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Terminal 21 - Veg Stall Food Court

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Shop FK14, Pier 21 Food Court, 5th Fl, Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Rd (at Asoke BTS station), Bangkok, Thailand,

Giant shopping mall with a food court on the 5th floor. One of the stalls is a vegetarian stall displays a variety of food like stir fries, curries, some tofu, some gluten, mock meats, a few fritters. Plate comes with rice and your choice of dishes. Several other stalls in the food court sell smoothies, juices, and desserts with coconut milk. Look for it on the left side, 1 row back. Get a card from the cashier and load it with money to make purchases from the vendors. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Thai, Buffet, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (30)

First Review by Agenda

Not a lot of choices for vegans, taste not great - Edit

Rice with too different kinds of veggies/curries was 60 baht. A lot of dishes had eggs in them, so I didn't have too many chices. Food was cold and didn't taste that great. Pretty small portion too, but since it is in a mall, I guess you have to expect to pay more. Wouldn't go there again.

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Avoid - Edit

I came late, around 9 pm, and there were only about five tofu dishes left, plus the dish I took, which was some kind of caramelised (or maybe just sweet) hard pieces of mock meat or mushrooms or something. I was extremely hungry and at 25 bath for that one dish, it's difficult to complain, but since I'm doing that anyway, you can imagine. It wasn't digusting or anything, just boring and not very tasty. With more to chose from, I'm sure it could've been a different experience. The staff spoke zero English and wasn't very interested in trying to explain what the differet dishes contained, in the end I got the help of the mall clerk who explained to paying system (going to a counter to recieve and charge money to a plastic card, paying with the card at the food booth, and then gong back to the first counter to get the money left on the card back). And check the shop number, it had changed (but was it to 04 or from 04?).

Pros: Cheap

Cons: No English, Complicated payment system, Way too much tofu

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tasty and budget friendly - Edit

The place is a food court so obviously it's a bit stressful to sit and eat there. The food is very tasty though. you have many options with a portion of rice. Two options cost 30 baht. I like it because it seems healthy, it's fast and cheap and I find it tasty and yummy!

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Inexpensive but that is about it - Edit

Typical Kin Jay style buffet but not very good. Maybe if you are really hungry while at Terminal 21, but May Veggie Home is across the street and much better.

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Doesn't taste very good.

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Hit and miss - Edit

The first time I tried this place, I choose three options with rice for 40 baht. Did not like any of them. Didn't finish the food.

I went back, however, and other choices I made weren't bad. It might have been bad luck the first time. It's not amazing food or anything, but it's cheap enough that it's worth taking your chances.

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Cheap & yummy in shopping mall setting - Edit

The mall is very modern and so is the food court, so I was rather surprised to find such an inexpensive veg option. 3 dishes with rice were 40 baht. All was very yummy. Most dishes were vegan, but you need to check as some may contain egg. You pay with a food court card so when you get there you need to get one and top it up. You can then return it and get a refund for what you haven't used. There are also stalls with fruit juices or desserts, which were also vegan. Desserts were around 15-25 baht. Being a food court, the setting of course isn't that inviting and cozy, there are just loads of tables were people eat the food of the different restaurants.

Pros: inexpensive, easy to find

Cons: shopping mall setting

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simple food - Edit

sell mainly vegetable rice. Quite a variety of dishes. Some of them might have onion/garlic. Staffs dun speak english.
good and convenient spot (right beside Asok station) for having a simple meal to fill the stomach

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cheap, yet tasty! - Edit

I tried this place twice and you get a great amount of food for 30-40bht (1.50 aud). It was quite tasty and not too much oil is used. I recommend to anyone wanting to eat cheaply and healthy. They use eggs and there is no signage telling you what each meal is. The staff speak a little English.

Pros: cheap

Cons: loud food court, so don't expect a relaxing meal

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My favorite food court - Edit

Here is not vegan food, they use eggs. Everything is very tasty! I can't recommend this place as the best place to know thai cuisine, because they doesn't have any titles. But if you know thai food well this place must see ans try!

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Eating In A meat Hall (Hell) - Edit

Well, I guess you can find some veg food there, but it's basically a huge meat selling food court which gets really crowded during peak times. I couldn't be bothered to eat in this atmosphere.

Pros: Cheap, Convenient

Cons: Surrounded By Meat, Crowded, Lacks Atmosphere

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Veggie counter part of non-veggie operation - Edit

The vegetarian counter is one counter (with its own label) in a food court with many meat, fish and seafood serving stalls. Yes, veggie food is picked up by customers (and largely cooked) separately from the other stalls. But economically the food court is one overwhelmingly non-vegetarian restaurant, with the staff of the vegetarian counter likely not to be vegetarian and a supply chain that is shared with the other stalls. Something to keep in mind.

Otherwise, as already stated, it's cheap, tasty, clean - very handy indeed.

Pros: cheap, tasty, clean

Cons: part of a 90% non-vegetarian operation

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Quick vegetarian fast food - Edit

On the 5th floor of Terminal 21 mall, go to the back where the Pier 21 food court is. Make sure you purchase a food card because the individual vendors do not handle money transactions. The vegetarian stall is on the far left as you enter. I ordered the "3 mains plus rice" which lets you pick three courses of your choice. You then hand the prepaid food card to the vendor who scans it to deduct the meal price. The 3 course meal is 40 Baht as of today (Aug 2014). Cheap, filling, good, and very convenient if you're in the mall area.

Pros: Location, price, vegetarian.

Cons: Noisy, may be hard to find a table to sit at in th

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Good food, noisy location - Edit

I had no trouble selecting the vegan ("jay") items from the buffet case. The server pointed out the "jay" items and i pointed at the three that looked tastiest. All of had good flavor and texture, and as still temperature hot.

One is paying a bit of a premium for the high-rent mall location, but prices are reasonable considering.

The food court was crowded and noisy even at 3pm, so i couldn't recommend making a special trip just to eat here, but if you're hungry in the neighborhood, the food is good.

Pros: Good food, vegan options

Cons: often many egg dishes, noisy food court

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在泰國最便宜的一餐 - Edit

位於BTS Asok站的Terminal21五樓

Pros: 便宜

Cons: 大部份的菜都有加辣,除了春捲。

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fine - Edit

I liked this food stall a lot. At lunch time they have other options than at diner time. Good taste, very inexpensive, a real gem for veggies. Highly recommended

Pros: 100 percent veg, good taste, inexpensive

Cons: well, you have to sit in a hall

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worth knowing about - Edit

Some long-term Bangkok residents I know (who aren't even vegetarian) regularly have lunch from the veggie stall in the Pier 21 food court at Terminal 21. I wasn't so impressed, partly because I am vegan and this place is big on eggs, but it is good value in such a swish modern shopping mall. Terminal 21 has its own exit from the Asok Skytrain station (Sukhumvit line). Keep taking the escalators up through floors named after cities (Istanbul, London, etc), past the first San Francisco to the next one, San Francisco Pier 21. The fruit juice stand here is good (a whole varied fruit salad juiced for 39 baht) and in November 2013 you could mango and sticky rice with coconut milk for 35 baht, a bargain price from yesteryear. Try for seats alongside the display windows at the back of the food hall. Operates on a stored-value plastic card system, like the food court at the MBK shopping centre at National Stadium Skytrain.

Pros: Good value in ritzy shopping mall, good juice and mango stalls

Cons: pity about all the egg

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Love love Love this place! - Edit

If you think this nothing special, I have no idea where you usually eat. For 30-50 baht, you can get a fresh vegan or veg meal (some dishes obviously have eggs) with brown rice in an expensive mall. Honestly, we eat here at least twice a week. The choices are Thai and fairly authentic, not too spicy for foreign palates, and made on site everyday. A great veggie find and, if you are trying to stick to a budget and not go away hungry - you found the right place!

Pros: Fresh food, Cheap!, Good sized portions

Cons: Nothing fancy, just a food stall, Very little English spoken, Busy! It's a popular place!

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Handy and healthy - Edit

as other reviews suggest, nothing too special about this place, but it is great to be able to eat somewhere so central and in the middle of a mall.
food selection and prices are good. shame we didn't know what we were eating, but nothing was bad.

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nothing to write home about - Edit

This place is a great value considering it's in a glitzy mall. You get large portions. 30 baht for rice (mixed red and white) and two mains. 40 for three. There are other add-ons. This place has quick diminishing returns though as the food always seems to be the same. It's amazing that a place like this is in such a fancy mall.

It's located in the "pier 21" food court which is on the top floor next to the Golden Gate Bridge replica.

Pros: good value, Authentic Thai veg style

Cons: Limited selection doesn't change much.

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rivals MBK - Edit

First time on a Weds November x at 615pm
Good points:
Decent food
Cheap: 3 portions and rice 40baht
Decent selection
Clean new environment
(Usually) lots of space
Credit keeps for 30 days from last use
Easier to access than mbk food court

Only one veggie option, and ticked away on the innermost aisle, halfway down

Good or bad ( depending on what doth float your boat )
Spicy food
Terminal21 is a bit of a teen favorite

Pros: cheap, taste b+, easy access

Cons: mall vibe, no cash

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Food court food - Edit

Cheap and delicious is the best way to describe this. Some dishes can be quite spicy if you are not used to Thai food. Staff speaks little or no English. Don't expect the highest quality food as this is a food court and everything is made for mass consumption. But it tastes good and will fill your stomach after shopping in the mall.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty

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Absolutely Great! - Edit

First let me make clear that it is on the Fifth floor (not the sixth which is where the movie theater is). It's part of the food court where you first purchase a card with as much money as you plan on spending, this card then can be used at any of the concessions in this court (and there are many). This vegetarian place can be difficult to find, but it does have a sign in English "Vegetarian Food". Otherwise the menu consists of a list of 10 - 15 items, written in both Thai and English and posted on the wall. But the workers do not speak English. Some may understand what you want, not all. so be patient.

Taste - five starts!
Portion Size - five stars!
Service - five starts!
Price - five stars+!

This is going to be my new favorite in BKK, and I have been to many, many vegetarian restaurants, food stalls, you name it.

Pros: Price, Taste, Size

Cons: not open 24/7

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So cheap, good quality and big size! - Edit

I am sincerely surprised that there is such a cheap and good quality restaurant in the food court. Above and beyond they serve a great amount of food on the plate. You can save money. Really amazing!!

Pros: Good quality, Great amount, Super cheap

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Excellent food... great value - Edit

When I returned to Bangkok earlier this year I was sort of disapointed to see yet more of the city had been knocked down to make way for another shopping mall - Terminal 21 (Bangkok does not need any more shopping malls, hotels or high rise condo buildings!).

As shopping malls go Termal 21 is better than most and this vegetarian stall in the food court is a real blessing. I really think the food and options at this stall is great - the best out of all the foodcourts I've been to. Despite it being in this new swanky foodcourt it's also better value than most too with a plate of brown rice and 2 (tasty) dishes costing only 30baht.

I also feel that being such a busy foodcourt is in its benefit too. Many foodcourts if you go at quiter times the food is cold and looks like it's been sitting around for a while. However the stall in Terminal 21 seems to have a brisk trade and so the food always seems fresh.

This food stall is now very much one of my favorite vegetarian eateries in Bangkok. In fact the whole foodcourt in Terminal 21 is very good and all seems great value.

Pros: Very tasty, Very cheap, Good variety

Cons: None

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Cheap mixed rice - Edit

It is at 6th floor of Terminal 21. We ordered 3 dishes of mixed rice with a big portion were only 30-40baht. It was cheap to have meal at the newly opened, decorative shopping mall. Clean and comfortable. But one of the dish was too sour.

Pros: cheap

Cons: too much dishes, too sour

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New favourite - Edit

It's my new fav.place on Sukhumvit. Easy to reach - two entries straight from BTS Asok. Good selection of dishes, buffet-type, but fresh. Lots of salads, snacks, juices on other stalls. Difficult to spend a lot, quite cheap.

Pros: Cheap, Fresh, Central

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