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Badde Manors

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37 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, New South Wales, NSW 2037

Maintains a coffee house culture of 1950's and 1960's. Offers light food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Extensive drinks and desserts menu. Many vegan choices and can change a few other dishes to be vegan upon request. Open Mon-Fri 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Fri 7:00am-12:00am, Sat 12:00am-1:00am, Sun 7:00am-12:00am.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Western, Mediterranean

Reviews (26)

First Review by Jeremy_V

great vegan breakfast but surprisingly few vegan breakfast options - Edit

The vegan breakfast was delicious and really varied - mushrooms, tomato, avo, kale, roast pumpkin - but it was the only vegan option except bircher that could be veganised. I expected a vegetarian cafe to have a lot more vegan options.

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ok - Edit

Vegan items listed on the menu. I had the moraccan stack, it was overly spiced and not very good. The tofu burger was also a bit bland. I would not go again especially with iku and soul burger nearby.

Pros: labels vegan options

Cons: not very tasty

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Open late, nice food - Edit

I like that this place is open quite late, you can get a vegan feast late at night!

The food is good, but not great. The veggie stack is nice. There are a few vegan options, but most of the menu is vegetarian and not vegan.

Pros: Open late, Hearty food

Cons: Not much vegan chioce, Squishy tables, no large groups

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Tasty food at almost any time! - Edit

This place is all vegetarian with quite a few vegan options for mains though not many vegan desserts. All the food I've had there has been tasty and it has long opening hours to satisfy vego restaurant cravings at almost any hour!

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Good food but could be more vegan friendly - Edit

I ate here 3 times in the last week as I was staying close by. The first time I had the Moroccan fritter stack, which I very much enjoyed, the second meal I had was the tofu and pine nut rissole bake, which wasn't quite as good but was still enjoyable.

I also had a hot chocolate and brownie with friends when I had already eaten dinner but they had not. I was disappointed to see that the brownie (while delicious) was the only vegan option out of an extensive range of cakes, and apparently the brownie is always the only option. Also, that time, one of my friends ordered a vegan garlic bread, and ended up not eating it because there were several garlic breads being delivered to the table (only one of which was vegan) and the waitperson had no idea which if any was vegan, and every time we tried to clarify she seemed to think we were asking about whether the bread contained garlic (obviously) and not about the vegan status of the food - frustrating and disappointing.

Pros: Creative and tasty food

Cons: Not all staff understand veganism, Tables for larger groups are difficult, Limited vegan desserts

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Great vegan breakfast spot - Edit

I had the vegan breakfast. Loved the generous half of an avocado and the roast potatoes. Lunch and dinner options looked good and had plenty of vegan options. Unfortunately you have to pay 50 cents more for soy or almond milk.

Pros: Good prices , Good portion sizes , Funky atmosphere

Cons: 50 cents extra for soy or almond milk , No table service outside , Quite cramped inside

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A lovely limch - Edit

Friendly and helpful staff. Vegan options marked on menu and they were able to veganise some other dishes. Reasonably priced and tasty.

Pros: Reasonably priced , Friendly staff, Vegan options

Cons: Small tables, Small benched

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Decent cafe, but not a first choice - Edit

A good range of vegetarian food, but relatively little vegan food, and the quality is fairly average; I can't remember ever seeing vegan desserts. The service is usually good, but not great.

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Terrible - Edit

Happy cow won't let me rate this one star (which is what it deserves). Only two vegan options on the breakfast menu, ordered the vegan big breakfast and was so disappointed. Half the items were cold, overall bland food and the scrambled tofu was just chunks of tasteless tofu mixed with capsicum. Attempted to order a vegan iced chocolate but no vegan icecream. We also ordered a frappé which was bitter and tasted like off fruit. Vegan options feel like an afterthought here.

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Nothing Bad about Badde Manors - Edit

* sorry about the pun. :/

Recently we visited Sydney and it was a goal to go to the original Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe. I heard there was a little cafe there that did vegan food, so we walked down the street to find this quirky corner cafe called Badde Manors. We had a look at the menu and became very excited by the many vegan options, especially the big breakfast. We were having lunch elsewhere, but came back to have a chocolate brownie and a soy latte. The brownie was absolutely delicious, chewy, warm and melts in your mouth.

The following day we had the vegan big breakfast. It wasn't quite as big as I'd hoped, but it was delicious. The beans were the best part. Everything was fresh, wholesome and the prices were reasonable. Staff were a bit grumpy, but everyone has off days. This does seem like a pretty popular little place, so it's an obvious winner.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, The brownies

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Disappointed again - Edit

I went to this place for breakfast this morning and was reminded of all the mediocre things I wrote about in my original review. For a while I would come here every time I was in Sydney (because it has vegan options and I like Glebe), but never quite understood why there was always a crowd. It is central I suppose and does the job for most people. The decor and booth seating in the front part are nice and I enjoy the look and feel of the place but I struggle to find something I want from the vegan options, especially before 11:30am when only the breakfast menu is available. On previous occasions I've opted for the field mushrooms on toast and this time I shared the Big Vegan Breakfast. This wasn't that big, tasted OK but was pretty unexciting and came with only one slice of toast, not enough to accompany the other food on the plate (including pumpkin, not really a breakfast food for me). However, it was cheaper than many vegan breakfasts at other cafes and I have to say that the prices here are pretty good by cafe standards. The coffee is advertised on the website as Rainforest Alliance but when I asked the server and the barista, they both told me it wasn't. Unfortunately, you get the sense here that vegans are an afterthought. On one occasion I ordered a dish marked vegan on the menu but it was accompanied by a package of butter, which I returned and was offered no alternative, meaning dry toast. The vegan fudge brownie, which I've had in the past, was rich and delicious, but it would be nice if a few more of their vast selection of cakes were vegan, as this was the only one. After being disappointed again today I don't know if I feel like coming back.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 29, 2013

Pros: Pleasant decor and environment, Buzzing and social, Competitive prices

Cons: Limited vegan options, Some dishes not fantastic

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Liked the breakfast - Edit

I thought this place was much better than previous reviewers. Though it was not the warmest place around (temperature or atmosphere) the food was very solid for brunch. The vegan big brekkie was quite good, with the food very fresh and lots of yummy things, including mushrooms, homemade baked beans and big slices of toast. Coffee was good, and so was an order of vegan porridge. All things considered, it was an enjoyable brunch. Menu hardly loaded with vegan options, and baked goods mostly not vegan, but brunch was good.

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Great Vegetarian - Edit

I stumbled across this place accidentally when brunching with a friend on glebe point road. Had a great variety of tasty vegetarian options available at a reasonable price. Cosy interior. Would be better if there were more options with no onion or garlic.

Pros: tasty, variety, central

Cons: many items have onion and garlic

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great for vegetarians! open late!! - Edit

I have been going here for years and it's a fab casual cafe/resturant!
I have been vego for a year but I have been dining at badde mannors for years! I actually didn't realize it was vego until a year ago!

Pros: late night, mixed menu, friendly staff

Cons: not great for vegan deserts

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Fab! - Edit

I came here with a friend about a week ago. The place was ultra busy but the staff found awesome booth seats for us. I had the vegan mushroom risotto & my friend had the eggplant schnitzel. The service was relaxed & friendly, the food came reasonably quickly & both meals were absolutely delish. Great vibe, I'd definitely go back.

Pros: Friendly, Fast, Delish

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Decent - Edit

I didn't realize this was a vegetarian restaurant when I first went there. It was the only place around opened on Christmas, so it scored some points with me for that. The food is pretty good, and there is a wide variety of items at different prices. The times I went, there weren't too many people but since it's in Glebe it wouldn't surprise me if it was often busy. I also found that the service wasn't very friendly.

Pros: open on Christmas, range of prices, tasty

Cons: small, staff wasn't friendly

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Badde is right - Edit

This cafe has been around forever and goes through phases. For the last couple of years it's been going through a bad one.

If you go for coffee and cake or eggs or burger you'll be fine but pretty much everything else tastes bland or just plain bad.

I had a pasta which was overcooked and so bland I couldn't eat it. As someone said the vegan eggs are awful.

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Not great for vegans - Edit

I went there for breakfast. There was only about three vegan choices. I ordered the scrabbled tofu. When it arrived I was pretty disappointed it was hardly scrambled tofu it was more like a stir fry. The tofu was just in triangles and it was STIR FRIED with other vegies. Not happy at all.

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Excellent place - make it a regular. - Edit

My girlfriend and I used to visit this place most weekends when we lived close. The heading on the menu used to be "vegetarian, multicultural, eclectic" - which sums it up nicely.

From the very satisfying big breakfasts (adding seasoned chats is essential... maybe even go a double serve) to the one-of-a-kind chai (you get almost 3 cups to a pot!), you really need to go back a few times to try various things on the menu.

It can sometimes be tough to get a table, and the service isn't always quick. You tend not to be rushed, though, which is nice.

The place was closed due to fire(!) in early 2009 - great to see that it's back up and running again! A Glebe institution.

Pros: Excellent, varied vegetarian food, Well priced, Cool atmosphere and decor

Cons: Popularity means seating difficulties

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They need vegan dessert options - Edit

I never used to like this place, but I've come around. I get either the tofu burger with satay sauce or the nachos without cheese or sour cream. There's a couple of other vegan options. It sucks there's no vegan desserts, although I'm usually too full anyway. They do a soy hot carob which is vegan.

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Great for breakfast - Edit

We really love to go to Badde Manors for breakfast on the weekend. The coffee is nice and strong and the "Big vegan breakfast" IS big, and also delicious. Beside the "big" brekkie, there are a few other vegan breakfast choices, such as vegan scrambled tofu.

I agree with VeJo that otherwise the choices aren't great for vegans and I am too absolutely amazed about the fact that NONE of the about 20 cakes/ tarts / strudels are vegan. What a shame!!!

Get those vegan cake recipies out Baddes!

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Jeffrey 04 Nov 2009 - Hi Thelink, I liked your review. I love to go to these breakfast places, but having no vegan cakes is a shame.

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Not bad, not great - Edit

Badde Manors has obviously been around a long time - it's an old style vegetarian café, with slim pickings for the vegan diner. The food was fair, but not as good as we could do at home. My feeling was that it's a restaurant that's stuck in a rut, and needs to get a bit more in touch with the more sophisticated veg*n clientelle that has emerged post 1985. No desserts suitable for vegans? Outrageous! Only a few, very simple and outmoded mains available for vegans, as well, which makes you wonder why bother going to a veg restaurant then in the first place, if the choices are not so much better than a regular meat place. The service was good, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Pros: nice atmosphere, service prompt and polite

Cons: boring food, not many vegan options, not liscenced

2 Responses

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VeJo 30 Nov 2012 - **Update, 30th November 2012. Note to self: Don't go back. I thought I'd give Badde Manors another chance, given I hadn't been there for so long. Terrible. I ordered something off the menu that was marked as vegan, and also mentioned to the waitress that I am vegan... and there was butter smeared all over the toast... no apology or regret from clueless waitress. The meal itself was dull dull dull. It is actually possible to make tofu taste good, so why not put in a little effort? The coffee was decent.

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VeJo 22 Feb 2013 - I went back to Badde Manors last weekend, and was even less impressed with it this time. The waitress rolled her eyes when we said we were vegans, and didn't really understand what a vegan does and doesn't eat ("oh, so you don't eat honey either?"). I didn't feel like modified nachos (which would have been chips and beans) or a bland tofu burger (that's what my husband had), so I opted for a veganised pasta from the specials board. Plain fettucini with avocado and some bits of asparagus. Really, really bland. And, again, I've had better at non-veg restaurants.

Badde Manors really need to start making an effort for their vegan clientelle.

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Badde Manors.. Glebe - Edit

I really like this place, and have been many times.
They seem to be always open, the food is excellent, with loads of vegan stuff. Try the tofu burger..
The coffee is good too.
Can be crowded and noisy. Tables turn over pretty quick though.

Pros: food, coffee, service

Cons: busy, cramped

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