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Blossoming Lotus

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Contact 02-95505234

182 King St, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042

Offers vegan versions of Thai food dishes, like papaya salad and roasted veggie duck curry (made from beancurd). Food is vegan but will serve dairy milk and milk ice cream upon request. Look for big yellow banner that hangs from the restaurant sign over the sidewalk says "Vegetarian Food." Previously operating as Green Palace Thai Vegetarian, same menu. Call for hours - tell us.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out, BYOB

Reviews (33)

First Review by ampallang

Ok, but there are tastier options out there - Edit

Ordered the duck curry at this place and whilst the meal was OK, I felt it to be somewhat lacking. It may have something to do with their motto of not adding onions or garlic to any of their food. I also tried to mock sugarcane prawn, which was almost cold when i received it.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: I have tasted better

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Love this place! - Edit

Very generous servings, lots of mock meat, quick service, food always tastes the same, I've found my favorites and stick to them.

This is one of my favourite places to eat in Newtown coz I know what I'll be getting. I want to feel relaxed, not like I'm going out for a fancy dinner, but even then I'd still consider going here!

Friendly staff and happy vibes, totally recommend it.

Pros: Huge serving size, Value for money, Friendly open space, relaxing

Cons: Pay by cash, but theres ATMs nearby

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Awful - Edit

The experience left me feeling queasy!The satay sauce tasted terrible and I would not be surprised if it was off.This is close to the worst Asian vegetarian restaurant that I have ever eaten at.Don't bother!

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Sub par food

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The real Vegetarian food - Edit

I go there every time I been to Sydney, Food are delicious,not expensive,good service never found any thing wrong,and I would say this place is good for vegan.

Pros: good food, good service, good price

Cons: what else do we need

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not so great - Edit

I decided to go here today and once I got my food later on I found a hair in it, their food is quite oily as well I was not pleased with it they are cheap but would not recommend others to go

Pros: cheap, vegan

Cons: oily, hair in food

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good vegan fare - Edit

I ordered a jungle curry from the menu with steamed rice. Tasted good. Niki had the crispy soy and pumpkin with rice from the ready made stuff you'll see as you walk in.

Ordering from the menu seems a little more expensive but they are making it for you fresh. Judging by other peoples plates they seem to be very generous with the portions you receive from the ready made stuff which is cheaper too. If you're not into the mock meats and fried stuff then definitely go for something on the menu and order some steamed rice to go with it.

Good place to come to every now and again. Check out my video review on my youtube (see my profile).

Pros: good food, good price

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friendly, yummy and cheap - Edit

I really like this little place, it's friendly, fast, cheap and tasty. They have a bunch of curries and stir-fries all ready to go, with white or brown rice or noodles. As well as lots of dumplings - sweet and savoury. Recommended!

Pros: convenient, cheap, quick and tasty, healthy options, interesting dumplings!

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Good for the price - Edit

We went here a couple of nights ago determined to take full advantage of this place. We'd been a few times before and had usually grabbed the cheap ($11 for the largest) buffet plate. This had mostly been good for what it was, excluding a few unexciting hard vegetables left on the plate with some dishes. However, the previous time we were here we remembered (after ordering from the buffet) that there was actually a pretty good (completely vegan) Thai menu, including vegan desserts. So this time we pored over the menu, which looked great and varied with mains around $15. Then we figured we'd check the bain marie and it looked so good (and was so cheap) that we ended up ordering from there anyway (tofu in black bean sauce, lemongrass ribs, an eggplant dish, fried rice, a coconut cream-based curry among others) . There was no disappointment (except an agreement that lemongrass can be a bit overpowering as the main flavour of a dish, but this may be according to taste). I have to admit that I had been a bit put off by the setup of this place for a while (even after I'd tried it once): the counter with the buffet right by the entrance opening out on to the street and the banner saying 'Vegetarian Food' made it look a bit mediocre, but don't let this stop you from giving the place a try. Youll feed two people easily for under $30. This will remain a regular eatery for me when I'm in Sydney.

Pros: Cheap, All vegan including desserts

Cons: Some dishes a bit unimpressive

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Make sure you get the satay! - Edit

I used to eat here when it was still "Green Palace, Thai"... The name has changed, but the food has not.


The pineapple fried rice is pretty awesome too.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 24, 2013

Pros: pineapple fried rice, satay, Thai

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OK for a quick and easy meal - Edit

As far as Thai food goes, this place isn't very good... It's rather bland in terms of spiciness... and when I eat Thai I want something that excites the palate. That said, I put this place in a category of it's own, it's quick, cheapish, and filling and of course vegan!

There is an a la carte menu here but most of their business is via the bain-marie, which features around 8 dishes, all of which come with fried rice, noodles or plain rice.

Pros: Value

Cons: lacks spicy flavour

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Name change - Edit

The Green Palace has changed its name to Blossom Lotus. Nothing else has changed: same address, same staff, same food. I have been eating here for years, and it's still great value, particularly if you choose from the dishes on display at the counter rather than order a la carte. Counter prices, eat-in and takeaway, went up slightly in January 2013, the first rise for many years. Pick rice or noodles, plus one dish for $7, two for $9 or three for $10. Good choice of curries and other dishes, including some mock meat things. Cash only.

Updated from previous review on Thursday December 06, 2012

Pros: all vegan, good food, good value

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Not bad - Edit

I've been here a good few times. In a way, I don't know why! I think because I wanted a break from my usual Green Gourmet or Burgerfuel or Iku meals. It's a bit of a mixed bag. I've had some pretty forgettable dishes here, but the good ones are damned good. The ones I'd put in that category are the fake duck with choy sum, the five-spice bean curd, that fake beef dish with the pepper glaze, and the pumpkin with tofu and basil. These choices are all really good and have never disappointed me, but what has disappointed me is getting to the end of my takeaway box and there being a huge puddle of oil. That's not a good sign! Still, order the right dishes here and you'll be impressed. This is a restaurant I'd go to if I wanted a meal to takeaway for myself to eat in my apartment (I've eaten in a few times, but I just felt kinda awkward what with the music and everything...I don't know), but if I wanted to take someone to a meal that I think they'd be really impressed by, I'd probably take them to Green Gourmet.

Pros: Takeaway is economical, Some great dishes, Unusual decor

Cons: Feels pretty unhealthy, Some bad dishes, Very strange music on loop

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My Favorite - Edit

I've spent a great deal of my life at this place eating rice paper rolls and their raw burdock salad. Also love their sesame balls that I get during their weekend yum cha. Good food, good price, good service. Also they have one nice big round take with a lazy susan on it which is great for larger parties who want to share meals

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Comfort food - Edit

I'm not sure why I like this place, but I do. The menu is a kind of comfort food take on Thai standards. It's the sort of place where you go for a big bowl of soup if you have a hangover.

The atmosphere is a bit fast foody but you can still sit down and enjoy a meal. The a la carte food is much better than the stuff from the takeaway counter.

Pros: Friendly, Good variety

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A trusty favourite =) - Edit

I have dined at Green Palace at least a dozen times.. I can safely say it has the tastiest mock meat style dishes I have found. My favourite is the lemongrass rib. They have a menu or a small but quality buffet for under $11. It's quite a casual cafe style place, very simple but with a few strange thai style decorations around. I can definitely recommend it.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Cheap

Cons: Bit oily

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Reliable vegan fare - Edit

Green Palace is good for a quick lunch to fill the tummy, when you know exactly what you want. Good mock meats (the pepper beef is especially good), and veges and tofu for those who aren't into the mock meat thing. The foods are in a bain marie, and are a bit greasy (this is not haut cuisine, but with those prices we shouldn't expect it to be). The offers don't change, as far as I can tell, and so it's reliable, but I have to space out my visits there. They also offer thai salads, for those who want to avoid grease altogether (some of which also use the mock meats).

***A revelation has been, since writing the above review, finding the menu. Much nicer, not greasy. Happy, happy. The noodle dishes are especially good, and the pad thai is a dream come true.
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 26, 2009

Pros: good value, great service, ORDER FROM MENU

Cons: Bain marie food too predictable, Bain marie food greasy

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the best of vegan thai - Edit

living a fair drive away from the Green Palace Thai Vegetarian, it is an absolute treat to go there and I savour everything I eat. I find it difficult to choose a dish, so the buffet with 1, 2 or 3 choices is the best option fo rme. The massaman curry and the blackpepper crispy duck are the best dishes in my opinon. When I took my meat-eating friends they were very cautious to try mock-meat but they soon became obsessed with the blackpepper crispy duck. They couldn't believe it wasn't meat. Still anxious at the sight of tofu I can't wait till they experience all the Green Palace Thai Vegetarian has to offer.

Fabulous resturant, wonderuful prices, cannot rate this resturant highly enough :)

Pros: excellent food, good value, healthy cusine

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superb food great value - Edit

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Sydney ,small but great service and great food for a reasonable price.They are very accommodating in your meal request and always ready to meet the demands of the customer within reason.We love chillies and are always provided with extra helpings .Wholeheartedly recommended.

Pros: Great Food , Good value , friendly staff

Cons: Small seating area

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Yum - Edit

I love Thai food so I went in with high expectations and I was not let down. I took my best-meat-eating-friend who finds it near impossible to skip a day of meat - trying to bleed a rock at times - and she loved it!

I had the green curry and she had the pad see ew. They were both delicious. They menu was huuuge! There are so many choices. We opted to sit inside the restaurant and we bought our own drinks which they were fine with. The staff were a real family, which I really liked. The meal was a big portion and I couldn't finish it so they happily gave us containers to take the rest home in.

There were quite a few people around us but none lingered for too long. I'll definitely be back! The parking isn't bad at all if you know the area - otherwise the train station is only a short walk away.

Pros: Cheap, Big menu, BYO

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Lovvve it! - Edit

Lovvve this place. Yummy food, great prices, and they open til 10pm on weeknights and 10.30pm on weekends, which is great for me who gets hungry late at night :)
Although my vegan boyfriend finds the food 'too creamy', i really like it. I get the Choo Chee and Masamun Curry. The green curry is suuuuper hot! Watch out!

Something that pisses me off about this place, is that they often under-serve you. Like you'll pay for the large sized container, and they'll only fill it up 70% of the way which gets to me reeeeal bad for some reason. It's like you might as well not pay for the large, if your going to get a medium serving size in a large container ..if that makes sense. Grrrrr!!

If you like this place, then you'd also really enjoy Jackie Khan in Crows Nest, which is slightly cheaper, and is just as yummy if not more. Definitely worth it :)

Pros: Good prices, Yum, Open til late

Cons: Sometimes rip you off with servings, Not super friendly staff

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Lovely people - Edit

Love this place but prefer my food not to be named as Chicken or Pork or whatever animals. Very friend staff and the place is very clean. They also have good hours and variety of food

Pros: Late opening hours, nice staff, variety of food

Cons: Too much mock meat, More vegetables on the plate please

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Curry in a Hurry - Edit

This restaurant is a great choice for those in a hurry. Food are displayed on bainmarie and there are quite a good 8-10 selections. 3 choices with rice or noodle approx $10.50. It's inexpensive. The food is OK however I think rather quite greasy. It maybe best to choose from their ala carte selections. Best winning dish from their bainmarie is the "Temple in chillies and mushroom sauce".

Pros: Cheap, Quick & great location, Friendly Service

Cons: Quite greasy, Questionable freshness

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Great Thai food - Edit

Great thai food, even though its fast-food style. The curry i had there today was better than the one i had a couple of days ago in an expensive, trendy thai place.
The Chilli-lime spareribs were also great.

Pros: Great food, genuine thai flavour, cheap

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Excellent Food and Value - Edit

This is definately my favourite restaurant in Newtown. Delicious vegan thai food! Large servings at great prices! They also have a takeaway bar if you're in a hurry. The satay skewers and caramel fried ice-cream are the best I've ever had!

Pros: Great Food, Restaurant Decor, Relaxed environment

Cons: No alcohol, They serve dairy on request

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The tastiest - Edit

What a treat this place is, right in the heart of Newtown and wide variety of dishes, by the way, it's actually vegan. These people have really git their act together. Do not miss this place. The size choices range from only $7.50 for a takeaway meal.

Pros: Tasty, Inexpensive, Variety

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Mock Heaven - Best Thai in Newtown - Edit

With the amount of Thai places on King St it's a big call, but if you're into vegan food you may just agree. The bain-marie has great choices ready to go (highly recommend the Black Pepper Crispy Soy & Duck), complimented with nice prices. Be sure to eat there too, there's so many bloody choices on the menu it's brilliant, nice casual environment, if you're eating with mates best to book ahead as there's not too many tables (30ppl max?).

Pros: Well price, Heaps of choices, Home delivery! (for locals)

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Fantastic banquet! - Edit

Exactly 1 year ago I invited all my (mostly non-veg) friends to come and try the banquet at this restaurant and everyone left impressed and full! It was fantastic to try so many dishes for such a good price! Highly recommended, there was not one dish that was bad!

My only problem was that the restaurant is long and skinny and it was a bit of a tight fit for 20 or so people with all the other diners on a Saturday evening! But we managed, squeezing by everyone!

Pros: Food, Value, Big portions

Cons: Space, Parking

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Big Meals, Reasonable Prices, all vegan! - Edit

Hi there, my husband and I love going here, it is one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney. My husband never goes past the iced chocolate and i dabble in the iced coffee sometimes. They have fantastic pancakes, i've had the banana one, it is yum, but order with ice cream! We have taken many of our friends here who are non-vege and some vegetarians and they all love it, it is always busy on Fri-Sun nights which we think is good as we want the restaurant to stay open. We find once one great vegan restaurant opens, then another not as good vegan one tends to close :( quick service, Large meals, the pineapple fried rice is served in a pineapple! We go here at least once a week as they also have quick take-away at the front, which is handy and have showed up even at 10pm for food. We love their curries the most. They are nice and the waiters are good to serve us. The chef appears later on at night and is alway nice, we always leave commenting on how wonderful the food was. Oh and we love the mushroom toasts for entree and spring rolls. Newtown is great for vegan food!

Pros: Large Meals, Quick and good service, Yummy curries

Cons: yum, yum, yum!

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Sooooo yummy! - Edit

This restaurnt has been around for more than one year now and is ever becoming more popular.

There is a buffet style front counter with cheap yummy food for when you just want a quick feed.

But I really recommend you take your time and order of the menue.

We are regulars and especially love all the salads and curries but the rest of the dishes are very yummy too. Don't leave without trying the "golden parcels" (one of the entrees)...

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So GREAT - Edit

I can never go to sydney without going here. They are open long hours and great staff. Everything is vegan and so yummy. Best dish is the Five Spice Bean Curd and Massaman curry over rice. Drinks are not that appealing very corporate... but everything apart from that is GREAT

Pros: excellent food, great range, friendly staff

Cons: Corporate drinks

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