A vegan general store that stocks a variety of foodstuff including chips, candy bars, chocolates, condiments, dairy-alternatives (cheese, milk, butter, ice cream), and a range of chilled and frozen foods. Has vegan soft serve machine. Hosts local vegan vendors on Saturdays. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by KirkFWDSET


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30 Sep 2023

Vegan Comfort & Convenience

A great place to get vegan products, snacks & even vegan dog food brands.

Pros: Friendly staff, Tons of options, Vegan Ice Cream



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27 Sep 2023


There is no question that besties Vegan Paradise is the best vegan market. Everything about it is great especially the prices. Great food, and great options especially in the catagory of sacrificial tools.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-27

Pros: market, good selection, food

Cons: best seating ever, super easy parking, quite the expensive


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15 Sep 2023

My home away from home

Amongst my favorite qualities of Besties (and there are many), is the integrity of the business. Besties sells brands who sell vegan. There isn’t cross contamination within the brands they work with. This saves me the time I would normally invest in researching the brands vegan integrity. I like their artisan cheeses, candy and deli. I find a new treasure whenever I visit.

Pros: Quality products, Great service


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07 Sep 2023

My favorite vegan haven

Bestie’s is a vegan grocery store with new products coming in all the time and as well as staples and favorites. But more than that, they are a place that fosters vegan community and uplifts local vegan restaurants and businesses. They are always doing great work, and I feel so lucky to live close by!

Pros: Only supports vegan companies, Staff is fully vegan, helpful + friendly, Delicious food and groceries

Cons: Can be kinda pricy, but worth it


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04 Sep 2023

A special spot

Love this place. It’s definitely on the pricey side but you can find virtually any vegan product and they have great thematic sales occasionally. Incredible cheese selection. Amazing soft-serve. I’m really hoping that they expand their bulk bin section! There’s so much space in that side room for it. Bulk soy curls, yes plz!! I’d go regularly.

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25 Aug 2023

Awesome vegan market

So many goodies here, and I like that they support only vegan businesses. The soft serve is great. Product highlights from my first purchase: vegan fish sauce (really great for Thai cooking and apparently very close to the real thing, and almost impossible to find elsewhere) and the ghost pepper jack cheese (spicy and delicious with a unique flavor).

It's kind of pricey, as can be expected for specialty products.

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11 May 2023

Delicious vegan hot dogs

They have a selection of six different vegan hot dogs that come loaded with condiments

Pros: Great selection of only vegan food, Didn't skimp on condiments , Very friendly staff


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21 Feb 2023

The best market

Not only is everything vegan and cruelty-free, but the owners boycott companies that sell vegan products in addition to selling animal products. Shopping here won’t subsidize the meat, dairy, or egg industries whatsoever. Follow Your Heart or Tofurky? Won’t see those here. They’re both owned by dairy companies. This place rules.

Shop here to support truly wonderful companies that back a vegan future.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Parking is a lil tricky sometimes


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13 Feb 2023

Truly excellent store

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit several vegan-only convenience stores and small markets, and Besties is really just excellent at what it does. They have a little of everything and it’s incredibly well-curated. You’ll find a lot of brands you’re familiar with and just as many small vendors you might not know. Even the big brands seem to pilot new products through Besties so it seems like they’ve got a cutting edge catalog.

Also the people are nice, they have soft serve, and dogs are welcome. Perfect place!


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12 Feb 2023


Besties is the best

Pros: 100% vegan, Animal rights


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30 Jan 2023

Best of the best

Everything is certified through the supply chain. Sourced and ethical and community oriented. This place is a MUST.

Get a soft serve and hot dog!! Such a treat - also have gf cones.

Pros: Everything is meticulously sourced , Huge selection with unique products , Like a play land for vegans

Cons: Pricey (but worth it)


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20 Nov 2022

An oasis

It's obviously high priced because it's a local small business. They can't compete at Whole Foods prices, but you get access to all kinds of stuff that big shops would never carry like unique cheeses from all over the place and some local vendors' items. Good place to support the local vegan community.
I don't understand the reviews saying they don't carry anything special. Where else are you guys getting Rebel Cheese or Compton Vegan Ranch??
Sometimes they even give away soft serve, which is super tasty. 😋

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-09


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10 Nov 2022

Great store!

Amazing curated vegan store - love that you can relax and shop without reading the labels. Great staff.


10 Nov 2022


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27 Sep 2022

Amazing selection

Really unique selections and super friendly staff.
So happy I finally got to visit here!
If it’s your first time they also give you a free sticker!
Also pretty reasonably priced in comparison to regular stores. 🙂


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23 Sep 2022

Bestie's Forever and Ever!

Every neighborhood should be so freaking lucky.

All vegan, all awesome Bestie's Vegan Paradise lives up to and surpasses its name. Please marry me!

Store stocks pet food, mock meats, box foods, junk food, ice creams, hygiene products and everything you can imagine in a vegan paradise. This is the place to spend money if you are a liberation pledger or any kind of animal emancipation activist or respecter of bodily autonomy and consent of any sort.

The prices are standard, and yet you're not paying rent for animal abusing dinghats nor seeing and smelling that shiz when you walk through the aisles.

I'd pay double for that, but you won't here.

Some products are even cheaper than the big murder-markets. I found tamari for 30% less for instance, kombucha for fifty cents less than the corner shops. Nothing boojie 'bout Besties, just delightfully delicious ethical enchantment.

Here's hoping they can grow a produce and bulk foods business too with the support of every vegan in the metro who should absolutely one hundred percent be supporting this vegan owned vegan food retail business if they don't wanna get me slapping them with fake vegan incident reports.

These shops do not survive without the patronage of the local vegan community and they are critical for the mental health and well being for many vegans like myself who experience vystopia and are traumatized by entering murder-markets or prohibited from financing animal abuse industrialists as we should all be to every extent possible and practicable.

Treats for your mouth and seats for your sweet vegan a$$ outside to sit and have a sammy and a soft serve curated by some of the friendliest vegan support staff working their buns off inside. Good on ya BVP, keep up the amazing work!

May Besties reign forever!

Pros: vegan supplies, will order what you need, very fair pricing for a boutique bodega, cute as heck with friendly and informed staff

Cons: needs more... customers!, get your buns to Bestie's now!, don't be a jerk, just go!!


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04 Jul 2022

Must Visit

Would highly recommend this place to both local and visiting vegans. I got the best vegan “goat cheese” of my life here. The food they serve at the counter is nothing special, but the deli section alone makes it worth the visit.

Pros: Fully vegan establishment, Amazing deli counter


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03 Jul 2022


Need more! Long trip worth it!

Pros: All vegan , Soft serve!, Secret kombucha flavors not found elsewhere

Cons: Too much good chocolate!!


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11 Jun 2022

Awsome vegan soft serve!!! =)

I can only speak for the soft serve and the hot dogs.
Where else can you find vegan soft serve? I am from Europe and I have never seen vegan soft serve before. So while staying in LA we made this day trip to this area just for this ice cream. And it tastes wonderful! Just like I remember it from the past.
The hotdogs were also great, maybe a bit small for that price, but very tasty.


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11 Jun 2022

Amazing vegan soft serve

We bought dundies marshmallows which were really good. Than we ordered the vegan hot dogs and soft serve. The soft serve was huge and tasted amazing and the hot dogs were very tasty as well.

Pros: Vegan soft serve , Friendly staff, Sells also Zero waste stuff

Cons: A little bit on the expensive side


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26 Mar 2022

Amazing Avocado Waffle Sandwich

We tried three different breakfast sandwiches, all three were very delicious and fresh. The staff was super friendly and there’s a very cute seating area in the back. Will definitely be back here!


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27 Feb 2022

We need more Besties

I stumbled upon Besties during a walk. I was thrilled to find a store where I didn’t have to check ingredients lists to make sure the food is vegan. I left with vegan chocolate bars and a cup of coffee served by a kind store worker.

Pros: All vegan store , Friendly service , Hard to find items

Cons: Far from where I live

no whey!

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12 Jan 2022


So nice to have a small grocery where you can grab whatever sounds good right off the shelf. No label scanning necessary!


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30 Oct 2021


they’ve got some good treats but super overpriced which makes it feel like they’re trying to make vegan options exclusive to ppl with monies and not accessible to the general public. honestly i only come here when i rly need something and because it’s down the street from my house ~ otherwise it’s not a place i’d make the trip to

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-30

Cons: expensive, standard vegan options, nothing special


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03 Jun 2021

I love the idea of a vegan market

They have some standard items at an increased price. Not worth the trip. Surprisingly uninspired. Seems like it’s not run by vegans because employees say they have not tried the products.

Pros: Standard vegan items

Cons: Expensive , Nothing you can’t get at other vegan sections


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08 Apr 2021

Dont get their made to eat foods

I love that everything is vegan and that's about it. everything's overpriced and the made to eat food is so discusting. its horrible. I would never go back. I ordered the chili hot dog in the mozzarella sticks. They were so discusting.🤢 I was starving and still couldnt finish them. they get 2 stars because they're entirely vegan. other than that I wouldn't come back here and please do not take any non vegan here cause are gonna think all vegan food taste this bad.


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07 Apr 2021


Bestie's is everything Vegan and more! Thank You


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11 Sep 2020

A vegan paradise for sure

I'll preface this review by saying I only visited the shop once and that I'm still beating myself up for making the mistake of not going back.
Besties really lives up to the vegan paradise name, they have all of the vegan specialty foods you could think of. Sure, it's not exactly cheap, but the price is not that different from what supermarkets charge for the same vegan items and here you have the advantage of supporting a local business.
Besides having a wide array of products, the store was super organized and the staff was really nice.

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