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1 Floor, Western Pavilion, Barrack Square, Perth

Food with a view

We went for dinner at Annalakshmi on our first night on holidays in Perth and we liked it a lot, so we went there again on our last night in Perth.

The location of this volunteer run restaurant is fantastic. Upstairs in the Barrack Square Jetty with unobstructed views over the swan river, lucky us! The decor of the place is also very nice.

The friendly volunteers explained to us which dishes are vegan (only the sweets weren't vegan) and we really enjoyed the food.

Enjoy a little walk along the Swan River before or after your meal.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada


We spent a couple of weeks in Montreal in June and went to Aux Vivres twice, once for lunch and once for weekend brunch.

The wheather was nice and so we enjoyed sitting in the lovely courtyard. The service was fast and very friendly.

For lunch we had burgers, dragon bowls and smoothies which were all great. For brunch we had the brunch specials that you can only get on weekends and they were also great. The coffee was nice and strong.

The absolutely best item on the menue was the Banana Chocolate tart though. It tasted like heaven!!!

I ordered it on our first visit and gave a little taste to my friends and of course they ordered it on our second visit because they were so impressed. I decided to try the "Uncheese cake" on our second visit but unfortunately it wasn't near as nice as the Banana Chocolate tart : (

So whatever you do, don't leave without trying the Banana Chocolate tart : )

37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

Great for breakfast

We really love to go to Badde Manors for breakfast on the weekend. The coffee is nice and strong and the "Big vegan breakfast" IS big, and also delicious. Beside the "big" brekkie, there are a few other vegan breakfast choices, such as vegan scrambled tofu.

I agree with VeJo that otherwise the choices aren't great for vegans and I am too absolutely amazed about the fact that NONE of the about 20 cakes/ tarts / strudels are vegan. What a shame!!!

Get those vegan cake recipies out Baddes!

182 King St, Newtown

Sooooo yummy!

This restaurnt has been around for more than one year now and is ever becoming more popular.

There is a buffet style front counter with cheap yummy food for when you just want a quick feed.

But I really recommend you take your time and order of the menue.

We are regulars and especially love all the salads and curries but the rest of the dishes are very yummy too. Don't leave without trying the "golden parcels" (one of the entrees)...

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

Not overwhelming

We have been to Bodhi a few times for weekend yum cha in the past. We liked the food but thought that it was quite expensive. And there was no way of keeping track of how much the individual dishes cost.

A couple of weeks ago we tried Bodhi for "a la carte" dinner for the first time and I don't think we'll be going back.

The dishes were well presented but they tasted disappointing. And the food was really expensive.

We went for an early dinnner so our party of three was the only guests. Still one dish was served about 10 minutes before the two other dishes and the rice. Even asking 3 times for the rice to be served didn't speed things up.

The outdoors setting of the restaurant is nice but overall Bodhi is not overwhelming.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Great night out

We had a great night out with friends at ChuChai while on holidays in Montreal in June.

The atmosphere is a bit upmarket so this is really a great place for a special occasion dinner and getting a bit dressed up.

It was a really warm evening so we enjoyed sitting outdoors on the terrace. We sipped cocktails and enjoyed the atmosphere on Rue Saint-Denis while we waited for our food.

We shared starters, salads, curries and stir - fries and also had some desserts. All the dishes were excellent.

So get dressed up and head for ChuChai on your next special night out in Montreal.

4094 St. Denis, Montreal, Canada

Quick buffet or order off the menue

We had dinner at Chuch once three years ago while on holidays in Montreal and really liked the food. So we decided to go there again while in Montreal this June.

Three years ago we ordered off the menu which had plenty of vegan choices. This year we wanted some food in the middle of the afternoon so the kitchen was closed and only the buffet food available.

There were enough vegan choices and despite being re-heated in the microwave the food tasted really nice. I especially loved the curries.

860 Rue St Jean, Quebec, Canada

Perfect location for a quick meal

We spent a couple of days in Quebec City in June and had lunch at the Commensal both days.

The location is so convenient! Just a 5 minute walk outside the Old Upper Town close to Port St. Jean. And if you continue up Rue St. Jean for another 5 minutes you can do your shopping at the "Le Crac and La Carrote Joyeuse" Health Food store after your meal at the Commensal.

We had been to the Downtown Montreal Commensal before and the dishes were very similar in Quebec City. There were enough vegan options to keep us happy.

The explanatory labels for the dishes were in English and marked clearly which dishes were vegan which was great. The labels sometimes didn't match the dishes underneath though, so we had to look around a bit for the correct dishes (a couple we couldn't find at all).

The salads and hot dishes tasted all very good (I really liked the Gluten Stroganoff).

My sweet tooth got satisfied also. There were two vegan cakes (a carrot cake and a soy cream cheese tart with berries) and they were both fantastic. I also put lots of the fabulous vegan pineapple soy cream over my carrot cake.
What a treat!

The restaurant is huge and very 70s style, so I wouldn't go there for a special occasion but for a quick meal while sightseeing it is perfect.

1204 Av McGill College, Montreal, Canada

Great downtown venue for lunch or coffee & cake

We had lunch at Le Commensal - Mc Gill College twice in June while on holiday in Montreal.

The dishes very similar to the Commensal in Quebec City, you can check out my review for details.

Just like in Quebec City the explanatory labels for the dishes were in English and marked clearly which dishes were vegan which was great. The food labels were in much better order in Montreal than in Quebec City, which made it easier to find the individual dishes.

The location was very convenient, right in the middle of downtown and just a few minutes walk to Mc Gill University.

The restaurant is on the first floor of an office building and has huge windows so you can enjoy the daylight while watching the busy goings-on on the street beneath.

The decor is nice and modern and the crowd is a mixture of casually dressed people and office people.

60 Adelaide St, Fremantle

Nice lunch

We had lunch at Eden Delicacy for the first time last month while holidaying in Perth. We were a bit hesitant to go there because of the Happy Cow rating "Not 100% Vegetarian".

The friendly owner assured us though that all their food is vegetarian, and most of it actually vegan.

We tried all the different Asian style dishes from the hot food counter and everything was yummy.

So if you are in Fremantle and looking for a quick lunch give Eden a try.

66 Electric Rd, Tin Hau, Hong Kong Island, China


The restaurant is open from 9am till 11pm. In the mornings they serve delicious dim sims with full menu service starting at lunch time. There is also a take away counter that has all the delicious dim dims on display, making it very easy to choose.

We were the only guests for our breakfast dim sims but the restaurant was packed at lunch time.

Electric road is right behind "Tin Hau" MTR station. From the station it's only a two minute walk to the restaurant.

304 George Street, Sydney

Ok for a quick lunch

We thought we knew all the vegetarian food sources in the CBD but there you go, we didn't know about 'Food for thought' until last week.

'Food for thought' is a take-away cafe that has falafel rolls and some hot casserole / pasta / curry dishes. We tried some of the hot dishes and as already mentioned by other reviewers the food is simple and ok and doesn't taste very exciting. We didn't try the falafel rolls but we saw lots of people order them so they seem to be popular.

The cafe is located in an arcade between George street and York street. The George street entrance is exactly opposite Wynyard station but it's easy to miss because it's quite narrow. The arcade snakes around a couple of corners and there are only 2 other shops inside the arcade and they are both behind Food for thought, so just keep walking...

Closer to the cafe there are a few small tables along the corridor that belong to the cafe. There are seats for about 10 people.

This is an ok place for a quick bite to eat or to grab some take away in the city but it's not somewhere 'nice' where you would take somebody for an extended chat over lunch or coffee.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 30, 2010

436 Richards Street, Vancouver, Canada


We had lunch at Gorilla Foods once while on holiday in Vancouver in June.

It was our first time ever in a cafe that serves only raw food and we were very impressed.

We had a couple of different raw food pizzas and some salads and it was all sooo yummy and sooo creative.

I wish I could make raw food treats like that! There are a couple of different raw food cook books on sale at the cafe for those who feel inspired.

The atmosphere and music in this basement cafe was cool and the staff really friendly.

4110 rue St-Denis, Montreal, Canada

Great relaxed night out

We spent a couple of weeks in Montreal in June and went for dinner at La faim du Monde twice.

We liked the atmosphere / decor and the music was groovie. The cook and waitress were very busy, and yet we didn't have to wait for our meals too long and the waitress was really friendly.

We were three people, so over the two nights we tried quite a few dishes in total and everything tasted very nice.

On our second visit we couldn't resist trying the vegan cakes, and there were quite a few on offer. I had a HUGE piece of chocolat - mint cake which tasted great and my friends' cakes tasted great too (I can't rememeber the flavours they had).

We also sampled the locally made organic beers which had funny names. Olala!

Windeyer Street, Watson Shops, Canberra

Great atmosphere, great coffee

We tried Satis for breakfast on a recent trip to Canberra and liked this cafe.

Like other reviewers said,the breakfast menu IS very small and at a first glance we weren't sure if any of the food was vegan. The staff was helpful though and said that the big breakfast can be made vegan with scrambled tofu instead of eggs so we gave it a try.

Our first visit was on a Friday and the cafe was not very busy. We had read a review of Satis that stated that it takes a long time for the meals to be served and that was definitely true that Friday.

The coffee tasted great though and the atmosphere in the cafe was very cosy so we didn't mind waiting around a bit longer while having our coffees. And we watched the chef cook our breakfast completely from scratch, which takes time.

We thought the service would be even slower on the weekend when the cafe is busier so we decided to go to My Rainbow Dreams instead. When we found this cafe closed on Sunday we went back to Satis and to our big surprise the meals were prepared MUCH quicker than on Friday although the cafe was busier.

I guess there was more staff on and the chef had pre prepared things liked grilled tomatoes and zucchinis which made things faster.

The food was a bit expensive and the portion sizes a lot smaller than at My Rainbow Dreams but it was real gourmet fare.

I didn't see the weekday menu / lunch menu but I'd like to try Satis for lunch when I'm Canberra the next time.

2558 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Gourmet Pizzas

We went for dinner at 3Worlds twice while holidaying on the Gold Coast recently. We were so impressed with our dinner on our first visit, that we decided to go there a second time a few days later. Would we have left it at the first visit this would be a raving review, now unfortunately it's a bit mixed.

Good things first: The food is fantastic. The pizzas are all vegan and sooooooo delicious. The restaurant uses home made vegan "cheese" and lots of oven roasted veggies, nice sauces etc so these are real Gourmet pizzas. We also had a taste of the vegan Waldorf salad and the vegan Moussaka which were also very yummy. We didn't try the pasta dish or any of the desserts but they looked nice.

3Worlds is a small place with only a few tables and the atmosphere is very cosy and relaxed. The restaurant is at the back of a shop that sells drums and fire breathing equipment and the walls of the restaurant are covered with lots of great photos of people fire breathing and playing the drums.

Mixed things now: On our first visit the service was great. The waitress was very friendly and very attentive and we got our food very quickly.

On our second visit there was a different waitress, who was friendly but had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Between the incompetent waitress and the fact that the kitchen ran out of pizza dough very early in the evening our dining experience was rather disastrous. And we were not the only unhappy customers.

I'd definitely go back to 3Worlds because the food is fantastic, but I hope the bad service night was just a one-off hiccup...

966 Boulevard Rene-Levesque Ouest, Quebec, Canada

Peacful atmosphere and delicious food

We spent a couple of days in Quebec City in June and had dinner at Zen both nights. And we absolutely loved it. This is a great place for a special occasion dinner.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was so calm and relaxing, the decor was beautiful.

The staff was very friendly.

The food was incredibly delicious and very well presented.

One night we had one "Plats principaux" and one "Nouilles sautées" dish, both came with a little starter and a spring roll. On the second night we had two "Grandes tables d'h'te" which consisted of several courses and were great value.

Both the miso soup and the wonton soup were the best I've ever had. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go back one more time to try the sushis which sounded very tempting.

The menu was only in French but the staff spoke English and was helpful with their explanations and made sure all our dishes were vegan.

The restaurant is a bit out of the city centre but there are a few bus routes that take you there from the old town.

During daylight hours a nice (long) walk from the old town through Battle Fields Park and Parc du Bois de Bologne brings you within a view blocks of the restaurant. And then it's a pleasant short walk through a nice suburb.

3667 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada


We had dinner at Dharma Kitchen once while on holiday in Vancouver in June. Maybe I picked the wrong dishes but I wasn't very impressed.

I ordered the Miso soup but only ate a few spoon fulls because I didn't like it at all. It didn't have any Miso flavour at all, it just tasted sour and was laden with coriander. I've had Miso soups before and I've never come across a Miso soup that contained coriander and the menu at Dharma certainly didn't list it as an ingredient either. Unfortunately I hate coriander so I got a nasty surprise...

My partner had a different soup (can't remember which one) and liked it.

For mains we had one tofu and one tempeh potato bowl which tasted soso. The sauce was quite oily and very salty. I noticed that many reviewers mention how fantastic the tempeh tastes at Dharma. We thought it tasted a bit strange and wasn't really tempeh at all.

We liked the fresh juice cocktails and the soy chai latte was incredibly nice.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice and the staff was very cheerful and friendly.

If we ever go back to Vancouver and have time for only one meal we wouldn't chose Dharma. But if we lived in Vancouver we would probably go back to see if we could find some dishes on the menu that we like.

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