food was high-quality and delicious. It is a great destination (because it is also in a fun neighborhood) for healthy, whole food. I love this place and will go back every time I go to Paris. The food is well-balanced and wonderful.

Please do not go here if you expect attentive service, ordering is done at a counter and your food is brought the table. Please go if you are interested in healthy, macrobiotic, vegan food in a sea of pomme frites!

Pros: Delicious vegan food, Clean, open, light atmosphere, Great health food store next door

Cons: Service can be slightly slow, Ordering can be confusing

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nice place, but tasteless and expensive - Edit

Very dissapointed, it's expensive, the food is tasteless (I ate a veggie soup similar to water+carrot or hospital food, and a piece of ¿cake?) and the service is not the best, but not as bad as others say, at least they speak English.
I did not use the bathroom.

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never again - Edit

Was pretty disappointed. Plat du jour: a piece of marinated tofu with blend cold vegetables on the side. The plate with the 'tarte' had the same cold veggies on the side, and something from far resembling a 'tarte', but the crust so hard, you would risk it flying through the room when trying to cut it with your knife. Just some warmed veggies on the tarte. Old fashoned interior, sitting together at some tables.
Steep stairs to the one toilet, which turned out to be an old 'French style' toilet (meaning just a whole in the ground, and not very clean. I don't mind the self-service, getting your own knife etc, and cleaning up after finished, but I do expect far more from a restaurant experience regarding food & atmosphere.
Not recommended by any means.

Cons: lacks variety, toilet facilities, atmosphere

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Avoid, worst experience in Paris - Edit

During my recent trip to Paris we decided to try this rustic looking vegan eatery. Never again, the food was expensive, bland and poor in quality for the price. The salad looked older than the building. The toilet facilities were very poor with only a ceramic hole in the floor.

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Great - Edit

This was the first restaurant we went to in Pais Oct 2009, it set the bar quite high! The service was friendly and the food realy nice and wholesome. They even had free tea - something we would find out later was a rarity in Paris where tea on average is 5EU! Lovely relaxed atmosphere with a great healthfood next door. Prices we good (for Paris which is horrendiously expensive).

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Simple, but good - Edit

Grand Appetit serves simple, macrobiotic food in a cafeteria-style decor. A word of warning: the staff only speaks French, so don't go if you don't speak it.

The food is quite simple, but good and very healthy. This is definately a strict macrobiotic place with very little salt and sugar. The menu did not offer an overly wide selection, but it was ok.

The ambiance and service was a little lacking to be honest. The place is very simple, and service is minimal: you get your own cutlery and order at the counter. The single restroom is Turkish style (pretty much a hole in the floor), which honestly should be a thing of the past.

The price is decent: not expensive, and you get good value for your money.

All in all, a nice place if you want a cheap, simple meal, but don't go here if you want a real restaurant experience. You can do better in Paris.

Pros: good, healthy food

Cons: staf only speaks French, not much to look at, lousy toilet facilities

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good! - Edit

i liked this place a lot!

it was self-service and the menu was only in french, but everything was freshly made.

we had the lunch plate and were unfortunately too full to have deserts later.

my boyfriend had a cider, that tasted more like really bad beer, so don't get one of those :)

if you go here, definitely visit the toilet, it's like a tourist attraction! i don't know if toilets like that are more common in france, but i've definitely never seen anything like that before.

right down the street, there is a lovely "girlie shop" where you can spend all your money afterwards, buying dresses with "cake frosting", cute photo albums and retro cameras.

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Healthy food - Edit

This is a nice little spot. You need to have cash! My husband had to walk to a cash machine (we felt bad but the lady who was working there didn't seem to mind at all). Good, healthy food. We shared a large bottle of fresh apple juice which was very nice. The food is more healthy than 'gourmet' but if that's what your after, it will hit the spot.

Pros: Healthy food, Apple juice - yum

Cons: Cash only-not really a con if prepared

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A macrobiotic atmosphere - Edit

Located near the Metro Bastille (exit Henri IV) this lovely restaurant with a bio shop next to it, is situated at a 2 minutes walk.

When we arrived and took our seats nobody came to us. We had to really walk in the kitched to get some attention. Unfortunately the cook spoke only french. The menu is also in french.
We ended up not ordering here, but we bought a little "gateaux" or fruit cake. The cake was nice, but without sugar!.

This is a really macrobiotic place with macrobiotic people in french.

Pros: Bio organic, Quiet & peaceful

Cons: Only french

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Little gem - Edit

My husband and I are vegetarian, not vegan, and at home would not go out of our way to eat macrobiotic or 'health' foods. However, when abroad we seek out vegan food as we have discovered that some places have a strange view of what vegetarian means. Having read other reviews on the site we were prepared for eating there to be more complicated than it actually was.

The waitress was very friendly and spoke some English which was good as I speak none. She made a good attempt at explaining what was on the menu. I chose to go with the "what is that she is eating?" option as I had spotted a very full, colourful and interesting looking plate of food. The waitress explained that it was a set menu where you choose the tart which comes with set side orders. I chose my tart by looking at the options in the cabinet and pointing at the one I wanted. I did not know exactly what the side orders would be, but looked foward to the suprise, happy in the knowledge that it would all be vegan. It is great to try something new sometimes. The very large piece of carrot, spinach and leek tart came with wholegrain rice, seaweed (something that I had never had before), and 4 different types of salads, with dressings - a bargain at 10 euros. Other dressings/sauces were also available. My husband had the soup + bread, we both had drinks, and the bill was 20 euros: excellent value.

The ingredients used in the food were obviously fresh and of a high quality, definitely home cooking. The fruit juices we had were freshly squeezed - no concentrate or cartons used. To be totally honest I did find the tart a little bland but that is because I am used to more spicy foods. That is a personal taste thing and should not detract from the fact that the food was of a high standard.

This is not a romantic dinner type of resteraunt, but if you want fresh food at a good price it is ideal. For us it was a gold star find compared with food that we have sometimes had to put up with while on holiday. You do set your own table; the place mats, cutlery, glasses and water being centrally located. This we did not consider to be any hassle, though we were glad we knew before hand that we should do it.

Pros: good quality, good value, freshly prepared

Cons: unromantic

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like a university diner - Edit

This place was very peculiar - the staff, the customers (mostly older people), the way it functions... The fact that you have to dress your own table and then clean it up, or that they give you a ticket with your order - it all reminded me a lot of my university diner, therefor I found it a bit too pricy for what it was. Concerning the food, there were a lot of things piled up on my plate. Mostly slightly over-cooked vegetables and a TVP sauce that tasted a bit too much like real meat. Overall the food was ok and the ambiance kind of amusing, but I was very shocked to find Turkish style toilets in the middle of Paris.
I might go back there someday to see if the food will taste better the second time, but I'll definately keep myself from visiting the facilities.

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Yum Yum! - Edit

We had the midday short menu, so ordered miso soup, nori roll and some veggie tart thing. Thought the food was natural and delicious. Loved that nothing was heavily salted so the yummy natural flavors could be enjoyed. The service was extremely friendly. And loved the tea! Would love to go back any time!

The natural food market next door was awesome and totally bailed us out for some hotel room snacks!

Pros: Great natural foods, Friendly service, Awesome market attached

Cons: Wish was there for dinner

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Wholefoody and tasty - Edit

A typical wholefood style cafe that serves tasty food. All vegan - hurrah. Had desserts. Apart from ordering at the counter, everything was self-service. There's a shop next door which could be handy. Average Parisian prices.

Pros: good food, good selection, all vegan

Cons: self-service

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Good Wholefood Cafe - Edit

The health food shop next door is excellent, good range of stuff and will help vegans survive Paris!
We went to the cafe one evening. As some of the other reviews say, they have a bit of a peculiar system that regular users obviously know but is hard for a first-time person to work out. There's a mixture of ordering at a counter and helping yourself to things. The lady who served us didn't speak very much English but coped patiently with our lack of French and we got there in the end.
Everything is Vegan - yey!
There's a limited range of options such as miso soup, onion tart or a grain loaf with veg and salad, desserts. Basically you pick small or large plate and which dish you want with your wholegrain rice and salad.
All seemed a bit too worthy and healthy to be enjoyable at first but actually our food was really good. The onion tart in particular was wonderful. Everything was fresh and well made. We had sugar-free apricot tart for pudding which was really delicious.
There is an urn of herbal tea and drinking water free with the meal or you can order organic drinks / wine / beer.
The place was perfectly friendly but had the ambiance of
somewhere that fed people who were mainly health freaks needing a quick meal on the way home from Yoga. As another review here says it's like eating in a monastery!
The decor, ambiance and limited options mean this isn't exactly a venue we'd recommend for a romantic dinner but you get a hearty meal at a good price.

Pros: Vegan, Healthy, Price

Cons: Ambience, Decor, Limited choice

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cute place, good food...but not warm/friendly - Edit

i would go back for the food, but i felt i was visiting a monastery. no smiles or hellos. as someone mentioned in another review, it's as if everyone who eats there is expected to already know the system. nice little health food store next door with a few takeaway items from the restaurant.

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Home cooking - Edit

Grand Appetit is one of those places that look as if you walked into someone's house. It has that home-made feel to it. I went there once with my son and it was ok. The food was ok, the price was ok, the staff was ok. it is just that you get the feeling that you are expected to know your way around and not to bother people with such questions as " where are the napkins" or "can I get another fork". It is clearly a place for locals to get their everyday vegan meal, not so much a fussy tourist destination. I guess if I came a couple of times and got used to the peculiar workings of the place, I might find a pleasant refuge there.
Worth giving it a try.

Pros: Good food, good value

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cute - Edit

This place was lovely. When we went in there was only 2 other people eating. The lady spoke English. I didnt find the food tasteless. We had a vegetable cake with tasty salad.

Pros: good value, tasty food

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Best food we had in Paris - Edit

We tried a few other veggie restaurants but this was by far the best! It was much food for the spent money, it was all vegan, super healthy with no artificial ingredients or sugar etc. It was tasteless if you're used to eating spicy. But we're not and this food was exactly what we make at home which is not very easy to find when traveling.

The nice japanese waitress told us that a french couple started this restaurant some 20 years ago. And that they're very much into healthy food themselves.

Do check out the nice organic health food store next door with the same name as the restaurant. Be aware if you're vegan that they do sell some fish products.

Pros: all vegan, healthy, home cooked

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good food, bit expensive - Edit

I was there 2 days ago,staff was friendly and spoke english. It was nice sitting in a whole vegan restaurant! Food was good, little bit tasteless and super healthy. We eaten really much but price was to high for this food.Desserts were good but 3,90 euros for a cakes is defenitly to much.Ambient was nice,really alternativ. Water and tee was for free.

Pros: all vegan, super healthy, friendly

Cons: unprofessional, cold, expensiv

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Ok - Edit

Marcobio food, very healthy, but everything a bit flavour-less, even if all vegan stuff. ]
Wasn't very satisfied of the attendants, in my opinion a bit expensive for what it offers. Just for lovers of super healthy stuff.

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Super Healthy - Edit

A cozy little place with really healthy Macro Vegan food. A welcome cuisine in the heavy food capitol of the world! Not a lot of english spoken, but the staff was happy to try! There's a health food store next door too,

Pros: Light Healthy food

Cons: Somewhat limited menu

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Great for Macros!!!!!!!!!11 - Edit

I really love this restaurant (service is typically French) but when you are munching on delicious food it does not matter! I had a great pilau with lentils good just right! The desserts are also fantastic and sugar free! I had a cherry pie which was divine. It does get busy but there are loads of tables so that is not really a problem

Pros: location, delicious food, MAcro!!!

Cons: Service

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