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C/ Torrent del Flors 55, Barcelona, Spain

Great food and a new experience!

11 May 2011

I had my first experience with Ethiopian food here, and it was amazing! We ordered the vegetarian platter for two which I think was about 25€, but it wass all vegan and all good! It's also fun getting to eat with your hands :D

Basses de Sant Pere, 10b, Barcelona, Spain

Nice vegetarian pub

16 Nov 2013

I have been here a couple of times and like that there is a new vegetarian pub in the city! They have good vegan options but the last time I was there they were not labelled. Also, the last time I was there they did not have menus for the table, which means that you have to go to the small, narrow, crowded entrance/bar area to read the blackboard and ask which options are vegan. The vegan options I have had have been burgers and falafel which were all very nice. I have been told that they have a nice selection of craft beers but can't vouch for that personally. I did once try to order a tonic water, which they didn't have, so my guess is that beer is their speciality (perhaps there's a clue in the name). The back part of the pub where the tables are is overly bright and doesn't lend to a cosy atmosphere. Despite these minor flaws I would recommend Ale & Hop, as anywhere that has good vegan food and vegan cupcakes is fine with me!

C/ Roger de Flor 216, Eixample, Barcelona, Spain

Basic food, friendly atmosphere

01 Jun 2013

I went to this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. The room was bright and airy and the staff were friendly despite the place being very busy. There is one set 4-course menu for the day (€10) with three choices for the first three courses and more choices for dessert. The waiter I asked did not know what vegan was but was very nice once I explained (in Spanish, I am not sure if they speak much English)and told me that only the first and second courses were vegan.

So I got a vegetables consumé, spaghetti with pesto (being assured that it had no cheese) and boiled potato and broccoli. A bottle of water and bread for the table were also included in that price. I was told that none of the desserts were vegan. The food was nice, but basic and my potato and broccoli came with no sauce as there was no substitute for the yoghurt sauce that accompanied it. The menu changes every day so perhaps there are more vegan options on other days.

I think if you are in this area of the city and need some filling vegan food this is a good option but there are much better vegan places to try in other parts of the city which offer much more creative food.

22 Douglas St, Cork, Ireland

Lovely vegan breakfast in a cosy café

21 Jul 2014

I went for breakfast here on a Monday morning at around 11am. The café is small, cosy and nearly full, clearly a popular local spot. There is a vegetarian breakfast menu written up on a blackboard, which I was able to get a vegan version of. I got toast with Pure vegan butter, baked beans, mushrooms, a potato waffle and two Linda McCartney sausages. It was as filling and delicious as it sounds! I also got an orange juice and it came to €7.50, very good value.

C/ Valencia 186, Barcelona, Spain

Fantastic but not vegan-focused

18 Nov 2010

Biospace is pretty big and therefore has quite an extensive product range, however it's obvious that vegans aren't their main consumers. They're more into the organic stuff, obviously being an organic supermarket, so there are alot of organic animal products and alot of their vegetarian products aren't vegan-friendly. They have a cosmetics/supplements area upstairs their range of products for vegan isn't very extensive. Again,it seems to be more about being organic than being animal-free. There is a hair-dresser and beautician and such but I've never been so I can't comment.
However, they are good for animal-friendly cleaning products!

42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

Regular Customer!

22 Aug 2010

I go to Blazing Salads pretty regularly when I'm around town. Most of the food I've tried, the salads, soups, breads, vegan pizza, some cakes have been delicious.
I wouldn't recommend their falafel though.
I had an issue there with trying to get a loyalty card, they won't stamp it unless you spend over €5 on salad and trust me, that's alot of salad! More than I could eat!

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Delicious UK/Irish-style bar food

19 Jun 2011

I went to Catbar (finally, after living in BCN for 10 months!) with three friends, two vegetarians and one non-vegetarian and everyone was impressed. Cheap tasty food, large portions, friendly service, large selection of beer, casual atmosphere, chocolate cake, what's not to like!
I had a delicious all-day breakfast (€5), which was sausages, baked beans, bread, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes and a berry smoothie, which is nice to be able to get in a pub. I tried some of the burger, chips and houmous my friend had, which were also pretty good. Is definitely recommended for cheap, tasty vegan food :D

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

Great take-away bagel

04 Dec 2011

Stopped in for some lunch to take away during a recent day-trip to Camden. Most of their menu seemed to be raw, and everything was vegan except for the option of cow's milk for drinks. Not really wanting something raw, I went for a vegan cream cheese bagel, which was pretty good but not amazing (I'm not complaining, I love being able to get vegan cheese in cafes/restaurants!). The service was slow but that was probably because it was a busy weekend afternoon.

73 Great Georges Street, Dublin, Ireland

Fancy Vegan Dining in Dublin

04 Jul 2011

Juice is sophisticated enough to bring a date, yet moderately-priced. Vegans are well-catered for, with a 'v' marking vegan items on the menu. I love the veg-fried rice with tempeh, which is part of the early-bird menu. I order it every time I go, along with some delicious blueberry Tofutti ice-cream! Soya milk is available for all the teas and smoothies.
My only gripe would be that the beer/wine aren't labelled like the food, I would like to know if they serve vegan wines or beer.

Papa Pius XI 17, Sabadell, Spain

Nice but not amazing

03 Nov 2012

This is a nice little sit-down, all-vegan restaurant in a central location in Sabadell, about 10 minutes walk from Sabadell Rambla train station. The service was quick and the staff were friendly. The waitress was a bit surprised when we ordered just a starter and a dessert each! I had guacamole with nachos, a tiramisu, a bottle water of water and a coffee with soya milk. My companion had patatas bravas, a beer and crema catalana. Our bill was €21.45, which we thought was a bit expensive for what we got. The food was nice but not amazing. The guacamole was a bit acidic for my taste and I thought that the dessert was nice but needed something extra.

Madrid, Madrid, Spain


27 Nov 2010

I really can't recommend this shop highly enough!
It advertises itself as 100% vegetarian but it seems to be all-vegan (I didn't check every single product in the shop but as far as I could see everything was vegan).
It stocks alot of vegan products that I haven't seen anywhere else in the city, including Swedish Glace ice-cream and Fry's and Redwood's brand meat-subs. Also has vegan cakes, packaged meal mixtures (tofu scrambles, taco filling, falafel mixture etc) and a great selection of refridgerated tofu, seitan and tempeh.
It also does alot of eco-stuff, clothes, shoes and the like. I didn't look at the cosmetics/toiletries because the shelf is behind the counter, so I'm not sure exactly which ranges they sell.
It seems to be a vegan activist hub it sells badges and I saw a rack for leaflets.
The only reason I can possibly fathom that this doesn't have any previous reviews is because it's not directly in the tourist centre of the city and therefore people don't want to go out of their way to visit it. However, it's alot more central than it seems. It's really close to Verdaguer metro station, which is only two stops away from Passeig de Gràcia.
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 27, 2010

Carrer de Paris 200, Barcelona, Spain

Delicious, wholesome food

23 Nov 2013

For starters we had za'atar flatbread with dips and vegetable soup with mixed seeds, mains were veggie meatballs with rice and quinoa paella and the desserts were carob and hazelnut cake and a coffee cream. We also had a beer and a large, freshly made juice.

All of the food was very good, quite wholesome and a little bit health-foody but delicious.

Service was prompt and the staff were very polite (we were the only people there on a Saturday afternoon).

Prices were fairly reasonable, we had the à la carte menu as the fixed menus aren't available at the weekend.

Calle Santiago 9, Madrid, Spain

Rude staff, great food

13 Jun 2011

As a mixed group of a vegan, vegetarian and omnivore, we were looking for something that would cater to all of our tastes. The restaurant is completely vegetarian with a rather small menu of only about six starters and six mains, about half of which were vegan. There was a huge selection of teas, wines and beers. The staff were extremely rude, as well as which we had to wait to be served when the restaurant was practically empty, but the food arrived quickly. We ordered the guacamole, pita bread with tomato hummus, and gyoza stuffed with tofu with a citrus, sesame and soy sauce, with decent portion sizes. The food was absolutely lovely and nicely-presented. The restaurant filed out later in the evening without being completely full or overly-packed. The deserts were absolutely amazing. We ordered the chocolate tart and apple strudel with soya cream (the only vegan desert despite there being sesame ice cream on the menu). Prices were middling and quite reasonable for the great quality of the food.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

Very tasty vegan food

26 Jul 2011

Cornucopia is extremely vegan-friendly canteen style whole-food vegetarian restaurant/cafe.

Don't let 'whole-food' put you off, the food here is seriously tasty! Usually hearty, flavourful curries and casseroles. The salads are also hearty, they have a really tasty home-made vegan mayonnaise that they use for their coleslaw.

Most of the desserts/cakes are vegan (which I never realised as the queue always blocks my view of the counter), and there is a good selection of teas, coffee and wine.

It's slightly pricey but the portion sizes are large.

5 Abbeygate Street, Galway, Ireland

Tasty, comforting but average

12 Aug 2011

I had the vegan shepherd's pie. It was tasty and filling but nothing too amazing. I also thought that it was slightly overpriced for what I got.
I like that they are aware and interested in veganism and hopefully they will expand their menu. They're taking a step in the right direction.

Carrer Llibreteria 7, Barcelona, Spain


18 Nov 2010

There were three vegan flavours of ice-cream avaliable when I went, coffee and hazelnut, which were soya and a chocolate rice ice-cream. There's also a good selection of sorbet, but I was there for the ice-cream! The staff have good English if you don't speak Spanish or Catalan and have any questions for them. As I was ordering I was asked if I was allergic to dairy, and if I was, to what degree. I suppose they have to cover themselves and warn you that cross-contamination may occur but they caught me off-guard with the question and it got me a bit worried, but I was reassured that the dairy-free stuff is vegan-friendly. :D
They just warn you that if you're severly allergic to dairy products to go for the sorbets as they aren't kept as near to the dairy and there's less chance of cross-contamination.
Also it's really near the centre of town, once you know where you're going it's easy to find. It even has a sign saying 'vegan' outside the door!

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Lo me gusta mucho!

15 Oct 2010

¡Pienso que Gopal es fantastico! Hay un seleción grande de los hamburguesas enormes con queso vegana y ¡los pastels¡.. ¡Que rico! ¡Volveré pronto!

83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland

Tasty vegan Indian food

12 Aug 2011

The food is tasty, filling and nicely spiced. There is usually more than one vegan option, they label the vegan options with a little 'v' on their blackboard. Portions are huge if you sit in, and if you get a take-away box you get to fill it up for €7.50.

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