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239 London Road, Sheffield, England

cafe is too small

23 Oct 2011

too small.small menu, expensive food, poor range of vegan scran.weird new age vibe,too hippy dippy for my liking.
depends who`s on duty, it can be very uncomfortable there if you`re not ok yarr hippy enough
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 04, 2010
i HAVE BEEN ONCE OR TWICE LATELY AND there was a lousy episode, with an employee loudly telling her boyfriend by phone "i [edit by staff]"..abysmal, caught out, and jmust a totally dire response to a kitten in the garden.
Cup of tea with soya milk is always available, the food is not cheap nor, in the main, vegan.

109 Harehills Road, Leeds, England

magnificent spicy samosas

27 Apr 2011

Savouries are out of this world here i have to say.Back in 2008 i spent a fair bit of cash on these when passing by on many occasions.Spicy, fiery, carb filled treats, these samosas are bliss on a plate.

2 St James St, Sheffield, England

its quite good

27 Feb 2011

Blue moon`s been going years now, it used to be a tiny place on norfolk row but now its by the cathedral.Generally good food, with familiar staples such as soup,pasties, and salads, they have various dishes such as the imam fainted, shepherds pie, etc.Vegan cakes are a must!! yes they`re truly ace....staff grumpy on occasion...and i went there on Sat Feb 26th and was actually asked by the serving bloke "do ya mind if i give you a penny less change?"..presumably they were out of penny pieces.
The lovely piece of cake i had set my eyes on was cut in two by a strangely mean newbie on the staff..a tiny morsel for 2 pounds 80 or something..abysmal.....
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 19, 2010
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 26, 2010

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

budget price food

16 Sep 2013

Average sloppy joe type Indian food at a budget cost. Huge chunks of boiled spud in each curry, most of which are utterly tasteless and bland.Tasteless bhajis and a similar potato creation that is utterly unseasoned and tasteless.
Food definitely not great but filling if you are really hungry.

Rua Visconde de Piraja 180, Loja H, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

great food, nice place

14 Apr 2011

This place is on a main road in Ipanema.Great vegan buffet, loads of tofu, excellent desserts, including chocolate cake.Staff friendly, this is a very good place to visit.Just to say that in November last, the owner told me they want to move downtown.Unsure if its moved yet though.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 30, 2010

32 Goodge Street, London, England


25 Aug 2012

A great place for a cheap, varied, vegan Chinese meal, Check out the salads and the endless tofu dishes it rocks here man.

12 Moore Street, Dublin, Ireland

variable service

19 May 2013

We went here twice very recently, first on Thursday May 9th. Service was poor, ther woman was harsh, irritable and grumpy, rudely telling us "it`s a plate, not a buffet" and offering no help at all, even though all the buffet items were unlabelled and we had no clue at all what a strange yellow looking dish actually was. Children ran unchecked around a very noiosy little cafe, we ate the non too inspiring "plates"and left.
Two days later we tried again as there was nowhere else nearby and we had better service, I had a kofta curry, Ana had a paneer dosa, very tasty but very small curry I must say. Service much improved second time. Overall it is just so so.

5 Long Shambles, Chesterfield, England

dreadful service, rude and aggressive.

01 Feb 2013

wENT TO THIS PLACE JUNE 2012, MID PM. Very confusing setup, menu written on a board around 30 yards from where you queue to order. Sorry but they need to sort this out and promptly. Vegan pizza i thought, yeah why not?
Paid 6 pounds plus, got a large plate of lettuce with a tiny triangle of vegan pizza which was not very good. Our food was slammed down on the table by a rotund, ignorant lady. Sadly, the other reviews below are correct..AVOID....

18 Merrion Row, Dublin, Ireland

poor service and average food

19 May 2013

Went in at 7pm Weds May 8th.A lone man staffed the cafe. Cafe looks down at heel, scruffy. We had less than piping hot veggie mashed up nondescript food , and we had later to be told by our waiter "no hot drinks cos our machine is not working." He refused to get me a chai, because coffee machine out of order. A white kettle was clearly visible, but we pursued it no further. Service was really poor and we paid and left.

117 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, Sheffield, England

it`s ok, but no more than ok

01 Feb 2013

I have been here twice, with my wife. That is, we have arrived at the door 6 times, 4 times we were told it is shutting, only to pass by an hr later to see they still have the door open.
Menu not too good, scarcely a thing is vegan.
They do a fine vegan sundae, allegedly in 3 sizes, but staff serving me one fine day, were unable to differentiate between regular and large, charging me top price , ie large price, for a medium one. Something cramped and small about the place.A weird vibe of wartime austerity that is very off putting, walls full of wartime posters. They play Vera L;ynn on cd!!!

Volta do Duche 26, Sintra, Portugal

ok i suppose

22 Jul 2013

Very hot day, went in, asked for a menu. Was told there is no menu and you get what is on offer daily. It is odd but you do not see the food before the food is dished up.
You are told that you gert a stasrter, main, dessert, and "cold tea."
When you get a small glass of the very cold, chamomile type tea, it is almost devoid of taste.
A starter of cold or lukewarm soup. A tiny portion.
Brusque but holier than thou service, give up your heart man..yeah...the head honcho here, she looks quite gruff and no nonsense, that is so no awkward questions get asked, ie why no choice, small portions and high prices?
Main of cool lentil pate with tasty salads, then a dessert that she tries to choose for you and you think oh god why did i come here?
Go elsewhere if you want value for money.....

53 Chesterfield Road, South Yorkshire, UK, Sheffield, England

its not too bad here

14 Apr 2011

new years eve I went there.I was served a delightful dflaky pastry vegan chestnut n mushroom pie, it was heaven, served with carrots etc, but no gravy..so it was dry!!!
Very very odd that no gravy offered.
Cakes n desserts are wonderful...,.try them
PS It seems to have shut down a lately.....
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 27, 2011
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 14, 2011

23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, UK, Leeds, England

vegan anarchy....

27 Apr 2011

..is the philosophy here, thats why its often closed or mysteriously the cafe aint serving despite the joint being open.When they do cook its nice, all vegan and very very cheap.

9 Aldermanbury, Bradford, England

nice vegan buffet

27 Apr 2011

Ive been here stacks of times, before it started off selling meat.
Its currently closed "while we move to a new venue".We await developments with bated breath.

434 Abbeydale Rd, Sheffield, England

Needs to improve.

14 Dec 2014

Went with my wife2 weeks,ago. Cafe half full. It took 45 minutes for them to serve a vegan hotdog, which at 4 quid isvery expensive, plus my pasty "with chips and peas" declared the menu. I got a tiny bowl of McD type fries, a further tiny bowl of mushy peas, and a burnt pasty of vegan cheese with vegan sausage inside it. They need to let customers know the food will be a while but no eye contact, to the point we wondered if we would get fed at all. Soya milk in my tea was vanilla flavoured!! Unbelievable.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland


19 May 2013

Went here 3 times lately, the breakfast was mouthwatering tofu on toast, flavoured so nicely that it waters my mouth just remembering it.Quite expensive, but the desserts, especially raw vegan cheesecakes, are out of this world. Try it for breakfast one day, you`ll love it. It is terribly busy and overcrowdwd at night. Toilets are small and down some narrow stairs, and so you find yourself passing waiters carrying pans etc whilst attempting to negotiate the stairs. How about more wheelchair friendly toilets please?

Hamerlingplatz 2, Vienna, Austria

he will not heat anything

10 Aug 2014

Very very expensive. Some tasty yet cold masala type pasties were available. Four euros, a terribly high price. Whole place is a ripoff in essence.
He will refuse to heat your pasty and I feel that is disgracefully mean. He claimed it is "a little warm still"....that was not what I asked it has to be said.
My wife`s bilberry porridge was cold too and I find that disgusting. His is a profiteering venture, no more than that.

406 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, England

it is ok, serves a purpose i suppose

12 Apr 2013

An overpriced, cramped and smallish wholefood shop, with plenty of canned veg, dry pasta, etc. Frozen goodies, eg the like of Frys vegi sausages, seem common here. It serves a purpose, if I need it I will use it. Not great.

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