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Serves meat, vegan options available. Dishes can be made veg by omitting meat and choosing tofu/vegetables. Casual and busy. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-3:00pm, 4:30pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by happyvegans


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05 Jun 2023

Twas delightful

The whole menu can be made vegan. The staff is very knowledgeable about vegan options. We got the yellow curry noodles, drunken noodles, and vegan delight. Everything was hot, fresh, delicious, and filling. Would definitely return were I ever to come back to Durham.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. , Delicious

Cons: Would love slightly larger portion sizes for price



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06 Oct 2021

Very Meh

It was okay. They have tofu as an option on some dishes like curry and they'll actually give some spice to their curry if you order it (unlike lots of places I've tried where they cool it down too much).

There wasn't much depth to the curry though, and the heat was all upfront, a mouth heat, not enough to heat your belly. Their curry just lacked depth of spices that is to be expected in this type of dish.

While they have tofu as an option for their gyōza, I recommend passing. It's inexpensive, but that's because they're significantly smaller than most gyōza and all wrapper, not filling. While the dough was nice and delicate, not chewey or doughy from being overcooked, it made it rather bland. And the sauce served with it was just.. wrong. Just no.

Also, why green bell peppers and green beans? When you know it would be better with red bell peppers and snow peas, why substitute with a lesser, albeit cheaper, ingredient? Cutting corners with ingredients only lends to subpar products.

Pros: Can veganize some dishes, Attentive to vegan/GF requests

Cons: Bad gyōza , No depth of seasoning, Not quality ingredients


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23 Aug 2021

Amazing Flavorful Panang Curry

I got mine medium spicy. Whoo! It had heat, but in a good way. Pretty much any dish can be veganized / made with tofu, so that was awesome. Super quick service, too.


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25 Nov 2019

Made me sick multiple times

I tried this place a few times, hoping it would be good because I love Thai food. The last few times I went for lunch I got sick that evening. I wasn't sure if it was this place or something else, so after a few weeks of not going I decided to try it one last time to confirm. Sure enough, it made me sick again. I have not been since and will not go back.

While their menu states they can make dishes vegetarian and vegan, I'm not convinced they actually do. They may have been still using meat or fish broth/stock/sauces in their dishes, which could have been what made me sick.

Cons: Not sure dishes were made vegetarian/vegan, Got sick after visiting a few times.


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03 Nov 2018

Delicious authentic Thai food but they’ll make anything vegan

My Thai friend gave it two thumbs up for authenticity but they’re also happy to make anything vegan. Just make sure you tell them no eggs and no fish sauce.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very friendly and helpful staff, Great low key atmosphere


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26 Aug 2016

Nope, go elsewhere

This place is great IF you enjoy hidden meat products. SURPRISE! I ordered the drunken noodles due to a recommendation by a vegan friend and guess what--we both ate meat?! The drunken noodle dish contains clam sauce. I started to feel queasy and only ate 1/4 of the dish before I realized that the sauce didn't smell right. I asked the waiter and he told me the sad truth.

I didn't make it home before I unleashed the contents of my stomach into the toilet at Whole Foods. I have been strict vegetarian for 10 years and have not eaten seafood since I was 5.

The tofu appetizer was great(It did not taste like meat, and was very crispy), as was the vibe and minimalist décor.

I don't think that this restaurant is particularly 'friendly'(Just go to Whole Foods) unless they want to create a vegan/vege menu. Please please avoid or ask before ordering--clarify that the dish contains no animal products. Why do they mark egg, but not fish or clam sauce?! Seafood is not a vegetable!

This place is not for vegans or vegetarians and certainly not for people with seafood allergies either.

Pros: great location, nice appetizer, diverse menu

Cons: secret clam sauce, waiters are not all fluent in English, No veg/e menu


28 Jul 2017

You have to ask for the vegan versions of things, they will take the clam sauce out if you say you are vegan.


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27 Apr 2011

Slowly going downhill

When this first opened, I used to LOVE it, but I agree with the other commenters. After finding chicken (!) in a tofu curry dish, not once but three times, I started to doubt the veracity of their "no fish sauce" claims. That said, they are still a decent place for appetizers (especially if you want to get summer rolls with tofu inside!), but the lack of brown rice and the fact that the health code score keeps slipping while the place smells more and more like a pet store makes it harder to eat there.

Pros: cheap, large menu, appetizers veg friendly for real

Cons: "fish" sauce, meat contamination, cleanliness


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13 Feb 2011

Vegan delight appetizer very good!

The vegan delight appetizer (battered and fried tofu and butternut squash with a sweet chili dipping sauce) is very good! We have heard tale that the other 'vegan/vegetarian' entrees may contain fish sauce. When I've asked, I'm not 100% sure that I'm getting a 'real' answer. We stopped going after a vegan friend had a piece of fish in his dish. Buyer beware.

Pros: Vegan delight!

Cons: Busy, Fish tank in restaurant, Unsure about veg*n status

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