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Part of international chain of South Indian vegetarian cuisine restaurants. Serves dosas, idlis, and more. Uses dairy, so let the staff know if you are vegan and do not want yogurt, ghee, or cream, etc. Open Mon-Sat 12:00-22:30, Sun 12:00-22:00.

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27 Sep 2023

Terrible choice for vegans

This restaurant might be vegetarian but if you don’t want a dosa there’s very little (that’s vegan) to eat!!

Only the three soya curries are marked as vegan (somehow the chana masala and aloo gobi contain dairy). Even the plain rice is marked not vegan, however the waiter said it ‘should be’…

I took his word for it and ordered that with the soya makhani. My word it was spicy! The flavour was nice but it was unpleasantly hot, so unless you want a dosa I really don’t recommend this place.

Cons: Few vegan options , Too spicy , No vegan dessert



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05 Jun 2023

Bad experience

Being to many outlets across the globe several times, but the branch in Leicester Square is very poor. The way how staff is behave to the customer was very very bad. And when told them the excuse was made by saying I am a student. I agree that student do part time in resturants but being a student is never made as a excuse in any industry. I think proper training should be given to staff how to behave and do the serving on the plate. From the front house staff to waiter/ waitress was verybad. A cold dosa was served. Asked for a chutney and didn't give a chutney. Me and my family was in a plan to eat out more options but due to the approach from the beginning, we decided to leave. And please teach your staffs to kindly listen to customer's opinion and behave politely and not a lame excuses. Never had an experience at any resturant in the UK. And not going to recommend this branch at all


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01 May 2023

Amazing dosa

I love the dosa they serve there. Its authentic indian and I always go to Saravana Bhavan in any city I visit (if there is one) - i was never disappointed.


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18 Feb 2023

Delicious vegan options

Big menu with many vegan options, clearly indicated. I recommend the onion masala dosa and cowliflower wings. We had to wait a few minutes before getting a table.

Pros: Many vegan options , Great flavours

Cons: Quite busy. People were waiting outside


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05 Feb 2023

Fabulous Experience!

First of, you can tell a great restaurant by the queues outside of it 😂. They don’t take bookings AFAIK so we just turned up and we’re told it’ll be about 10min wait which it was.

Once inside I could immediately tell that the place will be amazing, it was buzzing and everyone looked super excited about their food.

I know this is a chain restaurant but to me the food was absolutely spot on! As a loved of donuts I of course went for the deep fried lentil donuts for a starter and we had a curry to share which we asked to veganise. Dosa was also super yummy!

Overall I thought it was superb. And really affords given the location!


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21 Aug 2022

Beautiful food

I came here with two friends to experience vegan Jain food. We arrived just after opening for lunch and the restaurant filled up quickly. The food was superb, very reasonably priced and the service was excellent. Particularly liked the sambala and sauces.


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Mostly Veg
28 Jun 2022

Couldn't seat me, too busy, told me to wait outside for half hour

On the one hand it's a good sign that the restaurant was packed at 8pm. But even though there were seats outside, they'd designated them as the waiting area and weren't serving people outside.

Pros: Indians eating in this Indian.

Cons: Waiting time.


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28 Mar 2022

South Indian food is the best

You know the food must be good if the place is packed with Indian people. I'm from the Netherlands and our Indian restaurants don't resemble the real deal a whole lot (so much meat while in India most is vegetarian). Anyway very happy to be able to have a masala dosa again😄

Pros: South Indian food!, need I say more?, ... dosa!


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02 Jan 2022

Atrocious service, food bland, overpriced

I was really excited to eat here after seeing this all-vegetarian place with plenty of clearly labelled vegan options but sadly left feeling disappointed, hungry and out-of-pocket. I’m not one for writing bad reviews but vegans might want to avoid…

Food: ordered the mini uthappams in a variety of flavours/toppings. The food was really nicely presented. However, that was about the only positive. The food itself was quite bland even with the various toppings. They all tasted more or less the same. You definitely needed the dips, but the dips were nothing amazing. The portion was too small for the price paid also. Overall: disappointing.

Service: the worst part of our experience. We were told the waiting time for a table was 10 minutes but waited outside in the cold with a baby for more like 25 minutes. Once inside and seated, they took AN HOUR to take our drink orders let alone food. With a 1 year old, sitting waiting for so long was not ideal.
Once the food arrived, we were missing part of the order and what we had didn’t match the description on the menu. We were served uthappams topped with something that looked like Nutella. We double-checked if it was all vegan. The waitress was incredibly rude and did not swap our incorrect meals with a ‘too bad’ attitude. I will add we were nothing but very polite and friendly at all times to the staff. She told us we should have specified we wanted it vegan, despite the item being labelled vegan on the menu. This is seriously bad, particularly considering the bad intolerances of members of our group. Nowhere on the menu said we should specify vegan. The waitress did not apologise and instead then said that what we were served was vegan (we have some reason to doubt that with the initial reaction when we said we were vegan and mismatch to menu). Instead of being apologetic, she said, “next time you need to tell us FIRST” in a very condescending tone. I was a bit taken aback by the rudeness and it really ruined any enjoyment the already-bland food. There was a general unfriendly, cold and miserable vibe from the entire team of staff and we felt very unwelcome.

Restaurant: Very cramped, no social distancing, you couldn’t fully pull out your chair due to the closeness of other tables. Not very accessible if you have a wheelchair or pushchair. No disabled toilet or baby changing

We will certainly not be returning. I hope this restaurant greatly improves on its customer service, food, prices and vegan considerations

Pros: Interesting options and presentation

Cons: Atrocious service, long waiting times, rude staff, Overpriced bland food, not filling, Too cramped


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06 Dec 2021

Consistently good, authentic Indian

I love this restaurant chain. They have many venues globally and is favoured by / caters mostly to Indian expat community which is why the food is so good and authenitic. They make seriously good dosas. My go to is usually a masala dosa. I have ordered it in Saravana Bhavan in London, Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, Doha etc and it has always been consistently excellent.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-17


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20 Oct 2019


First time eating proper Indian food and it exceeded my expectations. Even my mom, who had been to India for over six months thought it was incredible. I highly recommend eating here


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13 Oct 2019

One of the best Indian food we had

We've been in India and had a lot of india food and this is one of the best restaurants we've tried
This is the first time i tried a fresh, hot gulab jamun!!


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27 Sep 2019

Very nice food

Very Vegen friendly with each dish if you ask them. Nice staff.


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28 May 2019

Great South Indian food

You should go here if you crave for South Indian food. We ordered vadas, parothas and korma and it was great. The North Indian food we had, channa masala and palak paneer, was however, not good at all.


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20 Dec 2018

Great food, terrible service

We ordered two mains, two sides and two drinks. Both sides and one drink were forgotten (so half of our entire order). They brought us a side we didn't order and tried to charge us for it. I had to ask 4 times to get a glass of water. By the time our actual sides came the mains were almost cold. It was also quite a cramped environment to eat in.

This is all a shame because the food was really good mixed heritage Asian, with plenty of choice on the menu and marked up vegan dishes.

Pros: Really good food, Clearly marked vegan options

Cons: Very poor service , Cramped restaurant

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