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9 Rue la Cerisaie (at Bastille), Paris, France, 75004

Paris vegan bistro attached to a macrobiotic, vegan, organic supermarket selling Japanese imports. Serves soups, veggie sushi, vegetable platters, tart, and other vegan food. Restaurant hours: Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-3:00pm, Fri 12:00pm-2:30pm. The shop is open Mon-Thu 11:00am-7:00pm, Fri 10:00am to 4:00pm.

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First Review by siggy

macrobiotic - Edit

the place is not meant to be a fancy restaurant, it's a cheap cantine serving healthy, macrobiotic, food. Somewhat old school (one of the oldest vegetarian places in Paris)

Pros: not expensive

Cons: macrobiotic

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Good, pure organic simple food, unpretentious and cheap - Edit

No fuss, old macrobiotic style with japonese influence, vegan food.
First quality organic ingredients.
The owner was trained in JAPAN in the 1980's by Mrs OSAWA herself.
Very pleasant he speaks well English.
Easy going the money is in the food not in decoration or service.
Also food is made upon order and brought to your table.
No microwave.
Very reasonnable in price for the quality.
A good place to have our stomach and intestine have a rest our trip.
We recommand.

Pros: food quality, Healthy, Pleasant staff

Cons: Menu a bit messy to understand

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A great macrobiotic find - Edit

We stumbled upon this earthy, hippyish (in a good way) place and were delighted with the food and service.
We choose the 'big plate' which was, on this day, lentils and polenta with lots of veggies, including some fermented and some seaweed.
It was delicious.
Cost was €14.50 (small plate which is either the lentils or polenta plus the veggies is €12.50.
The staff were lovely and helpful, even looking up Google to translate a few words we couldn't quite get.
It was a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

Pros: Fresh, Wholesome, Tasty

Cons: Don't make their own juices

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Great if it's what you like - Edit

I visited in November 2014 with my Mum. Personally, I loved the food - I got a big plate of interesting, healthy food, fresh and flavoursome. My Mum wasn't so keen. She doesn't really like rice so it's a good thing she has no intention of following a macrobiotic diet. I like clunky places with rough and ready seating, help yourself to water etc, but some music would have been nice, and when we went in the evening nobody else was around. The folks weren't particularly friendly, so that put us off a bit. The millet based chocolate dessert I had was fabulous and different but an acquired taste I think.

Pros: healthy, handy - very near Bastille, moderate pricing

Cons: atmosphere somewhat lacking

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Okay place - Edit

I am not fully satisfied with this place. The prizes were not all that cheap and the portion could be bigger to be filling. Especially since the dish was quite boring - nothing I couldn't easily prepare by myself. At least I was sure it was healthy and fresh. The atmosphere of the place was bothering me - no music or life there. And the workers could not speak engish so another customer had to explain me how to serve myself.

Pros: Healthy and fresh food

Cons: Boring place without energy, Small portion , Boring food

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old school macrobiotic vegans! - Edit

So we're on a crazy vegan diet that is close to macrobiotic veganism and so this place was a must try. It reminds me of the health food industry of 25 years ago, untouched by Wholefoods, Lovin Hut, or seemingly the urge to be commercially successful! Mismatched tables and chairs and photos of flowers and insects on the walls and old hippies behind the counter! The food is as one might expect, unfancy but wonderfully functional, healthy and simple. The pate was good and the sushi not bad. You get a choice of two mix plates or a couple of other dishes. There were about 5 desserts all sugar free, yipes! :) The apple tart was lovely though its a shame there was no creme option to go with it. The old geezer who served us had passable English and was friendly. We stayed past the closing time without any hassle and would certainly go back here ... la prochaine fois!

Pros: moderate price, Healthy pure food., Sugar free desserts!

Cons: Limited menu options

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Reviewer Avatar

My favorite healthy restaurant in Paris - Edit

I love this restaurant! It's like being in the home of a real French country kitchen. It just so happens that home is the healthiest possible!
It's hearty country vegan and macrobiotic! Yummy deserts.
Funny and delightful owner. Shop next door.
I feel like I am home when I am there and the food gives me 5-7 hours of energy without needing to eat again. It's power lunch food.

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Macrobiotic food in a sad atmosphere - Edit

I had a lunch here but won't try it again. I know macrobiotic food (which is basic and healthy) and the one offered in this restaurant was consistent with its principle but it really lacks originality. I can really do the same home, that limits the interest to go in a restaurant. I believe that this place is only interesting for people looking for macrobiotic stuff who have not the time to prepare their lunch at home. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. The food is not bad, is 100% vegan but really basic.

The place in itself looks also a bit depressing, which doesn't help to appreciate your food. Old colours, no decoration, it is a simple place with tables and seats.

Pros: healthy, moderate prices, friendly staff

Cons: very basic food, place a bit depressing

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Cute, a bit clumsy, but worth it - Edit

Don't just show up here and hope that this restaurant is open. Since it is owner-operated, the opening hours are less than convenient for tourists, but reasonable (they open at exactly 12:00 and not a minute earlier), check the internet before going to this place, which is essentially located around the corner from the Bastille..

The owner is a charming older gentleman who pretty much expects his customers to put on their thinking caps and to find their way around the place. The place is a mixture of self-service and waiter-oriented service. What does that mean? Well, in France, you generally are seated restaurants, but at "Grand Appétit" you sit yourself. You go to the counter to order your food. The staff serves your food at your table. You have to pick up your own silverware, napkin and tea towards the center of the restaurant.

Novelty: All main courses are served on paper plates that are disposed of at the end of the meal (I don't get that, but that's what they do). Soups and drinks are served on reusable kitchenware. Go figure.

The food was good; not great, but good. They pretty much serve original creations that have a Euro-Japanese bend to them. They taste good, albeit the restaurant tends to be a bit stingy on the sauces. I tried the soup (carrot-vegetable) and was impressed. The main course (called the "big platter" = grande assiette) had 7 different things to try, most of which were raw plant things like shredded carrots. It also included a battered, deep-fried sushi-like creation. Interesting.

There is one great thing in the restaurant that I've previously only seen in the backwaters of India: they have a sink, soap and towels in the restaurant, so that the patrons can wash their hands before eating. That is a really nice touch, especially if you have arrived having touched things in the nasty, dirty, yucky Métro..

Would I go back to this restaurant again? Definitely. For those reading this review who don't speak French: The owner of the place speaks English fluently and is happy to do so.

Why do I give the food a "good, but not great" grade? To be honest, I'm thrilled that there is one more vegan institution in Paris. The French are slow adopters, when it comes to challenging century-old culinary traditions. So, I want to be gentle, fair and helpful to this restaurant. If veganism were "normal" in French society, I would be much harsher (a bit bland, and too gently spiced). There is room for improvement.

Pros: Totally vegan, Sink available for hand-washing in room, Convenient

Cons: Paper plates, semi-service, Strange opening hours, Credit card payment process clumsy

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Ok food, terrible service.. - Edit

We tried the soups and they were just fine. The service on the other hand was terrible. We didn't feel welcome there. The people catering us seemed so lifeless and bored. Totally uninterested in their customers. No joy at all. For an example: looking down and playing with their cellphone while saying goodbye.. I mean, seriously? The toilette was a joke as well, just a hole in the floor. There was no atmosphere in the restaurant, totally empty and no music, felt really boring.. We won't try this restaurant again in Paris. If we weren't starving we would have left without ordering anything.

Cons: Unprofessional staff, No proper WC, Boring atmosphere

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Ignore - Edit

The word ignore, as used in the title, is both an imperative and a descriptive word as it relates to this restaurant. After a week in Berlin, we arrived in Paris, anxious about finding a vegetarian restaurant near our hotel. Grand Appetit was so promising, we almost ran to the location. Upon entering, we were drained of all energy; there was no one to greet us with a bonjour, bienvenue, or anything else that would suggest a welcome. But, as this sort of indifference is not atypical of some French establishments, we sat ourselves. There was a group of people gathered close to the door talking about Israel, but the only semblance of an intention of being a restaurant were a couple in the distance, diligently chopping away - purposely ignoring our presence. I was reminded of snooty Yogis that think themselves superior to the rest of the human species that inhabit the planet; but I sat waiting as my mouth was watering and I was hungry.
After about 15-20 minutes of indifference and conversation about Israel, it occurred to me that this restaurant did not need our business; they apparently have their clientele established, and hospitality is a yogic stretch they would rather not undertake. To those that might dismiss my insertion as merely "Americano hurry mentality," I offer the following: We were not in a hurry, nor are we the good folks from anywhere in the US: the fact is, we have travelled all over the world , and the fact that we felt ignored at this vegan ... place felt like RUDE. So there you have it veggie friends. My take is that this location does not need your business, and if you have any sort of self respect, IGNORE this place: it does not need you.

Pros: none

Cons: snooty

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I go there once a week... - Edit

...and I love it!
It' a great place to eat in Paris, well done, macrobiotic recipes, good for health and not expensive.
If you don't know macrobiotic you can find it strange, perhaps, but here food is real food, chosen with care, organic, seasonal and balanced to be good for body and mind.
It's a very simple restaurant, quiet, comfortable, a lot of room, not narrow as in others parisian restaurants.
If you are fine or if you have some health problems here you can eat very good food.

Pros: Organic ingredients, Health food, Quiet place

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okay place - Edit

Nothing special for eating out. The atmosphere ist on the hmmm, okay.... kind of side. It has this vegan-healthy-boring-eco touch, that makes vegan look like strange people from the 80s that smell like herbs. Anyway. The chef was very sweet. There are no waiters. She comes out of the kitchen when she notices customers, and you pay at the cashiers desk. Half of the menue (there are no hand-out menues, just a big blackboard on the wall) was out, so we asked what she DID have, and then we simply took what she gave us. The food was okay. I don't even remember what it was. It's nothing special, and not even seasoned. For what you get, it's expensive. I disagree with the inexpensive-label here on happy cow!
And our glasses were dirty.

Pros: Chef was sweet, zentral location

Cons: "health store" atmosphere, food is not worth talking about

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Nice meal - Edit

It's marked as cheap and i disagree. Anyway, the place is cozy, familiar and with very pleasant staff. The sushi is not bad but could be improved maybe adding some exotic fruits (it's only with soy) and the complete dish with a variety of vegetables, rice, couscous, seitan and salad was tasty and light. Recommendable.
Updated from previous review on Sunday October 06, 2013

Pros: Tasty, Familiar, Healthy

Cons: Not that cheap

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Healthy Vegan Food - Edit

I really like this place, it has a really friendly atmosphere, is semi self serve and well priced. I chose a small plate which had a variety of things, the food is really healthy but kind of bland but this didn't bother me. Their desserts are really tasty though and I left feeling very good and satisfied. The staff are really welcoming, and generally imbue happiness. Next door is a health food shop by the same name which is equally great. I really wish there were more places like this around the world.

Pros: Very healthy, Lovely atmosphere & staff, Good portions

Cons: Bit bland, squashed

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Meh - Edit

I'm not crazy about macrobiotic restaurants, because they always serve food that is neither bad nor good, although healthy and satisficing. This is not a bad place to eat, but you can get better in Paris. If you want a "detox", though, this is your best choice.
Note that there is only one plate and you eat whatever the cook serves you, which is a mix of grains, salads, seaweeds and pickes.

Pros: Inexpensive, Quiet

Cons: Food is merely average

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Tastes Healthy - Edit

Let's face it, it's hard to dine if you're vegan in France so I'm really grateful it is there. If it was in another, more veg-friendly country, I'd pan it.

This place has a co-op café feel to it and the food is really healthy, macro, wholesome... And it tastes like it. It reminded me of when regular people try to "cook healthy" and forget to spice /flavour / plan their meal out in advance.

It's hearty, it's vegan, it's bland, and it's boring. But it's paris so it's amazing!

The above does not apply to the desserts which are yummy.

Pros: Vegan In Paris , Healthy , Desserts

Cons: Bland

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healthy meal - Edit

I had the grande assiette for euro13.50, which was a full plate including a portion of about 12 different items: slaw, large patty, brown rice, seaweed, steamed veg chunks, etc. It was all good, more than I could eat in one sitting. I think it's all macrobiotic. I agree with a previous reviewer who said it doesn't feel like a joyful place.

Beware: the only toilet facility is a hole in the ground down the narrow steps.

Pros: good food, plentiful meal

Cons: toilet facilities!

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