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Oh Se Gae Hyang

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14-5 Insa-dong 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea,

Seoul vegan restaurant owned by well-known Korean vegetarian food company, Vegifood. 60-seats, Korean style seating. Each 12 tables introduce the world 12 saints' wise sayings and their pictures. Food is mostly Korean and Chinese with a few pasta and salad dishes. No galic or green onion. Located at Insadong near NakWonSangGa where there are many Korean traditional crafts and art works in the area. Metro: 1 line JongGak / 3 line AnGuk / 5 line JongRo3Ga. Straight in front of the end of the street on the nort side of the Ssamzigil Arts-Center. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:30pm, Mon-Sun 5:00pm-9:00pm. Last orders 30 minutes before closing.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Western, Korean

Reviews (41)

First Review by craigmc

Quite ok, but a number of dishes contain onion &/or garlic - Edit

The dishes are quite ok in taste, but some dishes can be quite salty. I was recommended by my friends, but maybe because of the good reviews, I felt the food were not as tasty as claimed to be. A number of dishes also have onion and/or garlic.

Pros: Quite a lot of variety

Cons: Can be quite salty

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very good ! - Edit

I went there ince and tried a korean BBQ, the proteinrich food was amazing. Kimchi was awesome too. Almost everything was really tasty. It's not really expensive but not cheap either. The only negative thing i found was that the rice was not really good to eat...

Pros: All vegan, Nice staff

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Best in insadong korea - Edit

We went there 3x and tried most of their food. Thumbs up! Especially the kimchi stew. So authentic and tasty. In singapore can't get any korean food near that standard at all. I missed my korea trip partly because I miss the food there. Will def come back.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-16

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I highly recommend their pumpkin side dish! - Edit

The secluded area where Oh Se Gae Hyang resides makes me feel like I found a hidden gem. The overall atmosphere of the place feels very homely and traditional, as customers are required to take of their shoes and sit down on the floor. There are numerous plants that adorn the place, and what's even better is that they have a glass ceiling in one spot that allows the sunlight to fall down, so it really has a nature vibe as well!

Their menu offers from Western-style food to Korean cuisine. Our orders were accompanied with a lot of side dishes. I had the tofu bibimbap which is very simple and filling, while my dad had their mushroom and noodle soup. He complimented on how light and flavorful the broth is. We also ordered a small pumpkin side dish topped with a sweet fruity filling and it's probably the sweetest pumpkin I have ever tasted. It's like dessert already!!!

They also offer some vegan merchandise for sale, from veggie seasoning, biscuits to instant noodles.

Would come back to this place for their pumpkin!

Pros: Homely and nature-like atmosphere, Simple and filling foods, BEST PUMPKIN EVER!!!

Cons: Not friendly to people who cannot sit cross-legged

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Yum - Edit

Great vegan restaurant in a convenient spot. Hit up ssamjigil/쌈지길 and go here after. Make sure not to come during 3:30-5; they close temporarily. I ordered the gondreubap with the soybean paste. It was okay; next time I think I'll order the doenjang jigae/soybean paste stew instead.

My sisters ordered the jjampong and the jjajjangmyun. They were fantastic. I haven't had jjampong since I've gone vegan but I tried some of hers and they got the taste down. The jjajjangmyun was nice. It wasn't the best I've had but it was still good. We also ordered the Mandu/dumpling which are deep fried. Also very good. I think you can get these steamed so ask if you're so inclined. This place is a must visit if you're veg/an! I love veganized korean foods and this place hits the spot.

Edit: I've visited a couple more times and have noticed a lot of their dishes are pretty salty and oily. I personally think they sorta go overboard with the "vegetable seasoning". It's still really tasty though!

Updated from previous review on 2016-06-26

Pros: taste , inexpensive , convenient location

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Worth it! - Edit

Really enjoyed our meals at this restaurant. Food comes fast, delicious and the ambiance is good!

We got the sesame noodles and mixed mushroom soup. All great !
Go, you wont regret it.

Pros: food, quick service

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traditional and cozy - Edit

A gem hidden away in the middle of the touristy and busy Insadong. The restaurant's interior is that of a traditional Korean house, and as you take your shoes off and sit on the floor you feel like you are sitting in your Korean grandma's home.
The food is absolutely delicious and it is possible to buy some products after visiting.
It is definitely worth the visit - for vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Pros: good price, delicious food and banchans

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Yum - Edit

I've tried almost everything on the menu, and I've enjoyed most of it. Much variety, very roomy. Be ready to take your shoes off and sit on a pillow. I enjoy this place a lot. I will say though, the ventilation and air conditioning is pretty poor. When it is hot outside, it's usually the same temp inside. They do also have a small shopping section to pick up other vegan items. :)

Pros: Variety, Delicious

Cons: No AC

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Hidden Gem - Edit

Went for lunch today. Really great resturant right off the main path in Insadong. I ordered the Korean BBQ (red one with some spice) with Veggies and Rice. It was amazing. The meal comes with about 6 great side dishes and a bowl of soup. The price was 10,000 won. what a deal. I will be a regular here from now on for sure. Being a vegan in Korea is not easy, but finds like this certainly help.

Pros: Cool Atmosphere , Great Prices

Cons: None

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Great food - Edit

This place is easy to get to from the metro and has some great Korean staples. You have to remove your shoes and sit at a floor table, which can be hard for people with bad knees or backs--we saw an older American man struggle to get up after his meal. The food is quite good, though! I had to come back for more. The jjajiongmyun is good, and so is the tangsuyuk, but if you want these, while they are great here, you may be better off going to Gawon in Mapo-gu. The best dish here for me was the nengmyon. My partner loved the perilla soup with noodles.

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a real gem - Edit

I had a very hard time finding anything to eat in South Korea and was slowly starting to get really annoyed about it. I must say this place saved the experience for me, it's an absolutely lovely Korean style restaurant in the beautiful area and the food is fantastic. there's loads of vegan choices and it's all authentic. price was surprisingly good too! I absolutely loved it.

Pros: lots of vegan options, good price, authentic place

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Going back this Saturday! - Edit

We raced all the way from Bangi dong on birthday after work to get to this place. When got there 10 minutes after closing and after we were refused entry, we explained how far we had come and it was my birthday and she served us happily (only people left in the restaurant) and my lord was the food good, we're going back this Saturday and want to bring friends. So much food, so much flavour and such good value!

Pros: Price, Location, Taste

Cons: Nothing

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Nice food in a nice environment - Edit

Food is good and moderately priced.

What's good is that English is spoken and the menu is in English. You can get to try the vegetarian of typical Korean food, like jiggae (stews) and jajang noodles.

I had the soy protein stew and that was pretty good. The mushroom roll was nice -- but I think it was mixed with soy protein, so it was more like a soy protein dish rather than fresh mushroom.

The staff was a little brusque, probably because we came quite close to the closing time.

Pros: Excellent food

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My Oh Se Gae My! - Edit

This place is such a find! Although a little hard to find but I think that was my own fault for being terrible with maps. If you turn left down Insadong-gil12 you'll find it at the end, it'll just say "Vegetarian Restaurant"!

It's a very cute set up with traditional sit down tables and cushions! The ladies who work there speak english and the menu is also in english! Easy peasy! We ordered the BBQ soy protein and vegetables with rice and the cutlet style protein with sweet and sour sauce on rice! As per Korean places we were given 5! little side dishes that were all tastey and vegan! All the food was really yummy and enough to make you full without feeling sick or empty!

Should definitely check it out, if I lived in Seoul I'd probably frequent this place. They also sell food there you can take home - cookies, mock meats, etc!

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very reasonably priced! good food. - Edit

We ate there last night. The lady there could speak English and we had a very good time. First dinner in Seoul and the first fully vegan meal in Korea after 3 days of Jeju (we stayed far from the loving hut and temple food so no easily accessible vegan food). Loved the fact that we could order anything on the menu. Reached 8.15pm and the lady told us to hurry as last order is 830pm. Enjoyed the jjajiangmyung and duenjiang stew. Ordered Biji initially but didn't like the taste.

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lovely place! - Edit

it's been about 18 months since I've eaten here, so the place might have changed as I see they've seem to have gotten rid of the loving hut-style information within the restaurant...

to be honest: I had a rather difficult time finding food in Seoul. even at hot pot-tofu places the soups would be chicken soups and I ended up eating boiled tofu in hot water one day...
this place was such a nice treat and a great opportunity to eat proper korean food while still sticking to vegan food. I highly enjoyed everything here even though most of the food was highly unknown to me ;) also, i Loved sitting on the ground at those narrow tables.
great experience!
absolutely recommended!

Pros: location, variety, atmosphere

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rude staff, good location - Edit

I see some mentions below of this being a loving hut restaurant – I don’t think they’re part of it anymore. There’s no signs indicating that they are anyway.
I was finding it difficult to get to using google maps, not realizing gil meant street. If you know that it’s very easy! Just walk down the main insadong shopping street and you’ll see the alley off it labeled insadong 12 gil (Next to insadong 13 gil…). There’s a big banner with vegetarian written on it. It is very near ssamzie.

The atmosphere is nice. I have long legs and couldn’t easily sit at the tables but I liked the traditional feel. The menu has pictures and English. I got the sesame noodle soup. I was going to order a salad too but the waitress walked off. Luckily I didn’t because the meal was huge! Three side dishes (kimchi, pickle and fake meat and cabbage mix) came with it. They were very nice. The soup was a tad bland- maybe I should have asked for chilli, but I guess that’s the style.
I bought some ramen there too. The waitress was a bit brusque but not rude. The woman behind the counter for paying was outright unkind and rude. She snatched my money, served people when I was waiting and didn’t say thank you or smile even when I came back a few minutes later to buy more food. Purely because of her I wouldn’t go back unless I was in that area. The meal was good value – 8000.

Pros: extensive menu, nice side dishes

Cons: rude staff, low tables

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Good variety - Edit

The review is a little late as I visited here in September with my colleagues. Traditional Korean food vegan style that was also enjoyed by my non vegan colleagues. The complementary rice drink was a great hit by me too. The staff was not very friendly and we would have liked some dessert as well but got the feeling that we should go. They also sell vegan canned food wich is great.

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Very nice! - Edit

We stumbled upon this place accidentally looking for something to eat. We arrived at busy moment and were ignored for a while before anyone even said hi. Nobody spoke English, but the menu had good explanations in English. We had dumplings and bbq rolls and they were very good! There are limitless refill on delicious tea. Remember to order rice separately.

The place also sells a variety of vegan products.

Pros: Good food, Inexpensive

Cons: it was very busy, TV's on walls

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Tasty variety open Sunday - Edit

I went on a Sunday and it was open. I believe a lady was saying open 11:30-9pm (not sure about other days). Nice variety of foods. Best directions for me were to get off at exit 6 of Anguk subway station (line 3). Keep walking ahead for about 150 metrrs. Turn left at the GS 25 store which is just near the tourist info booth. Then walk down the busy touristy shopping street for another 150 metres or so. Then turn left into the alley with the blue street sign that says Insadong 12 gil. You can see a pink sign saying Vegan out the front.

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average food, terrible service - Edit

As a vegetarian, I have been eating at various Loving Hut branches for the past 6 years and I was REALLY disappointed with the Insadong branch. The service was terrible and quite stressful.

I have been coming to this restaurant at 3:10 for the past few months. The first time I even called ahead to see if it was okay to order at that time since their break time is 3:30-4:30. They said it was fine, so I continued coming at 3:10 (which is the only time I can come due to my lunch break hours). However one day, the manager randomly yelled at me for arriving at 3:10, saying "why you always come so late! You know our break time!" and how she didn't want any customers to even be inside the restaurant while they were having lunch (even if they customer was already served before 3:30). If they the manager (the lady with the glasses) had just told me no customers after 3:00, I would understand. But to say its okay to come, and then yell at me is really inappropriate and unprofessional.

It was a horrible experience. While I support the vegetarian movement, I am sad to say, I will never visit Loving Hut again.

Pros: vegetarian food available

Cons: manager is VERY rude, terrible attitude

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Overall solid restaurant but nothing stood out. - Edit

Some really good dishes, including the chicken lettuce wraps and the bulgogi. (Vegan versions.) Also a very good pumpkin dish and a huge salad. Worth going if in Seoul.

Pros: good food, good service

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tasty food in a charming space - Edit

The food was very tasty and the price reasonable. The place is also very nice! :-) The only negative point was the service. Maybe the lady was just having a bad day... I don't know... It was fast at least!

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Vegan Restaurant in Insadong!! - Edit

The location of the restaurant in Insadong, in an ally right beside Ssamzigil, couldn't be better... :))
It seems to belong to Loving hut as their materials are displayed there. Also the place was made in traditional Korean style, so you will enjoy your meals sitting on the ground (cushions) and low table. For some people this can be uncomfortable, but I think it's worth experience it.
Every time I have been there, the food and side dishes were from good to very tasty! I hope I can try all their dishes during my stay in Korea. Just the waitress lady is a bit grumpy. Prices are a bit over average ~8000Won, but don't forget, good and healthy food has its price ;)

Pros: location, traditional place, good selection of healthy and tasty food

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Great food, peaceful atmosphere - Edit

I really enjoyed my visit here; it was a bit tough to find since the restaurant is hidden away in an alley, but once inside, it's very comfortable and relaxing. The staff are pretty friendly as well; I can't wait to go back!

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Great Food! - Edit

Korea isn't a very vegetarian country. On top of that, I don't eat onion, garlic, leeks, or chives. With that said...

First off, this place is 100% vegetarian, but they do serve food with those items. However, the menu items are clearly marked (in Korean) if the food can be made with or without those ingredients. I believe the characters for food without those ingredients were 무오신채 and 오신채 meant that it was made with those ingredients.

I love food and korean food is awesome. There are some items that they no longer serve (a bummer) but the selections were still pretty decent ranging from traditional Korean foods like Dwenjang Jjigae all the way to Chinese style dishes. They were pretty good flavor wise and was on the healthy side.

All in all, good food, easy to find, and I'll definitely be going back again. After all, there aren't many places in Korea that accommodates my dietary needs. The only thing is that this place is from Master Ching Hai so there is a constant video going on with her material (put on mute... Or at least I didn't hear much) and sayings laying about. Nothing too annoying but just something to put out there.

Updated from previous review on Saturday December 27, 2014

Pros: Good food/selection, Easy to find

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Very good food, very slow service - Edit

The meal was spicy and flavorful. The seating was a bit uncomfortable for us, and the service was slow. Otherwise, we really enjoyed the meal.

Pros: Great food

Cons: Slow service, Sitting on the floor (for some)

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Loving Hut - Edit

It's another Loving Hut franchise with a slightly more traditional Korean twist, at least in terms of the dining experience.

The food is decent enough and pretty typical of all other Loving Hut locations in Korea. Because it's in Insadong (the most popular tourist area), they have made it a little more "authentic" looking. Under the hood, it is by all other measures a standard Loving Hut.

That said, if you like Loving Hut or you are just looking for a reliable vegan meal in this area, please check this one out. Prices are good and certainly better than some of the other sit-down restaurants in the neighbourhood (due to tourist inflation).

Give it a try.

Pros: Reliably Vegan

Cons: Nothing Groundbreaking or Original

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The best! - Edit

The first time I went looking for this restaurant it took me over an hour. I simply COULD.NOT.FIND.IT.

Luckily, all was forgiven when I finally sat down to enjoy my meal. This is now my favorite vegan restaurant in Seoul. I've been here a few times now and it never disappoints!

They've recently changed their signs and it's easier to spot. Basically if you're at the main shopping center, you want to go to the alley adjacent to it (not on the road side)...go all the way to the end of the alley and you will see the restaurant.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR STROLLERS OUTSIDE....the people who own the restaurant next door love to yell at people who "block" their entrance even if it's not ACTUALLY blocking it.

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Great place - Edit

This place is one of my favorite vegan places in Seoul. It's hard to find actually HEALTHY organic vegan places here and this place is the best for the price!!

Pros: Lots of options , Healthy , Multigrain rice

Cons: No parking

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Very nice place - Edit

I visited this restaurant 3 times when I travelled to Seoul couple of weeks ago. It's on a small side street of very popular Insadong street. It's not really a Loving Hut -restaurant, but it is connected to the same ideology. They also sell vegan food products in their small shop.

Food was good. Even though all the food is not Korean, you can experience the Korean way of eating with all the different side dishes (always including kimchi) served with any main dish you order. Also tea is served for free. They have both very spicy and some quite bland dishes.

Service is really nice and friendly. And I found my Lonely Planet -book there well guarded the next day after I forgot it in the restaurant.

You sit on the floor, so you have to leave your shoes on a shelf when entering the restaurant.

Pros: Good food and service, Vegan, Central location

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Wonderful!! - Edit

I ate a few times at this restuarant. Its located beside Ssazmie-gil. came across this chinese word 尋牛and turn into that street.
Restuarant do serve onion/garlic. Hence, have to tell them specifically. Average meal is around 8000won.
I tried their chinese noodle soup which is on the 1st page of the menu. Its very delicious that i ate the same food back.
They also sell some vegetarian stuff like instant noodle etc.
The only thing is you have to sit on the floor and eat which is the korean style. But i enjoyed thoroughly.
Their side dishes is also delicious. i finish every single food on my plate.

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Good value - not just Korean food - Edit

We ate here twice while in Seoul in Aug 2010. It is not specifically focused on Korean food here; can also get Chinese+ type dishes. Fairly inexpensive compared to the other veggie restaurants in the area. Good food, but nothing super special. It is a Ching Hai Supreme Master restaurant - but not called Loving Hut.

Pros: value, not just Korean food, quick service

Cons: nothing particular special

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Lots of Good Food for a Good Price - Edit

When you're reading the menu and see the pictures of the food, it looks like you're not getting much. However, with the main dish, you get about 5 different side dishes (mostly kimchi) for free--with free refills of those side dishes. So, in reality, you get a large meal for 7000-14000 won (depending on which dish you order--the 7000-8000 won dishes are quite sizable). They use a lot of fake meats, but not all dishes have them. This is up towards the north end of Insadong at the end of a side road to the east of Insadong-Gil (there are other restaurants along this side road). The biggest disadvantage (for some--mainly larger--people) is that the tables are very short and can be hard to sit at.

Pros: good food, convenient location for tourists, lots of side dishes/kimchi

Cons: can be hard for some to sit at tables

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Good, but vegans be careful - Edit

Although they will tell you that everything is vegan, it isn't. I got the company's address off one of the packages of fake meats for sale in another establishment and checked it out. On their English site, ingredients are listed for each product they sell. A lot of them have whey in them. As long as you make up a list of which is which and question carefully, you should be all right. But remember, in this country, things like eggs, pork, ham, and fish are not "meat", so it's not too surprising that "whey" is considered to not be an animal product.

I'm sure that for vegetarians, especially those who like fake meats, this is a fantastic place. But, vegans do need to be more careful.

Pros: clean, friendly, good prices

Cons: whey in some fake meats

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new kid on the block - Edit

this place was great. dishes start at 7000won, and they have a great selection of veg/mock meats and soups.
the restaurant has a nice set up. there is no smoking and no booze.
i am a fan of mock meats and bean curd, so loved this place. it therefore offers something that other insadong eateries don't. give it a try.

Pros: happy staff, mock meats, big selection

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