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Specialty is house-made tofu, soymilk, and soy products. Daily 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. Take-out Only. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by philjdomm


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12 Oct 2023

Great food, subpar service

The food won't blow you away or anything, but it's honest, healthy home-cooking and packed with protein. The service, however, is brusque and borders on rude. If you can get over that, there are plenty of vegetarian (with egg) and vegan options. You'll find something you like for sure.

Pros: Variety, Taste

Cons: Service



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20 Sep 2023

Excellent selection

Excellent shop for both dine in/takeaway as well as for a well stocked pantry! They have a wide variety of prepared foods to stock ur kitchen. As well as cafeteria style "hot" food for lunch. The food is kept at room temp, so not cold but not piping hot. That's how I like it, but I know some folks want hot. They probably have a toaster oven for that idk. Dine in is one table by the window. They have chopsticks and spoons. They take cash and card.

Soooo many awesome side dishes packed up for snacks including desserts, buns, rice cakes etc etc. I always grab some fresh soy milk! They even have black soybean milk for the connoisseurs.

I swing by here anytime I'm even remotely close!

Pros: Variety!, Fresh soy milk including black soybean milk, My type of "fake meat"😍

Cons: Sometimes they don't have desserts 😂, Wish they had oil free😅


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18 Jun 2023

Decent food, big portions

Food was pretty good. The combo portions were huge (but I also went pretty close to closing time).


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22 May 2023

Great tofu

I’ve been missing the varieties of tofu I had in Taiwan, and this shop had some very much like the ones I was looking for. The flavors were great, and I would go again, my only complaint would be that I’d eat them in small amounts because personally, the oil and salt kind of got heavy after a while (as someone who prefers very little salt and oil in my food). But it’d be great for buying a few packages of the tofu and sharing amongst multiple people.


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15 Apr 2023

Visited in a good mood, left in a bad one

There was a line when we visited but it moved quickly as it was on a forced march. As newcomers we found none of the hotline food was labeled, and when we were asking questions the patience of the server ran out and he gave us 5 seconds to pick an item. I think that there should be a menu or board of all the items listed if you want snappy decisions from customers.

When we were checking out and asking about the buns, he said we have enough food and did not sell buns to us.

I'm also very uncertain if he understood the distinction between vegetarian and vegan when I was asking.

We took a 5min drive home and the food was at best lukewarm, closer to cold.

After heating it up:
Spicy noodles: Very bland aside from the spicy oil
Eggplant: Should have been cooked longer
Tofu skins: These were pretty yummy actually

Would give 1 star but HappyCow has a 2 star minimum for fully vegetarian places.

Pros: Convenient location

Cons: Not friendly to brand new customers, No menu, will rush you to choose, Hotline food is lukewarm, mediocre


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28 Jul 2021

Nice variety, vegan not labeled

Many of their steamed buns are vegan, as are several of the cold / prepackaged items. Only 1 item in the lunch special is vegan, so "pick 3" might mean triple portions of it for vegan visitors.

Pros: Thoughtful variety of vegan options

Cons: Vegan options are not labeled


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29 Jul 2019

Open till 7

Went out of the way to go :/

7 daily stated on door

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07 Apr 2019

Only vegetarian Taiwanese deli I've found in the USA!

It's the only place in USA where I've found vegan:

1. round "croissants" filled with savory, stir-fried radish

2. gua bao: buns made of tapioca boba balls and filled with bamboo shoots with a plum ketchup

3. mugwort mochi filled with preserved radish

4. sweet and savory sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves

5. organic black soy milk


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05 Aug 2009

lots to take away

simply tons of tofu and meat substitute items to take away, some pre packaged and others fresh and warm. i try something new every time, and still ive not tasted it all.
well worth stopping in for the fresh organic tofu and soy milk. a peninsula treasure, buried in one of the dingiest malls in cupertino.

Pros: huge selection, very friendly service

Cons: dump location, my loss, but i dont speak chinese


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14 Apr 2007

pick up fresh soya milk

this is where i pick up fresh tofu and milk

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