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Chmielna 10, Warsaw, Poland

Very simple, not expensive, good choice

05 Jun 2014

Visited Au Lac end May 2014. Had a basic seat outside, at a a not well place kept little square along Chmielna street, full of restaurants and bars. Great choice, friendly lady, beer available in adjacent shop(and allowed to drink at the Au Lac, which is very friendly indeed). Good food, large portions. Enjoyed it.

Jalan Kartika Plaza, Lippo Mall, Lippo Mall Kuta, Bali, Indonesia


06 Aug 2008

Visited Batan Waru Kuta on July 9, 2008. Since the latest Lonely Planet put this restaurant in its list, it is very crowded en staff is less friendly. The veggie food is still there but of lesser quality then in July 2007. By the way: there is also a branch of this restaurant in Ubud, Jalan Dewi Sita, north side of the street, about 600 metres east from the Corner of Monkey Road. Just before Batan Waru in Ubud, also north side of the street, there is restaurant Gaia, serving veggie dishes, that seem OK. But we did not eat there.
Dr. N. Wiedenhof

Caracoles 225, San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

great menu

11 Jan 2008

Cas de Piedra on San Pedro's main Road has a great variety of veggie dishes on the menu: empanadas, crepes filled with vegetables, salads, pizzas and what have you. Pleasant staff, friendly owner, recommended. Dr. Niels Wiedenhof, December 2007

Brunnenstr. 164, Berlin, Germany

fine spot, recommended, don't miss it

13 Oct 2014

Chay Viet is a vegan/vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant in the Prenzlauerberg area of Berlin. U-Bahn stop Rosenthaler Platz en then walk Brunnen strasse to the north for 7 minutes. For veggies and also for non-veggies this is an ideal spot to have luinch or dinner, with a lot of choice and excellent fresh food. Friendly staff, clean, simple, very decent prices. For about 15 euro you can have a starter, a pint of beer, and a fine main dish.
Abundant portions. Yeah and beer/wine and so on in this pure veggie restaurants, that’s is really OK.

Thanon Song Wat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok, Thailand

a fine gem in meaty China Town

15 Dec 2013

It is not easy for a veggie to find something to eat in this China Town Area. So Chijuya was a gem for us in really meaty China Town. It is 100% veggie, so no worry about soups and ingredients that may contain fish, shrimp and so on. Highly recommended.

Chenghuang Temple, 23 Bailin Road, Shanghai, China

well another eatery, but vegetarian!

09 Nov 2012

Yeah, recommended for a quick bite. It is not bad, the fried food is very oily, and it is not clear at what time they open or close at dinner time. I did not manage to get the information though I am not a dumbo.
Relax, have a soup or some noodles or rice or tofu and enjoy. But do not exspect a posh restaurant.

Jalan Legian, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

going down

06 Aug 2008

Yeah, in July 2007 I was delighted, in July 2008 less. The menu has been severely reduced, quality is going down. The rice was not done, nor were the lentils and so on. Difficulty is that there are still very few guests. I don't understand how they manage.
It is a pity, as it is the only 100% veggie restaurant in Kuta, as far as I know.
Dr. N. Wiedenhof

Chile 1763, Buenos Aires, Argentina


16 Dec 2007

We visited this restaurant end November 2007 and we were really pleased: good food, low prices, nice staff, hard working people: one of the duaghters was studying pharmacy, in the restaurant, keeping an eye on the guests and seeing whether they were OK. Unfortunately: no alcohol, no beer. But, yeah, that has to do with their principles.
Dr. Niels Wiedenhof

Minderbroederstraat 22, Den Bosch, Netherlands

fine ingredients and creative dishes

17 Aug 2013

Visited this restaurant, 2 minutes from the central market midtown, for lunch. They uese very good bio ingredients and make tasteful dishes. Unfortunately no french fries, which is exceptional for this southern region of The Netherlands. Pollevie is by no means an alternative spot with all these mumbo jumbo as "closed today, sorry", but a regular, fine restaurant with good veggie options. Liked it.

Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta/Tuban center, Bali, Indonesia

Nice and informal

06 Aug 2008

I really liked this restaurant, with free krupuk-crackers for all the guests, very low prices, in the main street JL Kartika, west (shore) side, just next to Green Garden spa/restaurant/hotel. No formalities, just enjoy.
Dr. N. Wiedenhof

15, Sec. 1, Wuchang Street, Taipei, Taiwan

be in time for dinner buffet

09 Nov 2012

As far as I could juge there is the buffet pay the weight ( we were too late for that) and the take away choice that you can also eat on the site. Soup in a big drum for free.
Lonely Planet claims more or less that this is the best veggie in Taipei.I would not say so. But, fair food, low price and above all: veggie. If you are in the neighbourhood, it is not a bad choice as you might not find another veggie.

Nieuwegracht 33, Utrecht, Netherlands

Very fine indeed

25 Aug 2013

My wife and I, old couple, visited this restaurant and were really satisfied. Vegetarian, vegan, no problem. Creative end well prepared 3 course surprise menu for € 32.50 is a good deal. Bio ingredients of high quality, good choice of wine. In brief: liked it, recommend it.

Orrego Luco 54 Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Huerto Huerta

18 Dec 2007

Have been there for lunch December 2007. Huerta is the smaller annex to Huerto. Yeah, there was a long menu list, but a lot was not available, so we had to fiddle around to make a choice. Staff was not very helpful.
I think the good reviews are a bit exagerated, but, yes, it is vegetarian and not bad.
Dr. Niels Wiedenhof

445 Nanjing Rd West, Shanghai, China

OK but not specially friendly

09 Nov 2012

This restaurant is OK. Do not like that they don't serve any water or tea with the meal. If you choose the right disch, which is not easy, than you are fine.But if you choose the wrong, such as their abalone (huh) or crabmeat (very small dish), then you are sunk.
Have a look at the bill. They might charge you the towels you did not use.

Florida 165, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A pleasure

16 Dec 2007

Granix, down town BA, is a thrill. Abundant buffets, good food, great choice and very decent prices: End November 2007 25 pesos for lunch that is € 5.50. Try to get that in Europe and tell me the spot!
Dr. Niels Wiedenhof
Niels Wiedenhof

Mikolajska 14, Krakow, Poland

It is still in full swing

05 Jun 2014

Just close to the Great market Rynek Glówny , go east, passing the quiet Meat Market Maly Rynek.Green Day is stillin ful swing, havinga choice of snacks, sof drinks and main courses. But alas, noo beer, now wine. Such is life in some veggie places. But no problem, have your beear first in one of the places on Maly Rynek.

Oude Langendijk 6, Delft, Netherlands

has to learn

12 May 2014

Yeah, Delft is a very nice city, but I would not recommend Hills and Mills to visit. I have the impression that the chef has not yet found his way to serves decent lunch.
The salads are so so, tea and coffee is expensive.In brief: make another choice and come back next year. Might be that the chef has learned.The place is dark, the staff is pleasant as is the take away.

999 JiangNing Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China


09 Nov 2012

You cannot miss the restaurant at Jiangning road. Nearby MRT station is Changshou Rd, line 7. Fair dishes. Nowater or tea served with the ordered food. Have a look at the bill, they might try to charge you not used towels. As most buddhist sites: not very friendly (and might be focussed on money).

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