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Serves meat, vegan options available. "Alternative diner" and pizzeria that's part of the Premarche Organics group. Offers pasta, pizza, burgers as well as taco rice and curry bowls. Has soy meat burger. Pizza and pasta can both be served vegan. Last orders for dine-in 7:30pm and takeout/delivery 8pm Thur-Mon; 2pm and 2:30pm respectively on Tue. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm. Closed Wed.

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First Review by kat.ross


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19 Feb 2024


Had the Japanese Businessman burger and the Wheat Gluten Patty burger. Both were delicious but preferred the Businessman burger. Were hoping to try the pizza however appeared to be a dinner only option



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09 Jan 2024

Excellent restaurant on the second floor

The vegan burgers were excellent, and the vegan cheesecake and chocolate cake were also very good. For one of us, the vegan burger was almost too realistic. For another of us they were the best he has ever had. And as a bonus, on the ground floor underneath the restaurant is a chocolate shop! When we visited, there was no pizza on the menu. 


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04 Jan 2024

wanted pizza

i originally came here without checking they have a menu for lunch (until 3pm) then close, and have a menu for dinner (from 5pm) i was a little disappointed because i didn’t wanted to eat a hamburger and the other options didn’t excite me as much, i was so wrong, the burger is so so so nice, i would def come back, i ordered the pinapple avo one in my opinion one of the best i’ve tried, fealt really homemade and all flavors merged very well.

the place is;
🌱easy to find
🌱not as expensive as other places (¥2250) ~burger and dessert~
🌱 staff is kind and helpful (i asked for pizza and later on they offered me frozen take out, i had to keep traveling so i had to say no)
🌱only waited 10 min and the place was full when i arrived
🌱accepts card
🌱they close 3PM so you kinda have to hurry to have at least one hour to eat

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-04

Pros: ambient/atmosphere was nice, good options (gluten free, “muslim options”), staff really kind

Cons: they close for two hours and reopen, you kinda can’t order smth from outta hours menu, couldn’t manage to order only burger, had to set


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29 Dec 2023

Delicious vegan pizza!

Very pleasantly surprised with the vegan margarita pizza and abundance of vegan options. The pizza was 10/10! Fries were a bit too oily for my liking, but still tasty.

Pros: Vegan Margarita pizza, Delivery on UberEats

Cons: Chips too oily


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01 Nov 2023

Good pizza and dessert

Had a great dinner and dessert here, delicious pizza and cheesecake. Not an entirely vegan restaurant unfortunately

Pros: Options, Alcohol

Cons: Not vegan or vegetarian , Sold meat


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11 Oct 2023

Great food

*Make sure to walk on up to the second floor as the chocolate cafe closes early.*
Had dinner one day (2 pizzas and cheesecake) and lunch the next (2 burgers). Enjoyed everything although the wait for dinner did take a while so not good if you're in a rush. Favourite would be the Korean pizza however pizzas are only available at dinner time.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-11

Pros: Amazing pizzas, Good burgers, Easy to order vegan

Cons: Not purely vegan, Access via stairs- reduced assessability


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28 Sep 2023

Not great

Staff friendly on contact. Nice to bring us icy water as were both melting in the heat.
We had a burger apiece, sadhu burger had little punch, fell apart, really soggy. Appalling to see the menu offering 100 per cent beef patty replacement if you want, while definitely posing as a vegan cafe, how disgusting. Really sad and disappointed.
Dessert was good, cheesecake.
Never again for the duplicity.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-11

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Deceitful, Omni joint posing as vegan cafe, Rubbish burger


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09 Sep 2023

Burger wasn’t great

Had the regular soy burger. It’s not constructed very well - the patty fell apart, there were so many sauces that everything was dripping, and the bun became soggy. The taste was fine, but after a few bites it became too soggy. Everything else on the menu looks good, I saw people around me eating other things that looked better. But I saw so many recommendations of the burger so I thought it was a safe option, but it really wasn’t.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Portion sizes are good

Cons: Burger was soggy and fell apart


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19 Jul 2023

Good burgers and pizza

Excellent curry burger and margherita pizza. Would have eaten there again if we had stayed in Kyoto longer. So delicious!


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14 Jul 2023

Excellent burgers

Great burgers, and they have dessert options!!

Pros: Dessert options , Takeout / UberEATS friendly


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20 Jun 2023

Amazing burgers

This is a pretty cool place. Nice, natural decor. Every menu item is vegan by default, but they add at the bottom, that the vegan cheese and patty can be changed to non-vegan cheese and beef patty. I think for now this is the way forward. Whenever I take my friends to a place like this, they opt for vegan 9/10 times. Hubby did the same.

Now, the food… I tried a Korean style burger with kimchi on it. Perfect flavour balance, crunchy and just pure junk food heaven. Nice size burger, the garlic ships were crispy and getting hummus instead of tomato sauce is just perfect. The hummus was a curry hummus by the way, great idea!

Hubby tried the Japanese Businessman, which is a more traditional burger with the regular toppings.

The portion was big enough, it filled me up after a whole day of sightseeing.


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04 Jun 2023

Amazing number of vegan dishes

Plenty of choice across burgers, pizzas, salad. We had pizza and were really impressed. The fries were also delicious. Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Lots of choice, Tasty food , Polite staff

Cons: Some items sold out


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02 Jun 2023

Very good

Really good burgers. They come with sone salad, which I appreciated. Portions are good, not too big, not too small. Homemade soft drinks are also nice.

Pros: Many vegan options, Tasty


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22 May 2023

Great food and nice atmosphere

I really liked the style of the restaurant and it has a good selection of food. Ordering through a QR code made things very easy. I went early at 17:30 and there weren't many guests and so got my food quickly and I really liked it! Can definitely recommend going here if you are in the area - or even when you are not 😊

Pros: All vegan by default, Good selection, Nice atmosphere


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Mostly Veg
13 May 2023

A Lot of Tasty, Vegan Options

Premarche is one of our mandatory stops when in Kyoto. You cannot go wrong with the Thai vegan pizza or the vegan burgers. Don’t for get to grab a vegan choco-chip cookie before leaving!

Pros: Options , Taste , Quality


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14 Apr 2023

Nice but slow

Nice and tasty selection of gluten free main and desert options and vegan "meat" options like burgers.
Service was incredibly slow. So I wouldn't advice if you're in a hurry. It took over an hour to be seated, and an over an hour to have our food from ordering and it came separately.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-14

Pros: Lots for Vegans to choose, Lots of Gluten free options, Friendly and casual staff

Cons: Took over an hour , Very busy need reservation, Cannot eat together as meals come at separately


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11 Apr 2023

Great vegan lunch set

The food here was very nice - we all had vegan burgers but swapped in mozzarella instead of vegan cheese. It came with a delicious little starter of tiny salads. The location was handy (near Nijo Castle) although a bit confusing as Premarche have several premises in the same area, so we initially saw a closed shop and thought it had closed down. Luckily not! The first 15 minutes was spent navigating a tough-going QR code ordering system. But overall this was really good.

Pros: Excellent quality food - very fresh, Child friendly

Cons: Location a bit confusing, QR Code ordering


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15 Mar 2023

Opposite concept, vegan restaurant with meat options

The concept is very handy in a situation where you want to eat together with inveterate carnivores. Food was delicious with reasonable price.
Don't forget to left a review on various networks. Show it while you paying and you will get a free cookie!

Pros: Taste, Vibe, Staff


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21 Feb 2023

Vegan by default

All dishes come vegan by default. Burgers are very delicious and a great filling lunch. Bigger than other vegan burgers you get in Japan.
Bowls, Pasta and Pizza are also available, Pizza only for dinner tho.
Easy to order through QR Code and no need to worry about communication mistakes with your order.
Get the chocolate cake, small but filling and super delicious!

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Burger bigger than usual in Japan, Yummy chocolate cake (small tho)


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25 Oct 2022

Vegan pizza was delicious

I think this was the best vegan pizza I’ve ever eaten.

Pros: Delicious vegan pizza


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23 Jun 2022

Nice food and staff

A nice variety of vegan and vegetarian food. The Lunchset I had had a variety of delicious food, I in particular liked the Burger sauce (Kitchen Barbarian). The stuff was very friendly.

Pros: Lots of vegan options which is not very common , Friendly staff, Good tasting food

Cons: A little expensive for the portion of food


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22 May 2022

lots of vegan options

Really unusual for a non-vegan restaurant in that virtually everything comes as vegan by default (i.e. Non-vegans would have to specifically request to swap the vegan meats and cheeses to animal based ones).

The entrance was a bit confusing. It seemed like the ground floor was being newly renovated and was very empty. You have to go up a flight of stairs at the back to get to the restaurant.

I had the "Golden Jim" burger. The flavour was good but the patty was very soft and mushy. The fries were nice and crispy.
We didn't intend to have dessert as well but the waitress pounced on us mid meal to upsell their parfits and we felt pressured to order one. It was delicious but we ended up spending a bit more than we intended to.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-22

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Stylish interior.

Cons: A bit expensive , Felt pressured to order a dessert


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04 Sep 2021

Delicious food for reasonable price

Plenty of vegetarian/vegan options, they also serve meat, so great place for people with different preferences. I got a lunch set (1550yen): tempeh burger which was a bit sweet but still really good, fried potatoes and an appetizer salad which was very delicious. My non-veg friend got a falafel bowl and was really satisfied. We also got some gelato for dessert though we didn't see it being a part of a lunch set. Overall great experience, friendly and English-speaking staff.


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14 Aug 2020

Really Tasty!

**Thai pizza is great, too! 😊
I had the vegan fish burger set the previous reviewer recommended, and loved it! The fries had a sprinkling of curry powder, with hummus on the side—very delicious! For Gelato picks, I had “Belgium Chocolate with Dutch Cacao” and “Finest Sicilian Pistachio” which we’re both ultra creamy and divine! There were 8 vegan choices, and they let me try as many as I wanted before choosing. I ordered the added drink special and had the hot soy cappuccino at the end, for a total of ¥1980. Given how filling, the variety, along with the inclusion of dessert and coffee, I thought this to be an excellent deal compared with other similar Kyoto venues. Free WiFi, comfortable seating, and bright space. Definitely new Kyoto favorite!


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04 Aug 2020

Won’t return

Vegan margarita pizza came out cold and soggy. Flavours were great but served poorly. Soy chicken pieces were great - only meal we enjoyed. Pasta was ok only because it was hot. Otherwise very plain and lacking in flavours. Incredibly expensive for what we got but I guess that’s how it goes ordering Italian food in japan. Won’t return and don’t recommend unfortunately.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Polite service

Cons: Poorly served meals , Lacking flavour


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20 Jul 2020

Lots of options but food is Disappointing

Had the vegan fish burger with some fries. Burger was soggy and the fish patty dry and not a lot of flavor, fries are 300yen for maybe 6 fries 😅

Maybe because it was 2h before closing, but I was kind of disappointed.


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03 Jul 2020

Very good Western - style food !

The room is very calm and is in a little covered street.
The lady who served me was very friendly and asked if I preferred English or Japanese before explaining everything to me.
Everything I had was very good !

Pros: clear vegan options , tasty food

Cons: expensive

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