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V Rev Vegan Diner

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20-26 Edge St, Manchester, England, M4 1HN

Vegan cafe, bar, grocery and record store. An all-vegan junk food diner serving burgers, hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, drinks and much more. Also has sweet treats made-on-site by Tender Vegan Bakery. Previously 'V Revolution' on Oldham Street, moved to it's new, larger premises in November 2016. Now also serves fries and a range of alcoholic drinks. Gluten Free available. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm. Kitchen shuts 9pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Western, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Bakery

Reviews (76)

First Review by CottageCupcakeCo

Mixed feelings - Edit

I really want to love this place but I am disappointed every time I go!

The burgers are good. They have recently invested a lot into the business with new premises etc and it shows. I recommend the BBQ burger, fries and fried pickles. It's not the best I've had but it's the best you'll get in the area. The desserts aren't that great (dry cake and cookies) but the ice cream and shakes are good. The décor and artwork is cool and I like the gender neutral toilet.

However the SERVICE... I've never had anything worse. The staff are idle and wander around avoiding customers. Last time I was there it took me 40 mins to get a coffee (at a quiet time, there were about 3 tables occupied in addition to myself). They forget to bring menus, cutlery, card reader, there's mistakes on the bill, they bring the wrong drinks and tell you the wrong wi-fi password... believe me it lives up to its reputation.

There are always several items off the menu which they continually blame on "the supplier". Their social media presence can be hostile towards complaints and feedback.

Pros: Burgers

Cons: Service, Dessert

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Awesome food and even better staff - Edit

Finally got round to eating at the new spot in Mcr NQ. although there was a long wait of 40mins, its was well worth it and its always good to see vegan spots busy, plis it was a saturday night so it was expected. We went for a quick wander, but there is a small drinks bar to make time go quicker.
We were served by Shay, who was lovely, very friendly and made us feel at home. She recommened the Barbecute without the E burger and was cool to change the 'beef' pattie to 'chicken', it was unbelievable. And they now do FRIES!!!!! We also got the mac and cheese which is so so good!!! Price is reasonable too
The food is unreal, pace yourself, I got over excited and hit a real bad food coma.

Pros: food, atmosphere, staff, decor, price, music

Cons: missus kept banging her head on the low lights (no

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Excellent fried chicken and doughnuts! - Edit

I am conflicted writing this review as I have so much respect and admiration for a 100% vegan business, but I feel that I also have to write an honest review about my experience. I have eaten many times at both the old venue and the newly relocated restaurant, which is now much bigger, licensed and gives a similar vibe to the other restaurant bars in the Northern Quarter.
I will begin my review with the good... the menu offers a mouthwatering array of burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and sides - the fried chicken is a favourite, and impressively made in house. I also love the pretzel buns... a really delicious touch. For pudding, there are different cakes on offer everyday, usually a doughnut, brownie / cheesecake, cookie and toaster tart. I can genuinely say the best doughnut I have ever had was a maple-bacon one I had just before Christmas, which was utterly divine. It is phenominal to feel so torn when choosing a sweet, and it certainly helps repress all the painful memories of limp fruit salads I've had in less vegan-friendly establishments. Drinks-wise, there is an extensive menu, with lots of soft drinks, cocktails and craft beers to choose from. I love Club Mate, so I am pleased to see it has recently been added to the menu, plus there is now a non-alcoholic beer, which went down a treat. I hope they introduce mocktails too, as these would be lovely to drink in the evening. Lots of thought and care has gone into the menu and to have a place like V Rev in the middle of Manchester is very special indeed.
Now on to the not so good... or areas for improvement. A lot of the waiting staff seem to be incredibly inexperienced and service can be slow. During my most recent visit I was served by five different people, which was confusing, and I wasn't surprised to see mistakes on my bill (which the owner quickly rectified). The milkshakes are hit or miss, they are either really thick and creamy or watery and noticeably lacking ice cream - this has happened on three separate occasions. If there is no ice cream available I wish I could be informed when placing my order so I can choose another drink. Finally, one of my bugbears is cold chips and despite being slathered with delicious toppings, my loaded fries have always come lukewarm at best.
I think that these issues will be ironed out as the business settles in their new location and I will certainly continue to indulge myself with their glorious vegan junk food.

Pros: 100% vegan, Reasonably priced, Good menu choice

Cons: Inexperienced servers, Inconsistent quality

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Love the new place - Edit

I see why some might complain about the busy atmosphere but in comparison to the last venue, I found it a lot more welcoming and we were approached by a member of staff as soon as we walked in. (Note: we arrived at around 1-ish so it was the busiest, I would advise leaving it a little later like 2-ish as we found it to be quieter)

I just love this place now, the extension of it means I will defo be going more often now!! Love the milkshakes as always :))

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-17

Pros: 100% vegan, Large menu, Lots of seating

Cons: Can be busy

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Disappointing service - Edit

I was really excited to try this place out as I went vegan when I moved away from Manchester and had never been to a Vegan restaurant before. We went on the 23rd of December and it was really busy since they had an incident in the morning and were able to open 2 hours later than normal.

We arrived and were told all the hotdogs and gluten free burgers were unavailable (my sister has coeliacs) so she ended up just getting some loaded fries. We had to wait 45 minutes total for our food once we ordered but the food came out bit by bit. The food was pretty good but the entire experience was really disappointing. Perhaps it was just a bad day for them but an apology for the terrible service would have been nice.

Pros: Vegan, Nice vibe, Decent food

Cons: Terrible service

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New and slightly-improved - Edit

I've eaten at the "old" V.Rev on Oldham Street several times so I was very much looking forward to trying their much-trumpeted new-and-improved incarnation.

In fact the premises on Edge Street are nice, and they've clearly spent a lot of money fitting out the place. (Note - I shouldn't have to ask for your free wifi password. Either leave it completely open or print the password on bottom of the menu like everyone else does.) However it still has a very cliquey atmosphere, it's quite dark and dingy at the back, and I can't imagine many non-vegans will find it particularly welcoming.

The menu hasn't really changed much. Their hotdogs are good, and their chkn seitan food is great. Glad to see too that chips are now included with the burgers, rather than being a separate, side dish as they were previously. However, the "Pizza My Heart" burger is one of the worst things I've ever eaten. It was tough and bland, and topped with some gross not-mozzarella and a fake pepperoni nonsense that tasted like rubber bands. I won't be trying that one again.

I don't want to throw too much of a downer on the place though. It is the only proper, vegan, fast food joint in town and I applaud what they're doing. They just need to up their game a bit.

Updated from previous review on 2016-12-31

Pros: One-of-a-kind vegan fast food restaurant, Prices are very reasonable.

Cons: Stick to the hotdogs and chkn, Sort out the wifi, Be more welcoming!

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Best vegan food in the country! - Edit

The new V Rev is even better than the old one, and I went to the old one every time I was in Manchester.

The new premises are smart, with the addition of a kitchen and a bar and - beautifully - gender neutral toilets. It's punk-rock ethics gone pro!

I had the Buffalo The Vampire Slayer burger and it was out of this world. And now they do actual fries (as well as all the other stuff I didn't have time or space to sample - like booze and cakes) it's worth the moderate increase in price. You will not get a better vegan burger.

I am gushing cos I want these guys to do really well. They deserve it and YOUR MOUTH DESERVES THEIR FOOD!

Best. Vegan food. In the country.

Pros: Seriously amazing soul food., Decent value., Incredibly inventive menu.

Cons: No longer dirt-cheap, cos it's better now!

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Vegan Diner - Edit

First visit to the "new" VRev and it was great. The food was much like the previous menu but with a bar. It doesnt have the shop anymore and is very much just a diner. You enter and wait to be seated and then there is table service. There was a little wait to order and for food, but no more than to be expected on a weekend midafternoon in Manchester City Centre. I think maybe things could be a little bit better organised with servers on areas and a greeter, but it is still a small independent business. The food is well priced and everything seems to come with the VRev fries which are AMAZING. There were beautiful looking cakes too but we were too full to possibly have cake. When we were leaving they were asking to take people phone numbers and call them back as there was a 40-80min wait, so if you are travelling up for evening meal might be best to ring and book a table?

Pros: Great looking, yummy food, very clean

Cons: could be more organised, with time

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Anxiety / Hunger Warning. - Edit

I have recently started dating a vegan girl and her knowledge and passion has had a profound effect on me. So much so that when I relayed the knowledge back to my younger brother he went full vegan after a week. So as a treat I thought I would take him to V Revoultion.

Half an hour before I went to visit my friend told me the food is good but the CUSTOMER SERVICE was terrible and gave the overall experience a 5/10.

I am open minded and would not take this as gospel so I still went with my brother. On arrival it was evident that the CUSTOMER SERVICE factor was non existence as two members of staff seen us enter the building but rather greet us they choose to clean knives and forks. They had no concept of CUSTOMER SERVICE and NO CLUE WHAT THEY WERE DOING?!.

After 15 minutes we were asked if we would like any drinks . Then after 15 minutes of receiving our tap water they asked what we would like. We ordered then waited another 50minutes. In between we had 2 members of staff ask if we were waiting for food both said they will be back with details of our order. At this point we were both extremely upset and decided to leave.

It was non organised chaos and the owners/management should be ashamed of themselves for this atrocious joke of a restaurant.

I shall not be returning.

I would of put a -2 but the stars only start at 2 . ūüė°

Pros: Vegan, The kitchen was open for once , In the Northern quarter


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Most shocking dining experience of my life! - Edit

I was really excited to visit v revolution as I had heard of nothing but positive reviews from my friends. I was instead incredibly disappointed with the dreadful 'customer service' which left both me and my brother disgusted! There was virtually no communication on whether our food was on the way and the staff had no concept of customer service. After 50 minutes of waiting we decided to leave! I will never be returning to this pathetic excuse of a restaurant. Serious improvement is needed!

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Worthless 'staff' , Ridiculous waiting times for food , Makes you feel unwelcome

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amazing!! - Edit

Amazing place! we came from Blackpool to come to v rev. great menu, gorgeous food, lovely staff, amazing cakes, place very clean and fab cocktails. will defo come back soon. thanku very much guys!

Pros: 100 % vegan and fab menu

Cons: no cons

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Getting better all the time - Edit

When this place first opened I had a few negative visits. The customer service wasn't that great and the food service would take ages and ages with no communication or updates from staff. I didn't really feel that welcome, it was a bit cliquey.
I'm happy to say that my more recent visits show that things have improved and they seem better staffed, and people working there seem super cheerful. The cakes are excellent, made by local vegan bakers. Sometimes they haven't got the thing I came especially to get, which is really disappointing, but when they do, it's worth the walk up Oldham Road!

Traditional diner décor! I think it was featured in the Channel 4 show Cucumber which is really ace. Sometimes there isn't enough seating, sometimes the wait is quite long for food but they are good at communicating this nowadays. I'm really happy this place exists and they are expanding/opening a new place and seem committed to improving and developing so I'm really pleased about that!

Pros: Great range of products to buy, Customer service seems to be getting better, Nice decor

Cons: Some products are really pricey, No chips WTF, Food is a bit greasey

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Great fast food - Edit

I've never been a huge fan of hotdogs, but recently I've really been craving a vegetarian one, so I decided to visit V Revolution with my (non-veg*an) parents. None of us left disappointed! I ordered the Hamdog with gherkins and my parents chose the classic hotdog and Barbecuan burger. It was probably the most mouthwatering kind of fast food we ever had! The prices are also really good as the food is obviously very filling. We also loved the interior, which is arranged to look like a typical American diner. I'll definitely come back there soon!

Pros: delicious food, fast & cheap, great interior

Cons: not a lot of seating space

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Well, you know we all want to change the world - Edit

You say you want a revolution. Well we have one here in the form of V-Revolution. V for Vegan. Vegetarian without the 'etari'. Located in Manchester's cool as houses Northern Quarter this place is always ram packed full of good people. We popped in the day after a Morrissey concert the night before and there were good vibes. After being politely asked to wait a while a while for a table we left then came back a few minutes later for a take out but managed to get seated. A chicken satay burger and a cheese and bacon toastie were duly ordered. I also got myself a bottle of the famous Fritz-Kola aus Hamburg. Along with a cup of red bush tea the bill came to a bullseye £10.80. It was then on to the close by Tib Street Tavern to watch the football. Don't ask!

Pros: vegan fast food, vegan cakes, vegan deli items

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Amazing vegan fast food - Edit

Their cheeseburger is AMAZING! A great menu of classic fast food but all vegan. There's also a little selection of groceries that you can buy there too.

Pros: Central location , Loads of choice, Fabulous food!

Cons: Not open every weekday, Gets super busy at lunchtimes and weekends

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My go-to place for a Vegan Junk food fix! - Edit

I definitely have a soft spot for V Revs...

I remember when it first opened and being so curious about 'vegan junk food', what could it possibly mean?

I was unsure about trying it, I mean I'd never really had many great experiences or expectations with meat substitutes. So a full meal of them could be a bit much.

My fears were well and truly silenced when I first tried a 'Slaw dog', with its delicious smokey taste, homemade coldslaw and side of tortilla chips I was amazed, this stuff was great!

Pretty much anything from the menu is tasty goodness in its own right, but I do really love the hot dogs.

I have brought several people to V Revs, veggies and non veggies and all of them have enjoyed their meal.

They price of the dishes is very reasonable is my opinion, which makes it even more tempting for a quick visit!

If you need any Vegan goodies to take home, they do takeaway and have a selection of food and cooking products to take home.

They are also dog friendly, which is even better :)

They are currently planning to re-locate to a larger local property soon, and I can't wait to see what it will have to offer!

Pros: amazing vegan junk food, reasonable price , plenty of goodies to buy

Cons: Small venue so sometimes have to wait for a seat.

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cruelty-free junk food - Edit

I've been here a few times for the burgers and I have yet to be disappointed! The Elvis burger is probably my favourite so far :)
I keep meaning to try some of the sweet food, it looks delicious!

Pros: Great vibe, Beautifully unhealthy vegan food, small vegan shop inside

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Perfect for fellow students! - Edit

V Revolution has a great, friendly atmosphere that's perfect for students - not to mention that the prices are really cheap!
The milkshakes aren't great, and I'm gutted that there aren't any fries on the menu, but the cakes are incredible!
Probably not the best place to take your meat-eating friends to introduce them to Vegan food, as it is only good old junk food on the menu!
The diner itself is a bit grubby, but as a student, as long as I'm getting tasty food for cheap I couldn't really care less! Love it.

Pros: Great atmosphere- perfect for students, extremely cheap, excellent vegan cakes/sweet treats

Cons: Literally everything is unhealthy , a bit grubby, they're a diner that doesn't sell fries!

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Very Tasty - Edit

American style hotdogs & burgers made with vegan fake meats and cheese. The food was really tasty and although the meals are small, the hotdog and cappuccino I had was enough fuel for shopping that day.
It was very busy when we visited, so we had to wait for a table for awhile, however the staff were pleasant and it was worth it for the food. Prices are good too.

Pros: Delicious vegan cheese, Creamy coffee, Great price

Cons: Small portions, Not a lot of seating

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Vegan Heaven - Edit

V Revolution is a vegan diner, selling burgers, hotdogs, shakes, cakes and a selection of vegan products to purchase and has a cool, chill out kind of feel.

I ordered a large Americano coffee with brownie baked cheesecake, topped with cookies and chocolate sauce and what a treat it was, on a wet cold Wednesday lunchtime. The cheesecake was delicious, so moist and soft with a rich chocolate flavour and showcased how wonderful vegan cakes can be. V Revolution are moving to much bigger premises later this year and will be expanding the menu with longer opening hours.

Pros: Totally Vegan

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best vegan burger - Edit

My favourite place in Manchester to eat. A intimate American diner style restaurant. Can get quite busy but waits haven't been long. Food always arrives quickly. My personal favourite is the Mini Mac, a vegan spin on a Big Mac. A variety of hot dogs and burgers available, as well as vegan milkshakes! Inexpensive.

Pros: inexpensive, delicious, friendly service

Cons: none

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super cooles veganes Restaurant - Edit

Das kleine aber feine Fast Food Restaurant im Retrostyle hat unsere Erwartungen erf√ľllt. Typisch amerikanisches Essen, leckere Getr√§nke und ein kleiner Shop
umsich mit veganenKöstlichkeiten einzudecken.
Toilette war sauber, Bedienung freundlich, das Essen kam schnell und es war lecker. Da wir selten Fast Food Essen, haben wir uns sehr dar√ľber gefreut :)

Pros: zentral, lecker, unkompliziert

Cons: Selbstbedienung

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Great vegan junk food and a friendly atmosphere - Edit

Visited twice in a couple of weeks when visiting Manchester and delighted on both occasions. Good selection of vegan junk food including awesome burgers and milk shakes. Home made coleslaw really tasty. Good cakes too.

Staff and other customers very friendly offering recommendations and generally giving clear indications that it's a wonderful vegan life. If only I lived closer!

Pros: Great vegan junk food, Friendly staff and customers

Cons: Closes at 6pm

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Cheap and Cheerful - Edit

Busy vegan burger joint. The food is filling, cheap and tasty. It wasn't clear that the burgers were served with nachos so ended up with a huge pile of nachos because we also ordered them as a started. I appreciated the fruit flavoured water that was constantly available. They might want to reconsider the fridge with the piles of pre-packaged burgers being so publicly visible, it was a little off-putting! It was busy on a Wednesday lunchtime but there were tables available. There was a good choice of cakes but I didn't try any on this occasion.

Pros: Cheap, Nice atmosphere., Tasty fast food

Cons: Closed in the evening, Reliance on pre-packaged food

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Awesome place! - Edit

The food here was great and the staff was nice, too. We had to wait a few minutes for a table but it was worth it. Even my meat-eating boyfriend liked the food.

Pros: Many vegan options, Cheap, Great music

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Hit and miss - Edit

The fast food is great. The deli selection is also great. The service can be a little iffy. It's a small space and really popular, which is great to see - we all want vegan cafés to do well - but some staff can be unhelpful when you ask how long the wait will be and have been known to ignore customers rather than give a quick "I won't be a minute". It's the little things that help maintain your customers' goodwill. The owner is always upbeat and friendly. The cakes there used to be amazing - the best vegan cakes I've ever had. Properly moist sponge, professionally decorated, really tasty and unusual flavour combinations. The last few times we've been, though, they've only had their own cakes, which tend to look a bit amateurish and are definitely not as tasty.

Pros: Cheap, Good vegan fast food

Cons: Too small, Inconsistent customer service

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Staff are not helpful. - Edit

We turned up on a disgustingly dirty day of horrid rain, went in at 1200.
We sat down, noting there were menus on tables.
No one attendec to us until we were rudely told eventually that we have to order at the counter. We are not telepathic.
Nice burgers, but small...with tortilla chips...weird. Overpriced, no real chips, etc..unhealthy too.

Pros: vegan, tastes good

Cons: price is high, rudeness of a staff member., nno chips..tortillas instead..bizarre

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Amazing burgers and brownies - Edit

Completely vegan place - great puns and even greater food. They've also got a great stock of vegan chocolates, cheeses and other groceries to take home. I went for the Hell-vis Presley. Great range of flavours.

Pros: 100% vegan. Cheap. Close to city centre.

Cons: None.

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Best vegan burger I've ever had - Edit

Many years ago my friend and I tasted a vegan burger that was so good that to this day we still compare every burger we eat to it. Nothing has ever beaten it... until now! As soon as I tasted a V Revolution burger today I text my friend to let know her that I've found somewhere that beats "that burger".
A small but perfect menu, this is the ideal place for quality vegan "junk" food that is actually full of flavour and clearly made with love. I had the barbecue burger, complete with 'bacon', 'cheese', coleslaw and crispy onions. On the side, a chocolate milkshake that my non vegan husband declared to be the most perfect milkshake he's ever had. Make sure you have room for a piece of cake as dessert - I had the lime and coconut cake (sublime frosting) and my husband had the rhubarb and custard cake. Both were incredible. I wasn't expecting much and was blown away. Highly recommend.

Pros: Quality vegan "junk" food that tastes as good as i, Very reasonable price for the Northern Quarter, Great alternative music and vibe

Cons: Decor needs livening up a bit

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very impressed. - Edit

Being from Vancouver / Canada my wife and I are extremely spoiled when it comes to eat vegan meals outside. As we are both vegan for animal right reasons, granola and banana slices is hardly a meal as far as we are concerned. That is where this place came in. It was very delirious. Super fast and very reasonably priced. The staff is also very friendly. I had a hard time getting on wifi and they didn't stop trying till I was on. I recommend it. Soooo yummy.....

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Funky Burger Joint in Funky part of Manchester. - Edit

V have gone for the 50's diner look and it works as it gives a bright look to the cafe.

The burgers/hot dogs (everything vegan) are served in the retro american style baskets with tortilla chips rather than the fries. Would have been nice to have the authentic american fries to go with the burger.

Great range of burgers all cooked on a grill rather than fried so not greasy at all. The burgers are Fry's and they also sell a good range of Fry's products as well as "ice creams".

This is a small cafe which has 2 booths to seat 4 and 6 tables set up to seat 2. I have no doubt if there was a larger group they would be able to help with advance warning.

Would we visit again.... Yes please :-)

Pros: Good Range of Burgers all Vegan, Lovely Helpful Staff, Good Price

Cons: Small

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Great tasty vegan burgers in the city centre. - Edit

Wow, what great place! Funky burger bar with American Diner style interior which is clean and bright.
The staff were really nice and knowledgeable. The menu is well put together with a lot of choice ( for burgers).
The food was really tasty. I had the "Heisenburger" with blue "cheese" and caramelized onion. I also had a vegan "cokefloat" which was amazing.
I also really enjoyed looking through the fridges, lots of imported vegan products I hadn't seen any where else

Pros: Tasy food, Lovely Staff, Roomy bright and comfy.

Cons: Only open 12-6 :-(, Only Burgers, Hot dogs & cakes

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Authentic punk venue - Edit

Going to V Revolution no one would expect culinary highlight, so it's no point in telling that.
If you expect to finde an authentic punkish burger place, there you are!
As for junk food you'll get alright stuff there - nothing to go crazy about though.
Apart from the food the convenience food corner with stuff to take home is worth mentioning, especially the range of vegan cheeses in the fridge.
Beyond that, if you want to know what's going on in the city, be it a (punk) concert or any kind of cultural event, you'll find the info at V Revolution, either on the blackboard or on a displayed leaflet.

Pros: good attitude, alright food and service, notable blackboard

Cons: culinarily not convincing, not the tidiest

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won't be going again. - Edit

So I didn't know what really to expect. The gentlemen with the glasses was absolutely lovely. The food not so much. I took a non vegan with the hope it would open his taste pallets however it was very processed to the point it was uneatable. Coleslaw was lovely (I thought so anyway) same with the cake. Water tasted weird like it had been there for ages.
Won't go back purely because we didn't like the burgers however I highly recommend the coleslaw and cakes :) also it would be great if they could do homemade chips.. That might persuade me to go back :). The tables were all clean however the floor was filthy. Could do with a clean.
Nice concept few tweaks could be made.

Pros: staff friendly, coleslaw and cakes yum

Cons: burgers too processed, water needs changing, floor needs a good clean

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Lovely Junky Food - Edit

Vegan Maccy D's! Great if you fancy a cheap, quick, unhealthy lunch, and well worth the little walk through the Northern Quarter.

Pros: cheap, fridge/freezer stocked with vegan subs, great surrounding area

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Vegan Fast Food! - Edit

I heard about this place through a vegan facebook group, so the next time I was in Manchester I made sure I went there for lunch. I was not disappointed!!

We arrived quite soon after it opened and there were already a few other customers there. I had the "Barbecuban Missile Crisis" burger which was stuffed with so much filling I had some trouble eating it neatly (!!). My (vegetarian) other half had a "Mini Mac". The food was served really fast and everything was very tasty.

This is not the place for you if you're concerned about eating too much oil or salt, if you're macrobiotic or raw. If you want salad, go elsewhere!! If you want vegan junk food ... you will love it.

N.B. You order and pay at the till, canteen-style.

Pros: Cheap, Vegan Fast Food, Open Bank Holidays

Cons: Decor is a bit shabby, Small

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Amazing! - Edit

I have visited V-Revolution twice in the last few months and have not been disappointed either time! The food is all vegan which is great in itself! The satay "chicken" burger is the best burger I have ever had! And the cakes are delicious too. The menu is cool with adventurous burger options and they also sell vegan food items and treats :) The one thing that would make this place better would be if they served fries instead of tortilla chips with their burgers!

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff and nice atmosphere, Delicious food at a great price

Cons: No chips/fries

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A Northern Quarter treat - Edit

Great cafe for a lunch when shopping in Central Manchester, based in the trendy up and coming Northern Quarter, V Revolution holds its own with all the other places. The menu does confuse, but once you realise that it's all Vegan, the ordering is simple. Great food, but slightly pricy.

Pros: Easy reach of City centre, Friendly

Cons: a tad expensive, but not massivly

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Great burgers and cake! - Edit

I came here on a weekend with a couple of friends and had a really great lunch; I had a satay burger and a Jammy Dodger layer cake, which were both fantastic. The staff were brilliant, really helpful and friendly; we were originally seeking a vegan cooked breakfast but unfortunately they don't do that any more, but the guys working there had a few suggestions for other places to go for cooked breakfasts in the future. I always love coming to all-vegan venues and this one was absolutely brilliant.

Pros: Burgers! So many burgers!, All vegan, Lovely place, lovely people

Cons: Don't do cooked breakfast any more :(

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Great Burgers, Great Cakes !!! - Edit

Like to come here with my family. Makes a change from curry and rice and falafels etc. Good choice of burgers and lovely cake. What more can you ask for. Also can buy range of cheeses and other food stuff. Worth a visit.

Pros: Good junk food, Good value, Good atmosphere

Cons: Can get busy, No chips

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Cool vegan fast food - Edit

If you like your fake burgers and hotdogs in a funky cool place, V Rev is for you! As well as those things they also do nachos and sandwiches and cake. You can also buy food to take away, and they sell fake meats and vegan cheeses as well. Small-ish so can get busy. Was there last Sat late a'noon and the poor staff were rushed off their feet, but kept on smiling. Only down side is there's not non-meaty burgers - I'm fussy and only like tofu, nut or bean burgers...!

Pros: Vegan, Funky

Cons: Smallish place, No tofu/nut/bean burgers

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Not a good Latte - Edit

We went here to see if it would be a good place to lunch later that day, but the Latte with soymilk was terrible, so we decided not to lunch here. Of course this does not say anything about the food.

Pros: Nice place, Friendly helpers

Cons: Latte Coffee

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Best Vegan Junk Food! - Edit

V Revolution has improved a lot since it first opened and I love the new menu. Don't go for healthy options but I recommend the hot dogs and the chocolate milkshakes! Recently the V Revolution team have started baking and the cakes are so inventive and delicious - I had marshmallow cake last week.

Pros: Best vegan junk food ever, Milkshakes are heavenly, Drinks and snacks also available

Cons: Service slow when busy, No "healthy" options

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No frills! - Edit

No frills vegan junk food with a hardcore metal soundtrack.

I had the classic hotdog and my friend had the blue cheese burger.

Cheap and cheerful and punk as f*ck.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 24, 2014

Pros: Friendly , Unpretentious, Inexpensive

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This place is incredible - Edit

This is my favourite junk food cafe. Their hotdogs are incredible and they always have a good selection of vegan shakes and soft drinks available. It has a really nice atmosphere and the food is really cheap. You can also pick up flyers about vegan things such as protests and petitions as well as flyers about what's on in Manchester. I have yet to sample the cakes but they look delicious. I often come here with my boyfriend who loves the hotdogs even though he's a meat eater! It's cool to have found a place we both love to eat considering our diets are so different.

Pros: Delicious mock meat junk food, Really cheap, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Shuts early, not for a late night snack, No chips!

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Missing a big juicy burger? Miss it no more! - Edit

A good place to come if you're missing meaty treats. I have a massive double beef cheese burger with a blueberry shake... it just put flavours in my face that I didn't think I'd ever experience again. the blueberry shake was an all-american CLASSIC. Really fit and friendly staff too. And its full of sexy vegans. Yeeaaah! :D

Pros: Juicey burgers, Thick creamy shakes, Fit staff / fit customers!

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Different style of food, worth a visit - Edit

A vegan burger bar with a metal theme sounds like fun and it's pretty much what you would expect, although it seems like they're basing their menu almost entirely on what can be cooked from the fridges filled with veggie stuff.

That's fine, although we were a bit disappointed to discover that the amazing stacked burgers on the walls such as the Heisenburger were mostly one-off specials.

We had the Mini Macs with an extra burger, they were tasty and well put together. But any semblance of a side dish was missing - nachos were available but it seemed like it would be an overload of processed food. That's not to say that the burgers didn't feel healthy - they did, but some fried potato based offering would go down well.

It was great however to be able to pick from the wide selection of nice drinks in the fridges.

Pros: Tasty vegan burgers, Also sells chilled vegan groceries

Cons: Not enough options apart from main items, Vegan burgers etc maybe TOO realistic!

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amazing!! - Edit

Friendly service, good if you feel like having some junk food, fast service even when it's busy, nice variety and products to take home. Went there twice in one weekend in Manchester.

Pros: vegan, yummy, friendly

Cons: small venue

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Every time I have been in V Revolution there has always been at least one ridiculously good massive vegan cake on the counter from which I HAVE to have a slice. Last time I was there I had this huge chocolate orange cake it was well good. It's good here because you can get a good vegan lunch (try one of their massive burgers) and hang out drinking coffee, and then you can buy some more vegan supplies to take home for your dinner that night.

Pros: sell vegusto cheese and other nice stuff, CAKES R INSANE, coffee is greattttt

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Hidden Gem!! - Edit

Visited for the first time a couple of weeks ago and sampled the 'Hamdog', which was delicious.
This is proper fast food in a friendly environment with the added bonus of them selling vegan products too.
Will definitely be going back soon.

Pros: Delicious fast food options, Cakes on sale too!, Vegan products for sale

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Good that it's here but nothing special - Edit

We came here for a late lunch after arriving in Manchester and were lucky enough to be staying just around the corner. I was a little bit disappointed when we got there that the menu was a bit limited, with only mock meat (and cheese)-based fast food items. Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a (decent) bit of fake beef or what-have-you every now and then and as a vegan, I like to participate in consuming fast food sometimes for a sense of inclusion, of not missing out on simple pleasures. But really, I don't know what the big deal about this place is. My Chicken Royale with 'bacon' and extra 'cheese' was perfectly satisfying, as was my partner's Mini Mac, but nothing at all I hadn't tasted before. I'll avoid being too negative and say that it's good to have a vegan popular/fast food outlet in the heart of hipster Manchester, and it's not too expensive. More like snack food than meal food though. It has a funky cafe atmosphere and sells vegan products to take home. I think this would be a place I'd keep coming to because it's an easy option.

Pros: Making vegan popular/fast food available, Reasonably priced

Cons: Small menu

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worth a visit! - Edit

I had only one day in Manchester so I had to pinpoint my vegan spots carefully. This place was my first visit of the day and I loved it! Though they could serve me the grilled cheese sandwich, I was completely satisfied with the hotdog and the Plougman's sandwich they had in the cooling section. OMG! That sandwich. I still dream about it every day.

Another huge plus to the place, the lovely vegan food they sell in there. Vegusto cheese, all kinds of sausages, hotdogs, chocolate...all things junk food for us to enjoy at home. Will definitely be back to try out the burger!

Pros: all vegan junk food, Diner feel to the place, location

Cons: some items might not be available

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Best Vegan Burger Bar EVER - Edit

Title says it all.

They only improvements would be if it was possible to make more of a meal out of it with sides like fries or salads...

Also would be nice if they served beer, but I can live without it.

Pros: good value, delicious food, nice people

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authentic - Edit

I ate here last year but forgot to review. Burgers - check. Obscure soy milks - check. Diner look and feel - check. Record store - check. All vegan and straightedge - double check!!

Pros: quirky, authentic, straightedge

Cons: all junkfood

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superb junk food - Edit

It is unashamedly junk food, but vegan. Fantastic selection of elements for that authentic mouth feel - they've put some serious research into this. Great specials too, the blue-cheesy Heisenburger is a winner!

Nice selection of drinks and fresh vegan products. It's like a vegan meat counter of tofu.

Heavy metal and herbivores. Go!

Pros: specials, really really good junk food, wifi, and friendly staff

Cons: no fries!

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Oldham Road Return - Edit

Felt quite nostalgic for the late Cafe Pop as I walked down Oldham Road. Anyway the VRev is pretty much fast food vege burgers, vege chicken burgers and vege hot dogs just the job for a change but definitely not healthy eating. Would certainly go again.

Pros: Friendly staff, 3 reasons to visit

1 Response

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hulmegirl 12 May 2015 - Martin the Mod of Mod Pop on Oldham Street is now at Mod's Veggie/Vegan Café at the Thirsty Scholar on Oxford Road (has been for some years). He is certainly an inspiration to many and was well ahead of the game!

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Makes A Change - Edit

Whilst I think its good to have variety in vegan places to eat, V-Revolution really does take its junk food ethos seriously. I went here with a meat-eating friend and she loved it, I however felt ill after my burger. It was very unhealthy, greasy and salty and sugary, so don't eat here if your body can't cope with unhealthy food! It also focused on meat-alternatives (great for non-veg friend) but if you don't like that sort of thing you may be uncomfortable.

Overall it is good at what it does, is cheap, but not my taste.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Unhealthy, But Doesn't Want To be Healthy Anyway!

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Great little place. Nice 50s diner style decor, great vegan junk food, friendly helpful staff.
Fridges and shelves stocked with drinks, mock meats, vegan cheeses, snacks, as well as fresh cakes and good quality herbal teas.
They have some vegan events here like potlucks.
Thumbs up.

Pros: comfortable and friendly, clean, unique

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A delicious diner - Edit

V-revolution sells the most divine sandwiches. The recently consolidated menu is also a real treat for vegans - not a hummas and falafel wrap in sight! The BBBQ burger is a treat and the hotdogs very tasty. The range of vegan products is focused on the hard to obtain end of the scale which is helpful. A friendly, welcome addition to the Manchester vegan food outlet offering which I visit often.

Pros: interesting vegan food, Very tasty, Innovative

Cons: The BBQ sauce is quiet sweet

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Hooray - Edit

I loved this place! The people were friendly, the food was yum and there was fake meat galore. Highly recommend it!

Pros: vegan fast food, Delicious , Friendly

Cons: outside sitting area not nice, small portions

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This place is going somewhere, but where? - Edit

Firstly, I need to clarify. I really like the idea behind V Revolution. This is not just one business, it's three! There's the punk/hardcore metal record shop; the vegan food store; and then, the main event, a kitsch American style diner serving American style junk food that is definitely not junk!
The food is worth the trip alone and it makes a nice change to be eating vegan food in a cafe that doesn't live up to the usual vegetarian/vegan venue cliche.
Red vinyl seats and a chequerboard vinyl floor set the scene and make for a clean, crisp atmosphere. The staff are laid back and friendly and, as it's nice to have an excuse to browse the records, the slightly longer wait for our food wasn't a problem.
Despite this there is a bit of an issue at V revolution. The three businesses each suffer from not having the full focus of the space. The record shop feels like a little bit of an after-thought and the food store also suffers a similar fate.
I really believe in what the owner is trying to achieve here. V Revolution has the potential to be a real destination, a venue for vegan/vegetarian punks wishing to compare notes and have a bite to eat whilst they do it, but there is need to unify the space and make it feel like all three parts are living in harmony.

Pros: Not the usual vegan menu, Reasonably priced, great range of soft drinks

Cons: not focussed enough

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cool place to hang out - Edit

Unfortunately the burger was sold out when I went there on my last day in Manchester. I think this can only be a good sign. But I had a drink in the extraordinary place with great atmosphere and very nice staff! Enjoyed it a lot!

Pros: cool place to hang out, great atmosphere and music, friendly staff

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Much Needed And Innovative - Edit

V Revolution is decorated in classic cafe style with a punk / straight edge vibe, thus different from the "healthy" or "hippy" norms. It's important and marvellous to have this sector represented in Manchester business.

To my delight they celebrate what I call "vegan gack" - junk food which is proud to not fit to the vegan stereotype.

At time of writing it's bigger function is as a shop with a good range of products which are often very hard to find elsewhere. They also sell vinyl records and clothing.
It's clearly got potential to be a hang out for activists.

Easy to find, a 5 minute walk from Picadilly Gardens. It is still developing as a business and I haven't eaten there. To be honest I haven't even glanced at the menu, which is why I aint commented on food in the Pro / Cons yet. Will edit when I do. Certainly they do sandwiches and the like. They have just started doing "proper" food on a Sunday.

Pros: A cultural/political 1st for the city., Friendly, sincere staff., Good variety of foods in the shop.

Cons: Still developing hot food provision.

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punk food - Edit

This place is pure quality. The food is kind of junk food like, but really nice. Loads of fake meats, fake cheese and that sort of thing. Maybe not for your vegan health obsessives.

Sells loads of vegan cheeses meats and things at the shop and the place also serves a lot of these up in great burgers, cheese toasties and sandwiches. Also has some great soft drinks you don't find much elsewhere.

Also sells hardcore/metal/punk records and shirts, if you're into that sort of thing.

Pros: quality food, punk

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Highly recommended - Edit

As Stevie has mentioned it is different to the usual veg*n stores but this is completely a positive. The sandwiches they make and sell here are always really tasty and usually there are a few different kinds. For a vegan there is nowhere in Manchester city centre to get that range of choice and at £3 they are great value as well.

Another thing I love about this place is that it isn't 100% health-food orientated, it knowingly serves some 'vegan junk'. For a vegan who eats well but often fancies something indulgent their specials are really great, which have included huge burgers and full vegan breakfasts.

Finally, the people who run the place are really welcoming and there is a great relaxed atmosphere.

Pros: Great hand-made sandwiches, Good value, It's a record store too

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Vrevolution, Manchester - Edit

I went to this place on Saturday. It wasn't the optimum time to make an assessment of what its typically like here as there was a free vegan food event taking place.

The place is quite unusual, not like anywhere I can think I have been to. Its all vegan and has 3 different elements to it.

1) there is a cafe selling coffee, cakes etc and a bunch of other snacky type foods from the shelves such as confectionary bars

2) there's a health food shop element with a fridge and a freezer where you can buy food to take away to prepare at home

3) they sell records and tshirts

Its not a particularly big place and tries to be a little bit of all 3 of these entities rather than looking to be stunning as one of these entities in particular. I personally like it. The atmosphere is relaxed, the vibe was nice, its obviously all vegan food and drink. Its a nice place to chill out and have a munch.

Location is around a 5 min walk from Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre.

Pros: 100% vegan, relaxed, central

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M/C's first and best vegan lifestyle store! - Edit

V Revolution is a revolution indeed - a vegan lifestyle and record store in Manchester's Northern Quarter seeing to all your vegan needs! Chilled and frozen grocery items, fresh cakes, drinks, staple items and more. Excellent - I hope it just gets bigger and better!

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