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Modern Australian cuisine. Sample dishes include stir fry vegetable, ginger dumpling, crepe, and pizza. Has vegan desserts. Also offers a banquet-tasting menu for 4 or more people. Open Mon-Wed 5:00pm-11:30pm, Thu-Sun 11:30am-11:30pm.

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29 Reviews

First Review by thelink

Good but not great - Edit

It's been four and a half years since I last reviewed Yulli's and my verdict is the same (as stated in the heading). We came here for a nice dinner treat and ordered from a menu that was familiar from years ago. While the restaurant had a (handy) separate vegan menu, it surprised me that they hadn't bothered to mark vegan items on the main menu, as they had on the drinks menu. Our starter of leek and ginger dumplings was very nice, but tiny for $13.50. The crispy tofu with green papaya salad didn't quite work: while the big wedges of tofu were beautifully crisp, they had no flavour at all and relied on the intensely (in my opinion overly) sweet salad for any flavour, and the two were not easy to combine. The san choy bow had some nice flavours and textures (baby corn, tofu, peanuts) but was nothing amazing. However, the chocolate fudge and berry ice cream for dessert was pretty much perfect and delicious.

Pros: Vegan dessert was delicious

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/Tiggy">Tiggy</a> <br/>San choy bow filling <br/> July 10, 2017  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/278567'>Report</a>

San choy bow filling

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/Tiggy">Tiggy</a> <br/>Crispy tofu with green papaya, Asian herb and toasted peanut salad <br/> July 10, 2017  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/278566'>Report</a>

Crispy tofu with green papaya, Asian herb and toas...

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/Tiggy">Tiggy</a> <br/>Steamed leek and ginger dumplings with plum sauce <br/> July 10, 2017  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/278565'>Report</a>

Steamed leek and ginger dumplings with plum sauce

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse šŸ¤¤ - Edit

Yullis is a small restaurant on Crown st. Better to call before going as it's always full.

they do have a special menu for vegan, dont forget to ask.

The Leek and ginger dumplings are yummy but my favourite dish on the menu is a dessert...
The chocolate avocado mousse is best dessert there. I tried all of them and I loved it. Keep some room if you can and Try it, you won't regret it !

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By far my fav restaurant in Sydney - Edit

Not everything at Yullis is vegan however they have a wonderful vegan menu and everything is vegetarian.
My favourite dishes are the salt and pepper tofu and the coconut & edamame money bags! Take your girls for a fun night out or head there with you partner for a romantic dinner in the courtyard.
Karl and the team at Yullis catered my vegan wedding and it was superb! I cannot thank them enough!

Pros: Tapas style food, Amazing dishes, Good price for what you get

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Trendy and busy - Edit

We went there on a Saturday night and it was very busy and the music was loud. We liked the vibe but nothing if you want a quite, intimate dinner. They have a separate vegan menu that you need to ask for.

We got a really good seat, they have a few further in to the restaurant on the way to the bathrooms/kitchen that didn't seem as nice.

The food was modern an quite fancy, so the prices were very reasonable, especially taking the area into account. I got a salt and pepper tofu with a peanut salad. The tofu was amazing and the salad was okay but VERY spicy and I am very weak with spice so that wasn't a hit for me. My date eat something with mushroom and silken tofu and that looked and tastes unreal. I had sticky date and banana pudding with coconut ice cream and it was to diiiie for, totally amazing.

All and all a pretty good experience if you are after a fun and lively dinner :)

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decent - Edit

Ask for the vegan menu when walking in. It details all the options nicely. Had the chickpea and pita dish with coconut cream on top. Food was ok. It was packed just after opening. They make their own beer.

Pros: Vegan menu

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/EverydayTastiness">EverydayTastiness</a> <br/>vegan chickpea and pita dish <br/> December 30, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/206304'>Report</a>

vegan chickpea and pita dish

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/EverydayTastiness">EverydayTastiness</a> <br/>Vegan menu <br/> December 30, 2016  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/248642'>Report</a>

Vegan menu

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Pretty good - Edit

Just had dinner here. I think they should've offered the dedicated vegan menu from the get-go instead of waiting until I was ready to order and asked about vegan options.

I reckon less than half the menu is natively vegan, but there were still plenty of options. We ordered the dumplings, the silken tofu over crispy noodles, the fried broccolini, and the roasted pumpkin with pea tendrils and kimchi. The food was pretty good overall. The only dish that I wouldn't recommend would be the pumpkin. It was an odd concoction of completed unrelated ingredients. Nothing complemented the others plus the kimchi wasn't even that good. Other than that, prices were fair and portion sizes were generous.

The atmosphere was lively (read: noisy). Without a reservation, we were seated at the bar. The shallow table and the small seats were a bit awkward.

Pros: good food, reasonably priced

Cons: bar seating a bit awkward

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whole page of vegan options - Edit

Arrived at 5 p.m as they opened the doors and the service was friendly, helpful and efficient from the start. There was an extensive and dedicated vegan menu with many delicious options from breakfast to full 3 course meals with dessert plus a good range of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Great relaxed atmosphere and obviously very popular as almost full by the time we left. Reasonably priced for the area

Pros: Dedicated vegan menu

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beautiful - Edit

nice restaurant, modern decor, tasty food, nice vibes, only criticism is that more of the menu should be vegan. there are a few options but not enough

Pros: tasty, nice atmosphere

Cons: a bit pricey, not enough vegan options

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very good food - Edit

very good tasting vegan options and nicr atmosphere

Pros: lots of great options

Cons: pricey

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Cute vegetarian restaurant/bar in the heart of Surry Hills (vegan/gf options) - Edit

Hip vegetarian restaurant/bar on Crown Street in the heart of Surry Hills.

Separate vegan and gluten-free menus available. Staff are generally knowledgeable of menus and dietary requirements.

Must try:
- Dumplings
- ALL of the desserts! Amazing :)
- 14 manners tempranillo
- Stone and Wood Lager

Pros: Separate vegan food and wine menus, Great location, Hip vibe

Cons: Small portions, Noisy, Limited parking

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Salt and pepper tofu! - Edit

I have been here a few times and the salt and pepper tofu is my favourite!

I found trying to read the gluten free menu and the vegan menu confusing as you have to pick dishes that are on both menus. Would be easier if they just labelled which dishes were vegan and gluten on the one menu.

On the different occasions that I have been here, the service wasn't that great. We were sitting right near the bar and they kept forgetting about us.

Pros: Vegan menu

Cons: The service

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Amazing Experience - Edit

Yulli's has a great vibe! Food was amazing and atmosphere was just as good. We had the dumplings, money bags, crepes and salt and pepper tofu and all were flawless. Only regret is that we were too full to try dessert!

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Good but room for improvement - Edit

I was quite excited about Yulli's and I did enjoy it overall but they could improve.

It was very busy and I hadn't booked so had the choice of a high table near the bar or a table outside. I chose outside. It took a good 5 minutes for someone to even bring me a menu! The tables outside are very close together so don't choose these if you want a romantic meal for two. Fortunately I was on my own and had little choice but to listen to the animated conversations either side of me :)

Once I had the menu, all of the food sounded great but no vegan options marked. When a server came back quite a while later to take my order I asked what was vegan. Only then was I told there's a separate vegan menu! Would've been good to know this at the start. So eventually I got round to ordering. I didn't think the vegan options were that great and whilst my Vietnamese Crepe was tasty, it was nothing amazing.

I think if you're veggie then definitely go here. The food being served either side of me looked fab.

I did enjoy the vegan dessert - a date and walnut cake.

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/big_saz">big_saz</a> <br/>Delicious date and walnut cake <br/> April 7, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/98149'>Report</a>

Delicious date and walnut cake

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/big_saz">big_saz</a> <br/>Vietnamese crepe <br/> April 7, 2015  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/98148'>Report</a>

Vietnamese crepe

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Quaint, tasty, good find - Edit

We discovered this place after a google search for vegan restaurants in Sydney. Our first option was Bodhi in the Park, but it was closed. We wanted something romantic for our anniversary, and upon checking out the website and reading some reviews we went ahead and booked this place.
Upon arrival, Yulli's looked like a romantic little place with lots of quirky characteristics. I liked the street scene and the ambience in the front, but despite our booking, we were put in the hallway with the LED fairy lights, right outside the kitchen. The fake grass on the walls was pretty tacky and the window next to the kitchen was filthy, with boxes and containers stuck up against it. We'd driven for about 7 hours during the day to get to Sydney, so after negotiating the menu I asked if we could be seated somewhere else. The waiter tried to find us a spot and said they were fully booked, but if something came up, he'd let us know. I'm sure that during the day it would be fine, or if the roof was open, but it was impossible to see the menu and it was in stark contrast to the soft lighting out the front. I felt a bit disappointed but we had nowhere else to go for dinner, so we made the most of it.
We ordered the salt and pepper tofu and wonton cups for entrees and both had the the quinoa patties with ratatouille for a main. Dessert was the sticky date pudding. The menu wasn't clearly labelled, so we found that we had to check for the vegan options by going onto the webpage by using our phones. The waiting staff seemed too busy to spend a lot of time with us, so we had to try and decipher it ourselves.
Our entrees came out and they were quite nice. Nothing to rave about, but they hit the spot and had a lot of good flavours. Afterwards, our waiter came to tell us there was a table out the back. We headed out there to find three little tables in a small room with the same sort of lighting and ambience as out the front. Phew! Much better.
I could see much better and immediately felt happier with the space. Our mains came out soon afterwards. The quinoa was well cooked, but the ratatouille was very hot, almost unedibleā€¦but then I'm not a fan of really spicy food. Dessert was fantastic, really delicious, and I'd have easily eaten two serves.
On reflection, it was a nice little place but probably not somewhere I'd go for a special occasion. The vegan options weren't as plentiful as appeared on the menu online, and the staff were pretty casual overall, but a nice spot to visit.

Pros: Good Desserts, Fair prices, Nice atmosphere (at the right table)

Cons: Vegan options aren't labelled on menu, Casual approach from staff, Hallway is not nice spot to eat

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/chantea">chantea</a> <br/>Sticky date pudding with coconut ice-cream <br/> April 26, 2014  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/68629'>Report</a>

Sticky date pudding with coconut ice-cream

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/chantea">chantea</a> <br/>Quinoa fritters with ratatouille <br/> April 26, 2014  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/248640'>Report</a>

Quinoa fritters with ratatouille

Photo of Yulli's  by <a href="/members/profile/chantea">chantea</a> <br/>Wanton cups <br/> April 26, 2014  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/16153/68625'>Report</a>

Wanton cups

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great food - Edit

last week we went to this great place - very good food at reasonable prices.

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I don't always eat asian... - Edit

Except at Yullis!

The food is alright, not too expensive and the portions are a little small to about right. There is a fantastic list of vegan beer!

My bugbear is that the vegan options are nearly all asian inspired foods - I would appreciate a few more european and middle eastern inspired vegan options, a few more vegan dessert options would not go astray either.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great vegan beer list

Cons: Vegetarian, not vegan, Not a lot of vegan dessert options, Western food mostly non vegan

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everyone at everything! - Edit

I took 3 meat eaters here and they were very impressed. One of the best dinners in Sydney.

Pros: great food, great service, great atmosphere

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funky bar with interesting and tasty food - Edit

We tried four of the share plates - pretty much everything without dairy. All were excellent and had distinct flavours. The spiced mulled wine on the specials list was also excellent.

Pros: great food, varied cuisine, open late

Cons: seats not so comfortable

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Try the banquet - Edit

Yulli's is a great place to take non-veg friends. They have a great (4 person) banquet available for a minimum of 4 people for $30 or $35 per person - this involves the dumplings, felafel, haloumi, arrancini, pizza, tofu with papaya salad, another salad, and a dessert share place. Pretty sure I've forgotten some other things too. Its very filling and delicious! Try it! love this place! also their desserts are amazing- especially the vegan ones.

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Hip Valentine's spot - Edit

My parents and I went to Yulli's on Valentine's Day after securing a lucky, last-minute booking. Needless to say, we were the only group of 3 in the entire packed restaurant. Yulli's is a funky place in an equally funky area. It has a courtyard out back and outdoor seating in the front. To start, we ordered the ginger dumplings, which were a nice zingy beginning to the meal. For our mains, I shared the lentil crepe and the stir-fried veges with my mother, while my dad ordered the pizza. The crepe was yummy, the veges a bit rudimentary, and the pizza (apparently) too olive-y but with a nice thin crust. For dessert, we all shared the sticky date pudding and a lychee tapioca dessert. Both were delicious and served with a great coconut ice cream. Lovely meal, even without the romance!

Pros: Cool area, Interesting, modern Australian cusine

Cons: A bit on the expensive side, Small portions

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Honestly disappointed - Edit

The vegetarian menu did not indicate if something was vegan, so we asked and were given a reduced menu that had vegan on one side and gluten free on the other. Big help but odd way to do it. The lighting was so dim, we used our phones as torches. My husband and I chose polenta and tofu dishes. The food was ok and certainly cheap but I could have eaten 2 main courses myself and I am a vegetarian. The waiters were sweet but very unprofessional - they struggled to carry 2 plates. The place had loud music playing and was full so it was simply noisy. Nothing to rave about and it would have been nice to have seen what I was eating - it was way too dark.

Pros: Vegan menu available, Cheap, Central location

Cons: Noisy, Hard to park, Slow and unprofessional waiters

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Trendy veggie wine bar in funky neighbourhood - Edit

Having heard a lot about this place I shepherded my vegan husband and 5 friends (ranging from the vegetarian to the carnivorous) to Yulli's on the night of my 30th birthday. It's in a very boho neighbourhood and makes a lovely walk from the centre of Sydney along Crown street lined with bars and boutiques. Yulli's was not a disappointment - it had a trendy wine bar vibe with a good varied menu and a separate menu for vegans, as well as a good choice of vegan wine & beer. Food was varied and unusual (my husband & his omnivore friend both said the bitter melon pancakes topped with thai curry were the best meal they'd ever had) and service was friendly and efficient. Downsides were that it was very cramped - they seemed to have gone for quantity of covers over comfort of diners, although I guess you can't blame a small business for that, pretty pricey and again didn't stay open as late as you'd expect on a Thursday in a 24-hr city! But still comes very highly recommended and well worth a visit - it's an unusual experience and very nice to be in a trendy wine bar that's all veggie :-)

Pros: Inventive tasty food, Great atmosphere, Fab concept

Cons: Quite expensive, Pretty cramped inside, Closes at 11pm

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Just what surry hills needs - Edit

It's always a treat to go somewhere that has a separate vegan menu! I've been to yulli's a few times now and really enjoyed each occasion. The food is Asian fusion with salt & pepper tofu with papaya salad sitting next to a tasty fennel and polenta dish. We've always shared a couple of dishes, which works out well. They have very yummy mulled wine and what's not to like about a place that does a vegan sticky date pudding? (Really light and fluffy with a creamy coconut ice-cream - yum!)

Pros: Vegan desert!

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My favourite veg place in Sydney - Edit

I love Yulli's - their food is incredible, and the restaurant/bar itself is excellently decorated and has a great vibe (and I know many people who have walked in off the street not knowing it doesn't serve meat!). They have a range of dishes that cater to both vegetarian and vegans (with a separate vegan menu so it doesn't get confusing). Have tried several of their dishes as a vegetarian and now some as a vegan too and they all have exceeded expectations. All my non-vego friends love it too.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Great vibe

Cons: None!

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Smart, veg*n bar - Edit

Yulli's fulfills a much needed niche in Sydney: a smart, cool bar where veg*ns can relax, feel "normal", and not have to search in vain for something to eat once they settle in for a couple of drinks. The food is above average for bar fare, and much of the menu is vegan (they have a separate vegan menu, if in doubt). The ginger dumplings were a special delight. We also had the salt and pepper tofu and spring rolls (they had run out of dolmades), which were really good, and not too oily. The tofu also came with a nice salad.

It's all table service there, and when I got up to order a drink they seemed a bit up-tight about that... maybe I'm just unused to going to swanky bars.

All in all, it was a great experience, and I was very grateful to be able to have a night out at a pub where I didn't have to explain myself, feel like a freak, and end up eating chips and a garden salad.

Pros: stylish, great food, one of a kind in Sydney

Cons: small

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There is a separate vegan menu to make things easy - Edit

We enjoyed a wonderful walk from the center of town over to Yulli's Bar. The entire walk on a Saturday night was jam packed with young people spilling in and out of bars & restaurants. Yulli's was hosting a Christmas party in the back, but we enjoyed our outdoor seats to people watch and take in the whole scene. While we came here for after dinner drinks (make sure to grab a Skinny Blond Beer (Byron Bay) and watch the label as you finish your drink) we ended up having the mango sticky rice and coconut dessert, which was fantastic. The service and people behind the bar are amazing, and took care of us first over the Christmas Party going on in the back, clearing a table inside and holding it for us before the Xmas Party and us had to spill back inside as the outside areas close at a certain hour.

Pros: Skinny Blond Beer, Sticky Mango Rice, Service/outdoor seating

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:) - Edit

I love this place. It's so cute. It's about time Sydney had a wine bar like this. Great selection of beers and wines. Great bar snacks (olives & edamame) and great food (the soft taco share place is really good and without sour cream is vegan, they also had a vegan rendang pie). Can be hard to get a table when it's busy, but it's well worth it. Really lovely aptmosphere. Has table service and you can pay at the end of the night. Great for a romantic date or a night out with friends. Can't wait to go there again!

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