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394 N Watkins St, Memphis, USA


18 Aug 2010

As a vegan, i thought moving to Memphis meant certain doom: bar-b-que and fried chicken as far as the eye can see. Belewa (buh-LAY-wah) is a Memphian anomaly with his vegan -almost all raw- food.

The building he serves out of is co-leased by a convenience store, mediterranian restaurant, and smoothie bar. Look for the sign that says Sean's Cafe.

Belewa has about ten items on the menu and all get my approval. I think trying the Liveburger is a good place to start. He also has a carrot salad, soups, quinoa, and lettuce wraps. Prices about $4-8. They regularly stock vegan deserts now too (cookies, baklava, etc.) and Belewa is very enthusiastic about the lifestyle, if you want good conversation.

100 Hurt St NE, Atlanta, USA

Sweet tooth remedy

30 Nov 2012

I know a lot of people think of vegans as more health-conscious than the average person. And for the most part, sure, I am. But offer me a glass case packed with scones, moonpies, and snickerdoodle cookies that I CAN eat and all bets are off.
I came in here while I was in town visiting friends and I was immediately drooling over their sandwiches, breakfast food, and desserts. I couldn't resist buying a lot of different snacks and everything was delicious. I really liked the mock chicken salad sandwich and peanut butter shake!

2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Raw yum

21 May 2013

So i'm a non-raw vegan, and I went here with my mostly vegetarian friend and we looooved their food. I rarely get dessert when I go out (maybe because veg desserts are hard to come by), but we ordered crazy spicy wheatgrass shots, an appetizer, meals, AND dessert. And a bloody mary. Everything on the menu sounded good, and everything we tried was insanely good. This place was busy, but managing the crowd well. Lots of tables had kids and skeptics and grandparents, and everyone seemed impressed with their orders. It was understandably priced, given the quality of the ingredients. I would totally recommend Ecopolitan

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA


13 Jan 2013

My first time in San Francisco, so I found this place online and the menu had me drooling. Their options sound like an exciting, balanced variety. I admit I didn't read any reviews before ordering..

The staff was friendly and helpful, and that combined with the potential awesomeness of *other* dishes on the menu keep me from giving Herbivore two stars. I ordered a sandwich, side of macaroni salad, and slice of carrot cake. The cake was lovely (but with lemony icing?) and the rest was very disappointing.

I'm not concerned with avoiding unhealthy or guilty pleasure food. I completely embrace junk food. But what I ordered turned out to be a slimy mess! I had to wash my hands halfway through my sandwich because my hands were completely glazed.
I made it 2/3 through my meal and my stomach was not pleased. Grease bomb. The cake, I had for breakfast the next day and it was redeeming. I'd give this place a second chance sometime, but I was disappointed with what I had.

1125 Ashford, Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Veggie Oasis

04 May 2013

I wish I'd found this place sooner in our stay in Puerto Rico. Given the desperate lack of options for vegans in Condado, Pure and Natural is a lifesaver. Huge menu (that indicates what's vegan), so they're frequently out of ingredients, but everything we ordered was superb. Loved the extensive juice and smoothie menu. I asked for my wrap without cheese, and the server asked if I was vegan. I'm always relieved when they can already make this differentiation at a restaurant. They were very helpful and courteous. I didn't have any waiting issues like the other reviewers.

51 S Main St , Memphis, USA

Southern Vegan Food!

30 Nov 2012

Do not be deterred by the sketch facade, the food inside is incredible! They have an awesome creole/ soul food selection and an entire page of vegan offerings. I would have considered "vegan soulfood" an oxymoron before eating here. I've loved everything I've ordered here, 100%. It's not uncommon for the chef to come out when time allows and personally greet guests. This place is unique and delicious.

2424 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, USA

Vegan options galore

21 May 2013

What an awesome find! I came to visit a friend in Minneapolis, and she said this place had good reviews. I whole-heartedly agree! There were a ton of options on the menu, and a considerable number of vegan options. I went with the Three Cup Tofu and it was delicious! The atmosphere is a little outdated, but that's the only con I can say. The food is what's important, and it was very good. The owners were super charming too. We actually came here twice in the four days I was in town.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

On the daily

08 Dec 2014

After getting food here together for the second time in one week, my bf admitted to me that it was actually his third time that week. And he's not even a vegan- I'm the one who's supposed to be obsessed with Flore! We always try to order something different every time and split what we get with each other. We have a couple favorites we come back to, but it's easy to experimentally order food here because every item is worthy of 4 or 5 stars. Nothing we've ordered yet has been a bust.

Here are some of our favorite items: the club, Reuben, potato salad, southwest quesadilla, and the insanely good coconut kale smoothie! Some seriously great food. And we've had top notch service too. Once we made a ridiculous bet about something random and got our waitress in on it. She sided with me (of course!) and told us we inspired a Facebook post about our conversation. Ha!

Basically, I've been eating at Flore a lot lately and have yet to feel the slightest bit disappointed. I highly recommend trying all of the things here.

2264 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, USA

Vegan Thai

08 Dec 2014

Insanely good vegan Thai food! This restaurant is a very polished suite in an otherwise shady-looking strip mall of shops. The servers are all friendly and glad to help you make a menu decision. And if you're like me, you may just need help deciding because everything sounds so good.

My recent favorites: the bubble tea, spring rolls, the yellow curry, the smokey/sweet pad Thai, and (!!!) the ice cream. All of the above are delicious, but the ice cream is mind blowing. Seriously, heed my advice and pump the brakes halfway through your entree, take the rest home with you, and save room for desert. I want to tell your the bizarre ingredients in the ice cream, but I don't want to deter you from ordering it.. so no spoiler alerts here ;) Just be adventurous.

I love I Love Vegan and I see myself returning many times in the near future to try more dishes.

Knoxville area, Knoxville, USA

Friendly folks

21 May 2013

I met up with them a few times the year I lived in Knoxville. Everyone is genuinely nice and the organizer Kevin is very active at communicating and setting up the meet-ups. Great experience to dine with like-minded people from different backgrounds.

1199 Broadway Ste 2, Burlingame, USA

Viva la vegan food

21 May 2013

A friend I was visiting insisted we go here since they have legit Mexican food AND vegan options. Good call! The menu was filled with Spanish terms I didn't know (Ha. I'm not ashamed) and connotations of what was vegan.

Everything was so fresh and flavorful. In retrospect, I wish I'd asked for a spicier option than the vegan burrito. I shouldn't have played it so safe!

The portions were gracious and filling, and the salsa selections were awesome. The atmosphere was modern too, I kinda liked the big sugar skull paintings on the walls. I'd love to come back for dinner sometime.

525 State Rd 16 Ste 106, St Augustine, USA

Go here, vacationing vegans!

30 Jul 2013

I adored this place. I had the tofu scramble with hashbrowns (which are actually home fries) and my friend had the breakfast burrito. They had vegan chocolate pie, but someone else got the last piece, so we split a cookie. They have a few hard-to-find veggie grocery items like veg cream cheese, etc. Staff was friendly, opposed to what older reviews said. Location is lacking, but it's great inside. I agree that the potatoes were overly salty, as someone else said. Still, I wish I had longer to stay- I'd come here again!

1429 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Vegan FroYo

08 Dec 2014

Vegan flavors x 4
Vegan toppings clearly labeled
Priced by weight
Free samples
Mix and match flavors
Open super late even on Sundays
Sundae bloody Sundays

None yet. I guess I'll just have to keep going back to keep an eye on them

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA


22 May 2013

Okay, I admit that I put off writing this review simply because it has a huge reputation in the vegan community, and in my eyes it completely lived up to its reputation. Basically, the food was so incredibly good that I am lost for words. But I'll try..

We made a reservation, and ended up grabbing a spot that opened at the bar instead, which was convenient. The restaurant is located in a weird fancy Best Western, but that didn't take away from the classiness to me.

The bartender made a good cocktail and was an attentive server too. He even knew some people in Nashville where I'm from (wha??) My friend and I split every dish we ordered. The black bean torte is the bomb, and the Brussels sprouts were amazing. I honestly can't name everything we tried, but everything was exciting and delicious. I won't lie- my friend who eats a regular omnivore diet was not as impressed as I was. But in fairness, I was in heaven, so that's a tough emotional state to match.

The "Little girls dream of their wedding day" cliché is an accurate comparison to the "little vegans dream of the day they get to eat at Millenium" cliché I'd heard about. Yes, it's hyped and fancy and pricey, but frankly, it's hard to find vegan places of this quality, so it's 100% worth checking out. I loved it.

5101 Sanderlin Unit 114, Memphis, USA

Vegan cupcake fix

22 May 2013

Hooray for vegan cupcakes!

I love that this place always has at least one item for vegans. The last few times I've been in town, they've had THREE options at once, so I guess it's catching on.

Some of the cleverly named cupcakes they feature are:
Prozac (chocolate cake + chocolate icing)
Almond Brothers (vanilla cake + almond icing)
Grasshopper (chocolate cake + mint icing)

They rotate weekly which items are readily available for buying, and you can see what's in their case for the week online or by calling ahead. They'll also make larger batches of whatever you want for special occasions if you custom order ahead of time.

I've enjoyed everything I've tried here, and I love that they're branching out on the vegan treats they offer.

1615 Madison, Memphis, USA

Low price, high quality pho

18 Aug 2010

Of the Vietnamese restaurants in Memphis, this one is my favorite. The prices are fair and the food isn't as greasy as many of the similar places around. Supernice family-run business. They're happy to customize your dish.
Pho Hoa Binh lacks in decor, but once the lemongrass tofu was placed in front of me, it commanded my full attention. Amazing.

12901 McGregor Blvd Ste 5, Fort Myers, USA

Lucky vegan tourist find!

30 Nov 2012

I was in town for my best friend's wedding and I found this place through the Happy Cow app. After convincing my companion to take a detour out here with me, we were both very pleased with this decision.

The vegan pizza was AMAZING! And by dumb luck, we were able to take advantage of this deal where you get a second plain cheese pizza for free on Mondays. They werecool enough to ler us get a vegan cheese pizza with this deal.

If you're a vacationing vegan, I highly recommend checking this place out.

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

A classy vegan experience

30 Nov 2012

When I knew we'd be travelling through Asheville, aka "the Portland of the South", I knew I wanted to take advantage of the trip and find the best vegan place in town. After doing my homework via Happy Cow, going to Plant was the obvious answer.
I was not diappointed. The place was a little fancier than most (in a good way) and the food was very hearty with a professional presentation. My companion was not a vegan, but very much a food connoisseur and he was pleased too. The whole experience was exactly what I'd been craving- a vegan answer to the locally sourced, slightly upscale restaurant.

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