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Kosher vegetarian restaurant featuring southern American comfort food with daily specials plus desserts, fresh fruit smoothies, organic teas and coffee. Has gluten free menu and box lunch service. Casual with counter service. Family owned and operated. Open Mon-Thu 8:00am-9:00pm, Fri 8:00am-8:00pm, Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

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25 Feb 2024

Redefining Earth Friendly Food

Being a San Antonio resident, I realized that there wouldn't be too many options if I was going to try to rid myself of animal products in my food. Most dining here is tex-mex, burger joints, taco places and fast food none of which offer vegan options that are free of animal products.

I had been vegan in my own kitchen for three months until I realized that there was even a vegetarian restaurant here that was friendly to so many other "non-mainstream" lifestyles (like kosher diets, vegetarian/vegan eating). A friend of mine (my first vegan friend actually)told me about GREEN and he took me to the restaurant almost immediately. I was suddenly taken back into a world where I had options, where I didn't have to worry about flesh or fats from animals in the kitchen that may find their way onto my plate.

I had options! I tried some of their suggested plates for newbies to the restaurant, and I picked a burger with "cashew cheese" on it. A lot of the ingredients in the menu I had heard of or read about on the internet, but to see them on A menu was so new to me, it was refreshing to find out that I would be able to try these new foods and methods of cooking without having to prepare them all myself in my own kitchen. Most importantly, I felt like I had a 100 percent SAFE outing in San Antonio.

I would like to tell you what you should get if you are a vegan, but so much of the food is delicious, and so much of it can be made vegan for you. Even though it's vegetarian--they have gotten much better throughout my few months of going there with making dishes vegan. Green does NOT skimp out on cheese substitutes, for example, they use Daiya cheese, which is a great way for vegetarians to see that the options are out there for other things other than "REAL" cheese. It's also delicious on their Enchiladas (I would strongly recommend their Italian Enchiladas).

As I became a regular I got to know the friendly staff and have chatted with the owners on just about every trip. They try out new things as lunch specials, and they DO listen to your feedback. With pizza nights on Monday's, all vegan desserts, there's always a nice treat to make you return.

Green is a tiny glimpse of a possible future. Vegetarian and vegan food is flavorful, and this is a great starting point if you're an avid meat eater. Try some wheat meats, try some of the Buffalo Tofu or Steak Fingers.

Living without animal flesh is a truth whose time has finally come. Green can help you realize that.

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-05

Pros: Very Vegan Friendly , In a good location for visitors

Cons: Not entirely Vegan , Staff can be inconsistent.



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01 Jan 2024


I just got the chicken marinara dish and the dish used to come in a larger container but when I got this time it came in a much smaller bowl with half the food I used to get. The dish is $14 which is pricey for it to come in such a small container, I’m really disappointed with that. I still love the dish just hope it can go back to the same quality as a year ago. #Veganuary

Pros: Fast service , Nice employees

Cons: Dish shrinkage, Pricey


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26 Dec 2023

I love Green!

Our first time at this location and we had great meals and excellent service. I used to live in San Antonio and ate at the previous locations regularly. The protein bowl was always my favorite. I tried the Charita bowl this time and really liked it. Everyone in our party enjoyed their meals. We shared a brownie for dessert. So rich and chocolaty!
The cucumber water with fresh mint leaves is excellent! K

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-04

Pros: Delicious, fresh food, So many options , Nice atmosphere and great service

Cons: A little expensive but so is everyplace else these


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20 Dec 2023

One of my favorite places

I have tried several items on the menu but I am allergic to bell peppers so I can’t try everything. My favorite items are the fried pickles and the protein bowl. I like the chik’n friend steak but it puts me in a food coma. The eggplant parm is hit or miss.

Pros: Almost everything can be made vegan

Cons: The food is not consistent


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18 Dec 2023

my favorite restaurant in SA!

I cannot say enough good things about this place! They do a huge breakfast menu on Sundays which is delicious! Their coffee is so good and they offer soy milk for vegans. I just try to come here as often as possible. It's my fave.

Updated from previous review on 2017-10-16

Pros: You can veganize any entree, There's options for vegetarians and vegans alike

Cons: They're closed Saturdays 😭


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28 Oct 2023

Good food

I'd been looking forward to checking this place out for a while, so I decided to go on the morning of my bday. The place was nice and clean. There was only one other couple in the place when we got there, so it was nice and serene. So, the first thing I ordered was the huge cinnamon roll, which was delicious. Of course, I couldn't eat the whole thing but dang it, I tried. I ordered the appetizer which included the cauliflower wings, onion rings, fried pickles, kale fries and various dipping sauces. My faves were the pickles and onion rings. The "big nasty" burger with kale salad as a side was my entree. The burger has a falafel patty which I was intrigued by and thoroughly enjoyed. The kale salad was simple but enjoyable. The service was cool, but they could care less about special occasions..the waitress made that pretty clear. Anyway, I still enjoyed my bday breakfast...yep, this was breakfast...don't judge me:-).


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08 Oct 2023

This place is alright

I’ve ordered some things here that are really good but I’ve also ordered a lot of things here that were just whatever so keep that in mind

Pros: Chikn Parmesan , Texas Tender Basket, Chikn fried chikn

Cons: Has vegetarian options , The service can be hit or miss


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10 Sep 2023


I loved it! All vegetarian and vegan. We went there for my father in law's birthday. Everyone liked their dinner, especially my self-proclaimed "pro meat" brother in law who loved his chik'n parmesan. I got the cauliflower steak, which came with mashed potatoes and gravy and a kale salad. It was delicious! We all got cupcakes as well.


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03 May 2023

Great Imagination

We got there early, before the crowd, but were served anyway. Excellent care and food.

Pros: Excellent lunch service, Food was exceptional

Cons: Small dining area once busy


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19 Apr 2023

Very Good

Everything on the menu can be made vegan. The food was good and the service was excellent. I had the sampler appetizer- the cauliflower wings were drowned in sauce, but the fried pickles and onion rings were so very good. The chick’n parm was good, but I wouldn’t order it again… Dessert 🧁 was the best! And, FYI - A sign on the door said the restaurant isn’t kosher any more.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-19

Pros: Everything can be made vegan , Fast friendly service , Dessert!


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07 Apr 2023

My Go-to to-go spot

When I visit San Antonio for family get togethers I often get carry out here as my vegan options since I’m the only vegan. I don’t mind though because I 100% know my meal is better than theirs. Always.


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15 Jan 2023

Great breakfast!

We enjoyed our last breakfast in SA. Having cucumber and plain water to choose from was a treat. My sweet griddle sandwich was the star of the show. Perfect combination of flavors. Perfect size. My carnivore really enjoyed the chicken fried ‘steak’. My bite of it tasted really good! Next time we are in town we will try the monster cinnamon roll!

Pros: Friendly server!, Cucumber water!, Great variety of brunch options!

Cons: Also serves egg and dairy, No real maple syrup, Smart balance is the ‘butter’ option.


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10 Jan 2023


I just thought it was so so. It was a kosher establishment which I thought was cool. The server seemed really confused about things on the menu so it was a strange ordering process.


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03 Nov 2022

Delicious cupcakes & comfort food

I had the chick’n fried chick’n and it was so good! It came with mashed potatoes & gravy and kale salad and both were outstanding. I tried a bite of my husband’s spicy beef wrap and it was also delicious. We had the fried pickles and the loaded nachos and I can highly recommend both. The nachos have all the cheesy goodness. We loved our meal so much we had to come back to try the breakfast a day later. I had the breakfast wrap and it was super tasty. We also tried the birthday cake and almond joy cupcakes. Both were amazing but the almond joy was my favorite.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cupcakes!

Cons: Not fully vegan


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03 Nov 2022

Good eating here

Delicious eating here! I came for the spicy beefless wrap and I was amazed by how good it was. The kale salad was delicious as well.

Pros: Lots of options


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05 Jul 2022

Hit or Miss

Been coming here for 4-5 yrs and the food has continuously been a hit or miss. The staff has always been wonderful and friendly. No complaints there. Over the years the food has either been really great or just terrible. No in-between. We’ve done take out and eaten there, tried different days and times (try to avoid weekend crowds or lunch rush), tried different items, and we can’t figure out when it’s going to be a hit 🤷‍♀️.

We’re going through home renovations and have a tight appointment schedule so we decided to order through door dash today. I ordered the green burger w/ cheese, jalapeño, no tomatoes, & bun. The order came w/out buns and the cheese was smeared on the top of container and I had to try and smear it on my patty, it was gooey & lumped together. The patty tasted overly processed & salty. The avocado spread was over ripened, no green showing at all. They added tomatoes. The fries were cooked well. My bf ordered orange tofu. He liked his meal minus the super salty rice, he couldn’t eat that. We called green and they were nice about it. They offered to remake it but we have to pick or we could redeem later. We decided to try and get the refund from door dash.

Pros: Staff is friendly

Cons: Over priced to small portions , Food is hit or miss


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19 May 2022

Everything is a hit

Elegant put together meals real 🅿️ spot to eat🔥🔥


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15 Apr 2022


Great service, delicious fresh food. Love the shaded patio! Very accommodating to do my eggplant park on a bed of spinach instead of pasta 🍝 We will definitely be back again and again!

Pros: Service , Compostable straw

Cons: Faux meats are all soy based :(


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06 Mar 2022


My fiancé loved the original location and wanted me to try it while we were in SA. Even though it says vegetarian they said anything on the menu can be made vegan. I ordered the tofu avocado Benedict. They even clarified vegan cheese and told me hollandaise was vegan. Brought our food out and I saw what was clearly egg and asked if it was tofu. They took it back and it was really awkward after that. As a vegan you want to trust what an establishment tells you is true. I think they would be better off not serving animal products, or training the staff. That should have never made it past the kitchen.

3 stars because the cupcakes were 🔥

Pros: Cupcakes

Cons: Doesn’t cater well to vegans


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25 Jan 2022

One of a kind vegetarian restaurant!

This is my favorite place to indulge as a vegetarian! Because the chef at Green is an adult convert to vegetarianism and he started his career as a cook in a traditional southern dinner, the food at Green is not like any other vegetarian restaurant you'll ever eat at.

Although many of the best menu items are full of calories, they are well worth the splurge. The popcorn tofu sandwich is incredible, even for my meat-eating friends that try Green. The buffalo tofu fingers are a favorite of mine - the well-known flavor to vegetarians of tofu makes the tofu fingers feel like comfort food but the crispy fried breading and the hot wing sauce make them an incredible treat.

The thanksgiving dinner this year was fantastic. It was a pre-set menu and everything worked! The fresh orange/cranberry/apple relish paired well with the cornmeal stuffing. The mashed potatoes were delicious with the vegetarian turkey and gravy. The string beans were perfectly tender but still snappy and fresh tasting. The golden brown home-style southern biscuit was the perfect "dinner roll" for this meal. Lastly the desert was brilliant, a ginger cookie baked with a ginger pumpkin filling and topped with a cream brulee style caramelized sugar.

Updated from previous review on 2008-11-28

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Unique food


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29 Dec 2021

Good food 😋

Good food, great service....but out of Pickles?

Pros: Excellent food , Excellent service

Cons: Little expensive , "Supply Chain Issues" only goes so far 🙃


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24 Aug 2021

Expensive but GOOD

This place is good! Be aware though, not all items on the menu are vegan. Some have cheese or other dairy. I had the protein salad/bowl which was $12 and I was very impressed with the seasoning and texture of the tofu, it was soooo good. It took me a while to decide to try this place though because it is a little pricy.

Pros: tasty, creative meals/flavors

Cons: pricey, dont assume all items are vegan


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19 Jul 2021

Much better than my first try

My first time visiting Green was when it was located at the Pearl and I would not have recommended it then. I gave it another chance after it moved to the Quarry and I was pleasantly surprised. The service was top notch, food was so good and they had ample indoor and outdoor seating. Will definitely return

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-10

Pros: Vegan options, Array of vegan pastries, Location

Cons: Expensive , Can get crowded


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24 Jun 2021

Go Green

Very cute place! Made out of the old quarry buildings. The service was fine; food came out immediately. There were a lot of options! I got the chicken fried steak (good) & the mashed potatoes and gravy were some of the best I've ever had. I'm a lover of the tiny cubed ice they use haha

Pros: Lots of options, Cool atmosphere

Cons: Desserts are weirdly pricey


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16 Feb 2021

The original and best

I love Green so much! It's my go to happy place for any celebration. I was the first customer in the door, at their original location in 2007, and have been a self appointed ambassador for them ever since. Their food is consistently great, and filling. While I wish they would just GO VEGAN already, I am their biggest fan as a lover of a family run place, which Green is. They recently (January 2021) moved to The Quarry from The Pearl, and I made it on closing and opening days at both locations as I cannot stay away from Green!

They have kindly worked with local non-profits to fundraise and have special events, Mike Behrend (co-owner) teaches vegan cooking classes, and they offer take and bake meals to go, for one person or a family, they make it so easy and delicious to be vegan, I will always be so very happy that I lived in San Antonio, during the time of Green.

The wait staff is consistently sweet and attentive, although many have come and gone.

My "go to" favourites are: The Neatloaf (which left the menu, but which was a special on their recent weekly meals to go so is still valid, I ordered it every single time I went, when it was on the menu), Fish and Chips (hey, I am English!), Protein Salad (although I was heartbroken when the raw pecan hummus was replaced by regular hummus) and the Portabella and Artichoke Quesadillas (although I was disappointed again when the Diaya cheese was replaced with home made cashew cheese) with a side of MASH with gravy! I am shouting because I get the mash as a side with everything at Green, ha ha! Oh, I also love PIZZA Mondays, but inconsistent.

Green is run by a Seventh Day Adventist family, so close on their Sabbath, every Saturday. They are also the only certified Kosher restaurant(s) in San Antonio. The family also owns Earth Burger and the sadly now closed, Bok Choy on Broadway. They are and always will be golden to me. I had my 40th and 50th birthday celebrations there and hope to have my 60th there!

Pros: Gorgeous comfort food, something for everyone, Large portions

Cons: Vegetarian, when it could be vegan


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08 Dec 2020


Very amazing restaurant
Love the atmosphere and the way the workers and just the whole place in general makes you feel at home. Absolutely amazing food from chik'n fried steak to chickpea burgers with many different taste and flavours! And the sweets are absolutely the best and the sweetest.

Pros: Huge variety from food to sweets, Perfect place for a food date, Very good prices

Cons: Nothiiiiiing


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17 Nov 2020

Food was a little over rated

Wife and I moved to San Antonio and tried this place first for vegan. To our disappointment the chicken fried steak tasted like cardboard the kale salad was horrible but the fries where good at least. I'm not someone who leaves alot of bad reviews, but I'm just being honest.

Pros: Good service, many options, good location

Cons: A little pricey and the food is mediocre

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