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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

I love it

I've noticed a lot of complaints about the atmposphere...if you go around 2-5 in the afternoon (turnover time) you won't have to deal with cramped quarters. The food, for me at least, is consistantly good and although the menu doesn't change that often, the daily soup is probably the best in the city.
Go for the walnut lentil pate, marinated tofu sandwich, hot open face tempeh with mashed potatoes, any of the daily specials or soup.

Skip hummus (not a mediterranean place), dessert and chili.

Bring cash and for god's sake, turn off your cell phone!

You can't make a reservation so don't bother on a friday or saturday night...the wait can get up to an hour and a half.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

The classiest vegan place

Want to impress a vegan with four star dining? This is the only place that even comes close. The decor is fine dining, as is the presentation. The food is artfully arranged and tastes great...but for the prices, I wish you got a little more food. I guess you're paying for the atmosphere, which makes a couple of young people like my friends and I a little uncomfortable. Either way, it *is* undoubtedly fine dining, and unequivocally delicious.

Try: seitan chimmichurri, the guacamole appetizer, seitan piccata

skip: raw entree. it wasn't the strongest thing I've tried.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

The better of the two

The "lower priced" candle cafe, lower priced is relative, but since an entree can run close to twenty dollars it's still alittle pricey. The atmosphere is fine...a little cramped for the cash. My friends like this place best because the food reminds them of "normal" food and they can order burritos, burgers, sandwiches and other things that don't intimidate them. The daily specials are good, and menu changes a little bit seasonally. The vegan rehash of regular foods can get a little tired, but the food is still delicious and runs the gamut from big saucy entrees to snack-y appetizers.

Order: Matzoh Ball soup (so good!), indian plate, macrobiotic plate, tofu club, rice pudding, mezza platter, daily specials

Skip: it's a matter of taste, but I could take or leave the casserole. Also, anything involving cheese actually contains casien (it is marked on the menu) but it eliminates several choices.

Joy and Barry are also really nice, and if you're a NYer who misses traditional Jewish food, you can get some pretty good imitation =)

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA


I've been to caravan a few times...the food tastes good, and it's hard to please me, as I'm not a raw food fan. Their house dressing is seriously delicious, I've tried to find something close for a long time. The burritos are almost as big as my arm and the burgers were pretty good. This is one of the few places I've been in Manhattan where I can honestly say the salads are worth ordering, they know what they're doing! The service can be a little slow, and the desserts are sort of vile, but the food itself is yummy. I haven't actually ordered anything aside from the burrito, burger and the alfredo special (which is also huge and really delicious). That said, I've definitely gone there and it has been closed or the crowd has been a little odd.

948 W Grace St, Richmond, USA

5 minutes off the interstate = yay

We were gonna try and hit harrison st coffee but found them to be (as always) closed. (what is with their hours?!) Panda Veg was open. The buffet was pretty broad-- 4 mockmeat dishes, spring rolls, vegetables, potatoes, rice, soups, lo mein and dessert.

The mockmeats were a miss for me, but the lo mein, spring rolls and tofu made up for them. Standard american chinese stuff, great, greasy and easy to eat. We didn't order off the menu. They took our credit card.

To speak to the meat issues-- I wouldn't expect meat but I did have a little dairy fear towards their yellow doughnuts.

As far as cleanliness goes, as long as you wait til *after* the meal to go to the bathroom, you'll be okay. It's pretty yucky in the food prep/bathroom area.

1920 Perry St, Durham, USA

addictive, but not always trustworthy

Cosmic is THE late night meal spot for the under 25 crowd in Durham. Yes, it is the only place that's actually open really late (dominos doesn't make for much atmosphere, although they'll deliver) but unless you like waiting in line behind 30 drunk people, I'd avoid it between 12:30 and 2:30 AM.

As far as food, they've got two versions of a vegan platter, the option to add tofu, roasted veggies or eggplant to anything on the menu, and a "tofu burrito" which is vegan, although be sure to specify that you want no cheese or sour cream because sometimes they forget.

Call your order in ahead of time, it's worth it, you never know when there will be a mob scene. NOT handicap accessible. It's small, rickety and at the top of a flight of questionable stairs. The atmosphere is lacking, so I'd reccommend take-out.

Order a mini tofu burrito; it's 2/3s the price but practically the same size, and it's plenty of food.

1811 14th St NW, Washington, USA

GREAT Late spot

It was a little confusing to find Food For Thought, and we were worried we'd be charged to enter, since we were carded, but once inside, we ordered, paid and were rewarded with quick and delicious late night vegan divey eats. my friend got a deep fried vegan chili dog and I ordered the vegan lasagna, and we got a piece of cake to split. The lasagna was awesome, but they were out of chili (it was well past midnight) so they gave us fries to make up for the mistake. Everything was wonderful except the cake. Don't bother.

It's definitely a dive, crowded, full of drunks, but as long as you're not looking for 4 star dining, then you'll enjoy it.

12 E 32nd St, New York City, USA

Pretty sweet

I went here for my birthday with my family. The restaurant is really cool...you take off your shoes and sit at floor level (but with cut outs so it's okay for people with bad backs). The food was pretty good...particularly the mushroom dish. However, my brother was not particularly excited by root vegetables he'd never heard of. Although the food was good, it was hard to order without knowing what things were.

740 9th St, Durham, USA

Best falafel...around here anyway

The guy always says "it's THE BEST falafel." And he's not wrong. This is the best falafel I've had in NC, although probably only on par with the MOR falafel in NY.

The hummus leaves a lot to be desired. I generally go with the International sampler...you get some hummus, tabouli, beans and 3 falafel. The falafel platter has 4 pieces falafel, hummus and lebanese salad (which is cucumber, tomato and lettuce in equal parts in olive oil, lemon juice and salt). The falafel sandwich has recently been revamped and now can be eaten without a fork. It is still a hefty portion that would serve as a solid dinner. The dolmas are awesome here and so is the baba ghanouj. Aside from the aforementioned, though, vegan options are pretty limited.

Lastly, the ketchup nazi is no longer in charge! Apparently, his son now runs the restaurant. His son, while more reasonable and personable is not nearly as entertaining. WE WILL MISS YOU KETCHUP NAZI!

140 West 4th St, New York City, USA

I don't know

I've been to Red Bamboo 3 times...and the third time I only went for dessert (which is, I've been told, imported from Gianna's Grille in Philly, and those same cakes are sold at Teany). I waited 2 hours at the no reservation restaurant on a Friday night...and the food, while not bad, was not worth a 2 hour wait, particularly when it all tastes like the stuff I get in the freezer section at whole foods...

If you're big on vegetarian meats, then this place is for you. If you want vegetables, don't bother.

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd Unit X, Chapel Hill, USA

Persian food

I happen to really like Sage, mainly for their Sabzi, a persian herb and spinach stew that is really tough to find vegan style.

While I will admit that many of the things on the menu are not worth it in my opinion (skip the Mezze platter, it is a total waste!), to call the entrees overpriced or expensive seems a little absurd. Entrees range from 12-14 dollars. They do not upcharge for brown rice (and here in NC, that is a small miracle), and I think $4 to add a side salad or a cup of soup is not really a big deal. Maybe I'm a crazy person with "money to burn" but most places I go out to eat get around this much a plate (thinking indian, thai or chinese particularly). I would say yes, the kebabs are probably not worth it, but you can usually figure out what you're getting and decide whether it is worth while to you.

Regardless, I find the food here to be comforting, to feel healthy and to be filling and worth it to me. That said, I highly recommend the Sabzi, which is a thick stew with lemons, tahini and beans served with a side of rice. The iced tea usually has a little cinnamon or spice in it and is awesome. I like the carribe a lot, although my friend thinks it is overpriced for beans and rice with some tofu and plantain. She's a big fan of the Soy Chicken Cutlets (which I don't care for, if you like delight soy nuggets, go for it) and the Fesen Joon, which is pretty tasty.

Soup and salad are both worthwhile in my opinion and served with little pieces of garlic wheat bread. Waitstaff are (For the most part) friendly and attentive. The specials are really hit or miss but can be really tasty (I recall some sort of tofu manicotti in cashew sauce!).

Skip dessert.

The only other thing I will say is they sometimes change their hours randomly (summer hours, closed for two weeks sometimes) so be sure to call before you head over there.

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA


Everyone was raving about the Sticky Fingers Bakery, so I made sure to make it a definite stop on a tour, and also bought an assortment of cupcakes, as I had done at Vegan Treats (I bought minicakes at VT). The space is very cute, and reminiscent of VT. They have a display case and a small cafe, as well as a case of to-go foods.

The sticky bun we tried was okay, but was kind of dry and tasted a lot like the mail-order buns I've had before. The cupcakes were okay, but used jams and jellies over fresh fruit, and had the peculiar baking-soda flavor that my homemade cupcakes get when starting to turn stale.

Although I was disappointed by the sweets, the FOOD was actually wonderful. We thought the prices were a little high for pre-made sandwiches, but I'd probably pay it next time. I tried the lasagna, made with Teese and was delighted by the fresh herbs and spinach in it, as well as the excellent flavor. My friend got peanut noodles with tofu and it was amazing, creamy but not too rich.

As far as treats go, I'd rather wait for VT to start shipping to more locations, but I wish sticky fingers to-go foods were available in NC!

4201-112 University Dr, Durham, USA

Slowly going downhill

When this first opened, I used to LOVE it, but I agree with the other commenters. After finding chicken (!) in a tofu curry dish, not once but three times, I started to doubt the veracity of their "no fish sauce" claims. That said, they are still a decent place for appetizers (especially if you want to get summer rolls with tofu inside!), but the lack of brown rice and the fact that the health code score keeps slipping while the place smells more and more like a pet store makes it harder to eat there.

1800 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, USA

Best location

It is shocking how consistant this location is in comparison to its sister in Durham. The menus are identical and decor is similar but Chapel Hill's spot is cleaner and the food is always the same. Skip the curries; they are watery and just OK. The real winner is the chile and basil sauce-- drunken noodles sans egg being the key. Vegetarian soup is delicious and filling too.

1444 Linden St, Bethlehem, USA

Simply the best

I am a chubby vegan. I like cake. A lot.

After lusting over the Teany and Red Bamboo desserts for months, I heard that they came from a small bakery in PA. I made sure to drive past it on my way up and I am *so* glad I did.

I ordered small "sample" cakes in about six flavors. Every last one of them was wonderful, although the Coconut creme and chocolate covered strawberry shortcake stand out in my mind as the winners. Their icing is perfect, creamy and flavorful, not treacly. The cake is moist and rich, even the vanilla. The cakes also featured fresh fruits, beautiful garnish and a real eye for beauty as a whole.

I also ordered a cinnamon bun to try and eat in the car-- little did I know that it was an irresistible ooey-gooey mess of a confection that required my full and undivided attention. My car is sticky, but my taste buds were pleased.

My only wish is that Vegan Treats would expand south-ward. I love love love them.

431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, USA

An Indian Mom

I stopped in for lunch one day and have gone back several times. The food is really tasty and I have been told it is as locally sourced as possible. The kitchen staff look more like a hippie commune than your typical restaurant.

I've been twice when Vimala herself was there. That's a real treat. She took my order while I was in line and I got my food before I even paid. Then, like a real Indian mom, asked how everything was and if I needed anything, if it was too spicy or not spicy enough. She brought me an extra chutney when I said I could take a little more heat.

In line, I've seen people sample 3 or 4 dishes before ordering. Everyone is very helpful. That said, sometimes it can take FOREVER to get in and out of there. Food is always fresh and as stated, everyone is very accommodating and wants to help you choose the best meal for you. One downside-- they are ALWAYS out of samosas. Maybe you have to get there right when they open?

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Was good!

It is definitely fast food-- the seitan burger is amazing but everything is fried. Menu is available in English and German. That said, I totally made the trek to Kreuzberg biweekly for some vegan food.

There are more types of burgers than you can possibly imagine, and the opportunity to try a Berlin fav...currywurst!

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