Soups, salads, vegetarian entrees, baked goods, and beverages. See web for daily menu. Previously named Manzanita. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 4:30pm-8:00pm.

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First Review by linda knight


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28 Nov 2023

Fresh and tasty

The mung bean soup was sooo good. Everything was delicious and the staff are friendly. Their pies are amazing too!

Pros: Food, Location, Staff

Cons: Pricy



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26 Sep 2023

My go-to healthy vegan meal

Real food. Really delicious. Good for you. Not processed, deep fried crap. You'll pay more because it's organic (a real rarity when eating out), but it's worth every penny.


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02 Jun 2023

Boring, expensive, macrobiotic & flavorless

OK. let's say the flavor palette is "subtle" - but for what you get - it's really expensive. I've tried to like this food for YEARS and it's just never worked for me. It might be good for some folks but I like more flavor on my food.

Cons: Dry baked goods, Beans & legumes , Expensive


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19 May 2023

The most delicious healthy food

I love how everything is vegan and gluten-free, and that the menu changes daily!

I still don’t know how they can making eating healthy food so addicting.

They also offer some coconut-based desserts that are sooooo gooood. I recommend the chocolate pie!

Pros: All vegan, Gluten-free, Menu changes daily


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05 Mar 2023

Nutritious and filling

This was my first time at the Linden location, and it's very nice. The environment is laid back and calm. I came in on a Saturday at 6PM and it doesn't seem to be nearly as busy as the Telegraph location. The food here is fresh, extremely nutritious, and very filling. This is the type of food you want to eat every day to feel happy and healthy!


05 Mar 2023

In the summer their outdoor patio is so nice. There was another Tibetan vegan placd in Albany too called Potala with exactly the same food but even quieter, but it looks like they've been closed lately. >weeps


12 Mar 2023

In the SF chronicle, it says that even though Potola closed, their team moved to an Albany location of Shangri-La! I'm not sure if that's still accurate or who's running it, but now I'm pretty curious to try the Albany location 🤔


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02 Mar 2023

Love this place!

I'd eat here every day if it was in the city! It's simple and straightforward but it's delicious and healthy. I always feel great when I finish a full plate. The menu changes daily but format is always the same. Great staff too very attentive and accommodating. The prices are very reasonable too especially for what you get. If you don't like this place there's definitely something wrong with you, haha. I wish there was a Shangri-La on every corner.

Pros: Amazing food, Great staff, Very reasonable price


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30 Dec 2022

Wholesome, balanced, delicious, nourishing, calming

Love this place so much! The food is perfectly cooked, simple and basic at its core yet so flavorful and satisfying. I especially love that they have one menu per day, ad you simply choose the size plate you want, so there are really no decisions to be made. Also love the kukicha twig tea and the soup is incredible. Amazing salad dressing. Desserts (vegan, of course!) also available for purchase. Vibes and decor are no-nonsense, as if all the energy and love is put into the food, which you can taste and feel. So grateful for this wonderful place!

Pros: excellent value, friendly staff, simple ordering process


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05 Dec 2022

Excellent real food

My first time here, and I was completely blown away. This is real cooked food not simulated meat, patties, and fried things. They have à la carte options or you can order a large plate or a medium plate. My lunch came with delicious chick peas steamed collards with a delicious sauce salad stirfry type vegetables, brown rice, and a bowl of delicious lentil soup. You don’t have to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to appreciate this delicious food. For dessert, try the mango pie.


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06 Nov 2022

Simple yet delicious and filling

Went shopping with family in the morning and then was looking for a vegan place to eat nearby and found this place. The menu looked great (had 6 healthy items) so I called for pickup. The person answering was very polite and explained how what the order options were (moderate and full: each contains all the 6 items but just different portion sizes). I asked him to customize one of the items as I don’t eat mushrooms which he accommodated, which was awesome.
Order was ready by the time I requested. I also ordered their no-bake pie which was delicious.
Next time I might enjoy their meals in their outdoor eating space.
All in all a quaint and nice place close enough to the highway for folks in the sf Bay Area wanting to drop by and enjoy a warm delicious healthy vegan meal.

Note that like most vegan restaurants they accept contactless payments. Cost is also very reasonable for the portion size.

Pros: Changing variety menu, Easy to park compared to downtown locations, Compostable pickup containers


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20 Jun 2022

Delicious and so much food!

You get what’s on the menu in two choices of portions — light or full plate. There were 5 menu items and they all came on the full plate and all were incredibly delicious. Soup, too. Had the mango and key lime pies — similar to a cheesecake texture with coconut crust and very good. The menu changes twice a day so you could go for lunch and dinner and have two completely different meals. Very casual and homey.

Pros: Comfort veggie food, Street parking , Friendly staff


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15 May 2022

Delicious healthy food



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12 May 2022

So good

Came there with a group of friends and was not disappointed. The food was fresh, the atmosphere was fun and desserts were awesome! They offer kombucha and other drinks. I enjoy the rotating menu concept, where whatever is on offer is what you get.

Pros: Fresh and filling

Cons: Limited menu, if you want choices


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22 Mar 2022


Amazing! Everything was amazing. I ate everything too fast and forgot to take a photo ha!!

The chocolate pie was amazing! Love the coconut!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-22


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23 Feb 2022

Simple and wholesome

Hearty, earthy, warm, delicious, clean, healthy food. So good.


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19 Oct 2021

So satisfying every time

Simple, delicious, generous portions (get the “full” order), and satisfying every time. You always feel good after eating this food.

Pros: Delicious , Feel-good , Generous portions


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01 Aug 2021

varied, wholesome meals

This is a pretty small place and they aren’t setting out any seating currently due to covid, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-01


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09 Jul 2021

All time favorite vegan restaurant

This is an unusual restaurant insofar as they only offer one choice of meal on any given day, with two size options and two seasoning level options. The ambience is low key and modest, almost like a cafeteria at a neighborhood community center. Nevertheless, it's a standout restaurant- in fact, probably my personal all time favorite restaurant. The macrobiotic food is always delicious and satisfying, but what's rarer is that the food genuinely feels nurturing for my body, in a way that usually isn't true for my sensitive system even at the healthier end of restaurant options. Come here for a sense of truly wholesome, enlivening nutrition with completely delicious and satisfying flavors.

People who are watching their salt intake will appreciate the no seasoning option. A friend who normally can't eat at restaurants at all because of severe salt restrictions was able to eat here.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-09


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15 May 2020

Healthy and homey

It’s like the family dinner I never know you’re getting a balanced meal and it’s damn tasty (not to mention the desserts).
I wish more places were like this.


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21 Jan 2020

Fantastic little place

Just know if you come here that they serve the same thing for everyone just different sizes. They offer a small or large plate full of different sides brown rice, lentil soup (in a bowl of course), collard greens etc. I cant quite remember what they had when I went but I remember everything was delicious! Not 2 salty, not 2 oily, and also a hefty salad. I will definitely be back. The drinks are a little limited with kombucha, water, and tea as the main options. They also have tons of desserts cookies, pies, etc. The only negative thing I would say is I wish they were open longer.

Pros: delicious, healthy, filling

Cons: hours


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09 Dec 2019

Simple and delicious

I was full off of veggies that tasted like veggies, no replacements and all natural delicious flavors. I loved it! Even the tea was delicious!


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28 Sep 2019

This Place is a Real Find

I just love this place. It only has one three-course, organic, vegan meal per day, but they are consistently excellent and the chef is really an artist. There is always a grain, beans, greens, veggies, salad, and bean soup. Hope you get the mint salad dressing, because it is really something! This is just a wonderful find.

Pros: Really artful, subtle, cooking bursting with flavo, Nothing more healthful., Great value.

Cons: The single meal menu could be off-putting to some.


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09 Sep 2019

Tasty food with generous portions

Shangri-La is all vegan and organic. The menu shows Full size dish and a moderate sized dish then lists 6 items. Each of these options includes all 6 items. The first course was a red lentil with vegetable soup. The portion was generous and it was delicious. Then they brought out the large plate with the remaining 5 items. All were very tasty! They offer what they refer to as a "simple meal" which has no seasoning. It featured 4 different items. In addition, Shangri-La has Kombucha (which neither my husband or myself tried so I can't review it). All of the food items can be ordered A La Carte. The food was delicious and I would definitely eat there again. We bought one of their pies to take home.

Pros: Friendly people, Delicious food, Generous portions


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30 Aug 2019

Healthy for a restaurant

Organic, vegan, and mostly healthy. Good food!


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12 May 2019

Tibetan. Simple. Tasty. Filling.

Greens, beans, roots, and rice. That’s the basic breakdown. Came with a hot soup to start. The daily menu is simple. You can choose the full or moderate size, and between seasoned and unseasoned. Tastes like they are sharing what they cooked in their own kitchen. There is also a selection of pies, cookies, and coconut balls. The cookies seemed to be gluten free, but I didn’t ask. The pies are raw food pies.

I enjoyed everything a great deal, and plan to return.

Pros: All vegan , Cayenne and sesame shakers at the table!, Very attentive and quick to clear dishes.

Cons: ... 🤔, Nope. None.


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Mostly Veg
12 Feb 2019


Get the pie after your amazing meal and you will feel amazing!


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11 Aug 2018

Good, solid veggie food

An old-school vegetarian restaurant but w a modern touch. Very tasty, very well-made and in a peaceful environment in the middle of the city. They have a fixed menu, but it always ends up being a delicious, full meal. They make a version with no spices.

Pros: Delicious, well-balanced meal, Peaceful atmosphere


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22 Jan 2018

Love love love

One of my favorite restaurants. I can’t inderstand how they make this simple food taste so wonderful. Restaurant isn’t much to look at but one of my favorites. Unusually get food to go from both locations.

Pros: Delicious simple food. , Good service, Healthy eating

Cons: Not much to look at

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