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20-26 Edge St, Manchester, England, M4 1HN

Vegan cafe, bar, grocery and record store. An all-vegan junk food diner serving burgers, hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, drinks and much more. Also has sweet treats made-on-site by Tender Vegan Bakery. Previously 'V Revolution' on Oldham Street, moved to it's new, larger premises in November 2016. Now also serves fries and a range of alcoholic drinks. Gluten Free available. Open Tue-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm. Kitchen shuts 9pm.

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First Review by CottageCupcakeCo

UPDATED Best vegan burger I've ever had - Edit


Many years ago my friend and I tasted a vegan burger that was so good that to this day we still compare every burger we eat to it. Nothing has ever beaten it... until now! As soon as I tasted a V Revolution burger today I text my friend to let know her that I've found somewhere that beats "that burger".
A small but perfect menu, this is the ideal place for quality vegan "junk" food that is actually full of flavour and clearly made with love. I had the barbecue burger, complete with 'bacon', 'cheese', coleslaw and crispy onions. On the side, a chocolate milkshake that my non vegan husband declared to be the most perfect milkshake he's ever had. Make sure you have room for a piece of cake as dessert - I had the lime and coconut cake (sublime frosting) and my husband had the rhubarb and custard cake. Both were incredible. I wasn't expecting much and was blown away. Highly recommend.

UPDATE (minus one star)

I've now visited the new premises 4 times and can report back the food is as amazing as ever (though the doughnuts/brownies aren't anywhere near as good as the big slices of cake they used to sell). The customer service however is just plain bad. An hour wait for a burger and fries is completely unacceptable and needs addressing. So many mistakes made, every time I've visited you've got an order wrong. I will keep coming back for the food and am just praying the service improves, because it's really letting the place down. I should probably add, I've worked front of house in restaurants for almost 20 years, so hoping my opinion is at least considered.

Pros: Quality vegan "junk" food that tastes as g, Very reasonable price for the Northern Quarter, Great alternative music and vibe

Cons: Very slow service

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Excellent own-made food! - Edit

The food is incredibly delicious and experimental. Very glad of the switch to making their own patties and they have some good beers. Not too far out the city centre so good for a pre-gig dinner.

Pros: Food, Beer/drink options

Cons: Cake i had once was a bit dry, Bit pricey

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Inconsistent and often disappointing since moving to the new establishment. - Edit

Once a faultless establishment now a very inconsistent and often disappointing place that you cant rely on. Prices have rocketed and seem very thoughtless, for example it costs £3-£4 for a whole tray of loaded fries which is good yet they charge £2 extra to get the toppings of loaded fries on the small portion that already comes with your burger. Burger prices vary far too much for the sake of having a couple of extra topping in and the cheaper end are still far too expensive considering you could double up (get two burger pattys) a burger for less at the old place. Some of the staff dont seem to care at all for their job although a few are very polite, kind and attentive. Food is often late and has been served cold a few times which is just not on when you are paying premium. The quality of the burgers has differed every single time I have visited so I am unsure of what I am going to get when I order which makes me want to steer clear of them altogether to avoid being disappointed. Overall im just very sad to see a place that had it all get greedy and loose their charm with the complete overhaul of moving to a new place. That being said I will still continue to support them in hopes that they make some big changes to get the place as good as it used to be.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-05

Pros: Lovely interior, Couple of polite and kind staff, Cakes are usually very good

Cons: Inconsistency of food, staff and service, Thoughtless Pricing, Lost its charm

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Gets better & better! - Edit

I've been to the new premises a few times now & it gets better & better. Such a relaxed atmosphere with an excellent, varied menu. I've tried a couple of the 'beef' burgers & the 'hotdogs' & the 'chicken' & I haven't been disappointed by any of it! The price is so reasonable as well & the staff are all really friendly & laid back. I also really like how the diner advocates veganism with artwork but in a subtle & stylish way. The only thing I would say is it would be great to have the bakery more involved on the menu, or more visible in some way. I know the bakery is there due to following on fb/insta/twitter, but some people who visit may not be aware of it. Keep up the good work! Everyone I know who has visited has loved it. Can't wait to come back already :)

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Vegan Diner - Edit

Even vegan need junk food. I had a great burger (chicken like) with good fries. The hipster staff was nice. Would definitvely go back when in Manchester.

Pros: Lots of choices, Drinks options, Fair price

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good food - Edit

Decent food when it's open, could benefit from more vegetables in the 'salads' and on the burgers, poor customer service always very busy so go early to get a table, be prepared to go somewhere else.

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unusual and delicious - Edit

Really worth a visit. Have tried a couple different 'chicken' burgers, just had the satay away burger which was amazing.

Friendly staff, diner vibe

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Get in Mah Belly! - Edit

I have been dying to go to an American fast food style vegan place for ages. Finally I got to chow down on a scrumptious sloppy burger instead of a generic chickpea pattie.
My meal consisted of deep fried pickled with ranch dip, a Barbecute without the "E" burger and a rose custard donut which was so gravid with filling that it would have knocked someone out had I decided to throw it.
Be prepared to wait for a table, have things run out from time to time due to demand and as my omni bf commented "I feel like I'm back in primary school with this colour scheme and bucket seats" but also be prepared to want to go back and eat even more of the things.

Pros: All vegan, Great menu , All gender bathrooms

Cons: Waiting times, Colour scheme, Stock issues

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good vegan junk food in a cool venue - Edit

This is a nice place with a completely different feel to the old venue where they were before. The options are better than before the move and the food is now home made rather than purchased and cooked. Had one of the chicken burgers with vegan mayo and salad and it came in a pretzel bun with chips. The chicken was great - seitan in batter - yum! Also had the cookies and cream shake which was good too! My only bit of feedback is that it was hard to eat - in a funny little plastic basket and with plastic cutlery which meant I couldn't cut the bun properly without spilling everything all the time. I think serving on a plate wouldn't be a bad idea. Cool place, good food - would recommend!

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Mixed feelings - Edit

I really want to love this place but I am disappointed every time I go!

The burgers are good. They have recently invested a lot into the business with new premises etc and it shows. I recommend the BBQ burger, fries and fried pickles. It's not the best I've had but it's the best you'll get in the area. The desserts aren't that great (dry cake and cookies) but the ice cream and shakes are good. The décor and artwork is cool and I like the gender neutral toilet.

However the SERVICE... I've never had anything worse. The staff are idle and wander around avoiding customers. Last time I was there it took me 40 mins to get a coffee (at a quiet time, there were about 3 tables occupied in addition to myself). They forget to bring menus, cutlery, card reader, there's mistakes on the bill, they bring the wrong drinks and tell you the wrong wi-fi password... believe me it lives up to its reputation.

There are always several items off the menu which they continually blame on "the supplier". Their social media presence can be hostile towards complaints and feedback.

Pros: Burgers

Cons: Service, Dessert

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Awesome food and even better staff - Edit

Finally got round to eating at the new spot in Mcr NQ. although there was a long wait of 40mins, its was well worth it and its always good to see vegan spots busy, plis it was a saturday night so it was expected. We went for a quick wander, but there is a small drinks bar to make time go quicker.
We were served by Shay, who was lovely, very friendly and made us feel at home. She recommened the Barbecute without the E burger and was cool to change the 'beef' pattie to 'chicken', it was unbelievable. And they now do FRIES!!!!! We also got the mac and cheese which is so so good!!! Price is reasonable too
The food is unreal, pace yourself, I got over excited and hit a real bad food coma.

Pros: food, atmosphere, staff, decor, price, music

Cons: missus kept banging her head on the low lights (no

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Excellent fried chicken and doughnuts! - Edit

I am conflicted writing this review as I have so much respect and admiration for a 100% vegan business, but I feel that I also have to write an honest review about my experience. I have eaten many times at both the old venue and the newly relocated restaurant, which is now much bigger, licensed and gives a similar vibe to the other restaurant bars in the Northern Quarter.
I will begin my review with the good... the menu offers a mouthwatering array of burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and sides - the fried chicken is a favourite, and impressively made in house. I also love the pretzel buns... a really delicious touch. For pudding, there are different cakes on offer everyday, usually a doughnut, brownie / cheesecake, cookie and toaster tart. I can genuinely say the best doughnut I have ever had was a maple-bacon one I had just before Christmas, which was utterly divine. It is phenominal to feel so torn when choosing a sweet, and it certainly helps repress all the painful memories of limp fruit salads I've had in less vegan-friendly establishments. Drinks-wise, there is an extensive menu, with lots of soft drinks, cocktails and craft beers to choose from. I love Club Mate, so I am pleased to see it has recently been added to the menu, plus there is now a non-alcoholic beer, which went down a treat. I hope they introduce mocktails too, as these would be lovely to drink in the evening. Lots of thought and care has gone into the menu and to have a place like V Rev in the middle of Manchester is very special indeed.
Now on to the not so good... or areas for improvement. A lot of the waiting staff seem to be incredibly inexperienced and service can be slow. During my most recent visit I was served by five different people, which was confusing, and I wasn't surprised to see mistakes on my bill (which the owner quickly rectified). The milkshakes are hit or miss, they are either really thick and creamy or watery and noticeably lacking ice cream - this has happened on three separate occasions. If there is no ice cream available I wish I could be informed when placing my order so I can choose another drink. Finally, one of my bugbears is cold chips and despite being slathered with delicious toppings, my loaded fries have always come lukewarm at best.
I think that these issues will be ironed out as the business settles in their new location and I will certainly continue to indulge myself with their glorious vegan junk food.

Pros: 100% vegan, Reasonably priced, Good menu choice

Cons: Inexperienced servers, Inconsistent quality

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Love the new place - Edit

I see why some might complain about the busy atmosphere but in comparison to the last venue, I found it a lot more welcoming and we were approached by a member of staff as soon as we walked in. (Note: we arrived at around 1-ish so it was the busiest, I would advise leaving it a little later like 2-ish as we found it to be quieter)

I just love this place now, the extension of it means I will defo be going more often now!! Love the milkshakes as always :))

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-17

Pros: 100% vegan, Large menu, Lots of seating

Cons: Can be busy

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Disappointing service - Edit

I was really excited to try this place out as I went vegan when I moved away from Manchester and had never been to a Vegan restaurant before. We went on the 23rd of December and it was really busy since they had an incident in the morning and were able to open 2 hours later than normal.

We arrived and were told all the hotdogs and gluten free burgers were unavailable (my sister has coeliacs) so she ended up just getting some loaded fries. We had to wait 45 minutes total for our food once we ordered but the food came out bit by bit. The food was pretty good but the entire experience was really disappointing. Perhaps it was just a bad day for them but an apology for the terrible service would have been nice.

Pros: Vegan, Nice vibe, Decent food

Cons: Terrible service

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New and slightly-improved - Edit

I've eaten at the "old" V.Rev on Oldham Street several times so I was very much looking forward to trying their much-trumpeted new-and-improved incarnation.

In fact the premises on Edge Street are nice, and they've clearly spent a lot of money fitting out the place. (Note - I shouldn't have to ask for your free wifi password. Either leave it completely open or print the password on bottom of the menu like everyone else does.) However it still has a very cliquey atmosphere, it's quite dark and dingy at the back, and I can't imagine many non-vegans will find it particularly welcoming.

The menu hasn't really changed much. Their hotdogs are good, and their chkn seitan food is great. Glad to see too that chips are now included with the burgers, rather than being a separate, side dish as they were previously. However, the "Pizza My Heart" burger is one of the worst things I've ever eaten. It was tough and bland, and topped with some gross not-mozzarella and a fake pepperoni nonsense that tasted like rubber bands. I won't be trying that one again.

I don't want to throw too much of a downer on the place though. It is the only proper, vegan, fast food joint in town and I applaud what they're doing. They just need to up their game a bit.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-31

Pros: One-of-a-kind vegan fast food restaurant, Prices are very reasonable.

Cons: Stick to the hotdogs and chkn, Sort out the wifi, Be more welcoming!

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Best vegan food in the country! - Edit

The new V Rev is even better than the old one, and I went to the old one every time I was in Manchester.

The new premises are smart, with the addition of a kitchen and a bar and - beautifully - gender neutral toilets. It's punk-rock ethics gone pro!

I had the Buffalo The Vampire Slayer burger and it was out of this world. And now they do actual fries (as well as all the other stuff I didn't have time or space to sample - like booze and cakes) it's worth the moderate increase in price. You will not get a better vegan burger.

I am gushing cos I want these guys to do really well. They deserve it and YOUR MOUTH DESERVES THEIR FOOD!

Best. Vegan food. In the country.

Pros: Seriously amazing soul food., Decent value., Incredibly inventive menu.

Cons: No longer dirt-cheap, cos it's better now!

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Vegan Diner - Edit

First visit to the "new" VRev and it was great. The food was much like the previous menu but with a bar. It doesnt have the shop anymore and is very much just a diner. You enter and wait to be seated and then there is table service. There was a little wait to order and for food, but no more than to be expected on a weekend midafternoon in Manchester City Centre. I think maybe things could be a little bit better organised with servers on areas and a greeter, but it is still a small independent business. The food is well priced and everything seems to come with the VRev fries which are AMAZING. There were beautiful looking cakes too but we were too full to possibly have cake. When we were leaving they were asking to take people phone numbers and call them back as there was a 40-80min wait, so if you are travelling up for evening meal might be best to ring and book a table?

Pros: Great looking, yummy food, very clean

Cons: could be more organised, with time

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Fantastic Vegan Restaurant - Edit

First visit to new v.rev it was even better than I had thought, fantastic food and great staff will be going back many more times ?x

Pros: Food , Drinks, Staff

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