春风松月楼, 老城隍庙百翎路23, was founded in the Qin Dynasty and follows an ancient vegetarian culture to serve up veggie favorites in Yuyuan Garden Bazaar (Shanghai Old Town). The vegetarian food includes traditional cuisine, health care cuisine, popular Shanghai cuisine. Seats 150. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by bethyang


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25 Jul 2020

The only vegetarian restaurant in YuYuan

After a considerably long walk in YuYuan Old Street, we were utterly grateful with the presence of a decent vegetarian restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine within YuYuan! In fact, we had been planning to make a trip to this two-storey restaurant via our Tripadvisor research.

As the reviews were raving and ratings were high, we had high expectations of this restaurant. Unfortunately, it was somewhat met with slight disappointment; the food was just mediocre and I wasn’t sure if it has to do with my choice of selection. Though edible and filling, it didn’t seem to impress me deeply as compared to the other vegetarian restaurants which I had dined in Shanghai. We ordered 3 dishes, mainly the fried rice, soup noodles and fried spring roll. The only dish that I really enjoyed was the fried spring roll.

Furthermore, the service was second-rate, as the waiters were rough and seemed rather indifferent and impatient. At the time of our visit at around 2pm, the restaurant was only partially filled. Do note that the menu has both pictures of the dish and English translations.

All in all, this restaurant serves decent and affordable food within proximity in YuYuan old street and is highly recommended if you are a vegetarian shopping in this precinct. Do note that there is a clean washroom at the second level, in case you need it.

Pros: The only vegetarian restaurant, Decent and not too pricey food, Clean and comfortable environment

Cons: Indifferent customer service



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07 Dec 2019

Simple with english menu

We sat on bottom floor, english menu with tick boxes for ordering. We had 2 different types of noodles with a side dish. Quick, clean and staff were helpful. Next to entrance number 5 for the Yuyuan Bazaar.


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Mostly Veg
22 Nov 2019

Open early, beautifully renovated, CLEAN!

Went in this morning for breakfast - 8:30am on a Thursday.

At first I encountered the street-side takeaway counter and got one veggie steam bun and 1 piece of veggie siu mai. Both were inexpensive, delicious and fresh. Like other commentators have noted, go to the cashier and point to which items you would like and say quantity number.

After walking around the area for a bit, I went back to the main floor dining room and had the Assorted Vegetarian Noodles (CNY 12). A what a big bowl of soup! The noodles were fresh and chewy, the broth was flavorful and balanced and the veggies (potato, cabbage, black mushroom) and tofu were nice with a touch of sweetness.

Nothing I had was very oily (I also didn’t order anything deep fried). Due to not speaking Mandarin, I was unable to confirm what is and isn’t vegan.

Definitely check out this place. Food is great, inexpensive and the surrounding area is nice to explore on foot. Also, I couldn’t find any other vegetarian restaurants nearby open before 10am.

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-21

Pros: Everything is vegetarian., Clean, beautifully renovated dining room., Street-side takeaway counter.

Cons: Unable to confirm what is vegan.


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01 Nov 2019

Renovated and beautiful

7-10am: 4 dishes only for breakfast, including three noodle dishes and one wonton dish (today). Easy to order - point and pick 12rmb

But simple noodle dish (not gf)


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30 Aug 2019

Cheap and sooo good

They open all the time. It is not expensive and the taste is sooo good. It is located inside the yuyuan or yu garden

Pros: Cheap, So many vegan options, Sooo delicious


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27 Dec 2018

Great value for money

All in Mandarin and very little English spoken

Pros: Great value for money , Yummy

Cons: Hard to locate , No English menu , No English spoken


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02 Jul 2018

Cockroaches climbing over food

Cockroaches visible all over kitchen climbing over foods ... walked and ran outta there

Pros: Fast food

Cons: Cockroaches , Not hygienic , No one eating there


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06 May 2018

It’s ok

Food is average at best. Fast food type. Some stuff helpful, some not.


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30 Jul 2017

Bad, then more bad. Then it gets even worse.

Okay, so. China is an interesting place to visit. I love it. I want to go back. But what i DON'T want is the kind of [censored] service which follows the cantina-style restaurants such as this one.

But let's take it from the top.

The restaurant is said to be one of the oldest and best in the city, and the location close to the Yuyuan Garden is a proof, that they indeed do have many customers, as the address must be very expensive.

But upon entering the rather boring shop and having the entire staff look at me and my girlfriend like we where idiots, i knew something was up.

At no point did anyone try to show how to order. I went and asked the cashier girl, but she just laughed at me and looked away. Then I went to the other end of the room, where food was being prepared. Here an old and nice lady actually tried to tell me something, and in the end i understood, that you just point at what you want. Okay, easy.

So after pointing, I got a receipt and I went to the mad lady with the money, payed some money (it was cheap, I'll give them that), and sat down again. But no, this was wrong, because people shouted at me now, and pointed at the kitchen.

Okay, fair enough, i thought. Let's go there then.

So after a while and more strange looks, i got some food which was kinda what i ordered, kinda something else, but i was kinda hungry and kinda tired with this place, so i brought back the food to our table.

There was no chopsticks or anything else to eat with at the table, so i went back to the kitchen. After some confusion, another old and nice lady appeared and finally made me feel like i wasn't an [censored] by showing me where the chopsticks where. She even smiled.

We ate the food , dumplings, rice and veggies and springrolls, while everyone stared at us like we where bearers of the plague and I hate this place and strongly advice you to go somewhere else.

There's so many other good options in Shanghai - so please don't let these guys ruin your experience.

Pros: I didn't get food poisoning

Cons: Horrible staff, [censored] atmosphere, Nothing special about the food


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25 Jul 2017

just ok

Good location, but very oily and no napkins! So pretty uncomfortable... staff not really friendly


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06 Jun 2017

Less than two stars !!!!

The lady at the entrance didn't even tell us "Hello", she didn't say anything in fact, it looked like she wanted us to leave. She was the most unpleasant person I have ever seen. The person who was reheating the things was smiling, but the food was disgusting. It was bland, greasy as hell... I would totally NOT recommend going there, by far the worst experience of my life as a vegan.

Cons: Extremely unpleasant staff, Tasteless food


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14 Jun 2015

Great Location, Decent Food

If you're visiting Old Town and/or the Yuyuan Gardens, this restaurant is convenient. It's also open early. That being said, the food was only okay.

Based on other reviews, we went to the second floor, but only waitstaff was there and they were catching a smoke break. So way too smokey for us.

We ultimately ate downstairs, where you can choose from a wide variety of noodles and dumplings.

For non-Chinese speakers, it can be really confusing: you're supposed to order and pay at the counter located at the entrance. My advice is to find waitstaff near the food counter, point to what you want and they will then tell the person at the counter what you ordered so that you can pay.


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10 Aug 2014

Convenient Vegetarian

Right in the heart of the Yu Garden Bazaar area. As others have said, the bottom floor caters to locals, very hot (Saturday noontime and summer heat), busy, and not intended for us international tourists. I went upstairs and there were plenty of open tables plus it was air conditioned (somewhat). Someone took my order right away and the food was served hot and quickly. As a vegetarian there are not too many choices in this area. Keep in mind you are in a Shanghai super-busy tourist area and not a ritzy hotel. From that perspective it was just what I needed to satisfy my hunger then get back into the crowds.

Pros: Location, price, good Chinese vegetarian.

Cons: Keep in mind it's not a ritzy hotel style place.


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14 Apr 2014

Great restaurant

It is, indeed, inside the Yu’Yuan Garden Bazzar / Old Town, but not inside the YuYuan Garden. The first floor has mostly inexpensive noodles and dumplings. The second floor is more expensive but still very reasonable with a pretty extensive menu and very tasty food.

Pros: excellent food, large selection of dishes, good value


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12 Aug 2013

Cheap, convenient

This place was a cafeteria style cheap and (somewhat) cheerful spot. We only went to the first floor, didn't realize upstairs was different. Went for early lunch, just pointed at what we wanted and someone told the front desk clerk, where we paid. She was pretty brusque (tossed our change across the desk) but the cooks and serving lady were fairly friendly. Not super clean, but pretty cheap: we got four snacky dishes (a couple of types of dumplings, spring rolls, deep fried pancakes) and each dish was 12Y.

Pros: cheap, convenient

Cons: bit unfriendly, not super clean


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18 Nov 2012

Not our best meal

There are two parts, ground floor for the "locals" and the top floor for the tourists. It appears the ground floor prices are significantly cheaper than the top floor.  But the ground floor the menu was in Chinese only.  The food did not look that appetising, and it was fatty and gluggy.

Pros: close to gardens

Cons: gluggy, tourist prices are inflated


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09 Nov 2012

well another eatery, but vegetarian!

Yeah, recommended for a quick bite. It is not bad, the fried food is very oily, and it is not clear at what time they open or close at dinner time. I did not manage to get the information though I am not a dumbo.
Relax, have a soup or some noodles or rice or tofu and enjoy. But do not exspect a posh restaurant.

Pros: quick, veggie

Cons: fried food oily


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04 Nov 2011

Dirty and stale shop... urghh!

First of all, no idea who wrote the description about this restaurant but anyone who reads that and goes to eat here will be horrified upon arrival. The restaurant is split into two levels. The floor level is revolting... the level of hygiene is way below par, making any hint of appetite disappear rather quickly. We were ushered upstairs, where the a la carte menu is apparently offered (or actually we think they might use it for foreigners, since the floor level is disgusting). Upstairs was less horrific, but we were already quite worried by this stage - wonder what the kitchen looks like... hmm. We ordered just enough to fuel us until the next stop - some bowls of noodles and a plate of vegetables. All were quite sugary-sweet although not altogether unpalatable. The hygiene concerns were all too much for us though so we were out of there as soon as we could get it all down. We were in the area again a few weeks later and joked about going in for some more.. not likely to happen in this life ;)

Cons: low hygiene standards, limited menu, zero freshness


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Mostly Veg
18 Sep 2011


I should have probably listened to the other reviewer, but was hoping that they had improved since. They haven't. We ate upstairs, and the food was really vile. And overpriced. It's dirty, the downstairs doesn't smell too nice, and the waitress could barely be bothered to give us the time of day. If it were not in a central tourist location, they would have gone out of business long ago.

Pros: Location

Cons: Overpriced, Bad food, Dirty


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05 Jan 2011

Still Great

I just had lunch at Songyue and it was worth writing about. The restaurant itself, at least the first floor, is nothing special, but I think the food is really worth it. The massive Luohan Noodles (just say luohan mian!) was full of lotus seeds, taro, nuts, mushrooms and the usual bits of gluten and tofu. At 25Y, it's a pricey noodle dish, but worth every fen.


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31 Jul 2010

busy place with basic food down and more choice up

You can reach this place by taking the metro on line 10 to Yuyuan.

It is fast food style downstairs with a basic menu in chinese only. You pay at the till and are given good within a few minutes.

Upstairs there is an english and chinese menu with greater choice and air conditioning at a greater price.

We ate downstairs. We had rice noodles in mushroom soy sauce with a few greens for 10 yuan and 4 spring rolls for 10 yuan. I liked the food, it was fairly basic but tasty and the lady serving the food was so friendly and helped me make my order at the till as I could not communicate at the till. They also had bean soups, dumplings and buns downstairs.

Pros: quick if you want, friendly


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17 Mar 2010


My visit to Chunfeng Songyue Lou was extremely disappointing. Considering the restaurant has been in business for years, it should serve very good food. And, in fact, several years ago I did have a bowl of Monk's Noodles there that was quite ok - not great but ok.

There are 2 floors. Downstairs serves simple fare plus noodles. Dishes are served on the second floor. We planned to dine on level two but the atmosphere was so dismal and the absence of staff and diners was discouraging. So, we went downstairs which was relatively busy. We ordered stir-fryed noodles and some dim-sum type foods in little steamers. Everything was awful. The noodles were incredibly oily and the other foods were inedible. I should add I've been in China for a long time and am used to oily dishes. I also love tofu, seitan, (wheat gluten) and other veggie foods. I'm not a newbie when it comes to eating Chinese vegetarian food.

I think the owners are putting little effort into this business. It's in the middle of the YuYuan Bazzar and a continuous stream of tourists come and go - many don't get the chance - not that they would want to - to return the 2nd time - so business is ok - the owners are making money. I will not return.

Pros: location

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