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113 King St (at Sydney Inner West), Newtown, New South Wales, 2042

In the front of the store is a soy ice cream case (sells by the scoop) plus a bakery selection of cakes and biscuits. Toward the back is the retail section stocking both fresh and frozen foodstuff like soy cheese, faux meat products, packed dried herbs, sauces, and frozen packed meals. Has a section in the back corner labeled "these products contain dairy." Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

20 Reviews

First Review by ampallang

Homemade cakes - Edit

I often stop by just to get a ‘Cutie’ ice cream for $2.50, but they have loads of other treats and lots of frozen vegan foods too.

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Green Gourmet - Edit

Misleading title Vegan Choice
It's Green Gourmet Vegan Kitchen
Makes cakes to order, sells vegan and gluten free foods.

Pros: 100% vegan, Vegan, gluten free , Wide range of dinners and desserts

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Macaron! - Edit

There was a great selection of mock meats/dairy, but since I'm just visiting Sydney, there's not much point in buying those. I did however purchase a macaron (passing by an impressive selection of cakes and biscuits), which though not quite as good as I remember high end macarons being, did a very good job of replicating a delicacy that so heavily relies on egg whites. They also sell tofu ice-cream by the scoop, which I was tempted by, but it was just too cold.

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So awesome! - Edit

Tons of desserts, lots of take-away items to cook at home - this place is heavenly.

Pros: Nearly all vegan, No meat, Vegan desserts

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so many desserts! - Edit

A vegan Asian supermarket that stocks dumplings, sauces, ice cream and more. The best part is the dessert section, with plenty of brownies, cakes and tofu ice cream. I've tried the green tea and black sesame, both were nice.

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vegan ice creams and other goodies - Edit

Nice to find this place next to Green Gourmet. There's a very good selection of flavours in the ice-cream bar. As well as a little grocery with all the usual vegan products - mock meats, soy products etc, as well as things that you can pick up in most Asian groceries, such as miso. Vegan chocolates and sweets. Worth a browse!

Pros: vegan ice cream bar is impressive

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Great place to shop - Edit

At the risk of being repetitive, the ice cream is unbelievably excellent. Coconut,vanilla,strawberry, chocolate, banana, mango etc. Some of the more obscure flavours may be an acquired taste, like lotus root, green tea and black sesame. Love stocking up on the frozen yum cha items and mock meats - handy to have in the freezer for the occasional lazy/quick meal. You can also buy some of the restaurant's own sauces in jars. Their chilli sauce is great but pretty darn hot. I am never allowed to visit my mum in law without taking some of their vegan ice cream and barbeque not pork

2014 update:
This shop has improved more and more since my previous review. They now have a wider range of non traditional and fascinating ice cream flavours, such as rose-vanilla, popcorn, maple walnut and (my favourite) date-ginger - very strong and tangy but wonderful. They have also added a huge range of desserts, cakes, baked and raw cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, etc, all made by them on site, as is the ice cream.

Their raw cheesecakes deserve a special mention. Normally I never order these in raw restaurants as they usually are a heavy slab of coconut fat and nuts too richly flavoured that leave me nauseous. In contrast, at Green Gourmet/ Vegan's Choice the filling is whipped, light and fluffy and delicately flavoured. I could probably eat a whole cake and only feel a little bit sick!

My only regret is that they no longer sell their restaurant's chilli sauce in jars to take home. I don't know why, as they still sell some of their other sauces. It is the best chilli sauce I know of. I can only feed my addiction now by going into the restaurant and ordering extra bowls of it to go with my yum cha!

Pros: I can't believe it's not ice cream!, take home frozen yum cha, Very nice staff

Cons: It takes a long time to pack the ice cre, Can't buy chilli sauce for home

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This is not a health food store - Edit

I find it amusing that this is listed as a health food store, as 95% of the stuff I have bought from here are sweets.

But they were awesome cakes, brownies and chocolates and I regret nothing.

Pros: So much sweet variety

Cons: A brownie is a sometimes food

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THE BEST! - Edit

Vegan's Choice is an amazing little gem nestled away in Newtown! They have the most Devine tofu ice cream :) (we can't go in without getting a scoop or two). They also offer a large range of other vegan treats - carrot cake, cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, etc. Some are no made with no added sugar which is always a big bonus. Make sure to also pick up some of their pre-made yum cha/dim sum in the freezer section. If you would like to have a taste beforehand, go for yum cha at Green Gourmet right next door (Vegan's Choice sister establishment), or you can always visit the other branch in St. Leonards. They also have tons of choices for mock meat and mock dairy products!!!

Pros: DELICIOUS! , Great selections, reasonably priced

Cons: traffic to Newtown can be a problem

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One-stop shop for vital supplies - Edit

I have been buying things from Vegan's Choice for many years. I especially like the take-home frozen versions of the meals served at Green Gourmet next door - namely the Tofu Nori Seaweed and the vegan wonton soup. Vegan oyster sauce, homemade "fish" sauce and other condiments are available. They also stock many of the UK mock rashers, fish fingers and cheese products, but they aren't cheap. The cake and ice-cream section is a welcome addition for vegans wanting a sugar fix.

Pros: Huge range of frozen products, Extensive veg condiment section, Eftpos available

Cons: Can get pricey, Product availability hit and miss

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Lots of stuff here - Edit

Plenty of options.

Note that most things are, but not everything is vegan - check the ingredients. "Vegan's Choice" means more than you might think!

It can also be pricey. For example Cheezly is $2 more here than at my local - and my local is not cheap by any standards. And the cakes are very expensive too - more like sit-down rather than take-away prices.

But it's cool to have a shop with so much. It's just across the road from Basil Pizza and excellent for an after pizza ice-cream or other lollies and treats. (They break up packs of Tofutti ice-creams so you can buy individual serves, and also have their own ice-cream in cones/cups).

Pros: Large selection, Plenty of treats and "junk food"

Cons: Not all vegan!

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Great to have an ice cream in a cone - Edit

I've been here a couple of times before but it was only a couple of weeks ago I was in Newtown and noticed that, in addition to the array of vegan ice cream (or gelato or sorbet or whatever) flavours on offer, there was also a jar of waffle cones. I'd always been a bit suspicious about waffle cones at gelato bars, even at places that had vegan options, but finaly I could relax, buy an ice cream in a cone and go and sit on a park bench, knowing it was all vegan. (The person serving confirmed the cones were vegan.) I hadn't done that in a long time. I had a scoop each of green tea and dark chocolate sorbet and, while it melted a bit on the , it was delicious. I know this place sells other things, but my experience - and hence my rating - refers to the gelato.

Pros: Good selection of vegan gelato and cones

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loved it! - Edit

Hot pies, great fridge & freezer section. And ready to eat ice cream!

Pros: ice cream , great selection

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Great source to stock up on vegan products - Edit

We've been shopping at the Vegan's choice grocery for years and love it.

Just a bit of an update as things have changed a bit over the last year.

The shop stocks mostly frozen foods, some of them are home made things such as soy nuggets, spring rolls, buns etc from the 'Green Gourmet' restaurant next door.

There are also lots of 'externally' made frozen products including tofu, mock meat / seafood products, burgers and 'Funky pies'.

Until a year ago all frozen products were strictly vegan, however now some of the products contain dairy ingredients. The owner has put all the vegetarian (but non vegan products) into one area of the freezer and there is a sign on the freezer stating 'vegetarian only - not vegan'. But I have started to check the labels of every product every time I am buying it now, to make sure I don't buy something non vegan. And only last week I realized that the 'Lamyong' brand 'Crispy soy slices' now suddenly contain whey powder although they previously didn't (and the front of the packet still claims it is a 'vegan' product...)

The owner is very happy to get feed back about the products as he really wants to cater well for vegans.

There is also a fridge with yummy vegan cheeses, vegan cream cheeses and vegan sour cream (which is always sold out as soon as it appears, because it's so nice).

The shop also sells cooking sauces, dried noodles and other long life pantry items including some sweet things such as chocolate/ chocolate bars/ lollies / waffle cones.

The Vegan's choice is a treasure chest for anybody with a sweet tooth. There are several flavours of home made tofu ice cream available, and they are all extremely yummy.

There is now also an ever increasing range of 'externally' made vegan tarts / cakes / muffins / brownies. They are all soooooo delicious and many of them are even raw food, how amazing!

The 'Greenfields' Burger Bar section that opened inside the Vegan's Choice grocery about a year ago has shut down again a while ago so there is no more hot food available.

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Food - Edit

Love the organic raw desserts and nice staff. Some frozen food which is always good if you don't have time to cook

Pros: Frozen food, Vegan, Raw cakes

Cons: Not open late enough

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a sweet and mock meat shop - Edit

during the day the best thing is the taro soy ice cream. You can get it at night at their restaurant next, door. Its a small place so don't come expecting a ton, but they've got all the vegan items to make you never feel depraved when you switch your diet. For healthy vegans, not much!

Pros: taro soy ice cream

Cons: lots of unhealthy stuff!

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great little shop - Edit

Since we were across the street at Basil Pizza for dinner, we came over to check it out afterwards. It's small, but had lots of frozen mock meats and soy cheeses, including Sheese and Cheezly. A one kilo Cheezly at that! Since we were on vacation, I couldn't buy it. So disappoiting for me! lol We took a couple of desserts to go, the black forest cake and a brownie. The cake was good, but not very authentic. The brownie was amazing. No one would guess it was vegan. Not sure the reviewer below and I had the same thing!

Pros: frozen mock meats, soy cheeses, desserts

Cons: small space

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Sonja and Dirk 22 Feb 2013 - Oops! Forgot to mention that they have Funky Pies too in case you can't make it out to Bondi Beach.  

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Now a burger bar and shop - Edit

This place has renovated and now has a burger bar and shop in the same location. The shop is AMAZING!!! They have everything you could ever want there, including some very hard to source products at reasonable prices. Yummy varieties of soy cheese and lots of fake meats. The resto/cafe is more of a mixed bag. They sell only four types of burgers to eat. They are not made on site, but are Smithfield burgers. I can't say I was thrilled, but it was not a bad burger. The bakery section was full of cupcakes and cheesecakes. With all the options, I may have settled on the worst of the lot - a brownie that I would not recommend.

I still think this place is VERY Worth visiting, even though my experience was not what it might have been. For shopping alone, it's worth the trip. I'd love to try the cakes more closely next time.

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A must for anyone in Newtown - Edit

This really is one of the best shops you can go to for vegan food. Its mainly vegan versions of Asian food. I agree the ice cream is amazing - some really interesting flavours too like Basil and Lemon and Aduki Bean and Coconut aswell as the more conventional flavours for the less adventurous. Its not expensive and the guy who owns the shop (and I presume makes most of the food) is lovely. If you find yourself in Newtown make a point of going.

Pros: Ice Cream, Wide Choice, Restaurant next door

Cons: wide choice but mainly asian, Not expensive but not cheap, Everything is garlic free

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Best Ice cream - Edit

This is the best Ice cream i have ever had. It's tofui ice cream and its' sugar free. The vanille and coconut are great. I've taken many meat eaters and vegan ice cream haters there and the LOVe the ice cream too. A large selection of mock meat and other vegan products, great prices.

Pros: i love there ice cream, healthy items, great prices

Cons: they open at 11am...., they should be open more

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