Serves modern American cuisine and ethnic influenced dishes with choices like vegan burger with fries, tartare, loaded nachos and poutine, curry, sandwiches and cakes. This is its branch, est. 2007. Fully vegan March 2022. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm, Sun 11:30am-9:30pm.

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First Review by cookiemonster


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27 Nov 2023

Nice cozy evening dinner

I’ve been to another Lola Rose before but this one was the first time. The seats can be a downer, as our first seats were, really close to people and with not a lot of space to seat comfortably but we told the waiter and he told us we had 1h and a half to eat in our new spot, which was reserved later on. But it was fine! And the food was really good.

I took the nachos and braised tofu on the side. I didn’t eat everything and ate the rest of the tofu the day after at lunch, and it was really excellent with some rice. The nachos were good as well but I took them at the other Lola Rose and I feel I had a better experience, they were better in my memory. Something was lacking but I don’t know what! Maybe more vegan sour cream and less vegetables? I don’t know! The people I was with took the curry and the burrito, as well as some dessert and they were very happy with what they got!

Pros: Great braised cold tofu

Cons: Nachos were less good than at the other Lola Rosa, You can have a good or a bad seat



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27 Oct 2023

Delicious 😋

Great location, beautiful spot with 3 floors

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-27

Pros: Tasty quesadillas, Decent price, Good portions


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21 Oct 2023

Cosy And Creative

This was my first time visiting Lola Rosa and I ended up going twice during my visit to Montreal. The food was exceptional. The Nachos were by far the best vegan nachos, I have ever had and the staff was really welcoming and friendly. Do not be fooled by its size, Lola Rosa has a lot to offer and is the perfect location for a cosy dinner after a long day, or an ideal spot for a Friday date night.


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25 Sep 2023

Excellent spot

Very good food. Tried the burrito, burger, chocolate pie, can't wait to go again!
The staff is friendly, and they make excellent espresso shots as well, that was a nice surprise!


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11 Sep 2023

Nice little Restaurant

We had the Curry und the cheese steak with ciabatta. Both were really good. The staff was super friendly. Would come back.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Fast service


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25 Aug 2023

Cozy Restaurant

This food spot is very cozy and the waiters are very nice. The food was very delicious and fresh. I had the "Cheese steak" sandwich which was very good and filling. However, even though the menu and the waiter said it will be spicy, I couldn't taste the spice at all. I would have loved to taste the jalapenos more. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend trying a meal at Lola Rosa! :)


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18 Aug 2023

Good food

We took several main dishes. All of them were good and the portions were generous.
The brownie was really too sweet for our taste.

The waiters were nice and the place has a lot of seatings.

Pros: Good food, Lots of seatings

Cons: Dessert too sweet for us


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03 Jul 2023

What a cute spot with amazing food

We tried the eggplant appetizer, so yummy. The cheesesteak was INCREDIBLE. Drinks, service and atmosphere were fantastic and highly


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25 Jun 2023

Good vegan spot

Good food and good service but nothing that special.

Pros: Fully vegan, Friendly staff


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11 Jun 2023

Amazing brunch!

We came back here on a second trip after we tried a now shut down location last time. The brunch was once again completely fantastic! Great taste, presentation, and price!

Pros: Delicious, Great presentation, Cozy spot


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10 Apr 2023


Good food and the best ice tea👍💒 Kind kind staff

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-16


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22 Mar 2023


All the food was amazing, very happy with the wine we had as well. Really satisfied and would be happy to come back


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07 Jan 2023

Première expérience et coup de foudre

De l´ambiance à l´assiette, j'ai tout aimé.

Le service est top, sourires et bienveillance garantis.

Nous avons pris le plateau à partager en entrée, ce qui a permis aux novices comme nous de goûter à des saveurs nouvelles. Pour la suite nous avons pris la lasagne et ce fût délicieux.

J'y retournerai et le ferai découvrir à nouveau. #Veganuary

Pros: Tout est vegan , Ambiance épurée et calme, Incroyable service

Cons: Aucun


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23 Nov 2022

Amazing, delicious and lots of options

Delicious food and drinks 😍 I had the mango juice, ice tea and hot chocolate. We chose a starter - the puffed spanakopita and lasagna. The salad that comes with the lasagna - incredible! (And I’m not even a salad person) 😅

We tried their key lime pie - a little too sour for us, however I recommend this place. I will be back if I ever come to Montréal again💚

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff ❤️, Cozy

Cons: A little pricy


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03 Nov 2022

Oh la la! (Sorry I had to)

Everything tastes better on vacation but I've been here a few times and it's always wonderful. Once was after a flight and once was after a tattoo convention. On both occasions nothing but the biggest order of nachos you've ever seen will do. The server warned us of the serving size and we were like WE KNOW. I've only ever gotten the burrito and a generous amount of nachos. Looking forward to trying new dishes next time we visit.


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02 Nov 2022

Very good 🤩

Finally! A restaurant that serves food not full of fat or sugar!! The food is delicate and have real taste, it’s well prepared I loved it!
This comes with a price as it’s a bit more expensive than the usual full-of-fat restaurant.

Special mention: all the table has a drawer where people let cute notes 🥹🥹🥹

Pros: The food taste like food


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Mostly Veg
26 Oct 2022

Very good vegan place

The food was very good, we took the lasagna that was correct, it was missing a little thing to make it great. Will come back!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Different type of cuisine, Friendly staff


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30 May 2022

Always good to eat here!

The food is great and the service is super good!


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24 Jun 2021

Closed for Renovations

Lola Rosa on Milton has papered windows and a "closed for renovations" notice posted.


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26 Feb 2021

Mexican delight

Ready for full mexican feast? I usually leave there with my pants button undone . Service is friendly, especially if you engage them in conversation. Probably because of the demographics of McGill university a 20% tip makes the amazing service even better. I've never felt this good to tip in my life.

Pros: Simple menu. Nothing to fuss about

Cons: A bit slow with the orders


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25 Jan 2020

Super cozy dinner

It’s now an all vegan restaurant! Had the burger and nachos and it was excellent!

It’s always a good and safe bet to come here. Had the quesadillas and the burger which were excellent!


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07 Jan 2020

Amazing vegan burguer!

This was the first restaurant in which i tried a vegan burguer and it was the best i have ever tried, lots of vegetables and great flavor combination, I loved it.
Great service and cozy ambiance, I loved eating there.

Pros: Good portions, delicius dessert, Great service


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14 Nov 2019

Fantastic vegetarian and vegan food

Lola Rosa is a FANTASTIC place for cozy and satisfying plant-based meals in the McGill ghetto. It's a vegetarian restaurant but there are tons of (clearly-labelled) vegan options that I want to try. Their dishes are all colorful, vibrant, and simply but beautifully plated. The portions sizes are generous but not excessive. I also love the reasonable prices (expect to spend around 18$ including tax and tip). The interior is small but the decor is cute and homey. Honestly, this just may be my new favorite restaurant in Montreal!

I had the vegan burrito stuffed with sweet potato puree, black beans, corn, and red pepper, and topped with salsa and creamy avocado-lime sauce + rice & salad. Many people recommended the Lola Rosa burrito to me, and they weren't wrong! This is probably the best vegan burrito I've ever had.

Pros: Colorful and vibrant cuisine, Tons of clearly labelled vegan options, Everything is delicious


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18 Oct 2019

Must visit

In Montreal, we had a chance to visit some amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurants of which we liked the 'Lola Rosa Cafe' the most .

Sharing few of the pictures of the tasty/healthy food we had.

A Burrito, Nachos, Quesadilla epicee, Salade Rosa and a chocolate icecream dessert.

Busy place right in the middle of Montreal downtown. Great food and service.

Pros: Lots of vegan/vegetarian options, Good ambience, Good service

Cons: Busy/ loud place so not preferred for quiet ppl


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02 Oct 2019


Had the quesadilla. While I felt like a four year old trying to figure out a sensible and elegant way to get it into my mouth without it flopping and emptying everywhere, it was a joyous mouth experience overall.


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24 Aug 2019

Visiting Montreal

Passing through Montreal we ate here and found the food to be fabulous! We tried the black bean burger and the burrito. Both were vegan and really delicious!! My husband and 4 kids enjoyed the burgers and burrito. I ordered the Lola Rosa salad and it was superb!!! Must try!!!!

Pros: Delicious, Fair prices, Accepted changes to salad

Cons: Not totally vegan joint


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08 Jul 2019

Cute vegetarian cafe

Great place for lunch near McGill University and the McCord Museum. Great food and a lot of vegan options.


10 May 2022

This place has improved and is even better since going fully vegan!

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