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5th Avenida, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

service is a miss

04 Dec 2014

The menu has some nice vegetarian and vegan options. And the food was good. But they did have some problems getting the order right. Ordered without cheese, and when I started eating, found there was cheese inside. And when asking the waiter about it, he said it did not have cheese (as if he was in the kitchen and made it) - but then when I showed him, he did take it back and the kitchen remade it without cheese. Then was charged for a different dish than what I ordered (one that was more expensive), and they refused to recognize that. So overall, the service is a miss, but the food was good.

Pasaz Jalta, Vaclavske Namesti 43, Praha 1, Czechia, Prague, Czech Republic

Convenient in a pinch

24 May 2008

Convenient location in a pinch.
One of the downsides is that the server told us he could not give us tap water (had to buy it from a bottle). Overall, the service was quite rude.
The food was OK, and did come pretty quickly.
We had a salad with avocado which was quite good. The cooked food we had was not that great.

983 Ildong-building, Daechi-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Elegant Fine Dining

16 Sep 2010

We visited the restaurant for dinner while in Seoul in Aug 2010. It is an easy 10 minute walk from the COEX Samseong (world trade center) subway stop. Go out exit 3 and walk straight (away from the COEX) for about 7 minutes 150 meters, across the hill top side crossroad - turn right into a small street/alley just past the Mercedes Benz building, and it is almost immediately on your left (downstairs). It is a fancy place with delicious food and excellent service (I think best to make a reservation if you can). They did appear to have some menus with fish (not sure), but they had at least 3 fixed course menus that were all vegan (they speak some english, but we also used our "vegan passport" to let them know we were looking for all vegan food). We choose one of the mid-priced menus - you would certainly pay more for a meal like this in the US - courses just keep coming in waves, and just when you think it might be over, another whole set of dishes is delivered - and we tried a specifically Korean fermented beverage (sort of like beer) call "Makgeolli" and it was very good. As with so many of the Korean veggie-oriented (since probably not technically all veggie) restaurants we visited, the proprietor was very proud of the food and the place, and wanted to let us know about the dishes, etc. Overall, definitely worth going out of your way to visit this place; best meal we had in Korea.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

service hit or miss

24 May 2008

Some of the service we had was not very good (could just be a bad day for the server), but also some of the service was quite good.
Small number of vegan options - they are clearly indicated on the menu.
The food was good.

Gangnamgu Seounryung, Seoul, South Korea

Yummy Buffet

16 Sep 2010

Other reviewers have said it all. We ate here twice while in Seoul in Aug 2010. Not far from the COEX. Great price, great food, very fast since it is an all vegan buffet, and you can even buy a So Delicious coconut ice cream bar after your meal from the natural food store part of the restaurant (very small part of the restaurant).

1853 McLeary Ave, Ocean Park/Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Check Hours before visiting

30 Dec 2015

When we dropped in on a Wednesday at ~3:30PM, the front-lighted "Open" sign was lit and blinking, but there was noone in the restaurant. We asked someone in the restaurant (who was eating at the bar) if they were open (we asked in Spanish), they gave a curt "No". So check the hours before going!

Insa-Dong Gil Street, Seoul, South Korea

Solidly good Korean veg food

16 Sep 2010

We ate here twice while in Seoul in Aug 2010. They have good food; from our perspective, very Korean (maybe Sambap style food for their fixed menus). Looked like maybe some of their fixed menus include fish now. Unfortunately, at least during the humid summer days we were there, it smells a little dank; maybe because it is in the basement; not terrible. Overall we enjoyed it, and the prices are not bad.

Jungmannova 1, Prague, Czech Republic

good for something quick

24 May 2008

This is a smaller location compared to the location closer to the square (on Melantrichova). No buffet here - just order from the counter.
So if you want the buffet with a larger selection (and hot food options) go to the one on Melantrichova.
Might be that everything is vegan at country life, but not sure.
Had a very tasty tofu sandwich here.
Great place for grabbing a vegan cook or poppyseed pastry.

Tynska 19, Prague, Czech Republic

good value - heavy on the starch for vegans

24 May 2008

The prices are reasonable considering that this is Prague.
The choices are quite limited for vegans - only the paratha menu, noodle menu, and dosa. The server indicated that all of the vegetable curries, etc. were made with dairy.
Friendly staff.
The food was OK, but nothing great.

Via Acciaioli 9, Rome, Italy

Vegetables in Rome

06 Sep 2016

If you are having trouble eating enough vegetables in Rome, this is the place to try. Lots of salads that are not just romaine lettuce with some shredded carrots and soups full of vegetables. The food was good.
The interior is nice, but the seating is not something where you would want to linger for a couple hours on a meal - more attractive then comfortable.

Calle 4 Norte entre 10 y 15 Ave Norte, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

simple and good falafel place

04 Dec 2014

very good falafel with friendly owner - informal place

3-2600 Kaumualii Highway Unit 1804, Lihue, USA

Enough vegan items -not the best quality, but fair

11 Jun 2012

I think the vegan options are enough to keep this listing on Happy Cow. After saying we were looking for vegetarian items, the waitperson thought the manager would be able to help us better. She came out, and guided us through (asking if we were the type of vegetarians that avoided mayo or not) - after establishing that we also ate no egg (vegan), she guide us to: 3 types of sushi they could make (2 of which were not on the menu), inari, a seaweed noodle salad (where they could not make it with crab), two types of vegetable tempura dishes, and the deep fried tofu dish (also edamame). The quality was OK, nothing great, but the prices match this (pretty inexpensive for Hawaii) - $24 for 2 people for the above.

74-5487 Kaiwi St, Kailua Kona, USA

Large Natural Foods Store with vegan items in deli

25 Apr 2009

Found a couple of interesting vegan deserts in their prepared foods case: Haupia Lilikoi (a coconut milk based custard with a passion fruit sauce) and a Lilikoi Cake (vegan).
Also some vegan items in there cold bar (e.g., quinoa salad).
Open everyday for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
Some local produce.

Av. Tulum Manzana 2 Lote 1 Local 2, Tulum, Mexico


05 Dec 2014

easy to order vegan - delicious food - friendly staff - yummy aguas frescos drinks - casual

73 5617 Maiau St Ste 1, Kailua Kona, USA

Complex Asian flavors with plenty of vegan choices

25 Apr 2009

Very good food. The flavors of the broths and sauces are deep and complex - very delicious, and a nice change from the standard fare you get at most asian restaurants. You can tell they really put some extra effort into these.
And there are plenty of vegan options.
We had the sampler plate (it is a bit hidden near the end of the menu), and was a great value and gives you the chance to try many different dishes. If you see meat dishes on the menu that you might like to be vegan, I would just ask them as they do many many things vegan.
Also enjoyed the vegan gelato, although could not figure out if any of the other dessert items were vegan.
Location is a bit far from the central part of Kailua Kona, but still only a few minutes by car.

739 Pandora Ave, Victoria, Canada

Pretty Standard

11 Jul 2016

We asked the two of the wait staff about a vegan meal combo, and neither of them really knew what vegan was exactly, and certainly did not know about a vegan menu combo meal.
So we just ordered off the menu hunting down a few of their vegan items (goma-ae, agadashi tofu, veggie tempura, and a couple rolls).
The food was good.
With sake and tip, it was about $80 for two people.

1863 Calle loiza Esq Los Banos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Good Food, Good Service

30 Dec 2015

Good Food (in hearty quantities), and good service (friendly staff). Seems to still be serving food all day long.

14-5 Insa-dong 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Good value - not just Korean food

16 Sep 2010

We ate here twice while in Seoul in Aug 2010. It is not specifically focused on Korean food here; can also get Chinese+ type dishes. Fairly inexpensive compared to the other veggie restaurants in the area. Good food, but nothing super special. It is a Ching Hai Supreme Master restaurant - but not called Loving Hut.

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