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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

delicious, satisfying food

10 Nov 2013

We ate dinner here on a recent layover in London and our only regret was that we didn't have time to come back for another meal. It was some of the most satisfying vegan cuisine we've had anywhere and we've been to quite a few places around the world. The seitan stroganoff and risotto dishes we tried were both excellent as was their vegan ice cream. We found the staff to be pleasant and the space inviting. It was packed on the Friday night we were there so it might be a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation.

Street 26, Phom Wat Bo, Siem Reap, Cambodia

pleasant dining option in Siem Reap

22 Dec 2015

Banlle was only a few blocks from my hotel so we ate here several times during our stay in Siem Reap. It was so nice to be able to find real vegetarian food! Although it’s not the most inventive vegetarian cuisine you'll find, the taste is simple and clean, nice after a day traipsing about in the jungle.

The outdoor seating is shaded and comfortable and tastefully decorated. Although you would think it would be unbearable with the heat, the combination of ceiling and floor fans do a nice job of keeping the heat to a minimum, even during lunchtime. There’s a nice garden next to the restaurant as well from which they get some of their produce.

Service was great too and friendly. The owner is Cambodian as well which is a plus. With so much foreign-owned development in the region, it’s nice to be able to support a locally-owned business.

Oude Beurs 60, Antwerpen, Belgium

wonderful vegan food

15 Jun 2015

We ate here for dinner on the last day of a three day stay in Antwerp. Although their food options are limited to a small handful of items written on a signboard, it was easily the best food we had in Antwerp. So delicious and so good! Be sure to try their deserts as well which were heavenly.

The owner, who was also our server, deserves a mention as well as she spoke perfect English and was charming to talk to.

The restaurant is located only a short walk away from the city center (Grote Markt). Our only regret was that we couldn't have eaten here more often. They have slightly limited hours so be sure to check before heading over here.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

good choice for vegetarians

20 Jun 2015

Ate dinner here on a recent trip to Amsterdam. We came on a Friday night without a reservation and the place was pretty packed. Fortunately it was a little bit later in the evening and we managed to get a table. Reservations are probably a good idea.

The food was very good by Amsterdam standards with nice sized portions. They also have a small but nice selection of beers. The wait staff was nice and friendly although very busy, so busy that they forgot to bring us the drinks we had ordered! However, they didn't charge us for the beers we had ordered to make up for it. Nice!

1087 Limahana Pl 1A, Lahaina, USA

best food we had in Maui

08 Jul 2012

Went here twice on a recent trip to Maui and Choice Health Bar was a godsend for us. Although there are some options for vegans/vegetarians on the island, we've always found them a bit lacking until we found Choice Health Bar. The food here is fresh, tasty, and healthy, easily the best food we had while in Maui. We loved their Healthy Plate Lunch which consisted of a kale salad, soup of the day, coconut quinoa, and lemon cake dessert. We also had their Buddha Rice Bowl, raw PB&J sandwich, and Acai Dessert Sunrise Bowl which were all delicious as well. The staff are also super friendly and the space has a cozy, inviting feel to it. Highly recommended!

Rozengracht 217, Amsterdam, Netherlands

good option in amsterdam

15 Jun 2015

We ate here for dinner during a recent trip to Amsterdam. First you should be aware that this is less of a formal, sit-down restaurant with wait service and more of a order at the counter and help yourself kind of place. Probably better for lunch than dinner unless you're in the mood for something quick. However, the staff were friendly and very patient with us as they have quite a selection to choose from. The mock meats, while good, were average compared to some of the products like Beyond Meat that we have back in the States.

VI, Paulay Ede utca 53, Budapest, Hungary

just okay

18 Oct 2008

I might of come on an off day but I got a pretty chilly reception from the staff there. It felt like I had walked into a women's prison. Most of the Hungarians I'd met during my trip had been very warm and friendly but not the folks at Falafel.

On the plus side, the food was cheap and filling. Not the best falafel in Budapest by a long shot but if you're in the area, it's just okay.

Junta de Comerc 11, Barcelona, Spain

fresh and tasty

13 Feb 2012

We ate dinner here twice during a trip to Barcelona and it was our favorite restaurant. The food here is simple, hearty, and focused on the ingredients. What made this place for us was how fresh their produce was. It was very delicious and stood out compared to the other vegetarian places we tried in Barcelona. If you're looking for something fancy though this probably isn't the place you're looking for. The decor, menu, and self-service reflect this. The way the system works is that you order an entree from a menu of three or four choices and then help yourself to their soup and salad bar. After your meal, you walk over to the counter/fridge and choose a dessert. Service from the wait staff was also good especially if you get the tall, older gentleman. He was very friendly and helpful. The shorter, rotund fellow is a bit more workmanlike but don't let that deter you. If you're in Barcelona, definitely give this place a visit.

3-3-3 Mihama Chatan, Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan

Best meal we had in Okinawa

10 Jan 2013

We ate here twice on a recent trip to Okinawa and couldn't have been more pleased. I highly recommend trying out their dinner set which consists of five dishes and dessert. The portions were just the right size and it gave us an opportunity to sample a variety of different things on the menu. Our favorites were their steamed vegetable course and tofu steak dish. The restaurant uses local organic produce whenever possible and this was evident in the taste! They also have a very nice selection of wine. Please note there are some fish dishes on the menu but the restaurant is otherwise fully vegan.

The owner speaks excellent English having spent several years living in New York and an English menu is available. The interior is also worth mentioning. It's an elegant space with a minimalist vibe, not at all something I expected to find in Okinawa. This is a new restaurant that just opened in Oct 2012 so be sure to check it out and show your support if you're in the area.

Kita-Aoyama 3-8-15, Omote Sando, Tokyo, Japan

noisy and crowded but good

15 Jan 2011

Crayon House is a good place to go for lunch if you happen to be in the Omotesando area. Their buffet consists of 8-10 items, usually of which at least half are vegetarian. As others have pointed out, the miso soup is not vegetarian but the ingredients of the dishes are usually listed (in Japanese) along with icons of meat/fish for those who can't read Japanese.

Be prepared for potentially long lines during lunchtime. There can also be a lot of children there because of the parenting facilities above. If you're looking for someplace quiet to eat, this might not be the best place.

Calle del Divino Pastor 30, Madrid, Spain

best restaurant in madrid

05 Feb 2012

We ate here twice during a recent trip to Madrid. We've eaten at numerous raw vegan places back in the States and this was one of the best places we've been to for raw dining anywhere. The cucumber bisque, veggie lasagna, and moussaca were all delicious and their vegan chocolate cake is just to die for. Do not miss it! Service was great as well. The owner is a friendly gentleman who speaks excellent english and took the time to carefully explain how the items on the menu were prepared. Sadly, on the two nights we were there we only saw one other group of diners. I guess raw vegan food is still a rather new concept in Spain... Please give Crucina your support. Highly recommended.

Frans Halsstraat 29, Amsterdam, Netherlands

best vegetarian option in amsterdam

15 Jun 2015

We came here for dinner during our last of three nights in Amsterdam and had our favorite meal here. Although I generally find plant-based cuisine in Europe to not quite be on the same level as what you might find in the States, this was pretty close. Tasty and surprisingly inventive. Furthermore, the service was friendly and attentive and the desserts were excellent. Highly recommended.

Just be sure to make a reservation as the restaurant was packed while we were there.

305 Dairy Rd, Kahului, USA

great market and deli

06 Jun 2010

On our recent trip to Maui, the Down to Earth Deli Cafe was a godsend for us. After getting off the plane we were starving... As the market is close to the airport, we were able to stop by for some lunch on our way out to West Maui. The food was delicious! Throughout our stay on the island, we made numerous stops by the market whenever we could. As there were fewer vegetarian options on Maui than w're used to, the Down to Earth Cafe was a real lifesaver.

2, Derb Zawak, Riad Zitoun Kedim, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

must visit while in marrakech

10 Nov 2013

We went here twice on a recent trip to Morocco. After several weeks of eating nothing but tagine and couscous, this was like our personal mecca. Unlike what some other reviewers have stated, I didn't see chicken or any other meat-based products on the menu so it is definitely 100% vegetarian/vegan. The menu also clearly states what is vegan so you can order w/o any hesitations.

I would highly recommend their filo pastry pastilla which was delicious. Their spring rolls were quite good as well. Not quite the same as what we get back in the West but still tasty. I didn't care as much for their veggie "burger" which was not a burger on a bun but veggie patties layered with sauce and vegetables. We also had their cafe au lait which was delicious and a great way to end our meal.

The space is well-lit and fairly spacious covering two floors with lots of inviting nooks and crannies if you desire some privacy. Just be aware that you may have to get up to flag down a server as they may not always come by to check on you.

Honestly I've had better vegan meals in the West but just being able to eat something different than the usual tagine/couscous was a godsend.

C/de Marques de Santa Ana 34, Madrid, Spain

good homestyle cooking

05 Feb 2012

We came here after our original choice fell through and were glad we had a chance to check this place out. If you're looking for unfussy, homestyle cooking this is a good choice -- after two weeks of eating out this was a nice breath of fresh air for us. Their spinach quiche and hummus salad were quite tasty. I would skip the couscous though. Service here was also very friendly.

Minderbroedersrui 52, Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium

tasty raw vegan food

15 Jun 2015

Came here for lunch and was delighted to find something like this in Antwerp. I've been to numerous raw vegan restaurants around the world and this was definitely up there in terms of the preparation and taste. The flavors were wonderful and the produce used was all very very fresh.

The only minor downside is that the prices are a little bit on the high side but don't let that deter you. This is an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians alike.

3636 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Lahaina, USA

cute little market

06 Jun 2010

During our trip to Maui, my wife and I rented a condo in Kaanapali. The Farmers Market was just a short drive down the street from us which was so convenient. Although we didn't try anything from their deli, they had a nice selection of vegetarian goods which was wonderful. As we cooked our own meals most of the time we were there, having the Farmers Deli Cafe nearby was a huge win for us.

Nishiki-dori, 198-1, Kyoto, Japan

good choice in kyoto but with caveats

25 Feb 2013

We ate here once on a recent trip to Kyoto. Like other reviewers, we had a difficult time finding the restaurant. It didn't help that they were closed for a catering event on one of the days we went so I would recommend calling ahead. Note: there is no storefront. Instead look for a black glass door with Hale written on it in red lettering that that will then take you through a hallway to the actual restaurant itself.

We had their dinner course set, which consisted of a hearty 4-5 courses. It was a lot of food, even by Western standards. We had a hard time finishing it all and we've had some pretty lavish multi-course meals in the past! However, the food itself was very good with a focus on healthy dining featuring organic and primarily local produce.

However, the negative things I can say about the restaurant are the 1) table charge and 2) mandatory drink order. The table charge wasn't too surprising as we had read about it on other reviews here. However, the mandatory drink order seemed unwarranted. I normally like to take my meals with water but was told that I had to order a drink. This was in addition to the cost of the dinner course. It wasn't the money that bothered me, however, but the fact that I had to order something that I didn't want. I ended up ordering some soy milk and gave it to my wife. At least it was fresh.

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 24, 2013

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 24, 2013

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